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LG Announces New Eye Recognition Tech That Starts and Stops Video Playback Before Samsung Can

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When Samsung takes the stage tomorrow to announce the Galaxy S4, we are expecting them to announce at least one new eye recognition feature for TouchWiz (I don’t care what Bloomberg says). Thanks to leaked builds of their custom skin for both the Galaxy S3 and S4, an eye scrolling feature for browsers and emails could arrive, but we should also see one that will recognize your eyes as you watch a video. If you were take your eyes away from your screen as a clip is playing, your phone will recognize the change and stop playback. As you return your focus from wherever it was, the clip should then kick back on.

Sounds fun, right? Well, in an attempt to steal some of Samsung’s fire, LG has gone ahead and announced the exact same start/stop eye recognition feature for their very own Optimus G Pro

In the press release (yes, they actually sent out an entire press release for a single feature), they mention that the feature isn’t available yet, but it will be. It will arrive next month in Korea along with a dual-camera feature that dual-records with both the front and rear cameras at the same time with a picture-in-picture composition.

Is it just me, or is LG to Samsung what Samsung once was to Apple?

Technology to Debut in Smart Video Feature in Optimus G Pro

SEOUL, Mar. 14, 2013 — Smart Video, a new multimedia UX feature from LG Electronics (LG), will be unveiled for the first time in the Optimus G Pro. Smart Video takes viewing videos on mobile devices to a whole new level of convenience with eye recognition that eliminates the need to manually control playback during the viewing experience.

Through the implementation of advanced eye recognition technology, Smart Video recognizes the position of the viewer’s eyes and automatically plays or stops the video without any manual input from the user. When the viewer’s eyes are no longer focused on the smartphone display, the front camera recognizes this and immediately pauses the video automatically. Once the user’s gaze returns to the smartphone, the video resumes playback from the point last viewed.

In addition to the Smart Video feature, Optimus G Pro will also be equipped with the world’s first Dual Camera function. The Dual Camera feature is an extension of the Dual Recording feature which debuted on the Optimus G Pro introduced in the Korean market last month. Dual Camera simultaneously captures photographs using both the front and back cameras for a picture-in-picture composition. Users can now be a part of the story, not just observers.

“LG is continuously innovating to offer creative ways to offer a user experience that adds value to our customers,” said Dr. Jong-seok Park, president and CEO of LG Elec-tronics Mobile Communications Company. “It’s the positive UX that will differentiate smartphones in 2013 and beyond, not only cutting-edge hardware specs.”
The Smart Video and Dual Camera features will be introduced as a part of the Value Pack upgrade which will be offered for the Optimus G Pro in the Korean market next month. These features will also be made available for some LG premium smartphones in the future.

Other features in the Value Pack upgrade include:
• Magic Remote Pad and Text Keypad via the QRemote function. These new options for QRemote work specifically with LG
Smart TVs to enhance convenience when using Optimus G Pro as a remote control for LG Smart TVs.
• The Smart LED Lighting outlining the home button of the Optimus G Pro will be upgraded so users can customize the colors
to correspond to their favorite contacts. The flashing of the LED in different colors will allow users to identify the source of
incoming calls, missed calls, unread messages and emails.
• Video Pause/Resume allows the user to stop and start in record mode for one continuous video file.
• The first Color Emoticons in an Android smartphone for more personalized text messages.

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About LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company
The LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company is a global leader and innovator in mobile communications. With its breakthrough technologies and innovative designs, LG continues to establish a number of benchmarks in the smartphone market, while also helping create a better lifestyle for consumers by delivering a wholly enhanced smartphone experience. As a leader in 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology, LG continues its commitment to developing groundbreaking LTE technologies and fulfilling consumer demands with differentiated LTE devices of the highest quality, all of which are based on the company’s wealth of LTE patents and technical knowledge. For more information, please visit www.lg.com.


  • Does anyone else hear crickets? I’m unimpressed. The technology goes about as far as being neat to me. That goes for both LG and Samsung.

  • Jones

    They already have a “wiseeye” feature on the Optimus G that is supposed to determine when you are looking at the screen and when you aren’t.

  • Awesome, sick, can’t wait G-Pro is gunna rock, underdogs!

  • mustbepbs

    My Dad can beat up your Dad!

    Nuh Uh!

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    nothing LG says or does will stop samsung and the SGS4 from being the king of the android world

  • Do people still buy LG phones?

    • michael arazan

      People who don’t know what they are buying and don’t make informed decisions do.

      Now this seems to be turning into a c*ck measuring contest

  • Elliot Kotis

    Good job LG.

  • Chris King

    the people at HTC must be loving this move

  • Its hard to be Samsung’d when you announce it before the original does. If you announce it based on rumors, I doubt they have had time to develop anything meaningful in that time (or in the following month. If they could then they should be working on curing cancer with that kind of efficiency.

    • cortesjues

      They could easily have had it planned, just not released yet

  • jboogie1289

    Not too impressed. What they are trying to do is………anyway, no that impressed. Sorry LG.

  • nightscout13

    LG is a sister company to Samsung, so similar technology is expected from both.

    • Yeah you highly informed genius, lg is samsung’s sister company ! Just like pepsi is coke’s sister company !

      • FAL_Fan

        Pepsi and Coke are owned by the same company moron.

