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HTC One: Coming to Verizon or Not?


Over the weekend, the status of an HTC One coming to Verizon took a turn for the worse. After reports from both us and AllThingsD suggested that Big Red would carry HTC’s new flagship even though it was left out of their press event for the device, the official HTC USA Twitter account came out and said as plain as day that the device “will not be available on the Verizon network,” and that HTC fans should turn to the DROID DNA as an option. 

Then today, AllThingsD returned to back their original report, claiming that you should not believe everything you read on Twitter, because some times official folks aren’t always in the know. They also pointed out that the Tweet from @HTCUSA has since been deleted, which may or may not be a sign of a mistake made by the controller of this Twitter account.

So what do we make of all this? Is the One coming to Verizon or not?

We know this – HTC Tweeted over the weekend that the One was not coming to Verizon and then proceeded to delete that Tweet after it caught some traction around the tech media world. What we’d also like to point out, is that if you go back to March 11, you’ll see a variety of Tweets from the same account that all suggest that the One is not coming to Verizon. These are all still live and have not been deleted. That could mean a variety of things, so we’ll hold off from speculating.

One thing we’re pretty sure we know, is that a device made by HTC with identical specs to the One is headed to Verizon. It’s currently carrying the codename “DLXPLUS,” model number HTC6445LVW, and has already passed through Bluetooth SIG. It’s coming, it’s in testing, and it’ll likely be incredibly similar to the One. Will it be branded as the “HTC One?” I’ve said all along that I would be surprised to see this as a part of the One brand and instead feel as if it will be a part of Verizon’s DROID brand.

So at this point, it’s still up in the air as to whether or not this phone will be One or DROID branded, but I think it’s safe to say that a device very similar to the One is still coming, it just won’t be here for a couple of months.

Via:  AllThingsD | @HTCUSA

  • Really, who cares? It’ll have a locked bootloader, full of verizon bloatware, bogged down by sense 5, and never receive any updates. HTC fooled me once with the Thunderbolt, fooled me twice with the Rezound, but they’re not going to get me a third time.

    I don’t know what I’m getting next but it sure as hell will not be anything manufactured by HTC.

    • It takes like half a second to unlock a Rezound.

      • That’s not the point. Mine is unlocked, s-off, and running CM10.1 and even that doesn’t solve the fact the phone is a festering pile of crap with ludicrously bad battery life. The point is exactly what I wrote in my comment. Rezound has had what, ONE major update? And even then it was nearly 6 months passed the date Verzion indicated it would happen as per their own advertising. Thunderbolt at least had two or three.

        Simple fact is HTC pukes out all these gotta have phones every 2 – 3 months and then sticks up the big old middle finger to everyone who was dumb enough to buy them by a) never updating them and b) releasing another gotta have phone. Lather, rinse, repeat.

      • KewlDawg

        Can you do the same, with the HTC DNA with the current v2.xx firmware?

  • Trisjen Harris

    Htc One died on March 15th when it didn’t release!! Now it will be April soon and Samsung will come in for the taking!!

  • Redsun

    It will be called The Droid Unified: you have been assimilated.

  • lonestaroc

    Hell no. Verizon is a bully to htc and smaller oems. HTC needs to keep one brand and not the stupid Verizon branding of Droid.

  • yummy

    Who is HTC? Use to make
    phones or something?

  • Anthony Cowen

    Droid RNA

  • I actually kinda want it to be Droid branded.

    • Tim242

      That wouldn’t be horrible if Verizon didn’t insist on changing it.

  • Mike L.

    With HTC announcing that they are doing one device a year now I would be surprised if it isn’t actually called One. However with it being Verizon it may be called VerizONE. lol

    • Tim242

      HTC will make more than one phone this year…pun intended.

  • chris125

    I hope verizon gets a red One. I remember when att got a red s3 I couldn’t believe they got red over verizon. I would love a red HTC ONE

  • Tyler Casilio

    If the DNA gets Sense 5.0 there is really no point in them getting the htc One

    • chris125

      larger battery and more storage are enough reason in itself. Not to mention some may like the smaller size and better camera

      • Tim242

        No matter how ultra the pixels are, 4MP is not enough for quality normal pics. Every reviewer has slammed the camera for regular pics. They even say that while it takes pretty good low light pics, there is too much noise in them.

