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Rovio Launches The Croods to Google Play, Requires Network Connection to Play


Rovio teamed up with DreamWorks to create a game for the movie, The Croods, which is now live on Google Play. In the game, you play as the world’s first “modern” family, hunting and gathering to survive through different landscapes. As you rank up, you can customize your characters with “caveman accessories” and other little add-ons. 

The game is free to play, but does feature IAP’s for those that want something extra. After five minutes of play, I found myself somewhat bored with having to follow the game’s directions and quit playing. Another downer is that you will always need a network (WiFi or 3G/4G) connection to play. That certainly sucks.

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  • Warcraft 2.5 The Croods. Nice!

  • Devator22

    See always on connection:
    Is it online multiplayer? No?
    Immediately lose interest.
    And I still have unlimited data.

  • Justin Schmiesing

    Rovio saw how well always online worked for EA and decided to try it themselves! I’ll pass on this one because of principal.

  • Could the always on network connection be a response to getting around ads by using airplane mode?

  • Bob Buttons

    Am I alone in that I hate freemium games? I know it’s supposedly “the way of the future.” But I’d much rather hand over $5 and get the entire game then start it for free to be hit by paywalls at every turn.

    • Mark Wilk

      Not alone in this. I end up feeling nickel-dimed to death or that I’m going through unneccesary game delays because I don’t want to give more money (i.e. FarmVille-esque building games taking days to build something or giving me the option to pay for insta-build).

  • Marcel L.

    yet another “build your whatever” game. I miss some fresh games that don’t try to renew templerun, farmville or angrybirds.

    • oldtimer

      Problem is these are the type of games the masses play and if you can build on on the cheap, toss in some IAP you might make a few bucks before people get bored with it.

    • r0lct

      Part of the problem is the limitation in smartphone controls. Hopefully with touch on the back in future phones more game types will become available.

  • Franz

    Is this going to be EA’s Simcity for Rovio?… These always online games are way too early for their time. In 10 years when the entire country is blanked by LTE or LTE+ and there are no dead spots, and it’s just “expected” for a device to always be online then yea sure.

    2013 is not that year.

    • Austin Warren

      WiFi? Most people have that.

      • Filip

        Not in the NYC subways….

        • Austin Warren

          That’s a small fraction of users.

          • What about anyone in any type of transit anywhere in the world?

        • Living in NYC, I hate that the financial capital of the world, since I last checked, don’t have Wi-Fi in the subway system. Not to mention how far back in technology the subway system is compared to other systems in the world.

    • There are a few games that I can think of on PC that are single-player and require a constant internet connection (the aforementioned SimCity and Diablo III on PC being two I can think of off the top of my head), mainly for authentication purposes to prevent pirating and to provide seamless online content. Why it would be needed for a mobile game, I’m not sure. I just hope it isn’t streaming the game data, as that would destroy currently tiered data structures.

      • sirmeili

        I just bought SimCity last night since I’ve been an avid fan since the very first one (granted, I haven’t been keeping up with it lately as life has just been too busy to worry about games).

        It wasn’t until after I bought it that I found out it required an internet connection, and to be honest, I was a little pissed. I think it’s great that they offer the online play, but don’t force it on me. None of my friends play games like this and I don’t really have any desire to play online with people I don’t know. The only saving grace is that it seems you can play a “region” on your own without other people. Still, if the servers go down, I’m not gonna be happy if I can’t play a game I paid $80 for.

    • Big_EZ

      Also a lot of people play games when they don’t have service because they can’t Browse the Web.

  • dredaav

    Can’t wait to take my kids to see this movie!

  • Is it obvious as to why you need constant connection?

    • Paolo_Ozaraga

      so that they can push the most current ads to your phone every 6 seconds

    • Justin Schmiesing

      unless it has online multiplayer, it shouldn’t need a constant connection.

  • Austin Warren

    nice on screen buttons.

    • /s? As the only reason to mention them at all is to call attention to the fact that they exist, and that they are “taking up usable space on the screen”. I hope you are as passionate about the rest of your life as you are about your dislike of onscreen buttons.

      And no, I’m not being sarcastic, I genuinely hope that you have a positive and fulfilling life centered around things and/or people that you love, whatever they may be. Except things that cause harm to an unwilling participant, which is a rather serious condition you should probably have checked out. Not that I’m judging mind you, but intruding upon the lives of the unwilling and causing them harm is just not a nice thing to do.

      Wait, wasn’t this article about a kinda-cheesy movie tie-in game from a famous studio that was “meh” a few minutes into the gameplay?

      • Austin Warren


        • Nice maturity. /t

          • Austin Warren

            Because I don’t feel like responding to a useless rant? I expressed my opinion on why on screen buttons need to die.

    • Justin Schmiesing

      are you really complaining about on screen buttons on a platform designed entirely with touch screen in mind? what the hell did you expect your phone to do, pop out real buttons?? Side note, if my phone actually popped out an analog stick, that would be sick.