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Samsung Galaxy S4 Makes First Video Appearance, Assuming This is Even the Galaxy S4

galaxy s4

Remember the phone from yesterday that may or may not have been our first look at the Samsung Galaxy S4? It’s back, but this time on video. The owner of the device in question starts everything off with the back removed and battery out, in an attempt to show that this is not a dummy box and could indeed be real. He then places the cover on, fires it up, and takes us on a quick tour of TouchWiz to show off the About screen, snap some photos, and jump around this laggy mess. That’s right, the phone, at least in this video, fails to impress at any moment. Watch for yourselves. 

We still don’t know if this is truly the Galaxy S4. Samsung posted a teaser image of what may be the real device last night, and while this looks somewhat like it, the lack of an earpiece in the teaser has us wondering if this is no where near final. This phone also seems incredibly thick. Now, I know that Samsung is rumored to have packed in a 13MP camera, bigger battery, and Octa processor, but would they really put out their next flagship in this behemoth of a shell?

On a random note, why the hell is this guy re-watching an Apple iPad highlight video in the background as he does this? It almost seems like he’s just trolling us at this point. Thankfully, we’ll know in two days.

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Via:  52Samsung

  • viewthis66

    i dig it. looking forward to it, actually. i’m not surprised by the similarity to the S3 either. makes sense.

  • Leo

    Where is the so called S-Pen that will be included with the GS4? Totally fake.

  • Why samsung…why wont you give us osk and reduce the bezel size? Physical and capacitative keys only serve to make the phone suck more. Anyone who complains they take up screen space needs to have their head examined…the keys disappear when the space is needed.

  • An2

    Kellex may be in denial… This is more than likely the S4, and it makes a ton of sense. Apple went through four+ generations of essentially the same device and generated billions in profit. If Samsung did something radically different, like drastically making changes to the S3 body, you risk disconcerting Samsung’s enormous user base. Making the S4 the mirror image of the S3 while upgrading pretty much all of the internal specs and adding new technology to the UI is not only the smartest move IMO, but the most financially safe.