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2013 NCAA Basketball Tournament Android Apps

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The 2013 NCAA men’s college basketball tournament kicks off tomorrow, marking my favorite time of the year in sports. We already launched our bracket challenge (which you should join), but wanted to make sure you also were up on your Android app game to help you fully keep track of the action. If you aren’t able to spend each Thursday and Friday in a bar with a pitcher or two of beer and some wings for the next month, then you may want to take advantage of apps that will let you stream all games from anywhere on your mobile device. You’ll also want to keep track of those brackets, to see if you have any chance at taking down the best in the DL community.

Here are a few Android apps to help make your 2013 NCAA tournament the best yet. 

Bracket Apps:

  • ESPN Bracket Bound: This is the app you’ll need to use to keep track of your entry in the DL group and contest. It doesn’t look like brackets are live in it yet, but they should be very soon.
  • I’m assuming Yahoo will have one, maybe others. Once they are live, we’ll add them here.

Watch Live Games:   This is your ticket to watching every single tournament game live from your mobile device. The March Madness Live app definitely had some issues last year, so hopefully this year’s update will make it work, and also on more devices.

Scoreboard Apps:  For keeping track of all the scores and upsets as they go down.

If you have any other favorites, be sure to drop them in the comments and we’ll do our best to add them to the list.

  • AnotherAndroidKid

    Just glad I have the mother in law’s log in info for her tv….

  • All set with my brackets. Can’t wait to get my friends/family to join in! My wife is usually better with her bracket than I am and she just chooses what ever team colors she likes best!!!!!!!!!!

  • BracketMarch2013

    If you are looking for a simple, easy to use mobile app, here is our Beta version, please try and give your feedback.

    You can download the app from https://www.dropbox.com/s/172vxvi7oei3zsw/BracketMarch.apk

    A quick overview/user guide is available at https://www.dropbox.com/s/kcloljqdm9kbmjh/BracketMarch2013.docx

  • Tried to get the live games app, and it says it won’t work on my Galaxy Nexus.

    • duke69111

      Yea, it says its not compatible with the G nexus. Go figure. I side loaded it on my nexus and its a mess. It force closes a lot, and every time I tired video during the selection show it crashed. It worked ok on my Kindle. I guess the requirement of 2.2 and above doesn’t mean much.

      Edit: Just checked the web version of google play and the G-Nexus is now compatible.

  • CasperTFG

    I’ve been eyeing PocketBracket March Basketball, already updated for 2013. ESPN Bracket has been getting low stars for no tablet support.

  • Itchy_Robot

    Note that you have to have a current Cable/Sat subscription in order to watch the games; unlike last year. Very bad move considering more and more people are dropping Cable/Sat every day. I am going to try and use my brothers ATT Uverse account.

    I wish they would have just kept it a pay app like last year so the cord cutters could watch with no hoops to jump through.

    • Lakerfan

      Why should people who are already paying for the content have to pay even more to get the same content on mobile? You get the CBS games for free. If you don’t pay for TNT/TBS/TruTV, you don’t get those on the app. Seems pretty fair to me…

      • nessthiss

        Ideally they would allow you to watch for free if you have a cable subscription and allow you to pay a small fee to watch everything if you don’t. The cord cutters are already NOT paying for the content, so CBS et al gain nothing by only allowing cable subscribers to watch the streams. Allowing for non-subscribers to pay for it opens up a revenue stream to the only people they aren’t already getting money from.

        • Lakerfan

          I’m ok with that scenario, I just don’t want to pay extra for content I’m already paying for. If I pay for it once, it should work on all my devices (TV, tablet, phone, etc). The problem is, good luck getting content providers to bypass cable and go straight to consumers with their content…too much money to be made by bundling content and forcing cable co’s and their customers to buy the whole bundle…

  • nessthiss

    Don’t forget about Thuuz to keep you updated on which games are the most exciting.

  • evolutionx1

    That phone looks beautiful. :O

  • Radgatt

    Will it be free to watch the games live?

    • I need to know this, too.

      • duke69111

        If you have a cable subscription with Tru, TNT and TBS, then yes. If not you are limited to CBS and are SOL except for the one 4 hour window they give you one time to view the three.

  • housetiger77

    CBS Sports once again dropped the ball this year. Instead of a dedicated app for their bracket contests, they decided to point you in the direction of a mobile web page dedicated for the brackets.

    • michael arazan

      You can get brackets through the twitter feed that starts it off with a pre filled bracket I just saw them talk about a few hours ago