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Predict: Your Best Guess at at Everything Samsung Galaxy S4

galaxy s4

Ever since Samsung announced the date that they plan to announce what we are assuming will be called the Galaxy S4, the leaks, ridiculous fake imagery, dummy box appearances, and speculation has quadrupled its previous pace. We feel as if we have some sort of an idea as to what we can expect during Thursday’s announcement, but then again, Samsung mostly trolled us leading up to last year’s Galaxy S3 launch and then jumped on stage to show us a phone that we had only seen moments before its unveiling. So what can we expect? 

With so many rumors floating about, we thought we’d put everyone at Droid Life to the test, including you, the lovely reader. It’s time to make predictions, bold ones. What will the specs be? Color options? Launch date? Will it look like the Galaxy S3 or something different? Will Samsung even mention the processor or will it be mostly a software presentation? Any celebrity stage appearances? Will LeBron dunk on Jeremy’s face with a Note 10.1?

Let’s hear it, in the comments.

Tim’s prediction:

Tim is going with a 1.8GHz quad-core processor (Exynos globally, Snapdragon in the U.S.), 2GB RAM, 8MP rear camera, 3.5MP front camera, 4.9″ 1080p Super AMOLED display, and Android 4.2+. He’s thinking five color ways:  Pearl White, Slate Grey, Garnet Red, Onyx Black, and Ocean Blue. The device will be available in 230+ markets by early April. His celebrity endorser is Alicia Keys (who must be leaving Blackberry already).

He had this to say about the look:  “I think it will give off an S3 vibe, but with less bezel surrounding the display. I believe the device will be thinner from front to back than the S3 as well.”

Eric’s prediction:

Eric thinks it will probably look pretty close to that image we saw that looked eerily similar to the GS3 because Samsung is set in their ways as far as that design goes. He does think this is Samsung’s big chance to make their “Octo Exynos” processor a household name so that will be packed in there, along with 2GB of RAM, no SDcard slot, 10-13MP camera on the back, 4.8″ to 5″ as far as a screen size and it will be full 1080p resolution. He hopes that they spend big and make the screen OLED. Color options will be similar to the GS3 – black and white or blue and white. I expect the launch to be somewhere this summer, possibly July. Whenever the next iPhone will be announced you can expect this to be in people’s hands. $299.99 at Verizon and $199.99 everywhere else.

Kellen’s prediction:

I’m going with a 4.9″ FHD Super AMOLED display, 1.8GHz Octa Exynos processor globally, 1.7GHz Snapdragon 600 in the U.S., 2GB RAM, 16/32/64GB storage, microSD card slot, 13MP rear camera, 2.1MP front camera, NFC, wireless charging, 2500mAh battery, LTE, and Android 4.2. My color choices are Albino Baby White and Sinkhole Black. I’d really like to see Bath Salt Red, but that may be too risqué. We’re looking at a launch of April 4 globally. AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile will launch the following week. Verizon won’t join the party until the party is over and we’re all hungover from drankin’ the Galaxy S4 Kool-Aid. So basically, we’ll see their variant in May after “extra thorough testing.”

As far as looks go, I don’t think Samsung will change a damn thing from the Galaxy S3. We’ll all be saying the same things we do after iPhone launches, “That’s it? No innovation. It’s the same phone!” when we know it’s not.

  • John Karaman

    Samsung spits in the face of Google’s guidlines yet again! I hate Galaxies, because they are nothing like what android should be.

  • Alexander Garcia

    My prediction… Sammy fanboys are gonna leave the event like “That’s it!?” a la iPhone 4S.

  • Colton Wood

    1) why is this “galaxy s4” so thick?! Referring to the one in the “leaked” video and the pictures in this post.
    2) Does anyone think that the Note 2 will see a price drop when the s4 is announced?

  • Alix8821

    Any more rumors about that triangle-pixel screen? Or whatever? That was interesting…

    5″ 1080 screen/smaller bezel
    2GB RAM
    Snapdragon 600 (US)
    32/64 models
    White/Black/Blue/Titanium colors
    Removable back
    SD Card Slot
    2500+ battery
    Android 4.2.1 (TW)

  • bananatroll

    I predict more south Korean junk in everybody’s pocket even sooner

  • Benjamin Mackie

    I predict VZW wont carry it for some stupid reason

    • flosserelli

      VZW will carry it but it will be locked down tighter than a 12 year old.

