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New Motorola Device Leaks, Looks All Sorts of Google-inspired

motorola xt912-1

A new Motorola device surfaced last night, giving a glimpse at what the now Google owned company may have in store for the future. The device goes by model number XT912A (RAZR was XT912) and is definitely not the oft-rumored X Phone (or is it?). What we are looking at is a mid-range device, but one that certainly looks more stock and less Moto than we have seen in some time. 

The device is sporting a 4″ 720p display, 2GB RAM, Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, 2200mAh battery, and almost pure stock Android. The skin from Motorola has been broken down to almost nothing, with the newly featured left-side quick toggle menu seen on the RAZR HD now gone. You’ll see stock themed on-screen navigation keys, though those have been around since Jelly Bean on most Motorola phones. It really does look stock, outside of the circle Moto clock widget.

More importantly, this is a drastic change in styling for Moto when compared to the recent RAZR HD launches. The kevlar is gone and in are soft rounded edges, a circular camera, along with what appears to be a cascading edge-to-edge display edges similar to the Nexus 4.

Does this phone scream “Google!” or is it just me? Would love to hear your thoughts.



motorola xt912-3motorola xt912-4motoroal xt912-2motorola xt912-5

Via:  Engadget

Cheers Sean, Justin, Brian, and Ashot!

  • BradT

    You think they would give $500 and a badge for still having my TBOLT?

  • Trey Mitchell

    I might get flamed for this but that looks like an htc with moto branding
    I personally love old moto’s industrial look the droid lines sharp edges are appealing to me and hope they don’t lose that entirely

  • [email protected]

    I think it screams “HTC LOOK-ALIKE”!!

  • master94

    For a mid-range phone it has better specs than the iphone and most high end WP

  • R2

    Sigh… I’m not very excited if this is Moto’s new design language. Looks like an HTC/Samsung/LG phone. Much prefer the Razr language that is somehow classic Moto. I’m sure it’ll have killer internals, but I’d like a little love for the externals, too. Cheers

  • Nicholassss

    this but 5 inches

  • NorCalGuy

    If this phone is unlockable it will be the hottness it might have a smaller screen .46″ but it makes up for it significantly with all the upgrades internal and display. I will gladly pay full price from the Play Store and retire my GNex happily.

  • At last, a high-end small droid! http://goo.gl/3ehjp

  • chad thomas

    A 4″ screen?? Really?? My ATRIX 2 is 4.3 i want something bigger not smaller

  • Kizaru Hiruko

    AT&T’s phone. NEXT!

  • Knlegend1

    This is the Motorola we have been waiting for, like seriously.

  • Knlegend1

    I knew it would look that way. Nice!!!

  • Michael Benvenuti

    How do you adjust the volume?

  • bananatroll

    I guess I’m the only that noticed how the Asian dude squeezed the phone near the end of the video?!?! It literally squished in his hand a little bit! Also the glass/plastic/space alloy stuff the screen is made of is something I’ve never seen before. This device clearly has some sort of flexible display, and the casing is not aluminum either. This will turn some heads at IO, it retains these features for sure. Maybe Google has finally saved itself from being eaten alive by the parasite which has been feeding off it for nearly 3 years? Shamesung!

  • zombiewolf115

    this phone looks great but has me wondering if google is going to force motorola into the ways of nexus phones and leave the days of yonder of droids(i hope not droid is the main reason am into android)

  • Trevor

    That screen HAS to be bigger than 4 inches. When he compares it to the iPhone 5, it’s easy to see that.

    • Knlegend1

      Where the menu buttons are don’t actually count as screen real-estate Other than that its just wider.

      • Trevor

        I beg to differ. I think those are called on-screen buttons for a reason. Yes, that portion of the screen is usually taken up with those buttons, but at least it’s possible to make them disappear while watching videos (not sure if there’s any other times they vanish). I still consider that part of the screen though, and I believe manufacturers still base their screen size numbers off that as well.

        • Knlegend1

          I see your point when it comes to video but they called it a 4″ screen for a reason. Right where the on screen buttons are is actually where the other phone stops so….

  • Rabid Rotty

    You got to be kidding right? This is Google’s influence to make Motorola phones to look like every other cell phone. The RAZR design is awesome. If this is part of the Google wow factor they can shove it in their dark stinky hole.

  • lampie

    Maybe Atrix HD2

  • DJ

    The skin looks exactly the same as my Razr M…not sure how this is “more” stock that Moto’s recent phones.

  • Luis Martínez

    I don’t think this phone is as unattractive as others are saying.

    On an unrelated note, does anyone know why phone manufacturers have done away with a physical camera button? 🙁

    • florious80

      Great question. Personally I really liked my OG Droid camera button. I think the reason they got rid of camera button is because it is not necessary since software has it. Also that would eliminate the need for an extra part to make and integrate into the circuit board, making the phone slightly cheaper to produce.

  • The Nexus M

  • Tyler

    Am I the only one who noticed this thing is running 4.2???? At 3.40 in the video you can see the animation telling you have lockscreen widgets and then he swipes in any direction to unlock. Looks like an updated RAZR M, I like it.

  • Does anyone see a volume rocker?

    • Trevor

      I didn’t see one either.

  • chris125

    So people complain when it has specs that will easily future proof it in a smaller size. 2gb of ram, 720p on a smaller screen is going to look nice and quad core processor. People just like to complain

  • Why does the article call this a “mid range” phone? Because the screen isn’t 5″? This attitude is why we can’t have nice things.

