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HTC USA: One Will Not be Available on the Verizon Network

htc one not verizon

Yesterday afternoon, in response to a question about the HTC One’s availability on Verizon, the official HTC USA account essentially shot down any chance at the device arriving in the near future. This news comes on the heals of a report out of AllThingsD, which suggested that there would be a Verizon HTC One after all, but that it wouldn’t be for a couple of months as Big Red needs to finish up their extensive testing on it. A day after that report, we also caught wind from a source out of Walmart, who gave us a document showing that the big box retailer was expecting an HTC One variant to arrive this month that would replace the DROID DNA. We remained skeptical at the time, and you can see why. 

But while HTC has done their best to shut down One-Verizon rumors, we do know that a new Verizon device is in testing with almost identical specs to the One. It’s currently carrying the code name “DLXPLUS,” which is very similar to the DNA’s codename of “DLX.” This device has already cruised through Bluetooth SIG and popped up through HTC insiders. If it’s not a One, don’t be surprised if it’s called the DROID DNA+ or something of that nature.

There are no current rumors of a release time frame, but we’d imagine it won’t be too far out. Then again, you would think HTC would want their flagship One out before Verizon does their own song and dance. The One isn’t expected to arrive until April.


Cheers Jigga_Z!

  • Josh Thompson

    I believe HTC does not want that stupid Verizon logo on the HTC One. Anyways, I cannot see anywhere the logo would fit.

  • Air Rick

    And that is the reason the S4 is mine on launch day

  • So what I wasn’t planning on getting One anyways, HTC pumps out devices then forgets about them, Samsung keeps updating theirs.hell even Motorola updates their razrs with JB while most other htc device will nver see an update.

    • KewlDawg

      Actually, its the HTC updates that cause the most grief. Just ask anyone with a DNA with the v2.xxx update, and wants to now root their DNA.

  • Jordan Harrell

    So, it looks like they deleted the tweet. Wonder what that means?

    • timmeh37

      The only reason I could see them deleting the post is that it was incorrect or assuming something that isn’t in stone yet. Let’s hope it was wrong!

      • KewlDawg

        It it be the part of the tweet that refers to the DNA as “awesume” that caused the problem?

  • skinja99

    Regardless of whether or not you like the HTC One, you should want it to succeed. The more competitors there are, the better it is for the consumer. If HTC, Samsung, etc have to compete, it is better for all of us.

    That is why HTC’s failures annoy me. Their marketing for the DNA was terrible. And now they won’t even be selling the One on Verizon, which is the biggest network in the country.

  • the one isn’t that big of an upgrade from the DNA honestly I’m happy that I have a phone that isn’t being burried in specs like the Thunderbolt was only months later… the s4 has a 1.9gh processor but I’m not a fan of TWiz and I really like the simplicity of Sense 5.. as long as HTC pushes a sense 5 update to the DNA in the next 6 months then we all should be happy.
    I do feel bad for anyone who is buying a DNA and has updated it they are unable to root/ S-off and it looks like most dev are waiting for the next wave to buy that. most of the DNA dev are on other carriers other than verizon

    • Don’t hold your breath, the DNA hopefully doesn’t get left behind like the redheaded step child the rezound is.

  • nightscout13

    HTC One is now Dead On Arrival

  • etg9

    Come on Moto, give me a choice.

  • Steve

    I will admit I am completely disappointed. The One was exactly what I wanted – the first phone that has made me excited since hearing Verizon was going to have a 720p nexus. I guess I will wait until the X-Phone, if that even comes to Verizon. I’m going to look into changing my carrier…

    • Tim242

      I looked into changing carriers. I got both a T-Mobile and an At&t SIM to test. After testing for a week, there is no way I could give up Verizon’s coverage. At&t has acceptable coverage, but data speeds outside of LTE are sloooow. I was only getting 1-3 down on their HSPA+. T-Mobile’s coverage is not very good. Where they have HSPA+42, it is fast. However, I found myself in EDGE and even GPRS in areas that showed good HSPA+ coverage. Outside of the small HSPA+ area, it’s all EDGE and GPRS. I wish there was a good option, but I’m not dropping Verizon for a bad experience. I guess I will just use my Nexus 4 as a WiFi only device, and keep my Note II on Verizon. The best of both worlds, maybe.