  • chris125

    I’m more interested in seeing how the radios are. The s3 was much better than the s2 and galaxy nexus, but the radios were still a little on the weaker side. Hopefully they figured it out which they seemed to have done with the note 2 radio wise.

  • Oscar De La Rosa

    1gz snap dragon processor, 500 mb of ram, 3 mp rear facing camera, running gingerbread

    • derek connolly

      Kickin’ it old school.

  • Samuel L JackSUNG

    CheeseWiz for errrbody!

  • Ian Dunn

    1.9Ghz Snapdragon for verizon. 4.9″ PHOLED display. 13MP Camera and 2.0MP front. Colors are going to be Black and white to start out. I’m kind of hoping for something crazy like bright android green or even a yellow or red. Whatever happens if it doesn’t have a micro SD slot I am not even considering it.

  • FAL_Fan

    Edge to edge 5″ 1080p OLED with similar chassis size as S3, keep the home button and capacitive, black and white colors (Oreos in video…) 1.9 ghz Exynos quad core processor, 2GB ram, 16/32/64gb options with only 16/32 in good ol VZW version all with micro sd, 2800 mah battery, Android 4.2, 13mp rfc, 2.1mp 2.4 aperture ffc, NFC, and LTE. I think I covered all the bases…oh yeah and a revamped touchwiz!

  • Jey Wright

    Hey guys, Amazon has the S4 for sale! The killer specs, the enormous edge-to-edge display matches flawlessly. Could this be a fake or the real deal? It’s not the crap Samsung tweeted today. This one is a whole ‘nother animal! Check it out here: http://www.amazon.com/Samsung-Gt-i9400-Factory-Unlocked-Shipping/dp/B00BM3KPF4/ref=pd_sim_sbs_cps_24

  • April Pyne

    The leaked cases are not a match if this is the real deal and also remember this leaked photo.http://www.fonearena.com/blog/63160/samsung-galaxy-s4-image-surface-to-feature-1-9-ghz-quad-core-snapdragon-600-processor.html. I am siked for the announcement. Soon we will all have the real answers shortly, gotta love the hype train choo, choo…droooooiiiid.

  • hkklife

    All I care about honestly is what Verizon gets. Therefore, here are my predictions for the VZW variant of the S4:
    Snapdragon-powered VZW version, no home button branding, will launch dead last of all of the major domestic carriers (just like S3), and will be available only in 2 colors (likely black & white) and only in a 16Gb version. Bloatware will be about average for a VZW device.

    DNA Plus and GS4 aside, I have a feeling VZW is going to be playing things pretty low-key for the summer and will be putting all of their marketing $ behind a big X-phone push around Sept/Oct.

  • Jaron1226

    Jaron’s Predection: 1.9Ghz Dual core processor with 2Gbs of Ram. Enhanced 8Mp rear camera. 2Mp front camera. 4.9″ Full HD non-pentile display. Hopefully it will be a little more flatter with a metal sidings, and also a better looking version of touchwiz with a less plain look. This time it should be “Inspired by the future”.

  • Daniel Tifft

    Kellen’s color prediction of Bath Salt Red… lmao!

  • “Bath Salt Red”

    That color needs to happen. MAKE IT SO KELLEN

  • C-Law

    I think Kellen’s prediction will be closest

  • On screen keys 😛

  • C-Law

    After watching the last droid life show, i think I see why Ron doesn’t have a prediction. Lol. That hater

  • possomcrast

    This time we wanted to base the new Galaxy S, not on nature, but on people. It will come in two colors skin tan and flesh red (zombies are way popular right now). It won’t make the noise of water droplets but of someone snapping when you touch the screen. Also when you unlock the screen it won’t look like water is moving but like you’re shaving someone’s head: It will show a head of hair and your swipe will shave it.

