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DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX Jelly Bean Update Now Pushing to All Users

razr update official

The official DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX Jelly Bean update is pushing out to devices now. For those who didn’t manually update with our step-by-step instructions, feel free to head into Settings>About phone>System updates to see if you can pull it. A number of readers were able to early this morning, so give it a shot.

The full changelogs for the update can be found here and here.

The update should be 338MB in size if you are coming from Android 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich). If you are running the accidental build from X-mas, the update will be around 38MB in size. Once updated, you’ll be running Android 4.1.2

Cheers Scott, Daniel, Max, and JoeFro!

  • ever since the update Gmail now shows all mail not just the inbox how do I turn that off?

  • How do i update to JB when there is now update avaiable in the system settings/about phone?? Ps i live in Denmark….

  • B. Gibson

    Just loaded the update. Not much to like about it. But the worst part I cannot send or receive photo texts. Please advise.

  • Zsu

    Why does my droid razr keep reverting back to the “recent call ” page after making a phone call, instead of to the home page.

  • I have a Droid RAZR (the original). Here it is April 12th and I am STILL waiting for my update, more than a month after the update was being pushed to me, allegedly.

  • mgjim98

    I got the 4.1.2 update a few weeks ago and my Razr Maxx has been working slow ever since. When it updated, it wiped out all the pics I had on my sd card, it duplicated a lot of my contacts, and needs to be rebooted occasionally because it starts to run so slow i cant do anything with it. Has anyone else had these issues, and if so, how can I fix it? I dont think this phone was designed for Jelly Bean.

  • Guest

    I got the 4.1.2 update a few weeks ago and my Razr Maxx has been working slow ever since. When it updated, it wiped out all the pics I had on my sd card, it duplicated a lot of my contacts, and needs to be rebooted occasionally because it starts to run so slow i cant do anything with it. Has anyone else had these issues, and if so, how can I fix it? I dont think this phone was designed for Jelly Bean.

    • Lin H.

      Yes I have all these issues on my Razr XT912…slow, stop, my oh so organized 1000+ pics are all out of order (although they are there), my contacts are separated and duplicated again (that was hours of fixing during the last upgrade). I have no printing feature w/o getting out of browser and moving to HP printing app and reopening or copying and pasting (what a pain). Email receiving is spotty, wireless reception is much worse even in my own home. I was looking so forward to Jelly Bean so I could talk to my phone and have it talk back…. I’d gladly give that up to have the other functions back. I always thought upgrades were supposed to make things better and have more functionality…I definitely got less. :o(

  • AJ

    When I type on a community forum, it’s all title-case like this: Hello My Name Is Blah. The 49ers Will Win Next Year’s Super Bowl..

  • JohnB.

    Updated to 4.1.2. on my Razr Maxx and then noticed that even with WIFI turned on, WIFI indicator was not working. Phone would not connect to router. Tried a soft restart and still no luck. Went to the Verizon store and technician was able to get the indicator to come on but still not connection. He suggested a hard reset and if that did not work, I would need a replacement phone, So much for the update.

    • T.Conner

      That is the same problem I had. have you gotten a new phone? did you get the same kind, was it covered by your phones insurance??

  • jallonnbaboon

    Anybody know why after loading this update my RAZR no longer picks up the internet signal from O2 in Germany? Before I updated it I had service with internet on my phone here. Now I just have service no internet.

  • jakey

    I got the new update does anyone know what happend to the the printer setting on the droid

  • notabigfanoftheupdate

    I have a razr maxx and did the update and it has been the WORST THIng EVER!!!
    When I open apps a voice reads out to me EVERYTHING and I cannot figure out how to stop it. I have lost athe abilty to use my groups and send out mass texts with one click. My “homescreen” says its not working and needs to close. Many extremely annoying things that make me a very unhappy user. ANY help at all would be greatly appreciated thanks!

  • sarget

    I upgraded and now having no luck getting the email client to recognize an activeSync exchanger server. Verizon Tier 2 tech just said current incompatibility and hange on till next update……TBD…… Damn everything worked great sunday… upgrade at 6am monday and boom expensive paper weight……….

  • ajarnlala

    I had a few scheduled daily alarms set before the update. After the update the alarms are still going off but they’re not set to vibrate anymore and I can’t figure out how to change them! I really don’t want to factory reset my phone if I can avoid it. Any suggestions?