  • TheWenger

    It didn’t pass the tests…

  • kane

    Dear HTC: fire your marketing company. The One? Which one? Dear Verizon: having your thumb in you ass != extensive testing

  • Tyler

    I think that in order for a company to succeed they need to release a phone on all carriers at the same time. That’s what Samsung did to steal sales from the market leader (iPhone) which was carrier exclusive, and that’s what HTC and *insert struggling phone company here* needs to do. HTC seems to always want to be first when first isn’t always best. (HTC: first 4G LTE phone, first 720p phone, first 1080p phone, first Nexus phone)
    Steps to success create a phone, put on all carriers, market it well, keep it up to date, listen to feedback, repeat steps with improvements based on feedback every year, succeed.

    • Tim242

      Only one problem with your advice. They don’t have the same clout as Samsung or Apple. Verizon always demands specialized Droid phones from HTC. This is strictly Verizon’s mess. HTC has two choices with Verizon, give them what they want, or sell zero phones on Verizon. Stop blaming HTC for Verizon’s crap.

      • Tyler

        The Galaxy S1 didnt have any “clout” but yet wasn’t droid branded and wasn’t carrier exclusive besides of the name attached to the device.

        • Tim242

          Verizon skipped the SII. After its success, of course they gobbled up the SIII. That gave Samsung clout. However, still not as much as Apple. Verizon still plastered huge logos and molested the software.

          • Tyler

            I see what your saying. But it wouldn’t of made sense to sell both the Galaxy S2 and the Galaxy Nexus though. But yeah I think we can safely say Verizon is the root of the problem for products and updates.

          • Tim242

            Oh, the Nexus debacle. Now, we may never see another Nexus on Verizon. I was thinking about switching carriers. However, can’t give up the coverage.After paying $750 for my Note II to keep unlimited, don’t want to give that up either. I’ve just about resigned to the fact that I’ll have to have a WiFi only Nexus.

  • I officially feel even better now about the Note II I bought yesterday.

    • wm snyder

      good choice *camera n snapdragon*only down fall may be hd screen but thats debatable .a plus is you got the s-pen if you find a use for it

      • I do legal work, so the S-Pen is really fantastic for notes on the fly when negotiating in the halls or if I am out networking. Frigging love this phone thus far.

        • wm snyder

          so your set up perfectly. i enjoy mine. have not been disappointed. Tip:i have not found it yet but their is a better s-note app that put a space between words for you (pen-to-text)

      • For my work, I love the S Pen. Having the ability to instantly use the Pen to take and save notes is awesome, as is the ability to send them, etc. Good stuff. This damned thing is perfect!

  • dre4

    and HTC shoots itself in the foot once again….

    • SemahjLam

      ….. Verizon caused this not htc. Htc wants their phone on all carriers

  • Thatoneguy

    It’s a lot easier than that. I would actually say they are right on time. HTC pitches a lot of devices to VZW, and a lot of times VZW chooses different variants of devices. You ever wonder why the HTC Sensation didnt come to Verizon?

    Since HTC is simplifying its device lineup a la Apple and Samsung it makes things easier to compete. You are also able to release the same device to multiple carriers by making hardware changes in different markets (Samsung offering Octa Core and Quad Core CPU’s in GS3 & GS4 models intl).

    I would say instead of 3 devices to VZW, I would look at 2 now. Instead of 1 flagship device a year, they will be looking at 2 with different niches. Like apple is doing this year, Like Samsung has done the year previous, and so on.

  • LOL I’m expecting HTC to be dead or acquired within 2 years.

    • Tim242

      HTC doesn’t have the clout that Samsung and Apple have. They do as Verizon says.

    • SemahjLam

      you mean the 2 top selling smartphone companies in the world?

  • Tony Allen

    So what was that about the S4 being a flop?

  • imns

    Nail in coffin for my verizon account…

  • tao

    I’m starting to think that HTC is allergic to money.

