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DROID 4 Jelly Bean Update Approved by Verizon as Build 98.72.18 (Updated)


Moments ago, Verizon approved the Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) update for the Motorola DROID 4. The update introduces Blur build 98.72.18 and will carry almost all of the Jelly Bean goodies that one can handle. It won’t have lock screen widgets or some of the other features added to Android 4.2, but you will finally have access to Google Now, a better keyboard, advanced notifications, and amazing Voice Search.

Motorola and Verizon also updated graphics and smoothed out transitions, made personalizing the home screen easier, and improved voice, data and hotspot connectivity.

We knew the update was on the way as Motorola invited owners of the phone into a soak test of the software last week – we just weren’t sure when the update would happen. While we haven’t heard of the soak test rolling out, this is likely a sign that it’ll start at any moment. Once that goes down successfully, the rest of the DROID 4 owners could see the update within a week or so.

Update:  Verizon has announced that the update will start rolling out in phases on March 19.

The update is 356MB in size. 

droid4 jelly bean2

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  • Bill

    I agree with just about every comment stated here., I am so disgusted with Google that I am considering the DARK SIDE, the hated iphone, which I do NOT have to root just to get rid of the hundreds of ads and crapware, I CAN use it other carriers WITHOUT all the time to root, load a custom rom, install root keeper and the seemingly hundreds ot other steps in ordert to use a damned phone..SCREW VERIZON, SCREW GGOGLE , they steal every fact about you, your contacts and all information and everyone kisses their arse.I’m done..Keep the android it had so much going for it but had to get too greedy ..I’ll just have to switch to iphone and protect my personal , as well as my contacts’ information rather than “the open (locked down boot rom) etc in order to get what I paid for …Done, eat all those ads, eat all the spyware IN EVERY DOWNLOADED APP. and I;ll take the easy way out , thru the hated iphone BUT IT DOES WHAT IT SAYS and it takes ONE SETTING T PROTECT YOUR DATA !!

  • E.R.A. Triano

    Is this why I can’t connect my phone to my PC now? I hope there is a user-friendly fix ! One doesn’t have time for this nonsense. …. Aw, man… and the last update was why “Charge Only” went away? This really stinks!

  • MaySwitchToiPhone

    Can you remove this “POS” Jelly Bean update from your Droid 4 phone? Whoever said they “enhanced” the Calendar is smoking crack. They in fact removed functionality. You can no longer auto-dial from your Calendar meeting invites and have it pass on the meeting passcode. So now you have to write down the passcode (anywhere from 5 to 9 characters) and manually enter it once you have connected the call. For people who are on anywhere from 2 to 10 conference calls a day every day, this is a big hit in productivity…not to mention frustrating…not to mention stupid that they removed this functionality.

  • Pissed off

    Just got my update. Now some of my apps have lost some of their functionality, many of my settings are messed up, and worst of all—my SD card is not being recognized!

  • furious

    Verizon is forcing the update which includes blocking all WiFi hot spot
    except their own 29.95 per month subscription. Can they legally do that?

  • Tone

    It can be rooted right?

  • Just got the download notification….downloading now…

  • kane

    The MTP failures can be blamed on the creator. Their name begins and ends with Microsoft

  • YAY! Finally!

  • ultima

    since im rooted, i lol’ed really hard @ “finally have access”…glad official is almost here tho

  • Daniel

    I’m super excited for this update, but I can help but be upset that it’s not 4.2 at this point so we can use lockscreen widgets 🙁

  • Verizon has been updating a lot of phones lately, a good sign.

  • mustbepbs


  • Has anyone actually received the download? I know that some people who were invited to the soak test were reporting that it hasn’t even begun yet….

  • imns

    On behalf of the few remaining D3 users: Eff You, Verizon.

    • JoshGroff

      Hardware wise wasn’t like 1GB of RAM required for JB?

      • Dylan Patel

        Yeah, the problem with the D3 is that it can’t run JB because it has 512MB RAM

      • imns

        I’m not pissed that the D3 doesn’t have the specs, I’m pissed because Verizon & Moto released a half-baked device and then dropped the D4 so (relatively) soon afterwards. The D4 is what the D3 should have been but VZW didn’t want to impact the sales of the Thunderbolt & other first-round LTE devices. Personally, I think if the D3 had the D4’s specs at release we’d still be getting new qwerty-sliders today.

  • Trueblue711

    Anyone else surprised that Moto even released JB for this forgotten-child?

  • RoadsterHD1

    How do you activate Google now on Droid 4 and Razor?

    • JoshGroff

      I would assume the search button.

      • RoadsterHD1

        I was trying swipe up on the home button, didn’t even dawn on me to press the search button. (red face) thanks man…..

        • JoshGroff

          No problem.

  • arthuruscg

    Look at the time in each of the pictures. It speaks volumes to VZ 4g “speed”.

  • Not to steal the Droid 4’s thunder here, but any idea when they will be rolling out that latest update for the Galaxy Nexus?

  • Mom_of_Four

    The ONLY thing I’ve noticed is that my widgets on my home screen are gone and the color on my text messages are different (and quite ugly too)

  • Kevin

    Does this bring back USB Charge Only when plugging into a PC’s USB port?

    Were keyboard shortcuts added to the default Chrome browser? Right now, it has ZERO keyboard shortcuts.

    Is this the version that removes USB Mass Storage completely in favor of the flaky MTP option?

    • Complaining Kevin. I’m writing a sitcom for you.