  • NorCalGuy

    That’s one Nexy moto

    • Trevor

      I think it looks very Nexus-ish too. I like it!

  • shortbus25

    No volume button??? Looks OK though! Android 4.2 decent phone!!

  • nobody72

    bigger battery and sd slot.

  • Rich Koos

    How is everyone saying this is a 4inch screen?! You can clearly see that when it’s stacked next to the iphone 5, the phone meets the screen size but then the on screen buttons are there adding extra screen. It is maybe 4.3″? Sorry i’ve seen 4″ all over for this phone.

  • Mike

    ATT 4G LTE logo. No verizon.

  • duke69111

    Where are Motorola’s phone made?

  • Bobby Cornwell

    I’m really diggin’ that Moto logo on the top left. It’s a nice refresher over all that Verizon branding that’s been going on lately

  • Alexander Garcia

    This is a beautifully designed phone. Kinda like a Nexus. But it is still not the “X-Phone”. 😉

  • XvierX

    Where is the volume rocker?

    • Bryan

      I was wondering the same thing.

  • Boo no Kevlar … thats the ONE thing they should have kept!!!!

  • Love it

  • MooleyBooleyTroll

    That gimped battery 🙁

  • a) youth.in.asia

    Hey! Welcome to Boost Mobile…

  • atrix how it should have been?

  • Personally, I much liked the design of the HD series (except the camera and Kevlar), and was hoping that the Google-Moto design would keep a bit of it. I’ll try to keep an open mind until the X is shown.

  • Tim Buchanan

    Do you see the way the light hits the screen? Almost looks concave.

  • Unlike current Motorola phones with they’re awesome design and kevlar back, this phone dies not stand out. Put it in a pile next to other phones and you won’t be able to tell them apart.

    • Dain Laguna

      they were rectangle slabs. aside from the first droid razr, the design wasnt all that nice. the hardware felt good. the kevlar did too, but didnt really make it anymore durable.

  • That Moto logo.

  • Du

    Sign me up! Unlocked bootloader too, please?

  • John Jenness

    Uck. I like Motorola for their quality hardware…this is not doing it for me. If I wanted plastic I’d buy something else.

    • Dain Laguna

      just because they are using a soft touch back, doesnt mean there isnt quality hardware on board. i like the minimalist look. less gaudy than the kevelar

  • Stevedub40

    Holy crap, looks like my DNA!

  • middlehead

    If that’s a 4.3 or 4.5 HD screen, I’d buy the hell out of that.

  • tharealoc

    it looks like an htc phone….and i personally liked the kevlar…it is super durable..oh well this still looks good

  • flosserelli

    Hopefully that ginormous Moto logo will disappear and they find a better way to cut speaker holes in the back. Those speaker holes looks like they were made with a pushpin.

  • Jack

    That phone has the same screen size as the Nexus 4. If you look at the video when he holds up the iPhone 5 next to it the iPhone screen fits in between the Status bar and Nav bar of the moto phone same as my brothers iPhone 5 compared to my Nexus 4.

    • It was reported as a 4.65″ screen in another article I read on a different site, looks like they’ve missed the .65 part here.

  • Dain Laguna

    Personally, i like it. if it uses that soft touch back that is used on some htc phones like the dna, i’m all for it.

    at the end of the day, if the screen has no noticeable pixels and is a solid 720p display, and the software experience is up to snuff, id take this over any skinned device, htc one and gs4 included.

    my move from a galaxy nexus to an evo lte/one x has reminded me that specs mean NOTHING.

    (hear that guys? nothing)

    Nothing if the software and hardware arent optimized to work with each other. my galaxy nexus has paltry specs compared to my evo lte, but sense manages to muck up the experience so much, that that s4 under the hood might as well be an old tegra 2.

    make it fast, make it smooth regardless of the benchmarks, give it a good, solid camera, and decent battery and i’m sold.

  • Josh Oberg

    I like the circle Widgets personally

  • paul_cus

    Was that the Sony Xperia ringtone I heard at the end of the video? Nice.

  • Roy Harper

    check out the bottom bezel. Much smaller than anything else out there now, and perfect for on-screen navbar

  • paul_cus

    It screams Galaxy Nexus. This is why I bought the RAZR i. I knew the design language was really going to change, and I wanted one last super industrial phone. Know I’m probably in the minority on that. I do like the Motorola logo up top on the front of this phone, though. I’m surprised they ditched the quick settings menu on the left, it’s really useful. At least they kept the Circles widget. Things are certainly changing at Motorola.

  • adbFreedom

    The real question being …. Is the bootloader unlocked? That’s when we will know Google has taken over Motorola. This device with a 4.5″+ screen, 1080 display, quad core, moto battery life and an unlocked bootloader = my next device. This is much more exciting than the GS4 news, I may be able to return to Motorola again (hopefully soon)

  • evltwn

    So looks like Moto is going away from HDMI output and that SIM card tray looks small. Could Moto also be going away from expandable storage?

    • bananatroll

      If any phones to be released by Motorola have expandable storage, they are the last stale bread crumbs from poor baker known as sanjay jha. No future devices released under Googles ownership will have expandable storage, and you can take that to the bank.

  • If moto is really starting to move in this direction (as close to AOSP along with a sleek device design), then I may switch back.

