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Video: Re-watch the Full Samsung Galaxy S4 Unpacked Event


They just wrapped up in New York at Samsung’s Unpacked event, but you can already go back and relive your favorite moments. Samsung announced their newest flagship device, the Galaxy S4, along with its new software features and a few accessories.

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  • It is the most amazing phone.I love it thanks!

  • pavlos

    too much!! get an HTC ONE(x)!

  • jsingh07

    Samsung’s new slogan. The Galaxy s IV the “corny” life companion in your life because thats what samsung is all about, being corny!

  • Avery Dejuan Herron

    Dear god did anybody besides me hear when he admitted to copping apples ctfu “It is these apples that have brought us to where we are today” or something like that!

  • TriadWarfare

    I’m only watching it cuz I missed the actual event. Different timezones… I was still asleep when this was shown.

    40 minutes of nothingness… Glad I was able to skip it.

    I have no intention of buying the S4 just yet as I already bought a Note 2 but I’ll just check what the fuss is about.

    I don’t see any wireless charging official support here.

  • Alberto Hamade

    I’m famous.. Look for me at 42:25 wearing the purple beanie…

  • Jonathan Rose

    Really not getting all the hate.. Sure it was cheesy but it did a hell of a job explaining all the new software based features and showed tons of examples of when they would be helpful.

  • As of this post, the event doesn’t start until the 40:22 mark.

  • It was awful enough to watch one time. Torture might be the word to use if watched a second time.

    • hashtagtroll


  • jack kramer

    first of all there is no such language as chines!!! second it wasn’t better than the htc one

  • Rickerbilly

    It may have been cheesy at times, but they presented all the new features flawlessly. And the new features are amazing. I will be buying a S4

  • David Caccavo

    they have got to be kidding with S-Translator. Is Samsung’s idea of innovation taking Google things and putting an S- in front of it?

    • Diablo81588

      That’s what they do..

    • hashtagtroll


    • John

      That’s exactly my thought. Next up, S -Maps.

  • nightscout13

    Dear D-L. We will not be rewatching that side show video.

    • But it’s the best everz!

      • nightscout13

        Even the Qualcomm CES keynote might have been better on the eyes…..

        • tyguy829

          or that awful asus one with the magic tv….dear god

  • nightscout13

    At first, I thought “finally some ENGRISH speaking actors” . Then i saw how stupid they are, and remembered Qualcomm’s keynote. Now that I think about it, would have been better if the Korean execs did the presentation. The circus on stage was disgusting. I will not be buying this phone.

  • Futbolrunner

    Oh god no! I rather shoot myself in the nuts

    • hashtagtroll


  • So much cringe

    Not worth reliving

  • Ian

    That was painful.

  • Josh Oberg

    I’m getting an unsupported video format error

  • RocketPunch

    Why would anyone wants to re-watch that!? REALLY!

    • EvanTheGamer

      Seriously, NO ONE in their right freakin’ mind would want to re-watch one of the worse f’n presentations in the history of mankind! That was just HORRENDOUS!

      For shame, Samsung, for shame!

      SGS4 was cool though.

      • michael arazan

        Not all of us who read the site are at home in the day time or early evening to see and read the site. I’m glad they posted it for those of us to be able to watch later in the evening

    • Bob

      I think I would rather watch and HTC presentation touting another phone with an 1800 mAh fixed battery about ten times over watching that garbage again.

    • RocketPunch

      Before I got any hate from people. I just wanted to point out I am a die hard Android fan.

      You have to remember that this is the exact same company that put out an ad to troll Apple about how that kid lining up for his parent for the iPhone; Yet they try to sell us the next generation flagship phone by having a bunch of cougars lusting over a some gardener guy just to demonstrate a feature.

      I am no PR/Ad guy, but I probably can think of a few different and most likely better ways to sell that without using cougars.

    • Jalix

      Yeah, they had to dumb things down for the regular consumers who didn’t understand the jargon, and OH DEAR GOD WHY COUGARS. But yeah, they presented the phone well enough.

    • Larizard

      i like the song. I know it was 43 minutes long for the intro but crappy elevator music, but the official song has a nice ring to it. Reminds me of the Olympics.

  • Damn, couldnt pay me to watch that Terrible thing again

  • Diablo81588

    I wouldn’t waste your time. Quite lame.