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Samsung Galaxy S4 Makes First Video Appearance, Assuming This is Even the Galaxy S4

galaxy s4

Remember the phone from yesterday that may or may not have been our first look at the Samsung Galaxy S4? It’s back, but this time on video. The owner of the device in question starts everything off with the back removed and battery out, in an attempt to show that this is not a dummy box and could indeed be real. He then places the cover on, fires it up, and takes us on a quick tour of TouchWiz to show off the About screen, snap some photos, and jump around this laggy mess. That’s right, the phone, at least in this video, fails to impress at any moment. Watch for yourselves. 

We still don’t know if this is truly the Galaxy S4. Samsung posted a teaser image of what may be the real device last night, and while this looks somewhat like it, the lack of an earpiece in the teaser has us wondering if this is no where near final. This phone also seems incredibly thick. Now, I know that Samsung is rumored to have packed in a 13MP camera, bigger battery, and Octa processor, but would they really put out their next flagship in this behemoth of a shell?

On a random note, why the hell is this guy re-watching an Apple iPad highlight video in the background as he does this? It almost seems like he’s just trolling us at this point. Thankfully, we’ll know in two days.

Let us know what you think in the comments.


Via:  52Samsung

  • viewthis66

    i dig it. looking forward to it, actually. i’m not surprised by the similarity to the S3 either. makes sense.

  • Leo

    Where is the so called S-Pen that will be included with the GS4? Totally fake.

  • Why samsung…why wont you give us osk and reduce the bezel size? Physical and capacitative keys only serve to make the phone suck more. Anyone who complains they take up screen space needs to have their head examined…the keys disappear when the space is needed.

  • An2

    Kellex may be in denial… This is more than likely the S4, and it makes a ton of sense. Apple went through four+ generations of essentially the same device and generated billions in profit. If Samsung did something radically different, like drastically making changes to the S3 body, you risk disconcerting Samsung’s enormous user base. Making the S4 the mirror image of the S3 while upgrading pretty much all of the internal specs and adding new technology to the UI is not only the smartest move IMO, but the most financially safe.

  • Alix8821

    Complain a little more about the top selling Android phone series ever… OMG pple. They want to keep it looking similar, they’re building a brand. All the time, i see pple saying how great android is cause of specs, openness… Isn’t top specs, and a giant of a company good enough?! Root it if you hate TW, or use Nova/Apex/Action… or both.
    Turn off sounds, root and apply softkeys, or dont buy it…
    I’m excited. Trust Sammy now. Note was start of something new, and GS3 just kept that party going. I have an S3, so prob wont get S4 just because that’s a little much for a new college grad. (Unless i hit the lotto with grad presents) But I still expect massive sales and further market share take over…
    RELAX. It’ll be great… And if not, this isn’t iOS. Buy something else

  • Alexander Garcia


  • BAoxymoron

    the camera and led remind me too much of many of the s2 variants… the front class has too much bleed through around the soft keys… the thickness is almost identical to s2s… really looks like either a kirf phone or someone threw a bunch of parts together..

  • greengecko

    Why does the top look nothing like the photo released by Samsung on Twitter? Logo in the wrong spot…. speaker is a different color… extra sensor holes (haha)

  • Liderc

    This is definitely the phone, I mean there’s no denying that it’s highly polished and there’s no dumby cover around it like last time. It’s just another GS3, with a huge physical home button and a slick plastic back.

  • Galaxy S 1-Million

    OMG!!! Its a Galaxy S3 with the led and speaker re-positioned… And a screen and processor bump.. I was hoping for more, especially no more home button…

  • Ramont Wattie

    why is the phone 2 different colors? front and back?

  • steven

    That isnt the S4, its twice the width as the S3

  • “Is that the new GS4?” “No actually its the GS3” “-_-“

  • Rick Lopez

    Samsung doesn’t care that you don’t like their plastic phone because plastic phones are cheaper to manufacture than metal phones and guess what they sell a shitload of plastic phone so the next Galaxyps4 will most definitely be made of plastic

  • delesh

    Maybe at Samsung they play Apple commercials constantly in the background to get the employees “in the mood” to design 🙂

  • Why is there still a home button? Almost seems pointless with the latest OS…

    • billy routh

      Because on screen buttons are the stupidest idea since the begining of ideas.