  • paul_cus

    Besides network, Verizon is always so late to the party.

  • NemaCystX

    Why is it that when it comes to Verizon, there is almost always the speculation “Will it come to Verizon?” Is Verizon doing its own form of viral marketing by hoping it gets leaked by the media or internally leaked and posted online for the world to see to get marketing momentum? (I’m not just speaking of the HTC One, I’m talking about devices that never get announced by the company after they launch)

    It seems we ask the question alot anymore, but after the whole “Galaxy SII is/isn’t coming to Verizon” debacle, I’ll believe it when I see it, we had leaks and other so called “insiders in the know” that knew it was coming to Verizon. So I take this whole “Verizon HTC One” with a HUGE grain of salt until we get some leaked test unit in the wild with a Verizon badge plastered on it. But Of course that may not be enough either, remember the HTC Merge with the Verizon logo leaked test unit in the wild? It never came out “officially” only in certain markets.

    I say Its better to be surprised than disappointed, so I leave my point as “I’ll believe it when I see it”

    • Tim242

      If I remember correctly, the Merge was fondly sold at Best Buy once it finally came about.

  • Mikey Styles

    Not interested as yet again a DROID branded phone will be ubber-locked & some how VZW crippled along with an abundance of bloat not to mention only 16GB of storage. #Fail

    • RoadsterHD1

      All that may be changing and actually already is because skin reduction has already been taking place, I think bloat-ware is next and then if Google has any say unlocking.

  • cizzlen

    I told you guys! Have hope 🙂

  • Buckoman

    I don’t know… A tweet from the company saying “NO” kinda seals the deal for me.

    • chris125

      but then why did they take the tweet down? I mean it would be nothing new for the tweet to be wrong I mean how many times has verizon/samsung tweeted something that was wrong?

      • Tim242

        Being taken down does not deem it false. It is just a controversial post that will stir anger. Verizon did not get any of the One X variants, and they did get a Droid HTC not very long ago. What makes you think they’d get the one?

    • Tyler

      Maybe it ment no the HTC One that everyone else is getting isnt coming to Verizon but whatever they call the DLXPLUS which will be similar is. Just a guess.

  • Damn that’s a great looking phone

  • Uncle Paul

    Heres the problem.

    1. This thing will be locked up tighter than fort knox.

    2. Who on verizon still locked in to unlimited Data and remotely close to contract renewal will actually be STAYING with Verizon? Im sure it will end eventually even if we buy outright.

    • Tim242

      +1 for the Fort Knox reference. I use that all the time. I’m still on unlimited. I bought the Note II full price to keep it. My contract just ran out. I’m debating what to do. I got a T-Mobile SIM. Coverage is OK in the city, but traveling around the state, not so much. Waaaay too much EDGE out there. I have HSPA+42 in my city, but there are pockets of EDGE. I got a Nexus 4. I want to be on the yearly Nexus cycle. But, due to coverage, don’t think I can give them up. I may just have to use the Nexus as a WiFi only device. I hate that I have to make such compromises.

      • ERIC REED

        +1000 on the above comment.

    • There are still people who have very old plans on Verizon that haven’t
      been offered in over 15+ years. If they wanted to take unlimited away
      from people I think they would have done so already. They are trying to
      bully people into taking it off their account on their own.

  • Caveman


    • michael arazan

      Droid Pass

  • Josh A

    I doubt it will be called the “One”.. then Verizon would have something everyone else had, and they don’t like to share =]

  • Tim242

    Oh boy, here we go again. Do we really need a new article about an opinion about Twitter, to start a whole new flame war? HTC said it isn’t coming. If it does, that will be their mess. Why must we rehash this every day? : /

    • Austin Warren

      Exactly. People either get over it, and get something else, or leave and go to some other cellular network.

      • Tim242


  • I love the design and specs of the one but I also love battery life and after suffering for a year with the GNEX, I will never get a phone with poor battery life ever again.

    • And how is this relevant? I’m sure the battery life on the HTC One is good since most people considered the Droid DNA’s to be decent.