  • Buckoman

    I think that this is going to be alongside the X phone at I/O.




    Matias Duarte is breakdancing on stage, Google Glasses are falling from the ceiling like confetti, and stobe lights are flashing at seizure level.

    Oh, and we made this little guy for those who can’t really afford the X phone.


    Tim Cook cries himself to sleep on his iPillow.
    Or it could go completely rationally and be a normal keynote.
    Either way, I can’t wait.

    • Steve Benson

      Comment of the day!

      Love the Google Glasses falling from the ceiling!

    • Kevin Hill

      I legit laughed at the Tim Cook part.

    • JB

      This comment seriously made me cry laughing

      • NemaCystX

        It kinda reminds me of the “you get a car, you get a car, and you get a car, EVERYONE gets a CAR!!” Oprah moment. I still remember that as if it was shown on TV yesterday lol

    • michael arazan

      2 different tech sites say they have talked to a Google employee and that the motorola X phone will actually be called the Nexus X, but will share the nexus name but not the nexus branding, which is odd, and will have stock android like a nexus.

      • I call BS on those tech sites’ sources.

  • Verizon

    I amount of hate found in these comments is absolutely pathetic.

  • elemeno

    Photo 2 looks like the screen is overly-saturated like the RAZR lineup.

  • Jigga_Z

    I’m excited about this! While I do prefer a slightly larger handset, I know there are people who want something 4.3″ or smaller, and so far it’s been hard to find something solid to suggest unless they’re on Verizon (in which case I would recommend the Razr M.)

    There’s lots of competition for large handsets, and I think that’s really good, but I would love to see the same kind of competition with smaller handsets. There’s a whole niche market out there that’s severely untapped because of a lack of strong hardware.

  • DrewNusser

    It’s effing ridiculous that a 720p display, 2GB RAM, S4 Pro, and basically pure Android is considered mid-range right now. That basically describes my Nexus 4 (but with .7 inches more in the screen size), which feels FAR from mid-range.

    • jnt

      150% agree. It might not be top top top range, but mid-range it is not… maybe like three quarters to the top range? 😛

      • DrewNusser

        And after watching the video, there’s no way that thing has a 4″ display. When you see it next to the iPhone 5, it looks the same size as the Nexus 4. This is basically a Motorola Nexus 4 with a different back ans slightly different port placement.

        • Steve Benson


    • andrew galvin

      Well, considering this phone is a ways away from actual launch, and it is matching a phone that was released in November (nexus 4) in a market where the s4 and HTC One are dropping with better specs, it will be mid range. Using the competitive specs from last year wont make your phone high end or flagship hitting the market months after a phone which near equal specs. This will be a very solid device sold on contract for $200 instead of $300.

      • DrewNusser

        Agreed. It will obviously be a little bit behind, spec-wise. I was just pointing out that it’s crazy that a phone with the processing power of a decent laptop from a few years ago, and the same amount of pixels as my 42″ TV is now considered mid-range.

        • andrew galvin

          singularity my friend…

  • I’ve yet to upgrade my old Droid 2 phone and REALLY like the looks of this. Reminds be of the Razr M with better specs and not a jumbo phone size like nearly all of the new phones are these days.

  • Bionicman

    just want to remind everyone i called the RAZR X a few days ago lol similar model name to the RAZR? check. last years specs? check.

  • Jarid Willman

    I usually hate people that post this since it’s so overdone, but SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

  • I like this new design they are going with… If they keep this up may consider a Motorola phone, consider I have never own one before

  • Butters619

    Soft touch plastic. Thank you Moto.

    • EC8CH

      Yes, I don’t care if it’s plastic… just make it a nice soft matte plastic.

      Better than cracked glass, scratched aluminum, or high gloss plastic any day.

      • john

        worse than badass kevlar. At least the x phone will have kevlar

        • EC8CH

          I’d be down for a kevlar back too. That means it will definitely be sealed shut, but that’s where all phones seem to be going these days anyway.

      • Butters619

        Yeah aluminum and glass looks good when you first buy it, but does not stand the test of time.

  • One good thing about Moto phones is that they support them with accessories. That’s one huge disappointment for about Android in general. The phone makers do not get the accessories like iphoners do.

  • rei_load

    Besides the ugly Motorola logo on the front, this phone looks great. Definitely larger than 4″ so probably 4.5″ or 4.7″ if we compare it to that iPhone 5 that was next to it. Mostly stock with a sort of Google look and HTC back. I would be down with having this phone if had decent battery life.

  • xFenixKnightx

    Not feeling it. HTC One in silver has my heart. So sexy!

  • chris125

    Here is a phone for all those complaining about phones being too big and smaller screened phones not having top of the line specs.

  • chris125

    That looks sweet, hopefully something like this comes to verizon

  • alrey

    I hate that design, the razr have a more of a rugged look and tough. Looks nothing like moto. I hope this is not the final and future design! But i love that almost stock android 🙂

  • blah

    I can tell you that most women I know don’t want a 5″ phone. They’re happy with around 4″ screens because it fits in their pants pocket. People can make light of this all they want, but they also want high end phones. My sis-in-law went to the iphone from a droid2 because the other phones were “way to big”. When I tell my wife about the new phone she can be getting, she is visibly concerned about a phone being too big to fit into her pocket.

    • Tim242

      Most Note II’s I sell are to women. They usually carry their phones in purses.