  • I absolutely HATE, HATE, HATE this update. Please give me the Ice Cream Sandwich back. Please, please, please!?!

    I have the Motorola Droid Razr Maxx and loved it until this update!

    My battery life SUCKS now.

    To those who can avoid the update………AVOID IT!!!

    Sure wish I could uninstall this stupid update!

  • pete

    now foxfi doesn’t work. no more wireless hotspot. have unlimited data, called verizon and they will charge. don’t upgrade…there is no going back.

  • katiep

    Ever since the update if I have a web page open and have to take a call or text, the phone closes any windows I have up. Even if I go to save a favorite page, it takes me back to my home screen, not the window I was in. Is anyone else having this issue or know how to fix it?

    • tj

      Yep I Have This Same Issue, Along With This Swype Malfunction I’ve Got Going On And A Turtle Speed Phone Too, Reall Wish I Didn’t Update…

      • katiep

        I figured it out. Go to settings/ developer options and uncheck the “don’t keep activities” box. Seems to have fixed the problem!

        • tj

          AwesomE, Thank You

  • tj

    My Phone Is Really Slow Now AfterThe Update, And Also CapitaliZes Every Word In Any Internet Text Box, Quite Annoying.

  • Ken P

    Using a Razr Maxx, JB attempted update OTA but failed. I had Motocast on my PC and it told me an update was available and, lo and behold, it pushed the update through, but I also got a message that said my phone was rooted and the warranty was void, but that’s not why I’m posting. After the update, my contacts won’t work. I went to Verizon website and used backup assistant plus, but it just hangs and never syncs the phone. I try it from the phone side and I just get an hour glass (well, a circle actually) telling me “contact list is being updated” but it never changes from that message. I WAS able to send contacts to Gmail from the Verizon site, but I’m not sure how to get them to the phone, or if “contacts” is just corrupted and won’t work. Is there a 3rd party contacts app that I can use? Anyone have this problem? Comments appreciated.

    March 24, 2013

    Ken P


    This update sucks!!! Has made my RAZR unstable, slow, it locks up, shuts down and crashes often now. Not to mention, it only allows you to pick a few alarms from the alarm menu. You can no longer set music as the wake up alarm. The mute function on the phones volumes is not where it used to be, you have to search for it and actually go into ringtones each time and change your ringtone now. Also, the smart actions do not work. Supposed to be able to set smart actions for certain people to ring when in silent mode, DOES NOT work.

  • REM

    Same issue today as ixpro

  • Kim

    I still haven’t gotten my JB update. Anyone know how long this roll-out will last??

  • teejay1204

    When my phone starts updating, the phone begins to freeze. The droid laying down with a little Warning sign. Around 60-70%, it’ll stop reboot and do the samething again.

  • One big bummer since upgrade to 4.1.2 on Razr Maxx: With bluetooth headset on and connected, pushing the multi-function button does not do anything–back to no hands-free dialing, just like when I first went to Android. WTF?

  • anastasia m

    Ever since I updated to jelly bean, my verizon RAZR Maxx crashes every time I try to open the play store thing and when I try to save a picture from a website, the browser ‘unexpectedly stopped working'(every single time). They also disabled my WiFi hotspot so I had to get a new app for it.there are so many other little malfunctions that never used to happen and it gets really frustrating.I wish I could undo my upgrade to jelly bean

  • any idea how to update the razr’s in asia?

  • makenna m

    How long does this update take?

  • NickEyeEye

    I haven’t seen anywhere about the issue that i’m having, and hoping maybe somebody here has an answer or can help me fix my problem. I am having troubles getting into my gallery, it loads the first several albums for a a couple seconds then closes automatically, restarted no help, tried accessing it from other apps or even from set wallpaper and nothing lets me it. Any ideas?

  • jennyjay76

    I Have A Razr Maxx And I Did The Jelly Beam Update Yesterday. Now I HaveLost MyMusic (It’s Still In My Files ButI Cannot Figure Out How ToMove It ToMy Music Player), Cannot Switch Off My Wifi Even When I Go Do It Manually, No Ringtones For Text Messages, And I Get A Sync Error Over And Over Even AfterDeleting That Email AddRess! Help, This Is So Annoying!!