      • Because I don’t care if it comes or not to Verizon. I need a phone that lasts me all day of heavy use. Aka nothing made by HTC.

      • Austin Warren

        If “decent” is just a few hours, then I have no words.

        • People need to stop bashing HTC’s battery life issues that was only relevant two years ago…

    • Uncle paul

      Over a year now suffering from poor GNEX battery life.
      All Custom roms/kernels up until NOW made a REAL difference..

      It FINALLY is actually pretty amazing now on AOKP JB Build 5.

      I highly suggest you try it out, My wife was completley blown away with the improvment in battery performance.

  • It probably will but won’t be called the One. It will probably be some DROID name and come out weeks after the One comes to all the other carriers.

    Glad I left Verizon for T-Mobile. Don’t have to wait for new phones to come out and can have Nexus’s on them.

    • Austin Warren

      Well, some people would rather not spend $700 every time on a phone.

      • flosserelli

        Spend $700 *every* time? You are doing it wrong. Buy the *first* phone at full retail price. When the next one is available, sell the first one for $300-350, which you put towards the purchase of the next one, rinse & repeat…

        • Austin Warren

          That’s if you get that much.

          • JoshGroff

            Unlocked phones hold their value fairly well, especially nexus devices.

          • Tyler

            If we are talking about Nexus phones then all you would need would have been $300/350 or however much the Gnex sold for on the play store.

          • Tim242

            Yeah, there are too many low-ballers out there. I know, that’s not what he/she said.

      • arturo_bandini

        Your spending it either way. In fact, if you run the numbers, you will find that you come out ahead just charging the $700 phone to a credit card and paying it off over 20 months vs buying a “subsidized” phone on contract and paying it off through higher prices(which never go down). The effective interest rate that you are paying Verizon or AT&T is many times the interest rate of even the most usurious credit cards.

        • Phil

          I don’t know what dream world you live in, but in my version of reality I don’t get a single penny discount for bringing an off contract phone into the Verizon network, so its definitely not many times cheaper, and I don’t come out ahead. I just pay “retail” so I don’t lose my unlimited data, though I am quickly getting over that. and will probably move to a bucket with my next phone so I don’t have to hassle with buying off craigslist.

          • arturo_bandini

            Verizon has some of their customers by the balls because of LTE. If you insist on using Verizon’s LTE network over any other network then you may be right, although for most consumers this is an unnecessary expense.

            Nevertheless, self-financing does allow you to avoid the 2 year contract. This can pay for itself many times over, especially if you believe that the MVNOs will get LTE in the next year or two.

  • lgreg64

    knowing verizon it will be the DROID ONE in black and red.

    • Justin Winker

      Likely the reason there was that image of a red One on their site a few weeks ago. I’m sticking with your bet, but I have this feeling they will rename it to something like Droid (insert cheesy yet sharp word here).

      • lgreg64

        something like Droid Alpha?

        • Justin Winker

          This would be a perfect fit.

        • Butters619

          Not long enough for Verizon standards :p

      • Tim242

        When has Verizon ever released a red Android phone? That red version is still on their website outside of the US.

      • Lakerzz

        Droid Cheddar??

        • Droid Provol-ONE

          • Jared Carter

            Fkn nice

          • basilioaklog

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      • harryharry

        Cheesy yet sharp eh? DROID Sharp Cheddar?

        • halezaidi17vi

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          • MikeCiggy


      • NemaCystX

        that is the reason the red one was removed from the site shortly after the announcement of the HTC One

    • ceejw

      HTC Drone! It’s a pun and it’s culturally relevant.

  • Bill

    A few months? The HTC One can’t wait a few months. By then the Samsung Galaxy S4 will have been released and probably the Nexus 5 and Motorola X phone as well. FAIL

  • As the entire world breathes a sigh of relief

  • Thomas

    HTC needs this to come to Verizon if they want to stay alive. *See articles on recent HTC earnings*

  • Dave

    “It’s coming, it’s in testing, and it’ll likely be INCREDIBLY similar to the One.”

    Interesting choice of words! :-P…even if it was unintended.

  • Bionic

    maybe we should stop listening to “allthingsD”

    • Dylan Patel

      But they know about all the things that deal with D’s