  • Nakrohtap

    I tend to agree with most of what Kellen said. I would hope that they would try to trump the HTC One (since getting hosed on the Exynos for the US) and put a 1.9Ghz version of the Snapdragon 600 inside. I can’t remember what phone I was looking at online last week, but something had a notification light around the home button. I think that would be an awesome touch as well.

    • kidtronic

      I think that was the Optimus G Pro.

      • Nakrohtap

        I think you are correct.

  • zwade

    Please have a noise-cancelling mic! Fingers crossed…

    • What phone hasnt in the last 10 years?

      • zwade

        The comment was regarding an iPhone 5 commercial advertising it’s noise-cancelling mic as a major selling point.

        • Marsg

          Coming from a company that advertises its new lightning connector as a feature although it bares the exact same functions as the old pin connector doesn’t surprise me

  • Rodeojones000

    The asinine fanboy-like mentality with this phone and the Galaxy line of phones in general is getting out of control. It’s no different than iPhone idiocy.

    • Smithers

      Oh, you mean like this site’s obsession with Nexus phones and the X-Phone? If you hadn’t noticed, the GS3 was pretty important.

  • Rodeojones000

    I don’t think we’ll see octa core in it, at least not in the US version. Design-wise it will look almost exactly the same as the S3, except for maybe a slight increase in screen size (meaning it’ll be too big). I agree with Tim’s other predictions. Overall it’ll be very Apple-like in that the S4 will be virtually identical to its predecessor with a few moderate internal upgrades. For me, these facts combined with a physical home button and TouchWiz are reason enough to wait for something else.

    • Riley

      Complaining about the physical home button AGAIN?

      • Mike

        Yes, maybe if he complains enough on the intertubes, Samsung will listen!

    • Austin Warren

      Here you go again with moderate. Stop smoking that crack.

  • Aaron17Watson17

    Similar design to the s3, 4.99 inch pholed display, thinner than the s3 but 6 grams heavier, hopefully touchwiz will get a revamp like sense got, octa core internationally, snapdragon in the US. Will retain the polycarbonate back cover but will have aluminum sides. Will have sd card slot and removable battery. I swear to god if touchwiz didnt get a drastic performance enhancement, ill look somewhere else. Sense 5 is as snappy as the nexus 4.

  • “at at” in the title? One too many.

  • S2556

    2gb ram. 16/32/64 storage. Sd slot and removable battery. Similar to gs3 body. 1080p PHOLED 4.99 inches. International exynos 8core, North America gets 1.9 ghz snap 600.
    13mp camera and 2.1 ffc. Nfc. and wireless charging as a delayed accessory

    • My money is on this guy’s prediction

    • nightscout13

      As delayed accessory LOL so true… The GS3 keynote said there would be wireless charging. Tell me, can you find a Samsung Qi charger anywhere for the S3? NOPE

      • Tommy Thompson

        Yes actually, just not one produced by Samsung. Samsung was actually going to introduce a resonance charger(which is what they announced) not Qi, but was too expensive.

  • Marcus Schoen

    And, if we are really lucky, stock Android 4.2.1!

    • Sure, and then pig’s will fly and unicorns will become real

      • Justin Winker

        The unicorns – they must dash and jump like in their game.

    • kidtronic

      You mean 4.2.2

  • Unicorn Apocolypse

    I’m predicting unicorns with glitter…

    • feztheforeigner

      S4 preloaded with AOKP. Now that would be cool…

    • michael arazan

      Unicorns with glitter…..that fart rainbows, pee champagne, and drop road apples made of gold

  • Sammuel Sung

    God you people are starting to sound like iFans….I heard the headphone jack is going to be on the bottom. MIND BLOWN!!!

    • nightscout13

      For real. The fanboyism is strong in this room.

      • Tommy Thompson

        Just like it is when there’s a post about HTC, LG(wait, what?), and the infamous XPHONE…

    • jsf6262

      Ok, honestly having the headphone jack on the bottom would be great. Having it on the top is an awful idea, and I’m not sure why people didn’t realize that as soon as the iPod nano came out like 7 years ago.

      • C-Law

        I don’t understand why Google got it right on the galaxy nexus and then got it wrong on the nexus 4!

