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New Motorola Device Leaks, Looks All Sorts of Google-inspired

motorola xt912-1

A new Motorola device surfaced last night, giving a glimpse at what the now Google owned company may have in store for the future. The device goes by model number XT912A (RAZR was XT912) and is definitely not the oft-rumored X Phone (or is it?). What we are looking at is a mid-range device, but one that certainly looks more stock and less Moto than we have seen in some time. 

The device is sporting a 4″ 720p display, 2GB RAM, Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, 2200mAh battery, and almost pure stock Android. The skin from Motorola has been broken down to almost nothing, with the newly featured left-side quick toggle menu seen on the RAZR HD now gone. You’ll see stock themed on-screen navigation keys, though those have been around since Jelly Bean on most Motorola phones. It really does look stock, outside of the circle Moto clock widget.

More importantly, this is a drastic change in styling for Moto when compared to the recent RAZR HD launches. The kevlar is gone and in are soft rounded edges, a circular camera, along with what appears to be a cascading edge-to-edge display edges similar to the Nexus 4.

Does this phone scream “Google!” or is it just me? Would love to hear your thoughts.

YouTube Preview Image


motorola xt912-3motorola xt912-4motoroal xt912-2motorola xt912-5

Via:  Engadget

Cheers Sean, Justin, Brian, and Ashot!

  • BradT

    You think they would give $500 and a badge for still having my TBOLT?

  • Trey Mitchell

    I might get flamed for this but that looks like an htc with moto branding
    I personally love old moto’s industrial look the droid lines sharp edges are appealing to me and hope they don’t lose that entirely

  • [email protected]

    I think it screams “HTC LOOK-ALIKE”!!

  • master94

    For a mid-range phone it has better specs than the iphone and most high end WP

  • R2

    Sigh… I’m not very excited if this is Moto’s new design language. Looks like an HTC/Samsung/LG phone. Much prefer the Razr language that is somehow classic Moto. I’m sure it’ll have killer internals, but I’d like a little love for the externals, too. Cheers

  • Nicholassss

    this but 5 inches

  • NorCalGuy

    If this phone is unlockable it will be the hottness it might have a smaller screen .46″ but it makes up for it significantly with all the upgrades internal and display. I will gladly pay full price from the Play Store and retire my GNex happily.

  • At last, a high-end small droid! http://goo.gl/3ehjp

  • chad thomas

    A 4″ screen?? Really?? My ATRIX 2 is 4.3 i want something bigger not smaller

  • Kizaru Hiruko

    AT&T’s phone. NEXT!

  • Knlegend1

    This is the Motorola we have been waiting for, like seriously.

  • Knlegend1

    I knew it would look that way. Nice!!!

  • Michael Benvenuti

    How do you adjust the volume?

  • bananatroll

    I guess I’m the only that noticed how the Asian dude squeezed the phone near the end of the video?!?! It literally squished in his hand a little bit! Also the glass/plastic/space alloy stuff the screen is made of is something I’ve never seen before. This device clearly has some sort of flexible display, and the casing is not aluminum either. This will turn some heads at IO, it retains these features for sure. Maybe Google has finally saved itself from being eaten alive by the parasite which has been feeding off it for nearly 3 years? Shamesung!

  • zombiewolf115

    this phone looks great but has me wondering if google is going to force motorola into the ways of nexus phones and leave the days of yonder of droids(i hope not droid is the main reason am into android)

  • Trevor

    That screen HAS to be bigger than 4 inches. When he compares it to the iPhone 5, it’s easy to see that.

    • Knlegend1

      Where the menu buttons are don’t actually count as screen real-estate Other than that its just wider.

      • Trevor

        I beg to differ. I think those are called on-screen buttons for a reason. Yes, that portion of the screen is usually taken up with those buttons, but at least it’s possible to make them disappear while watching videos (not sure if there’s any other times they vanish). I still consider that part of the screen though, and I believe manufacturers still base their screen size numbers off that as well.

        • Knlegend1

          I see your point when it comes to video but they called it a 4″ screen for a reason. Right where the on screen buttons are is actually where the other phone stops so….

  • Rabid Rotty

    You got to be kidding right? This is Google’s influence to make Motorola phones to look like every other cell phone. The RAZR design is awesome. If this is part of the Google wow factor they can shove it in their dark stinky hole.

  • lampie

    Maybe Atrix HD2

  • DJ

    The skin looks exactly the same as my Razr M…not sure how this is “more” stock that Moto’s recent phones.

  • Luis Martínez

    I don’t think this phone is as unattractive as others are saying.

    On an unrelated note, does anyone know why phone manufacturers have done away with a physical camera button? 🙁

    • florious80

      Great question. Personally I really liked my OG Droid camera button. I think the reason they got rid of camera button is because it is not necessary since software has it. Also that would eliminate the need for an extra part to make and integrate into the circuit board, making the phone slightly cheaper to produce.

  • The Nexus M

  • Tyler

    Am I the only one who noticed this thing is running 4.2???? At 3.40 in the video you can see the animation telling you have lockscreen widgets and then he swipes in any direction to unlock. Looks like an updated RAZR M, I like it.

  • Does anyone see a volume rocker?

    • Trevor

      I didn’t see one either.

  • chris125

    So people complain when it has specs that will easily future proof it in a smaller size. 2gb of ram, 720p on a smaller screen is going to look nice and quad core processor. People just like to complain

  • Why does the article call this a “mid range” phone? Because the screen isn’t 5″? This attitude is why we can’t have nice things.

  • NorCalGuy

    That’s one Nexy moto

    • Trevor

      I think it looks very Nexus-ish too. I like it!