      • RTR2011

        That because the Note ll is too big for most pockets. That’s why I havd an S3 and not the Note ll.

  • Tim242

    All sorts of Google inspired, but definitely not a wow device. Very disappointed

  • Apostrafee

    Pretty boring looking phone

    • RTR2011

      Looks kinda like the Galaxy Nexus.

      • Apostrafee

        I don’t really see that, I think the back looks similar to the DNA and the front like the Nexus 4. Just doesn’t jump out at me it’s just dull

        • Dain Laguna

          ‘and the front like the nexus4’…..

          which is almost identical to the galaxy nexus?

          • Apostrafee

            Not at all, Nexus 4 is much wider almost rounded box with the Gnex being alot more slender….but that’s just what I SEE…I haven’t held this device…just initial impressions…I can’t stand that finger print magnet back

          • Dain Laguna

            have you seen a gnex and nexus4 next to each other? the gnex isnt ‘alot more slender’. i’ve held both, the difference is almost non existent.

            and matte backs arent finger print magnets.

          • Apostrafee

            Haha they arent? did you look at those pictures?

  • Ryggore Mettane

    It will certainly be sold under $300!

  • Romlover

    no sd card slot….NEXT

  • that’s a nice looking phone for sure

  • Austin Warren

    Surprising how many people here are all over Motos D and only agree with other people because they can’t face the fact that just because Google acquired Motorola doesn’t mean they are going to make a damn thing. Hop off and get some common sense.

    • Dain Laguna

      you’d rather us be all over samsungs then right? dude if you dont care, and you dont like the phone, why are you HERE?

    • Alexander Garcia

      Most people visiting this post are most likely Moto fanboys (such as myself) and of course we’re excited. A hardcore Samsung fanboy like you shouldn’t even be here TROLLIN’ everyone else. Troll elsewhere

  • TylerChappell

    Ah, so this is what they will be handing out at Google I/O this year…instead of a white 32gb Nexus 4.

  • bigdav1178

    Meh… I’m sure I’ll get thumb’d-down, but I think all these phones look the same these days; I really see very little differentiation. The biggest difference in design that I’ve see is the new HTC One, and even that looks like an iPhone 5. I’m just not impressed.

    • KOBALT

      Perhaps a triangle shaped one would suffice?

      • bigdav1178

        WOW, awesome reply! Seriously, how hard is it to do something different: physical buttons, angled corners, physical keyboard… whatever, as long as it makes it different in some way. I actually liked the fact that Moto’s phones were different in asthetics (and that you could actually get a keyboard). You stick this phone on a table and stick a Galaxy S3 or Nexus 4 or whichever next to it – what is going to make some average person off the street choose the Moto over the others? Don’t tell me build quality or better radios or near-stock Android, because the average guy doesn’t know or think about those things. The average guy would see a couple phone that look pretty similar except for different sized screens (perhaps screen quality), some small differences in skins and styling, and maybe he’ll recognize one of them from a commercial. So we’ve got a couple pretty similar phones, which do you think he’d go with – I’d bet on the one that’s been advertised the most (see Samsung and Apple’s marketshares). Now give the guy something different to look at, and maybe he’ll actually choose it for its differences.

        • KOBALT

          There’s on’y so many types of designs with a rectangle phone that has a large screen. Most people don’t want a physical keyboard, so there’s no market for it. You could make it bulge in spots like the DX and razr, but most people want a smooth candy bar style phone. People choose their phones by picking them up and playing with them. They like how they fit in their hands. Physical buttons are really a thing of the past whether you like it or not. And angled corners? All I can picture is a stretched out octagon. Or that hideous Casio Commando phone that didn’t sell:

  • gorkon

    Nexus 5?

    • Jarid Willman


  • Anon

    My thoughts are –

    -Does it have LTE/Verizon support? (Probably)
    -Does it have GSM/HSPA+ support, so I can put it on another carrier if I choose?
    -Is it compatible with Moto accessories? (e.g., is there a car dock, bedside dock)

    If all of the above is true and I can buy off-contract, it’d sound very interesting.

  • etobare

    feels like an atrix, specially how the carrier name is on the notification bar, that reminded me spot on of the atrix HD

    also: i prefer kevlar to polycarbonate

  • Steve Benson

    This is clearly an early test model but if this is the direction Motorola and Google are heading we’re in for a treat. The back definitely looks One X like and that’s a good thing. Sleek, sexy design combined with Motorola build quality and near AOSP and this will be an awesome phone. Even at this early stage, this is the best looking Motorola device I’ve ever seen. Can’t wait to see what the actual X phone looks like.

  • Austin Warren

    Nobody can seriously say they will buy this with the S4 and Note 3 this year.

    • Steve Benson

      Maybe, maybe not. But this is an extremely great sign that Motorola is moving away from their ugly design from…..well, from the very beginning.

      • Austin Warren

        This is ugly. So hope they don’t.

        • Ibrick

          Posting this once was enough, twice was irritating, three.. pathetic.
          We get it, it’s not an S3, move on please.

    • This being a 4″ device and supposedly NOT the “X Phone” makes your statement moot… It’s not a phone that’s designed to compete with those phones, seems more middle-tier.

    • bigdav1178

      I have to agree. The average user now knows what the Samsung Galaxy series is thanks to a successful advertising campaign, and it shows based on their marketshare numbers. I don’t really see anything about this phone to set it apart from being an also-ran.