  • MikeCiggy


  • “…Comes on the heals…”? Doesn’t anyone proofread these articles? It’s “heels,” like on your feet! OMG

  • Justin P.

    Im actually hoping for a Droid DNA + phone. I wanted the DNA but passed on it because of the lack of storage and small battery. If they beef up those areas and release a similar looking phone im SOLD!

  • JonathenFvck.J

    but there r also good news 4 verzion users that the DROID DNA ‘ll have an advanced edition with lager memory (32G) and sense5.

  • Michael Lewis

    Verizon should be going all out and getting the latest and best phones and then UPGRADING them. Geez! Don’t they realize that lots of people are stuck with their phone for two years? If they kept upgrading their phones, then people would continue to be happy customers for the whole time until they get a new phone. That might encourage them to buy a more expensive phone because they know it will be relevant for the two years they are stuck with it!

    • Tim242

      From someone that works in a cell phone store, let me let you in on a secret. 99% of customers couldn’t care less what version of Android they are running. As long as it works, they’re happy. Most get really upset when updates change their phone. They come in asking if we can “erase the update.”. Users in the comments section do not represent the average consumer.

  • Wow, fail HTC and Verizon. And yes, we have seen the DNA; a 16GB phone with no expansion (and only about 11GB available) is next to worthless. Guess I will be getting a Samsung or Moto afterall…

    • Austin Warren

      Good choice.

  • Kheir Francis

    Hopefully the next HTC device phone that Verizon will offer will have a removable battery as well as SD card slot or expandable memory, if not, I might have to go Samsung, love HTC, always been a loyal fan, but not everyone has the time to send in a phone for replacement if the battery goes, or drains to fast. I dont know about everyone else, but I like having the option to troubleshoot my phone and put in the SD card and create more memory, if Samsung can do it with no problem, why cant HTC.

    • Tim242

      HTC is done with removable batteries and SD cards.

      • flosserelli

        HTC is done, period. They will sell out or go bankrupt within 18-24 months. Just wait and see.

        • LionStone

          That’s what my buddy said 2 years ago…

          • Austin Warren

            It’s pretty imminent now.

          • flosserelli

            Two years ago HTC was one of the top suppliers of android devices. In Q2011, HTCs net income was nearly triple that of Q2010. Fast forward to Q2013, and their profits are sinking faster than the Titanic. No company can survive the rate at which they are bleeding cash, without a large investment from another company, or selling off assets. I genuinely would like to see HTC turn things around, but I’m afraid they are merely circling the drain.

          • LionStone

            No doubt, it’s pretty bleak but stranger things have happened. If Google has them do the next Nexus that would help 🙂 And if that doesn’t do it, Google will just have to buy them too!

          • Tim242

            They have been hanging on by a thread for about two years…

  • My two cents on why I think this keeps happening is because Big Red takes so long to push the updates that the updates get blamed on the manufacturer not the cell provider so by avoiding that whole path they raise their customer satisfaction ratings. Verizon reminds me of apple in too many ways, but I’m loving my unlimited data on my gnex.

    • Tim242

      It was all Verizon’s decision. HTC was making special phones for every carrier. Then they decided on the One approach. Their release cycle is now off. The One X was Spring, the DNA was fall. It is far too soon to release another HTC phone, especially with a smaller screen. Not to mention, the DNA is a Droid. HTC should’ve told Verizon no on the DNA and made them wait for the ONE.

  • connor

    So I am confused, will me (a Verizon customer) be able to get a htc one by this summer or not?

    • Tim242

      Did you read the article?

      • Austin Warren


  • AnnaMikk

    The DNA Sucked, Why should they take on another ONE, HTC needs to get more creative…

  • M3D1T8R

    So they just need to re-release the DNA as a Plus model w/ 2600mah battery, 64gb internal, front speakers, and same internal specs as the One (Qcom 600 etc), and it will be a winner (no idiotic button layout like the One).

    • Austin Warren

      Won’t happen

  • calvin35

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Verizon want carrying the One because they had nowhere to put their stupid logo. Verizon sucks ass! When are people going wake up.

