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Samsung Spent $401 Million in 2012 Marketing Their Galaxy Brand

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If this morning’s attempt at a flash mob wasn’t any indicator, Samsung has been spending a lot of money marketing their brand of Android phones to the public. The term “Galaxy” and “The Next Big Thing” have been saturated into the public’s daily lives and that’s just how Samsung wants it. In 2012 alone, Samsung spent a whopping $401 million dollars on advertising their devices to us. That number doesn’t even include their overly-long Super Bowl ad either.

To add a bit of comparison, Apple only spent $330 million on their ad campaigns in 2012, plus it’s safe to say that no other Android manufacturer even came close to those numbers. With numbers like that, it’s going to be tough for companies like HTC, Motorola and LG to compete.


  • MikeSaver

    There’s a reason that the SIII is becoming public knowledge and a top seller.

  • sranger

    That is nothing….Apple spent about 600 million giving Samsung free advertising with their frivolous lawsuit that will soon be over turned due to their stupid “idea” patents being invalidated left and right….

  • hashtagtroll


  • duke69111

    It guess it shows that if you have a quality product and do enough advertising you can make a lot of money.

  • NorCalGuy

    That’s why they are winning

  • Trust me…if I know Google, it won’t be hard for Moto to compete without those insane advertising dollars.

    Let me ask you this…how much did Google spend on advertising to become the #1 search engine in the world? I don’t remember a single ad until a year or two ago (long after they had become the market dominator).

    Hopefully Google will continue to do what they’ve always done: create amazing products that people will flock to because they’re amazing…not because they told everyone that they’re magical.

    Nothing against Samsung for getting their products out in front of people, but I think that true innovation advertises itself!

  • That’s the price you pay when you want to follow in Apple’s footsteps. I’m just waiting for the merger…Appsung!!!!!!!!!

    • Austin Warren

      Makes no sense at all.

      • Of course it does. Not the merger obviously, but them wanting to be like Apple. Look around you. Samsung and their Galaxy line is the next Apple and iPhone. I don’t like what Samsung is becoming. They’re becoming everything I’ve hated about the Apple culture.

        If Samsung could, they’d dump Android and use their own OS. The Android OS is a tiny part of their advertising, so much that some people don’t even realize they own an Android phone.

        I’ll root for the underdogs (HTC, Moto, LG, etc).

        • Austin Warren

          Tomorrow is going to reveal a completely new phone and thus reveal they aren’t like apple.

        • Jeff C

          ill just root…..my phone

        • We’ll see when Samsung introduces their Tizen phones. They’ll lose access to Google services, apps, books, music etc.

      • GoogleGlass_599_699_799

        well, another merger idea:
        Google-SAMSUNG merger under Google brand;)
        250+ Billion tech monster:
        * giant R&D
        * infinite manufacturing possibilities
        * creative freedom
        * endless engineering and innovative flows
        * scale
        * recognition
        * WOW

  • MooleyBooleyTroll

    Maybe they should spend $401 million on the radios instead.

    • Austin Warren

      Radios are fine. No wonder why your name is troll.

      • MooleyBooleyTroll

        I’ve blown $1500 on Sammy devices.. No their radios are *NOT* fine…
        Then again I actually use mine as a phone.. Go figure πŸ™

        • Austin Warren

          I guess this is the real definition of people with an extra chromosome.

          • Rich Koos

            Maybe your service is bad in your area? Or you just do not have a reliable carrier? All the people I know who own samsung devices never complain about reception or call quality. Well except for me with my Gnex but it’s not an inconvenience in actual use.

        • will bartlett

          way to waste money on something you “knew” wouldnt work. my note 2 has wonderful radios.

          • Ken Bosse

            No issues with the S3 radios in my book.

        • hashtagtroll


          • PopeFrancis


        • RichFromBX

          $1500??? – dude, if you didn’t learn after $500 then you get what you deserve…

          • PopeFrancis

            $500 is less than one device lol

        • And that’s why Moto (despite their terrible decisions) is still a factor. {{-_-}}

      • hashtagtroll


    • JBartcaps

      You should really think about purchasing a Ford, they have GREAT radios!

    • Mike Reid

      Wasn’t it reported they spend as much on marketing as on R&D ?

      It’s very hard to argue with the success they’ve had. It IMO proves that marketing works.

      Yes, as an engineer and a techie, I wish they had spent a bit more on R&D.

      But I’m sure their bean-counters are saying “Why bother, we’re at the top of the Android food chain ?”. In a dog-eat-dog capitalist world, they are clearly alpha dog of the Android OEM pack.

    • MicroNix

      Coming from two Motorola phones, I don’t notice any difference *at all* between the radios. And I do indeed use mine for calls πŸ™‚

  • Austin Warren

    You could slap an apple on a piece of turd and people would still buy it.

    • Warwick

      I totally agree with you. Actually Apple already does that.

      • Austin Warren


  • mark

    I hope Googarola is taking notes!

    • ßen Murphy

      You mean Googorola.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    “HTC, Motorola and LG to compete” – Scratch Motorola (Google) only reason Moto wouldn’t be able to compete is because Google sucks at marketing. No because of money

    • EC8CH

      they don’t suck at it… they just don’t spend enough money on it.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        ahhh I see how you flipped that one on me…

      • they don’t suck, look at Chrome.

        • Rich Koos

          yea Google has made some pretty awesome commercials recently. Their chrome ones are always good, and even the nexus commercials are good. They give out that “wholesome feel” without directly copying the apple way of commercials (indie track, white backgrounds, black text.).

    • Google is taking Motorola very seriously this year!