    • Abgar Musayelyan

      The question is : will you buy this phone instead of a stratosphere 2? You can’t compare this to a note2 because they’re not in the same class.

    • Rodeojones000

      Really? How about the fact that we really know nothing about its specs (so we can’t truly judge it against the S4 and Note 3). But what we do know about this Moto device – not ridiculously big, apparently no OEM skin, no physical buttons – are more than enough to set it apart from the S4 and Note 3. Not all of us are excited, or even interested, in what Samsung is going to announce soon.

      • shooter50

        No OEM skin??? Funny, I’ve never seen that one used in a marketing campaign. Guess thats why S3 kicks the Nexus 4 to the curb.

        • Dain Laguna

          so if its not used in a marketing campaign its not good? the nexus4 and s3 are 2 very different products as far as who they are available to.

      • The samething can be said about Motorola phones as well, man you need to relax a bit they are only phones and each person has their own likes and dislikes….. As for me I don’t care if a phone as onscreen buttons or not, or if it skin or stock Android.. All I care about is how it feels in hand and fits my needs.

      • Ibrick

        OMG!! How can you not be poking a hole in your Samsung briefs with the S3 coming?

        It’s the only phone that matters!!

    • Rodeojones000

      Of course not, seeing as we know very little to nothing about this phone. But assuming the specs are halfway decent I can seriously say I would consider this device. But seeing as how I’m not even slightly interested in the S4 or Note 3 it’s kind of a moot point.

      Not everyone has become the iPhone-like, blind cult follower of the Samsung devices as you have.

      • Austin Warren

        IPhone like? You’ve got to be the stupidest fuc*ing person ever.

        • Dain Laguna

          why? samsung fanboyism has gotten just as bad. comments like yours, and the resulting language, is pretty indicative of it.

      • shooter50

        thats so funny, someone on Droid Life referring to another as cult like. Most here would by a Princess Phone if it ran stock android.

        • EC8CH

          That probably says more about the lack of phones that run stock android than the cult like nature of Droid-Life.

  • Garrett Shields

    I spot an AT&T 4G logo on the screen…possibly a new Atrix version of the RAZR M?

  • Steve Benson

    I just jizzed in my pants…

    • Austin Warren

      Must have low standards.

      • Two

        Like your mother?

  • Alex Smith

    That is a perfect sized and sleek phone from Moto. If the camera doesn’t suck Im 100% interested ‘

    • Tim242

      You’re lucky that you are cute. That’s the only reason you can get away with that statement : )

    • Jarid Willman

      I completely agree. I’m hoping that they stick a MAXX battery in this sucker and I might get on board even with the standard sucky Moto camera.

    • Plane148

      Totally agree

    • Dain Laguna

      same here. the sensor looks significantly bigger than in previous moto devices.

  • Tim Swann

    looks HTC inspired actually

  • theentropic

    If all future Moto phones go pure stock Android save a widget here or there (a la ASUS), I would be OK with that. It might even make me rethink my whole “Nexus or nothing” policy.

    • r0lct

      That’s how I see it. No skin and the only customization is apps/widgets then it’s worth consideration.

    • Warwick

      I do like the quick settings to the far left of the homescreen on the new blur on the Razr HD

    • jaymonster

      based on previous articles, the reason you will not see a stock phone is because of VZW. Even the newer versions of “blur” are starting to qualify as ‘barely there’ In the newest release for the Moto Razr and Razr Maxx coming, they strip out more of the motorola customizations in favor of stock (including the Alarm, Music Player, and Photo Gallery).



    Sweet. ANOTHER razr.

  • Famouz Starz

    I’d give it a whirl

  • TheDrunkenClam

    Well they’re getting closer.
    But until they put out phones running pure AOSP, I’m not interested.
    NB4 support motorola at all costs guy says “blur really isn’t that bad”.

    • Aaron

      With the exception of the clock widget, Blur for the most part is dead.

      • TheDrunkenClam

        The framework is still there. Unnecessary.

    • r0lct

      I don’t think we’ll see “pure AOSP” from Moto. I think there will be no skin/launcher but they’ll still include some apps/widgets that are Moto specific that can be easily ignored disabled.

      • TheDrunkenClam

        Once Google finishes the “year and a half of pipeline” why would they continue with blur when they can use it as an opportunity to advance android. Remember, they didn’t buy Motorola just to make sure it continues with mediocre sales.

        • r0lct

          I don’t think they will continue with Blur. However if they ship Moto purely stock then anyone comparing to a Samsung device can say I get all the stock features +Samsung stuff (which despite whether you like makes good marketing). So I think Google knows they’ll need to differentiate Moto phones. I don’t think it’ll be with a skin/blur, but with apps they can make Moto only to give them something to compete against Samsung with.

          • TheDrunkenClam

            I think if google wants to play copycat on those features then they should make them as optional apps in the market.

          • It’s not about playing copy cat, it’s about competing.

          • r0lct

            Yes, it’s about creating an app/feature that’s ONLY on Moto phones, not copying Samsung.

            Plus if Google was mischievous they could use this to keep certain new features out of stock and only put them into Moto to give them an advantage. Of course this could piss off the OEMs.

    • jaymonster

      As long as they continue to be predominatly VZW, they will have some sort of skin.


  • I’m happy to see any Moto leak right now… this just means more to come. If that phone had a 3000mAh battery and 1080p display i would be first inline to pre-order. Is that a bit drastic?