    • Tim242

      When another network comes close to their coverage, speed, and reliability.

  • Bionic

    Yanno what WILL be on Verizon? The X phone

    • Yep

      For the sake of your man bits, you best be right. 🙂 And tell The Sarge to let you leak a bit more info!

    • Tim242

      I wouldn’t bet on it.

    • nvitone23

      How sure are you of this? I may switch off Verizon otherwise…

      • Bionic


        • nvitone23

          Sweet! Now any chance you are willing to tell me privately where you are getting this information from “sarge”? 😉

  • trwb

    Why are people with Verizon still. Att, Straight Talk byod, net10 byod and more work just about everywhere. Att 3gigs LTE used with Google Voice costs me 78 dollars, and we get real phones too. Verizon is old school.

    • Austin Warren

      T mobile unlimited data 4G, $30 a month. You pay too much.

      • trwb

        Yea that is a good deal, but I only get 2g coverage with tmo, I am keeping my eye on them though. Was paying 45 with Straight Talk but there were too many restrictions.

      • Tim242

        If only the coverage was a little better, and it had a few more minutes. I got a $30 prepaid SIM, but not quite good enough to give up unlimited LTE on Verizon.

    • Bionic

      Hey look i don’t appreciate what Verizon is doing either but they still have the best network by far. I need connection everywhere including out west. Thats Verizon

    • M3D1T8R

      Still on unlimited data $30/mo (never giving up), 4g, the only network that works at all where I live.

      Hoping the Xphone is real….buy outright and win.

    • Tim242

      I tested an at&t SIM. Good LTE where I live. However, in the rest of my HSPA+ filled state, I was only getting 1-2 down, right beside a tower. Not worth the money.

    • Because not everyone lives in areas where you can get reliable signals from the competitors. AT&T is craptastic (at best), sprint is almost non-existent, and there is zero T-Mo coverage in my area. On top of that, not only can you get VZ everywhere, but we have 4G here.

      Not to mention that I can’t beat the price I pay for unlimited 4G data at $10/month/line. I’d like to see another carrier beat that.

    • Diablo81588

      AT&T is garbage, and just as expensive as Verizon.

    • The Straight Talk BYOD plan here is pushing folks to T-Mobile. And that is a non starter for me. The other Straight Talk plans have 3G only phones on the Verizon network and 3G is a snail here. Sprint is still a mess. AT&T is the other viable network but u may as well stay on Verizon and keep my unlimited data.

  • KNG60ft


    • KNG60ft6inches


      • TheFirstUniverseKing

        He wants to make sure we understand what he’s saying before his battery dies again.

    • Tim242

      That’s the very reason I returned the DNA and went with the Note II.

  • from what ive heard, Verizon may get a new DNA with same/similar specs as the ONE. its called, “DNA+” or “DLXPLUS” Idk if HTC considers this as the “HTC ONE” in there recent twitter post. this link shows certifications filed for what people think might be the ONE equivalent.

    so is this just a sneaky word play on HTC part? Idk. i like the ONE and the G4 but i would rather have the HTC, both are powerful phones and i would rather have the fit/finish of the ONE even if I’m giving up some gadgets with the S4.

  • Ron_Swanson

    Meh…..the DNA still holds it own. Its still a bad mofo

  • michael centeno

    You would think, how htc is doing so bad lately. they would launch their halo phones on all carriers to survive, but i guess they want to go the way of the dodo.

    • Tim242

      Verizon made this decision…

  • I don’t believe this tweet for a second… this doesn’t confirm anything.

  • Dain Laguna

    i really dont understand why an ANDROID community, is making fun of a great handset maker that has brought what i consider the only real emphasis on premium design to android handsets.

    you guys might as well be siding with verizon. responding with ‘hahah stupid htc is gonna loose again!’ makes no sense and only helps enforce why verizon is a b.

    and the talk of the s4 dominating in sales over the one….since when did that effing matter to you guys? wasnt that the same b.s. apple zealots would pull? you know, how much the iphone sells, so it MUST be better?

