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Let the Droid Life Show Episode 19 Usher You Into the Weekend


In case you couldn’t join us on Wednesday night for episode 19 of The Droid Life Show, now is your chance to catch up with us. At this point, we still had no real clue what to expect from Thursday’s Samsung event, which is sort of a comical thing to watch. Our ideas on what to expect were somewhat all over the place and you could get a sense that we were basically over the hypebeasting and just wanted Samsung to announce the darn thing already.

Beyond all of that Samsung talk, we discussed that mystery Motorola phone that popped up on the web, Andy Rubin’s departure from the Android team (I think I cried a little), and even touched on the HTC One.

The show runs 1:20, so go grab some chicken wings and a fresh cold beer. Let’s do this.

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  • Nathan Keeley

    At least you can make phone calls on the razr hd, the same cant be said for any samsung phone on verizon.

  • scrub175

    Is that a MacBook in the background?

  • Usher baby!