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Spec Comparison: Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. Galaxy S3 vs. Galaxy Note 2

 GALAXY S 4 Product Image (10)

With the Samsung Galaxy S4 now official, we felt it was necessary to compare the device to the two previously released Samsung flagships, the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2. There is no better way to see how something has evolved from a spec standpoint then by laying them out side-by-side in a couple of columns.

What do you guys think, big enough jump from one phone to another? 

 SGS4 specs vs Galaxy

  • 808specter
  • ant

    Happy to see that they left the same size on the s4 bevause for people who have all these cases for the s3 can easly switch it un like the I phone 5 that stupidly changed the charger plug an the height of it made a lot of people un happen with there iphone 4 asscoriers
    Sorry for spelling typing on a bus

  • www.rumuskaya.com
  • NoMercy

    It’s lighter because it’s thinner than the S3.

  • M

    Will it “die” suddenly as my S3? 🙁

  • FART