  • ixpro

    I’m a Verizon Droid Razr Maxx user. Went to “About Phone -> System Update” and it
    told me there’s an update available. told the phone to download the
    update and install it. Download went fine (over my home wifi) but the
    update process failed without any meaningful diagnostic, just a dark
    window saying “Update Failed”.

    Reset my phone to factory
    defaults, wiped all data internal and external, basically a vanilla
    version 4.0.4, and tried the same update again. No luck there either,
    same update failed message after it downloads, verifies, and does the
    first reboot.

    Any help out there?

    • T.Conner

      When I did the update it too went smoothly, that is until I tried to connect to my home wifi network. for 25+ days my phone as not been able to connect. All my other devices that run on my home wifi network are fine. Friends come over and their devices also connect with no problem. Can I go back to previous software version?? I’ve talked to Verizon, Motorola and my internet carrier and they all 1. have no idea what the problem is 2. point to the other two as the culprit. HELP PLEASE!!!!

  • Do you know where I can get the release for the Droid Razr Maxx XT908. I am not on verizon but on Bluegrass Cellular.

  • Luis Sagrero

    Okay, I have a question… the Christmas leak was 98.72.8 but I did the stock upgrade and software version is 98.72.16….can someone explain that to me?

  • rlewis

    ever since the upgrade Wi-Fi no longer works and pictures that I take or that were stored on the SD card are no longer full screen…tried a factory reset..doesn’t fix the problem..motorarola can’t help. any ideas?

  • Knlegend1

    I think mine is failing. I’m rooted, would that effect anything?

    Edit: Been out of the android loop for a minute. I forgot to unfreeze my stock apps.

  • Skeptical

    This is a very amateur question. Sorry. I just downloaded the JB update on my Razr, which I have high hopes for. The haptic feedback when typing is driving me insane! Can I turn it off? Please tell me this is not a feature I am stuck with!

  • Xorapoan

    Is there any way to go back to ICS? With Google ownership comes Google control. Previous version of maps does not work. Instead I must give big G access to calendar, maps,contacts, camera and microphone. WTF? I thought I left this crap when I bought the first Droid. With this little control I should go and buy a cheap iPhone…..

  • terrible luck tyler

    anyone care to shed some light on why i am not able to download a add-on dictionary on the jelly bean update?! terribly annoying!

  • CT

    Did you get the Portable Wi-Fi App to work with the recent roll out of JB on Razr Maxx? I use FoxFi now and know it won’t work with JB so I’m avoiding the update until I can find a working Wi-Fi app. Thanks.

  • flyingpuck

    Anyone else lose their Alarm software? My alarm would NOT turn off in the normal manner this morning and I cannot find the icon for the alarm….please advise!

    • scott razr

      I found my alarms in the “clock” icon; like my iPod 5. With a few presses here and there I was able to bring up my alarms. So, great! Copying Apple; badly too as it’s not as extensive or user friendly.

  • Glitch

    Ahh, it’s like a breath of fresh air.

    ICS was becoming sluggish and wonky for my Razr Maxx. But not it is responsive and seems slick again.

  • michael

    The Xmas leak (98.72.8.XT912) is sitting on my
    phone, asking to be installed every 12 hours. It was automatically
    pushed to my phone while I was sleeping. After checking several forums,
    and seeing some of the problems people were having, I decided to wait
    for the official, final version to be released before risking messing up
    my phone.

    Now that the final release is out (98.72.16.XT912), how do I get rid
    of the Xmas version so the new version can get through? Will this be
    done automatically when it gets pushed to my phone? Or do I have to do
    something first? (Like, would I have to install the Xmas one anyway, and
    then install the alternate OTA Blur_Version.98.72.8.XT912.Version.en.US.zip file?)

  • XvierX

    Is photosphere only included on the 4.2.2 build?

    • Verizon


  • 3IY

    I am starting to understand why they are offering the Razr for a penny now with new activation. When it had Gingerbread I touted it, when it got ICS I patiently waited for an update and kept my mouth shut. Now that the highly anticipated Jelly Bean update is on the phone which seems like more of a patch than anything else I am ready to drop the phone into the toilet. None of the issues I was having after the ICS push seem to have been addressed and it is making me sick. My old HTC Incredible was a much superior device in it”s day.

  • What can I use to replace Fox Fi

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  • I pulled the OTA update today on my maxx. I am not rooted, but my wifi isn’t working at all on the phone. It just says connecting. I know it’s not an issue with the wifi because my laptop connected just fine. Anyone else having this problem?