      • angermeans

        I think people just fail to make the connection that Apple may be seen as the norm for average people and maybe not cool to the Android crowd, but Samsung is quickly doing the exact same thing. Isn’t this what every company wants? I dont know how people cannot make this distinction. Samsung has copied every little thing Apple has done and it worked. I’ve seen just as many grandmas, mom’s etc with GS3 then I have with iPhone’s

    • OctoPuzzy

      I remember the old days when “DROID DID”. Let’s not turn our Android into the iCrap that we despise so much.

      • angermeans

        Samsung has already done it and they did it at the cost of all the other great Android OEMs. We need to root for the One, X Phone, and whatever crap LG brings to the table. Samsung is eating into all Android OEMs market share and destroying Android in the process with awful plastic phones and bright horrible running software. Still, I bought the GS3. It was ok I just miss the Android of old. You know Nexus One and Droid days.

        • Joe

          Oh hai, welcome to open source code. You must be new here?

        • JazzoRenee

          I take it you aren’t a REAL user of a Galaxy devices. Have a icrap seat.

          • angermeans

            Actually yes I did buy the GS3 and still have it. I’m just not blind to the fact that they could be so much more. Every Samsung mobile device I’ve ever owned or use feels incredibly cheap and even somewhat childish thanks to TouchWiz. Hey, we are all open to our opinions, but obviously something I said got you in a bad mood. It’s just a phone man it isn’t a reflection of yourself. Just because you own or even like one doesn’t mean it is the perfect device by any means. There is no such thing as the perfect device. I just don’t limit myself to using just one kind of tech as they all have great things they innovate with. Based on your comment where you called apple products “iCrap” I highly doubt that you do though.

          • JazzoRenee

            Ask me where my 2 ipods are, in a drawer not in my hand. icrap.com

    • JazzoRenee

      You have to remember that some of them are reformed iphone users and can’t be blamed for their behavior, I mean we call weren’t fortune enough to be OGs. #ijs

  • ChristianJohnson

    Best thing to happen to the Galaxy S series, since the Galaxy S series.

  • Why


  • Guest

    Need to have guesses for the US version as well.

  • Ghee Buttersnaps

    I gotta agree with Kellen, with the exception being the colors, lol. Two color choices initially, then a slow rollout of about two to three more colors globally then special carrier specific color options.
    No holographic rotating Samsung SIV display on boot.
    Less nature theme, more “how-does-it-fit-seamlessly-into-your-life” theme.
    Android itself probably won’t be mentioned as much.

  • bryang
    • Austin Warren


  • Nick Norman

    Verizon = FAIL on all accounts?

    • JazzoRenee


  • Chris Hollenbeck

    Made with unicorn tears so you know its good.

  • Austin Warren

    Light years better than the imaginary X phone.

    • nightscout13

      Don’t be so hasty, let’s find out if it’s real before bashing it.

    • Rodeojones000

      Keep drinking the Kool-Aid. You iGalaxy sheep make me laugh.

      • Austin Warren

        Igalaxy? Funny. You’re the one drinking Kool aid.

        • Ibrick

          Nuh uh! You are!

          I don’t think you understand the phrase ‘drinking the kool-aid’..

  • GS

    I’m really hoping it’s not a ~5″ screen, I think they will lose a lot of the mass market (and probably me too) by going that big.

    • Austin Warren

      Yeah cause nobody wants a big phone. /s

    • Nakrohtap

      A 5″ screen will not be any bigger than the current GS3. That’s at 4.8″.

      If they reduce the bezels…no bigger. I am sure they will not lose any of the mass market by having a bigger screen without increasing the phone size in their most successful phone ever.

  • Probably an extra row of buttons and little else.

  • Ibrick

    A slightly bigger screen, a slightly smaller bezel, slightly thinner, slightly bigger battery, lots of plastic and tons of hype.

    • Nakrohtap

      Don’t forget a lot faster, FHD screen, better camera and better battery life.

  • The more I look at it, the middle picture looks kind of ridiculous. Either the person holding the phone has tiny hands, or else the purported S4 is HUGE. I suppose it could just be camera trickery, etc….

    • TheFirstUniverseKing

      I think whoever’s holding it just has small hands. Look at how small his/her thumb is.