    • Alex Smith

      As noted in many HTC one reviews, the difference you see in a screen under 5″ from 720p to 1080p is negligible, but I’m all for the pumped up batteries

      • Austin Warren

        They must be blind.

        • Tim242

          The only difference seen is the screen tech…super LCD 3 vs super amoled. Put a one next to a one x, and you cannot tell the difference in resolution. You might see slightly better contrast because of slcd2 vs slcd3. You have to have a display of 40″ or more to see a difference between 720 and 1080. You are crazy to think you can tell a difference on a screen of 5″ or less. Science is not on your side.

        • Du

          You must have special eyes

  • anezarati

    obviously there is a full shell covering the actual design of the phone, but good to see the pretty much stock android experience.

    • Obviously? It doesn’t appear as such to me.

      • anezarati

        down votes? really? some people are naive. obviously there is a full shimmer to the front of the device that runs the whole front and there is a lip on the edges just like when i put a case/bumper on my n4. there are 2 lines that run the whole front of the screen in the video.

      • anezarati

        plus there is a freaking hole on the bottom of the screen!!!

    • Steve Benson

      obviously not.

    • Tim242

      It is not in a shell, and it is running the same blur skin as their current phones. Stock-ish, but certainly not stock.

  • Asimoalex

    This is more like it…. This is pretty sexy looking makes me almost want to give moto another chance keyword almost
    Pissed off old Bionic user

  • Elliot Kotis

    And if this is not an X Phone it is a Motorola pipeline phone, and not a “Google Phone”, and here is why:

    1. Motorola have always been “close to stock”, maybe they decided to just screw all the overskin.

    2. No Nexus logo or “made with Google”. Now we all know that when the Nexus 4 leaked it did in fact have the logo, even the prototypes, and Google likes having that, and further more they would want to people to know Motorola is now Google Owned.

    3. A point is shared the 12 month thing, Google knows how much Apple was attacked over 3 iPad’s in a year.

    4. They announced that they were keeping Google’s and Moto’s team separate, and so this may be Motorola’s flagship till X Phone, but it won’t be Googles, so it won’t be Android’s Flagship.

    5. It is to…..Plastic looking.

    6. Basically THE EXACT same specs as the N4, apart from screen size.

    7. I follow Google closely, and they WOULD NEVER put a LOGO on the front of a device.

    And going by the code, is it the True Sequel to Moto RAZR 2.0 or Moto RAZR S if you will.

  • Sherman J. Buster

    Does this phone look “Google-inspired?” Yes. From the front, it has a lot of similarities to previous Nexus devices. However, the back looks like the HTC One. I actually prefer the look of how Moto had been designing their phones. The RAZR HD looked tough, and feels solid in the hand. Also, with Moto’s designs, there was no mistaking their phones. This one is too HTC.

    • Brandon Golway

      I was about to say I always liked the look of the Moto phones because they looked vastly different than all the other phones out there. I love the angular look.

    • Dain Laguna

      only the texture reminds me of htc. the shape of the phone, which stands out more than the backing, is very google-esque.

  • It has an AT&T 4G logo in the notification bar.

  • I like the direction Moto seems to be taking with this…It definately has the “Nexus” look up front while the back, to me, has an HTC look going on. Notice at approx 3:40, there looks to be some type of unfamiliar side scrolling tabs or something on the display…can anyone explain what that could be?

  • Guest

    Surely not Motorola X Phone, it has to be part of the 18 month’s and here is why:

    1. An article by AndroidPolice Stated that they still had half of the 18 months left.

    2. Google release a phone every 12 months.

    3. X Phone was supposed to be revolutionary.

    4. X Phone was supposed to be like the 3310 (strong)

    And if this is not an X Phone it is a Motorola pipeline phone, and not a “Google Phone”, and here is why:

    1. Motorola have always been “close to stock”, maybe they decided to just screw all the overskin.

    2. No Nexus logo or “made with Google”. Now we all know that when the Nexus 4 leaked it did in fact have the logo, even the prototypes, and Google likes having that, and further more they would want to people to know Motorola is now Google Owned.

    3. A point is shared the 12 month thing, Google knows how much Apple was attacked over 3 iPad’s in a year.

    4. They announced that they were keeping Google’s and Moto’s team separate, and so this may be Motorola’s flagship till X Phone, but it won’t be Googles, so it won’t be Android’s Flagship.

    5. It is to…..Plastic looking.

    6. Basically THE EXACT same specs as the N4, apart from screen size

  • Warwick

    6 in the morning great news!

  • br_hermon

    What’s going on with the screen? I’d say it looks like a screen protector but it looks super thick, plus given how the light reflects off the screen it looks like it’s angular rather than flat.

    • anezarati

      i think there is a full shell to hide the actual design of the phone

  • C-Law

    I like it

  • how can it have 4 inches when the iphone 5 has 4 inches and look at the screen size difference in the video, it’s more like 4.5 inches.

  • Jan Massey

    Me wants.

  • SamIAm

    The screen is bigger than 4 inches. I’d say 4.3 or 4.5. You can clearly see when he compares it to the iPhone 5 at the 1:24 mark. Nice looking phone.

    • Austin Warren

      A little too small for 2013.

      • Rodeojones000

        I disagree. I think most phones now are too big. One of the reasons I despise the Note 2.

