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HTC Extends $100 Gift Card/Trade-In Offer to Upgrade to the HTC One

htc one official2

When the HTC One was announced a few weeks ago, the company made an offer to potential buyers that included $100 to people who upgraded to the new flagship device. The offer disappeared pretty quickly after the launch, but for some reason is back now on their site for new sign-ups.

How it works is you sign up on HTC’s website and buy the One before a date determined by HTC. After your purchase, you send HTC your old phone and the proof of purchase of your new One and HTC will either send you a $100 gift card or the trade-in value of your phone, whichever is greater.

At this point, signing up for the deal allows you to wait until April 26 to buy your new phone. If the rumor from earlier this week is true, the One will be reaching Verizon sometime this month, and customers could hop on this deal to make the ease of switching easier.

If the One comes to Verizon with this deal on the table, would you consider it against the Galaxy S4?


Cheers K’s dad!

  • LionStone

    If I can get a black One on VZW, that’d be sweet! Ooh that aluminum body…Even my buddy who is a staunch iFan wants the silver One. When I told him the battery in his i5 is only like 1400 mAh, he said he definitely needs to upgrade.

  • Verizon is in the drop down menu as optional carriers on that page…not sure if that means anything

  • ceejw

    I’d take the One over the S4 on Verizon regardless of whether or not I can use this deal.

  • Dan

    So can I send in my old g1 with the cracked but still functional screen and get $100 for it?

  • jb

    No. Two reasons. 1) I own a Thunderbolt and just know better than to trust or support HTC. 2) Blink Feed. What an atrocious piece of #*#@.

    • Never used touchwiz on my phone and will never use htc sense. First thing I do is get a home replacement. As easy as that, saves me from wasting my time bitching.

      • Dorian Brooks

        You sir…are wise.

    • LionStone

      1) wahh
      2) wahh

    • Joe

      Stop complaining and flash a stable ROM.

  • Chaser457

    Running scared…

  • Dave

    What if I’m in the middle of a 2 year contract? Are these deals only good on full retail?

  • gokusimpson

    Verizon is on the list, so I guess DNA is dead

  • El_Big_CHRIS

    Is this deal only offered if you buy on contract or @ full price? I might consider it if it can be rooted/debloated. I will have to shell out full retial to keep unlimited data on VZW so I have to make a careful decision. Hopefully the big rumored X phone is real.

    • Austin Warren

      Might as well wait. By that time the S5 will be out

  • Austin Warren

    Lol HTC knows Samsung beat them so they are extending it.

  • KleenDroid

    If it had s-off was rooted and I could disable Sense yes I would consider it.

    • cortesjues

      took the DNA 3 months, i would expect around the same for the ONE, unless they can use the same exploit on the ONE then just a few days

      • cortesjues

        only took around 3 weeks for rooting and unlocked though

        • KleenDroid

          But can we simply turn of Sense? That would be a huge deal if HTC would make this standard.

          • T4rd

            There will probably never be an option to “turn off” an OEM skin. I wish they would give you that option, but I doubt it will happen. For now, that’s what ROMs are for.

  • skinja99

    I would probably take them up on this. But my current phone has a removable SD card.

    What is wrong with you HTC?

    No removable battery, and no SD slot?

    If this phone just had those two things, it would sell like hot cakes. It would probably reduce some costs too since they would only need to offer one version with internal memory. They would not have to manufacture different versions like a 16GB/32/64. Which should have saved them money. Just have 8GB internal memory and an SD slot and everyone is happy.

    And as far as the battery goes, I love the look and feel of HTC’s new phones. They are by and large awesome body designs. But the battery needs to be HUGE if it is non-removable.

    • onDroid

      It wouldn’t save them money to go with one storage option. The larger storage options have much higher profitability. Do you really think another 16GB really costs $50? The real cost is more like $5. This is like free money to phone manufacturers to release variants with slightly more storage. It’s ridiculous how apple can charge an extra $100 for their incremental bumps in storage. No one stops to think just how cheap storage is and just thinks “well, of course I need more Gee-Bees” instead of wondering what they are actually getting for their money. Removing the SD slot forces some customers into a larger storage option, increasing their profitability. It’s a no-brainer for the company. They aren’t concerned with what is more economical for the customer. They are in business to make money.

      • Austin Warren

        and they do a horrible job at it.

      • skinja99

        Yeah, thats a good point.

        I want to buy this phone. But like many, the lack of SD is a huge problem for me.

      • Marcelo Burrieza

        If they are in business to make money they should check what the main competitor is doing. HTC main competitor is Samsung, not Apple…If power users / early adopters don’t buy it because it doesn’t have sd slot or removable battery or is hard to unlock kernel, other people do not see the phone (because HTC doesn’t have ads also). So at the end HTC can charge $50 for more storage, none will buy it.

        • onDroid

          So it sounds like the issue is marketing not the lack of an SD card. Personally I find it an issue but we are all power users not the general customer. A phone tailored to us would be awesome but not in the companies best interest. HTC’s problems go well beyond there refusal to allow an SD card slot.

  • Tay

    When my contract for my Razr is up, I will be going for the S4.

  • nick

    its because they saw how awesome the S4 is