  • CaptainHowdy13

    I think it will have a trapezoidal look, you know, from nature

  • Exynos 5 worldwide, Snapdragon here in the US. Both at 1.7ghz. 2gb ram, 4.99 or 5.05″ SAMOLED HD Plus screen at 1080p (320+ppi), hideous home button with capactitative menu and back buttons on either side, Touchwiz running 4.1.2 in the background.

  • Ian Winchell

    I predict apple sues after receiving a patent for the letter “S” and the number “4” in any order, and then loses on appeal when sesame street shows prior art.

    • Classic.

    • angermeans

      Na that would mean that Apple would have had to come up with ‘S’ naming first which they obviously didn’t. Samsung doesn’t make moves until Apple does it first (sadly as I think they have the talent to make something great). The whole ‘S’ naming crap is just a pull on the whole ‘i’ naming garbage that Apple has been doing for years

      • Ian Winchell

        Cough…4S..cough..that is all. I know they couldn’t sue over that, but you know, it is apple, i bet someone there is thinking of this.

    • Richard Yarrell

      This is real easy the Galaxy S4 will have the Exynos 5 Octa 5410 processor cpu with the PowerVr SGX 544Mp3 Gpu in all areas of the country. Their will be NO SNAPDRAGON 600 on the Galaxy S4 here in the States so get over it. Another key feature will be the SDCARD will not only allow 64gb which was standard in the Galaxy S3. But now the new 128gb sdxc card will make it’s debut in the Galaxy S4. Expect Samsung to make it’s mark permanent here in the States serving total notice on Apple and it’s boring dull iphone product. This device will launch first on Tmobile before any other carrier the week of April 15th thru 21st. And expect 250 million Galaxy S4’s and Galaxy Note 3’s to be sold in 2013. After 213 million Galaxy S3’s and Galaxy Note 2’s in 2012 with 40% % market share they can only do better. Standard colors Black and White with a special color available middle of summer before Galaxy Note 3 launches. Both the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 will share the same design elements just like the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2. Rest assured that No Motorola X phone, Nexus 5, Iphone 5s, Lg Optimus G pro, or anything will be better than the Galaxy S4 or than the Galaxy Note 3. Software development and implementation of features in all Samsung products this event will clearly show how far ahead Samsung is compared to all manufacturers YES GOOGLE too.

      • Dafuq are you on…

      • Ian Winchell

        You see kids, this is why crack is whack.

      • JazzoRenee

        He is all about that life and I’m not mad!!

    • These two companies just need to get over their differences and merge. They both try so hard to be like one another, why not do it together?

      Just imagine, the Appsung iGalaxy.

      • Ian Winchell

        Well, perhaps someday, you know after sammy forgoes android, tried to do it by themselves, fails miserably, is shunned by the android community like a back ally cat with feline aids, and South Korea gets nuked by North Korea, maybe then that might happen, but its still a long shot. And I’d take the cat with feline aids before something made by smapple, or Appsung.

  • Wow, I had to read Kellen’s color choices twice, I thought he said “Albino Baby Whale”. I was about to ask what shade of white that would be… lol

  • Gotta agree with Kellen. I have an S3 but i’m a Moto fan boy and I have to hold out just to see if Moto can do something/anything to impress us. Still souped to see whatever the S4 has Thursday

    • S2556

      I’m sooooo souped too!

  • Have a feeling they are going the apple route and iterating (And Slowly at that)

  • Zach Armstrong

    I’m going with a

  • KleenDroid


    • Dain Laguna


      • marka_450


        • BobButtons


          • Timothy McGovern


  • Ron_Swanson

    Tims prediction looks right to me.

  • Raloc

    Spec bump with wireless charging, software buttons and some new worthless apps/gimmicks.

    • Big_EZ

      Verizon version will lack wireless charging.

      • bravsfn1

        Yeah because the DNA doesn’t have it. Makes sense.

        • Ibrick

          I think it’s going to be a Droid brand thing going forward.

          • The HTC 8x also as wireless charging and the Nokia phones

      • Marsg

        Verizon will brand the home button again, not enough bezel on the front