    • Trueblue711

      While MTP has its issues, for the average Joe, it’s much better than USB Mass Storage. Do you know how many people I see never safely removing their phones from their computer, only to complain to me later that they don’t know why files on the phone went corrupt? I tell them why, and they STILL don’t safely remove it.

      As a manufacturer, it’s a smarter move.

      • JoshGroff

        MTP is also nice if you like listening to music whilst transferring files.

      • Raven

        So, make MTP the default option or make it a Developer Option like USB Debugging. But, I still don’t see the point of removing the USB Mass Storage option completely. MTP can be very flaky on Windows XP (yes, some people still use it). Mass is faster for large transfers, thumbnail generation in Windows Explorer works way better, etc.

        • Trueblue711

          USB Mass Storage as a Dev. option would be a good idea.

      • Jon

        I don’t care about the average Joe. Besides I’m sure the average Joe will have a hard time figuring out how MTP works anyway.

        Google could make MTP default but they shouldn’t completely remove Mass Storage.

        • Trueblue711

          The point is that this phone is for the Average Joe. It’s not targeted to the dev community like the Nexus or GS3.

          As for MTP, the whole point is you don’t have to figure out how to use it. You plug it in, copy your files, and unplug it as soon as you’re done. Windows also helps you convert music/movies to the right file-format as you do so (whether or not it is good is another story).

          • Gizmo

            Does the Nexus or GS3 have USB Mass Storage and USB Charge Only?

            I use Linux and I don’t want to play around with experimental MTP Linux code to just transfer files over USB.

          • Trueblue711

            On a stock GS3, it does not have Mass Storage mode. There might be solutions for rooted or custom ROMs, idk.

    • Luis

      I don’t understand why Google must remove features (keyboard shortcuts and USB connection options) with each Android version.

      Since Samsung seems to put back features that Google likes to remove (ie. SD card slot and removable batteries) maybe they’ll add these USB connection options too.

      • Trueblue711

        Google was the one who removed USB Mass Storage?

        • Anton B.

          Yes, Google was the one who removed USB Mass Storage in 4.2. They also removed the Charge Only option in 4.0. Some people like not having any device being detected by the OS and the USB Charge Only option was perfect for that.

          • Trueblue711

            That sucks. I thought Touchwiz was why there was no more “Charge Only” option. What do you think Google’s reasoning could be?

          • Anton B.

            Same reason why they removed USB Mass Storage and added MTP: to dumb down the interface for idiots which ended up limiting options for non-idiots.

            Charge Only let people charge their phones without mounting the phone’s storage onto their PC. This would prevent the loss of storage access on the phone. With MTP you have storage access for both the phone and PC while still charging the phone.

            Too bad, for some (ie. me), like to have no device being detected on their OS. Some companies also lock down a work PC when USB devices are detected which prevents users from just charging their phone. I also sometimes use Linux PCs and MTP support is pretty bad right now. Even on Windows, support isn’t exactly great where MTP transfers can slow down when transfer large files.

          • Trueblue711

            You would think that Google, of all people, would understand the need to leave advanced options available but hidden.

    • Helio

      Can someone answer these? If I lose USB Mass Storage and a browser with keyboard shortcuts then I’m going to block this update. I may even root my phone and install Gingerbread if I can find a stock ROM to get USB Charge Only back.

      • Diablo81588

        You will still have usb mass storage with this update. This is 4.1, not 4.2.

      • guy

        I’m going to ignore this update. I don’t like how I lose keyboard shortcuts in the browser. Will Verizon eventually force it to install?

  • Scott Bigelow

    lol… better keyboard?

    • Chris Phillips

      i laughed at that as well.

    • hmm

      The Droid 4 has a touch screen and Android comes with a software keyboard. Who knew, right?

  • Jeffrey Garcia

    I’m glad to see more Android devices getting updated. I guess OEMs and/or carriers are starting to notice the need to update devices. Go Motorola!

  • Austin Warren

    What about my Droid X?

    • bakdroid

      That’s the X-Phone! They are re-releasing it. Oh crafty Moto….well played!

      • Austin Warren

        So then it does have hardware buttons. Awesome.

      • Trueblue711

        They already secretly released it under RIM… it’s called the Z10.

  • bakdroid

    Bionic is next!

    • ghostrigger

      Thats what im hoping. It seems the only on left.

    • have you guys tried the recent CM10.1 nightlies with a working camera? It’s been awesome past few days

    • Trueblue711

      That poor Moto stepchild.

    • Diablo81588

      Who are the idiots that down voted this..

  • chris125

    Verizon is on a roll lately with updates. About time

  • tyguy829

    I wonder if this will be de-bloated/stockified like the og razr update

  • Tirionfive

    Can it be? Verizon getting better at updates?


    • I am surprised all of the sudden updates are getting pushed left and right. Maybe the media name calling and pissed off Verizon users finally got their attention. Than again maybe not. If they release 4.2.2 on my S3 in the next month than I’ll be the first to say they finally are doing the right thing.

      • No they better release it to the Galaxy Nexus first and then you can say they are doing the right thing. Lol

      • Austin Warren

        Verizon could hire a sex offender publicly and it wouldn’t hurt their profits.

        • MotoRulz

          Are you looking for a job?

          • Austin Warren


      • noc007

        I’d attribute it to more that it’s on similar hardware from the same manufacturer so it’s easier on updates. IIUC, the D4 has pretty much the same internals as the RAZR.

        • JoshGroff

          So does the Bionic.

    • i wouldnt say getting better just yet. jelly bean has been out for an extremely long time. they are getting slightly more frequent though.

    • michael arazan

      JellyBean came out Last July, I wouldn’t call this getting better with updates