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Kickstarter-Funded Pixel Kingdom Game Hits Google Play


One of Kickstarter’s success stories is now live on Google Play, thanks to public funding. The game is called Pixel Kingdom and as you could probably guess, is made up entirely of pixelated medieval characters in a pixelated medieval world.

It is an RPG-based defense game, kind of like Plants vs Zombies. As you advance you unlock special units which have different powers, each having their own special effects against opponents. There are knights, wizards, and other infantry characters to use how you see fit.

The game is free on Google Play, so check it out.

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  • carluverdrm2004

    This game is fantastic. Backed it on Kickstarter, and haven’t spent a dime on in-app purchases and still was able to have fun with it.

  • Julian Coronado

    I downloaded this game earlier today. It’s great! I think the music is great! The pixel’s remind me of old school gaming, when it was so simple. It reminds me of Amor Games’ Warlords game. This is amazing! I like how it’s challenging and it hasn’t made me throw my GS3 at the wall…YET.

  • Mary G. Robinson

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  • Higher_Ground

    Great, another tower defense game. There totally aren’t enough of those to choose from.

    • michael arazan

      I am not interested in those games. I wish Capcon, atari, activision and others would bring back from the dead all the old 80’s arcade hits, like my fav Galaga, and port them to android, they are just sitting around not doing anything with them. Should license them out to dev’s and split the profits.

  • john

    once you find a ring of light you can start a level and return to them main menu to get ~200 gold. slow but helps when you’re a little shy of an upgrade. fun game!

  • The current state of games on Google Play has thoroughly convinced me that the world has forgotten what a “good game” is.

    • EvanTheGamer

      And Pixel Kingdom isn’t a good game? Maybe play it first before judging it, troll?

      • It is not. Plus it’s got an extremely agressive IAP system that leads the game to be super boring way to early if you don’t spend cash on it.

        I’m all for supporting developers but wow.. at least let me taste the game for a bit before making me spend money on it. And I’m not talking about 3 bucks (which I think this game is worth TOPS.) In order to unlock all the characters, skills and all the FUN stuff you’re looking at spending at least 10 bucks unless you like grinding with the same, boring original characters and skills for a LONG time. No. Way.

        • David Coiner

          I find it a good game and have not found the IAP to be aggressive in any way at all. Until just now I never even looked at the IAP screen and I have to say that the purchases are extremely cheap for what you get and are extremely inoffensive, and this comes from someone who ever usually buys iap unless it is to make something add free or unless I think the developer deserves something for my entertainment.

          One thing might be that I play games for fun not to unlock everything. I know I will probably not unlock everything before I move on to another game and that is okay by me. I like to have fun while it lasts and right now I am having fun.

      • justincase_2008

        Like many im stuck at what is now being caled the “Paywall”. all i get is the IAP stuff cant play the game anymore.

        • Asimoalex

          So i shouldn’t accept the update then

          • Kernschatten

            Correct. Hold off on the update.

          • Asimoalex

            Ok… Such a shame the game is actually really good, I would rather have paid like $3 – 4 bucks instead of this freemuim crap

          • Kernschatten

            I agree about the game. It is a nice little time waster.
            It looks like the dev may have fixed the paywall issue with another update to v. 1.09. I think I will wait and see what the reviews say.

          • Asimoalex

            Yea lol they went from like all 4 & 5 stars to 1 in like a time span of 2hrs

          • EvanTheGamer

            Because people are impatient fools.

          • EvanTheGamer

            Not “may have”, but actually did. Last night I was stuck on the IAP screen, but within literally two or so hours, the dev fixed the bug and all was well in the world.

          • EvanTheGamer

            You can STILL play the game without the need to buy anything.

          • EvanTheGamer

            No, download and install it. The annoying IAP Stuck Screen bug has been squashed.

          • Asimoalex

            Ok thanks for the heads up gonna back up the app just incase lol

          • EvanTheGamer

            Yes, accept the update. It fixes this bug.

        • EvanTheGamer

          They just updated Pixel Kingdom that fixes this bug. I just updated it and now the game works absolutely fine.

          Also, if you use the code: THUNDER, THUNDER, THUNDER, THUNDER, WATER, you get 5,000 Gold and 5 Gems.

          Damn whiners. (Not directed at you but others who are continuously complaining about IAP. I hate IAP as much as the next guy but I just live with it. It’s called PLAYING THE GAME for hours, earning your gold the lengthier way)

    • PewdiePie

      Well you can change the level difficulty so I don’t see why your complaining. Just cause you suck at this game doesn’t mean you need to cry about it.