      • mgamerz

        It sure is nice always having the buttons on the bottom/right side of the screen no matter which orientation you have the device. It’s also nice to be able to see them in correct orientation if you don’t know how to use the phone. I love my Gnex’s soft buttons so much more now.

  • DavidG

    I have an s3 and had a nexus both with the “snap” in backs and I’m pretty sure in 2 years of using them I still couldn’t put it on with one hand in one shot… definitely fake.

    • NexusPhan69

      It’s the little things like this that matter most to the end user without (most of) them ever realizing it. And now that you’ve said it, it seems way too flimsy and cheap for Samsung. Those covers are tricky to remove and replace.

      • Ibrick

        ‘It seems way too flimsy and cheap for Samsung’

        I know ‘oxymoron’ isn’t the correct word, but..

        • NexusPhan69

          My Samsung Galaxy Nexus is an amazingly durable phone. Many drops, falls and liquid spills. Sure the plastic is roughed up a little but its in amazing shape. Many other phones would have shattered or stopped working at this point. I have nothing but positive things to say about Samsung’s use of durable plastics.

  • interstellarmind

    this has gotta be an apple fanboy trolling us hard… i hope…

  • Ain’t No Half Steppin’

    This looks identical to the s3 w/ minor changes……I’m holding out for the Note 3

  • Feels like a KIRF to me…

  • I’ve been pretty excited about the S4, I hope this isn’t it, I’d be pretty disappointed.

  • Its supposed to be 4.99 inches right? Either his hands ar ehuge or it looks to me hes holding an s3…

    • Oh yes and the flixble unbreakable flex display, wasnt that CES back in january? If Samsung was going to make such a big deal about a phone you would think it would be something like an unbreakable scree….i know i would buy it simply because i would only need a bumper case instead of a fort knox surrounding my phone to ensure its saftey at every drop….

    • Tim242

      Why do people keep typing 4.99″? .99 definitely rounds to the next whole number.

    • Snowcrash

      “Its supposed to be 4.99 inches right? Either his hands ar ehuge or it looks to me hes holding an s3…” Yeah because 4.8″ is so much smaller than 4.99″…

  • Dradis

    That is a LOT of light bleeding up top!

  • Guest

    That is a LOT of light bleeding at the top of the screen

  • Stewie

    It must be a slow day. … of course it is going to look the same, Sammy hasn’t yet decided to stop nagging the Apple Lawyers by; using a rounded rectangle shape with a physical home key.

    • Tim242

      Slow day? This is posted on every blog. Most believe it to be a fake.

  • Dane Carpenter

    I think it is a good idea to keep the same body design and size. That way all the accessories for the S3 should work for the S4. That is the biggest thing apple got right. If I had an S3 I could upgrade to S4 without having to worry about if all my other stuff was going to work. Just think about all the backlash Apple got when they changed the I/O port on the iPhone 5, because now people were going to have to get new accessories and adapters.

  • etche

    The one thing I keep thinking is that if you are leaking a not-yet-released, super secret device, would you let your face reflect in the front of the device and not do anything about it? I don’t know. It something quite stupid maybe..

  • Dan Churco

    I think this is a fake. Way to much lag, and not typical Samsung design

  • Butters619

    Anybody else here the iPad Mini keynote playing in the background?

    • Tim242

      How could that be missed?

  • It has to be just a dummy shell right? Right?

  • Bionicman

    i’m not buying it. why would they make it thicker than the GS3? plus the outer style looks like a dumb down version of the GS3.

    • kuboo99

      Well, the GS3 was actually a tiny bit thicker than the GS2, and in the video it looked like he didn’t fully snap the back cover in, which would make it thicker.