    If the droid life comments section is any indication on the ‘hardcore’ android enthusiast crowd….then it looks like most of you really are NO better than the isheep…its just for a different phone.

    • well said, this is why i was hoping the HTC one had come to verizon, we need more top of the line Android phones on every carrier..What happen to days of just being a fan of android?.. now we have android fans calling each other names just cause some of like skin phones and not a nexus or we like one phone maker over another.

      • Austin Warren

        Not sure what you classify as premium. Trying to compensate for something!?

        • your statement makes no sense,what would i be trying to compensate for? by stating i want more companies to have their top of the line phones ,on all carriers?

      • n900mixalot

        I’m a fan of android but not of manufacturers that actively hinder development and make promises they can’t keep. If they had their software together like Samsung, and people loved it, there’d be no problem.

        • Not saying have to like every android manufacturer, but it seems foolish for android fans To be fighting and name calling. I myself don’t really care much for samsung skin, but I do like a lot of the features that they bring to android

      • Dain Laguna

        exactly. like someone else said, i think htc is so deeply in bed with verizon now that they wont be able to release the same phone across all carriers…even the average joe, who is more than likely gonna be impressed by the one, is going to be put off by why he or she cant get that device on verizon….and they wont understand the politics behind it, and look elsewhere.

        • It’s not that HTC is in bed with Verizon. It’s that they have no weight to throw around in negotiations. If the HTC One series was as popular or even as close in popularity as the Galaxy S series then HTC would be in a better position to negotiate. As things stand, there is no incentive for VZW to give in to anything HTC wants as they won’t lose subscribers for not carrying a certain HTC phone, and they certainly won’t gain any for having a phone that’s on every other carrier.

      • Granted

        This is what happens when one has no social life outside of a computer screen, and the closest thing to female contact is a crusty sock and whatever new porn site that you’ve stumbled upon.

    • Austin Warren

      I didn’t know android users wanted premium design. Considering they flocked all over the Gnex and Nexus 4

      • Tim242

        We take what we can get. People flocked all over the S3, and it certainly doesn’t feel like anything premium. Both the GNex and N4 feel much better

        • n900mixalot

          You’re right about the GNex. I haven’t held the S4 but I’d be willing to bet lunch on the probability that it feels more like the GNex build quality or the Nexus S. I didn’t believe the Nexus could feel solid until I actually had one in hand.

      • Dain Laguna

        i’d classify the nexus4 as a premium feeling device…as did the countless folks who own one, and the tech journalists who have reviewed it. just because samsungs plastics are your preference doesnt mean the rest of us feel the same.

        people flocked to the gnex because it was ‘the next nexus’. iphone guys would flock to the next iphone no matter what it was made of, even if it wasnt as nice as the previous version. at the end of the day, i’m more apt to forgive a nexus device over a bloatware infested plastic monstrosity for its materials if stock android is involved.

        • Austin Warren

          Glass is not premium. Then again, people throw a plastic bumper case on it.

          • zurginator

            It may not be premium (nor is aluminum really), but it sure does *feel* premium.

          • Diablo81588

            It sure feels more solid than creaky cheap plastic.

    • n900mixalot

      S-OFF woes are part of the equation. HTC actively tries to hinder unlocking unlike almost all of the other manufacturers. It is their prerogative but it is aggravating.

  • angermeans

    Well that’s not good news at all. I don’t want a variant I want the One.

  • TheKaz1969

    They are just being elusive. It will just be called something else…

    • Tim242

      Not just called something else, it will be totally mutilated into whatever Verizon wants it to look like.

  • Have fun failing to sell Windows Phones, HTC. {{-_-}}

  • Chaser457


  • battery g.

    Maybe the DNA have a better design, but personally I’m tired of phones thatdoesn’t get me trough the day without charging with moderate to heavy use, i have a razr and have to do miracles to get 8 hours, so in my next phone the spec that I’m going to be looking closely is battery size, and don’t say the maxx is a good phone but last year…

    • Tim242

      Note II gets me 24-30 hrs of use, with 6-7 hrs of screen on time.

    • Austin Warren

      I’d say the Note 3 will have a 4000 mah +