        • Austin Warren

          Grow some hands

          • Rodeojones000

            Really, this is your response? Are you 12-years-old? Aren’t you the same guy who replied to one of my comments the other day with, “sounds like a personal problem.”

            For the record, my hands aren’t small (I’m 6′ 5″).

          • shooter50

            calling someone a 12 year old because he disagrees with you? I suppose it was real adult like saying you “despise” the note II

          • Rodeojones000

            First, my calling him a 12-year-old has nothing to do with his opinion. Rather it was directed at his very child-like response of, “grow some hands.” He is certainly entitled to his opinion.

            Second, how is my saying I despise the Note 2 not adult-like? I don’t like it. I think it’s too big, I don’t like TouchWiz, the S-pen features don’t interest me, and I really don’t like phones with physical home buttons.

          • Tim242

            I can’t wait to get rid of my Note II. I love certain aspects of it, but it is too wide. It makes my wrists hurt. Guess I need to grow some hands too haha. As for the S-Pen, I haven’t used it since the first week.

          • billy routh

            If it hurts your wrist than be a Man and suck it up.

          • Tim242

            Can you read? It wasn’t the disagreeing, it was the childish response, “Grow some hands.”

          • Jon

            For the record, my hands aren’t small (I’m 5′ 6″)

            Fixed that for you.

        • r0lct

          While I love my Note 2 I do come across many who won’t consider 5″+ screen (especially iPhone users). This is good news if they are going to deliver good phones in the 4.5″ range to compete at every size.

          • Austin Warren

            Nobody is going to want a 720p phone in 2013.

          • Rodeojones000

            I would take a 4″-4.5″ 720p phone that’s stock Android without a physical home button over a 1080p device that’s 5″+ with actual buttons and an OEM skin and I wouldn’t even have to think twice about it. Some of us value other specs and design elements. It’s one of the reasons I believe my Galaxy Nexus is still the best Verizon device available.

          • Austin Warren

            So does it take too much to throw a custom rom on? Oh wait. No cause you’d rather come up with different excuses.

          • Butters619

            I’m with Rodeojones on this one. Throwing a AOSP ROM on a phone is a great way to get a like stock experience, but you won’t get the battery life and camera quality you want. Battery will get close with time, but the camera software on AOSP ROMs is always pretty gimped.

          • Tim242

            Custom ROM’s on a Moto phone is not something that is fun or easy to do.

          • Verizon

            I’m not sure why anyone would need an excuse to like or dislike a phone. If he doesn’t like it, he doesn’t like it. Why it matters to anyone else is just strange to me. He is right though, not everyone is looking for a huge phone or cares about 1080p. It is all personal preference.

          • andrew galvin

            Austin you need to calm down. I am with Rodeo as well. This phone looks really nice and is a breath of fresh air from moto. Essentially a nexus 4 + LTE from the look of it. I think the note 2 is enormous and should not be viewed as the standard size for a smartphone but rather an oversized version for people who want larger screens that are used with two hands. It would be a mistake to make a phone that size and not release an equivalent smaller version (i.e. Galaxy s3). Also, look at the Droid DNA, to my knowledge there isn’t even an AOSP rom available for it yet. There is no substitute that owning a nexus for updates and full developer / AOSP support.

          • Dain Laguna

            if the skin is so good, why should anyone have to do that?

            just buy this and save yourself the trouble

          • Mustang5Oh

            Not everyone who uses Android wants to root and run a custom ROM. If the product was good enough to begin with an not ugly like Touchwiz you wouldn’t need a custom ROM. You can’t call their product great if you need to root and ROM the thing.

          • Tyler

            I agree, one of things i like most about the HTC One is that it has a 4.7″ 1080p display instead of 5″. Which for me is the perfect size for a screen on a phone.

          • Jarid Willman

            Not true. I can’t see the pixels in my 720p phone right now, so why would I pay extra and sacrifice more battery life for a 1080p display?

          • Butters619

            The iPhone 5 is 1136 x 640 and how many million have the sold? You sound foolish.

          • Tim242

            I’d prefer a 720 slcd3 display. It’s the amoled I’m tired of looking at.

          • I wouldn’t mind one. Not everyone watches video on their phones. I have a computer for that

          • KleenDroid

            I still wouldn’t trade my Gnex for any phone that is out now.

          • Mustang5Oh

            Yeah you’re right…1080p on such a small screen (less than 50 inches) makes a HUGE difference. Troll!

          • Brandon S.

            Wrong. Definitely wrong. The ceiling is coming for smartphones much like it did for PCs. 720 is fine on phones up to 4.5 inch. 1080 definitely has its place, but so does 720.

          • beat it kook

            A 720p phone on a sub 4.5 in screen would most likely rival a 1080p screen on a giant phone like the note 2. I snowboard with my phone in my pocket for music and being able to communicate with my group when necessary and would love a top spec’d phone in a smaller form factor. Just cause you prefer having a large phone to compensate for other shortcomings does not mean the rest of us do. And by all the down votes my guess is that not many agree with you

          • Brandon S.


        • shooter50

          wow, you hate a phone you can’t handle?

          • Dain Laguna

            that makes total sense by the way

      • flyinggerbil

        that’s what she said???

      • Butters619

        People have been begging for a smaller high powered phone.

      • Plane148

        Eh. I wouldn’t mind a phone that size. If it came out stock and with competitive specs, I’d definitely get it.

    • Justin Winker

      I believe, according to the original source, its 4.65 inches.