  • turb0wned

    Hey look! Its the Galaxy S4s! By Apple, oops! I mean Samsung!

  • Rodeojones000

    Samsung has tried to be what Apple is for years, makes sense that they would release a new phone that’s nearly identical to its predecessor with only some moderate performance upgrades. It’s the Apple business model. My money is being set aside for the X-Phonr or next Nexus, not this disappointing device.

    • Austin Warren

      Moderate? You should really know what you’re talking about before speaking.

      • Rodeojones000

        Yes, moderate.

        • Dylan Patel

          I will be three times as powerful…

          • Rodeojones000

            Three times? Really, you know this to be true? The S4 will have triple the processing speed/power, RAM, and storage of the S3? If not, then your math is a bit off.

          • Butters619

            And his math would still be off if the memory and I/O speeds haven’t also tripled :p

            (which I guarantee has not happened)

    • Joe

      Yeah, I’m sure the X-phone will do something “innovative”, like take your dog for a walk.


      • arturo_bandini

        This is going to terrify my dog.

  • igotgame

    Yea something is very strange about the soft keys during the boot animation…this looks like a cheap Chinese knock off

    • NexusPhan69

      It’s got dual SIM cards if you watch the video. Sounding more and more like a knock off Chinese phone.

  • Is it just me, or does this TouchWiz have an almost Facebook-like aesthetic?

    Don’t love it. And that bloop sound is going to lead to many incidents of bloop rage all over the world.

  • DrewNusser

    I dunno…looks pretty legit. I could definitely be wrong though.

  • Octotron

    The SAMSUNG on the front of the device is a different font than the actual SAMSUNG logo on the SG Note 2 – smaller and more squished. Note – not the actual size of the logo, but the size of the font itself. The actual logo is a bit taller in the letters.

    This doesn’t lend itself well to branding. Samsung would not include multiple variations on font in their companies name logo. This is indeed a cheap Chinese KIRF.

    • snowblind64

      I agree. Look at the capacitive buttons around the 1:25 time index. Likely KIRF or some sort of dummy cover. I’m leaning towards KIRF due to the lag.

  • Steve Benson

    What a hot mess

  • like how it seem to be recorded with a G2 LOL

  • MichaelFranz

    starting to sound too much like apple. Just made the screen bigger and spec’d up. Design is nearly 100% the same

    • Austin Warren

      Why fix something that’s not broken?

      • MichaelFranz

        never said it was bad, maybe if they ditched the home button. I just like to see new design as well. And apple is always consistent and that is their nitch, samsung copying them just adds to it. Don’t get me wrong im sure this phone will kick all sorts of ass

      • Rodeojones000

        I’d call a physical home button on a device released in 2013 quite broken.

        • Austin Warren

          Because it’s so hard to move your finger a few millimeters to press the home button? Sounds like a personal problem

        • Gerry

          Hey guys, lookey here! Another comment about a physical home button. So original!

        • Dylan Patel

          Let’s you wake up phone with one hand. Every phone should have one if it is a big phone. I do wish it was only a home button and the rest were onscreen, but then that company would get sued by apple.

  • Verizon

    Why are they playing an iPad/iPhone commercial as the background music?

    • r0lct

      Because Bing translated Galaxy S4 to iPhone 4S

      • Verizon

        Stop making things up. Nobody uses Bing.

        • r0lct

          Well how else are they going to confuse a S4 for an Apple product? 😛

          • Verizon

            Depends on which court case you read.

          • Austin Warren

            because all their phones look like iPhones ! /s

    • Butters619

      It’s the iPad Mini keynote if I am not mistaking. It runs the entire length of the video.

      • Verizon

        Pretty odd thing to play when someone is showing off a Samsung device. Joke on their part maybe.

  • Austin Warren

    Definitely some cheap Chinese knockoff. Can’t trust that country with anything anyways.

  • C-Law

    The front is black, the back is white, just like what Jeremy wears and eats(Oreos) in the commercial. And him saying it’s his favorite color would match that

    • Austin Warren

      Color usually means “one”. Not two.