        • @FAL_Fan Yeah retard youre right -and your a*hole and mouth are the exact same orifices

          • FAL_Fan

            You know you’re right, I shouldn’t have called you a moron, it’s obvious that I have hurt your feelings and now when your mom comes over tonight I’m going to have to explain to her why you were sitting in front of the computer crying…so I apologize.

          • Greyhame

            Wow. So wrong.

          • you sad, sad ignoramus , dont you get it ! Having the same major shareholder doesn’t mean the companies are “owned” by the same company. It just means someone smart has invested in the only two major players in the cola & other non alcoholic beverages space, and said smart investor/hedger is going to get richer with dividends and share price increases no matter which of the two companies succeeds or fails ! Being the major shareholder doesn’t make that person the “owner” . If two companies, owned by the same company, compete so hard for the same resources like bottle & can supplies and potable water,spending ad dollars making fun of each other, rather than being synergetic, wouldnt that make the owner company as much of an ignoramus & fool as you ?

      • nightscout13

        They are not the same company, but the use the same assembly vendors in Korea and the parts that are installed in both product lines have very similar OEM numbers. They also use the same warranty service companies to service their products. They are both Korean built products.

        • foxconn/hon hai manufacture devices for many companies does that make their customers sister companies ?,sharing resources and coming from the same country do not make them sister companies. They constantly compete with each other in home appliances, TVs & mobiles. If they were so chummy why didnt samsung share its amoled tech with lg in mobile phones ? LG was almost caught sleeping at the wheel in 2010-2011, they almost drove off a cliff in mobile phone sales ,samsung didnt help them one bit ! Lg smartphones have a lot of features VERY similar to samsung and that does hurt its brand value for some who want truly innovative products.

          • nightscout13

            They used to be closer before, no doubt. Remember the price fixing scandal? You think that was coincidence that CEO’s from top TV makers all had round table discussions? I think not. Today it definitely seems that LG is going a different direction than Samsung, but they still copy design cues from Samsung.

          • Yeah now that I think of it rumor has it that the sister of the current chairman of samsung married the then head of lg – so there are definitely family ties. Though I feel lg make such good TVs , diaplays & are very strong in other industries like chemicals & Li-ion batteries , other electronic components -they should leave the mobile OEM business -its too software based for a hardcore hardware maker ! Also lg’s perception is that they are lethargic in software updates & they are an also-ran in relation to samsung. Their only current focus seems to be – “do what samsung does”- for crying out loud , now that samsung’s exynos line is getting rave reviews lg too wants to start making arm based processors ! Lg are putting up a hard fight now but in the long run there has to be a fall out in the mobile OEM space in a few years

          • nightscout13

            I dunno, I think they can both survive and compete. Asian countries are more honorable than American companies. American companies are always looking to take each other out, i.e. Apple against everyone

  • hashtagtroll


  • Akeem McAllister

    I am not saying this is not possible but what if they do not meet the deadline and can not engineer the feature in a timely manner? I am sure someone who works at LG is going to purchase an S4 despite the price and breakdown the software and hardware. Well in fact I am sure all major manufactures do that. If the fruit company want to survive they better start copying I meant innovating again.

    • Big_EZ

      I would assume they are close to having it ready, possibly even just testing the final build for minor bugs.

    • LG has superior hardware in almost every way to Samsung.. and they are fast catching up to them in the software department as well.. Everyone in the industry has the same technologies available to them, and they need to come out with the same features, or theyll quickly become pushed out of competitiveness. People like to say LG copies Samsung, and who knows how much truth there really is to that, but the fact is that consumers have more diversity, and its a better market in the end. I prefer LG because the devices look and feel much better, are generally more powerful, LGs HD-IPS + is far superior display technology to the SAMOLED displays.. there are a number of reasons. But someone could just as well come and say they like Samsung for this and this reason, or they like Apple, or HTC for whatever other reasons. Point is in the end Samsung is not the only one making good android phones, or smart phones in general, and people can make the choice between which ones they like best now.

      • I’m so tired of Samsung’s plastic…

        • I’m so tired of Samsung.

          • Austin Warren

            stop being a follower. We all know you’ll hop on the S4 once it’s out.

      • Akeem McAllister

        All that you have mentioned can very well be true but the numbers do not lie. Samsung has outsold and demolished the competition. Lets just step back and think about it this way. The fruit company is still a leader in the smartphone business despite their stale approach to software and innovation but they still sale. Samsung has come in and marketed better since the whole “Droid” phenomenon. Which in fact the “Droid” marketing is still strong because unaware people still come up and ask do I have a “Droid” when it is just an Android OS smartphone. If all these manufacturers in fact have access to the same technology why are they not pushing it out? No need to be afraid. I for one do enjoy the competition because on the user end I have more options. I love options just like everyone else do. I do understand Samsung is not the best smartphone but it have many great features of the best. What I am really trying to say is LG timing was nothing less than sloppy. If they really had this feature on standby they should have mentioned it at their press conference not hours before Samsungs!

  • Austin Warren

    Might have to take the G Pro until the Note 3 is out.

  • A win for consumers!

  • I literally laughed out loud when I read the title.

    • S2556

      haha same

  • dannyWHITE

    Samsung just got Samung’d!

    • Austin Warren

      too bad they didn’t pull an apple and throw a patent on it /s

      • It would be quite ironic if they did

        • zwade

          iRonic indeed.

    • zwade

      The snozberries taste like snozberries.