    • kixofmyg0t

      It’s 4.65″ in the rumors.

      • Rabid Rotty

        The keyword is rumors

  • George Fayad

    No volume buttons? It looks so much like a Samsung front with an HTC rear that it looks fake.

    • Greyhame

      To me that screams pre-production unit. It’ll be interesting to see if the design changes when it’s released. I’m sure that logo will.

  • Droid Razr M HD. I called it.

    • Dain Laguna

      on verizon maybe.

    • kixofmyg0t

      Photon HD on Sprint. I called it.

    • Larizard

      Nah, can’t be a RAZR when there’s no Kevlar stuff and the corners aren’t angled. I think this phone looks like a sibling to the Nexus Q. It’s matte black in the back and curves is very reminiscent of the Q’s design.

  • I’d really like to see moto come back from the dead, but it’s extremely hard for me to trust them after bootloader-gate.

  • Eric Franca

    The non-symmetry of that front Moto logo is killing me, it must be a placeholder.

    • I hope you are right, that is the first thing i thought when i saw it there

    • r0lct

      Other comments on The Verge from people who supposedly know say that’s a demo logo they place test phones. The pattern in the circle (how it’s broken/dotted) is how they track them.

    • Rodeojones000

      Any chance it’s a watermark on the photo? At the bottom of the phone you see Motorola confidential property which surely won’t be on the actual device and the printing looks similar to the M logo on the top left.

    • Rodeojones000

      Ignore my last comment. Just watched the video and I see it’s there as well.

  • Quark

    Nexus 4 meets HTC One rear

    • EC8CH

      which is a very smart idea IMHO

  • i can definitely see some google-esque properties about it..

  • Naga Appani

    Finally, back to life!!!!

  • Tom Luley

    To me, the body looks A LOT like the Galaxy Nexus. I hope the X phone goes with a similar look…This is promising.

  • Captain_Doug

    Looks solid. 4″ is a bit small but I’d be okay with it. I’m super impressed with how small the bezel is. Not just on the sides but the top and bottom too. 2200mah in a 4″ device is also huge. All that’s left is an unlocked bootloader. My fingers are crossed.

  • dp917

    Anyone notice where the volume buttons are?

  • this looks very promising, finally.

  • Samsung front, htc back

  • moelsen8

    wow, that’s a nice looking phone

  • Craig Williams

    It looks like the DNA to me.

  • I do like the kevlar look on the RAZR line, but this is also a pretty awesome looking device.

  • Jonathan Bunch

    Good looking phone, looks like a gnex or a nexus 4. like the new moto logo too, just not on the front of the phone

    • Austin Warren

      You can’t be serious. Its ugly.

      • shooter50

        amen, looks cheap and ugly

        • Plane148

          What! I thought it looked really nice!

        • chansterrrr

          Let me guess, because it doesn’t use your beloved metal parts? Oh okay.

      • Tim242

        And the S III design is so beautiful… /s. Shut up already

        • Aaron17Watson17

          You sick troll, he didnt even mention the s3.

          • Tim242

            You blind troll. He’s the biggest Samsung fanboy you will ever see. Well, if you weren’t blind.

          • Austin Warren

            You’re still wrong.

          • Tim242

            Wrong about what? You are an obnoxious Samsung fanboy troll. You are worse than iCreeps. Samsung does not make pretty phones. I am typing this from a Note II. It is functional, but not pretty. I can’t wait to get a new phone.

          • Mustang5Oh

            Agreed. He is an obnoxious fanboy no better than any other fanboy out there. +1 to your comments!

          • Aaron17Watson17

            I dont know him, ok? I was talking from an impartial point of view.

          • Tim242

            Calling me a sick troll is so impartial /s

        • Rabid Rotty

          Actually it’s more blah than ugly. This is Google’s influence? Wow they are getting pretty complacent. And the only fan boy I am is android. Not any particular manufacturer. As long as it’s not apple

      • Dain Laguna

        you cant be serious that he cant have an opinion?

        • John Ippolito


      • Mustang5Oh

        You are the biggest and most annoying Samsung fanboy in the world. You also win DLs worst commenter award. Congrats on a job annoyingly done!

    • Looks like a sticker to me.

    • Schiller

      Well, this phone is a sweet mid-range smartphone:
      it’s NOT Motorola Xphone.
      It’s not TOP device.
      It’s not supposed to compete with TOP devices.

      made in USA Xphone will be WOW.
      6″+ Full HD 1080p, edge-to-edge display
      METAL bezel-less minimalistic design

      I like its back and M-logo. Black color and gray matte M.

      Can somebody figure out this: WHY does that rear camera glass/hole is so BIG? Is it a technical/optical requirement or just a “design” solution?

      • Butters619

        I guarantee the X-Phone will not have a 6″+ display. More like 4.7″

      • AxemRed

        I hope the Xphone isn’t 6″.

      • Du

        I sure hope phablets are not the be-all-end-all of flagship devices!

      • Time49362

        Well when it comes to rears, some glassholes are just larger than others…

        • John Ippolito

          Possibly the best comment on the history of this site. Well done my friend.

    • EC8CH

      Yes, great looking very ergonomic design.

      Ditch the front logo, load it with top end guts, use some high end materials, make it available on VZW, don’t encrypt the bootloader, take my money.

    • Dain Laguna

      looks like the m is part of the screen protector on it