      • C-Law

        Lol, I know what you mean, but it’s an ad and it seems to be implying more than one color. Some people seem to be thinking when he says color he means every color of the rainbow will be an option on this phone, lol. I’m guessing this phone will have a black front no matter what and the back color will be optional, kinda like the gnex and nexus s

    • Liderc

      Actually a pretty good point. They focus on the oreos pretty heavily as well in the video, even leaving focus of the boy and focusing on the cookie for a few seconds.

  • burkett375

    blue front with white back???

  • I feel like Samsung is giving us cheap looking plastic phones and saying “F it, you’re gonna put a case on it anyway.”

    • C-Law

      Lol. Yeah I put a diztronic case on mine since I only got a gs3 bc I accidentally dropped my gnex with no case even though I said I’d never drop my phone! Lol

    • Austin Warren

      Even if it was made of the most durable compound ever. Id still put a case on it.

  • eli

    look at the soft buttons. theres clearly something under them, somethings off

  • Suralin

    Better specs or not, if they’re just updating hardware, it isn’t worth an upgrade. Looks like an S3 to me. Let me know when Samsung innovates with a worthwhile phone.

    • Austin Warren

      So you have to have new hardware for innovation? Stop where you are.

      • Suralin

        I don’t let Apple get away with merely doing minor upgrades, why should Samsung get a free pass?

        • Austin Warren

          You call Octa core a minor upgrade? Full HD? Eye Scrolling? Huge battery? They sure are apple. /s

          • Suralin

            Yes. iPhone4S is to iPhone4 as S4 is to S3. The hype doesn’t equate to what we’re seeing right now.

          • Austin Warren

            Not even close. Just be quiet.

          • Suralin

            Your defense of Samsung is adorable. *pet pet*

          • Austin Warren

            It’s too the point where you’re spewing out BS without even knowing what you’re saying. Stop being so ignorant.

          • John Ippolito

            Both you guys cool your jets. You can wait 48 hours to have your internet fight.

          • Diablo81588

            Why do you continue to think you know anything about the S4? You’re just as bad as that Bionic character..

          • Austin Warren

            At least the S4 is real.

        • ERIC REED

          I just hate when a great product gets updated…SMDH

          • andrew galvin

            How about to wait to see the actual product announcement before bitching about its specs and lack of innovation. I am expecting an incremental upgrade as well but I don’t want to jump to conclusions here.

          • ERIC REED

            Was I bitching?

          • andrew galvin

            sorry not you i was replying to those above..

          • ERIC REED

            Sorry…I got all sensitive for a second

  • this may be a real model, but I don’t believe it to be the actual GSIV. You’re right about lack of earpiece in the Official Samsung tease last night as they are rumored to be using bone inductive sound instead of a speaker grill so this it makes sense.

  • Nate

    I really hope Samsung does something cooler than a rehash of last year’s phone. Not saying this is what the phone looks like, but still. I hope it doesn’t resemble the GS3 so closely.

  • JBartcaps

    I haven’t seen lag this bad since I bought a XOOM

    • Hah, I giggled at this.

      • Octotron

        Me too.. haha


      haha he bought a xoom

      • Tony Allen

        I bought a Xoom, what’s wrong with them?

        • kidtronic

          The name. The shell. The performance. The price.

          • dan.dar

            Not if you bought a refurb for $199.

    • C-Law

      I’m wondering if it could be bc he had just booted it up.

      • Guest


      • Big_EZ

        I don’t think so. My Note 2 boots up very fast and within about 2-3 seconds of seeing the lock screen it’s running at full speed, this should be as fast or faster.

    • frankandsimple

      It’s an android.. what else do you expect. Also, the very reason the android world is so focused on quad cores and gigabyte RAMS etc.. so the attention could be taken OFF of the lagness and user experience in android. You are not buying into the hype and that is not a good thing.

      • Big_EZ

        My phone doesn’t lag, and neither did my last two. Two years ago android phones still had lag, but obviously you have no idea what you’re talking about or you have an old phone. Ram is important in Android because unlike other “smart” phones is can multi task, less ram is fine but more is better. If you put 2gb of ram in a Iphone it wouldn’t add any extra functionality because the device is so crippled allowing only one task at a time.

        • frankandsimple

          iphones have had multitasking for quite some time now. time to crawl out of the rock.
          Multi-tasking is not worth much when you are working with a crippled OS to begin with.

          • Big_EZ

            After using the IPhone 5 I don’t buy that, it doesn’t multi task, I could not switch back ad forth through multiple apps without it restarting them each time. Also the touch detection is horrible.

          • There are degree’s of multi-tasking, and Android’s implementation is more akin to a desktop’s whereas iOS’s is far more basic. It is a different philosophy for mobile devices and not worth getting upset about. It is to Android’s battery life detriment, at times, and to iOS’s usefulness at others.

          • NexusPhan69

            I’ve actually found the iPhone 5 with iOS6 to lag more often than my GNex. It was strange to me but it’s definitely there on occasion. The data leak is intense tho. Having to turn off mobile data overnight is a bitch. My girl’s mom just didn’t want to listen to me when I told her not to get it. She regrets it now. Oh well. At least she’s got a real Google maps now.

          • Butters619

            My gf has an iPhone 5 and there is definitely more lag than my One X running CM or CleanROM. And I don’t care what anybody says; after using Google Maps, Apple maps is the most frustrating thing in the world.

          • NexusPhan69

            I’m glad I’m not going crazy and the only one who sees the lag. I’m still very surprised by it. There is no reason for any recent phone to lag these days. Even more so when it’s just an operating system of icons.

          • Diablo81588

            Android is a crippled OS?? Go back to your grid of icons OS.

          • Butters619

            iOS does not have multitasking. When you switch tasks and saves the state of your program and restarts it when you go back to it. True multitasking would keep the program running in memory so you can instantly go back to it.

        • andrew galvin

          I have been running greenify on my nexus 4 and the iphone hibernated multitasking system has it’s advantages. Better battery life and performance but with greenify we can control which hibernate and which dont. win for android

        • steve30x

          Don’t worry he must be on one of those cheap 100.00 dollar straight talk Android phones.

      • abc

        Android doesn’t lag anymore, use any new Jelly Bean phone and you would know.
        Also, the only reason iOS feels snappy is because the OS is nothing more than a home screen full of icons. That is the extent of iOS.

        • hkklife

          No, Android still lags quite badly, just not as bad as before, even on Nexus devices. My Nexus 7, totally stock and as optimized as possible without ROMMing it, lags horribly. My buddy’s Nexus 10 is much better but still has moments where it hiccups. And don’t even get me started on Asus’ other tablets (Transformers) due to the poor I/O performance (supposedly fixed in the new MemoPad 10). The N4 is probably the smoothest of all of the current crop of Nexus devices, honestly.

          • Butters619

            If you think the Nexus 7 lags then you must think any iOS device lags.

          • Travis Stanley

            You sir have obviously never used a Nexus 4…

      • Liderc

        Don’t know what android device you’re using, buy my Galaxy Nexus runs smooth as butter, no pun intended. People who say this don’t use quality products, sorry.

    • C-Law

      Ok I watched this again and realized the sound is about 5 seconds ahead. It makes it seem laggy bc all the sounds sound late when they are actually way ahead. Doesn’t seem like it lags with the sound off

  • viewthis66

    looks good to me, but what do i know. i like it though if it is real.

  • master94

    troll and fake

    • NexusPhan69

      It’s the Chinese KIRF with a faked about and spec pages.!

      • I seriously would not be surprised.

        • Butters619

          The background audio is the iPad Mini keynote….it has to be a troll video

          • Diablo81588

            No, its just a Samsung thing.

        • NexusPhan69

          You can actually see dual SIM cards in the video. Typical of the Chinese fakes.

      • r0lct

        Or a Chinese variant of the S4.

  • shelderman

    sad if true