    • Updating to add I’ve also lost bluetooth as well. This is frustrating.

    • Same issue for me. I reading was a WiFi router/modem issue.

    • James

      I just got my update today and am having the exact same problem. The WiFi on my phone was always good until this morning and now it won’t connect with me sitting right beside the router. I have reset phone, cycled WiFi, and reset router. Anyone have any other ideas?

      • T.Conner

        I am having the same issue. please keep me in the loop should you get a fix. Thanks

    • Rob Rutherford

      I have been fighting this for over a week… I have to reboot to connect… I hope we get a fix soon…

  • Sam

    Does anyone know if after the update EasyTether will still work?

    • Josh

      I would like know as well.. anyone?

  • thebluegod

    No thank you, running Eclipse JB which is friggin awesome.

  • Knlegend1

    I don’t care anymore.

  • Alex


  • E: error in cache/blur_version.6.16.211.XT912.en.US.zip HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Its telling me theres an error in the cahe/downloads

  • it says E: error in /tmp/sideload/package.zip HELP

  • maqsr

    The new JB disables wifi on FoxFi. SUCKS!

    • gp126904

      Foxfi doesnt work on JB.

  • Chidoro

    Just looked it up and was going to tell folks here that it was now available in North NJ and you beat me to it. I’m updating as we speak.

  • Alex D

    Anyone want to reset my phone back to stock for me. Bought it from a guy and he didn’t full remove his root form it and I have no clue how to get safestrap off of it and get back to normal. Install fails because of lost files which I think.

    • scott razr

      Had a few lock ups w/ my and my wife’s Razrs awhile ago. From what I remember, hitting and holding vol. up & vol. down button at the same time gets options, and one is for erase and restore. I spent quite a few hours playing before finally getting the right combination of the buttons and timing right. Research it online as I did and get all the advise you can and try them. Hopefully, with a multitude of councillors, as the Bible says, the plan will succeed.

  • Rich

    Can confirm that if you are on the Christmas leak with root that you can keep root by using OTA Rootkeeper to backup and unroot, run the update then restore root, worked perfectly.

    Also on JB for Wi-FI tethering I just used the SQLite hack and run the inbuilt hotspot app, works great.

  • Chris McKain

    Isn’t Jelly Bean supposed to allow for higher quality contact pictures with google?

  • MyStroPro

    so – waiting for root / fastboot files come out — since I’ll wait on my ROM to get updated… since I’m already on JB

  • James

    Does this bring back the USB charge only option? Does this remove USB mass storage?

    • Still no USB charge only option but USB mass storage is still retained.

  • jeradc

    Got it last night around 1 AM CST…. very nice. Been disabling stuff left and right 🙂

  • what should i do if i did the update a week ago manuelly?

  • Need a suggestion, on the dec leak, rooted. Unfroze all the apps i had frozen but getting a error from the kindle apk. Since i am on JB i cant roll back to ICS. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

    • MyStroPro

      Check out the utilities on DroidRzr.com – the community has an app there to do the update manually. My guess is something got corrupted when it got frozen, but that’s a guess.

      • Thanks @MyStroPro:disqus worked great.

        • MyStroPro

          No problem. =0) I love that site!

  • sunupe

    Just saw the notice on DL…I’m downloading now. I’m anticipating all the JB updates. Now if only we could update to 4.2.2 then I’ll be satisfied!! MAXX

  • joejoe5709

    I love my Nexus. I hardly remember a time without Jelly Bean. I’ve had a Jelly Bean ROM since July 2012 and even Verizon officially updated to Jelly Bean in September. So even by Verizon standards, it’s still a huge benefit to have a Nexus.

  • Nick4G

    Razr Maxx is a great phone and happy to get Jelly Bean last night. I don’t know why people attempt to root/flash it.

    • JoshGroff

      Root ALL the things!

      • Droidzilla

        • JoshGroff

          But what about tablets, mp3 players, cameras, etc?

    • Big_EZ

      To make it better, and add features. Also to be able to backup and restore when swapping phones.

    • Lucky Armpit

      I updated it manually over the weekend so thanks to DL for the perfect instructions! I’ve got a lot to learn about Google Now but I’m enjoying what I’ve done with it so far. My battery life seems a little worse but that might be because I’m constantly playing with the phone. 😛 Some annoying bugs were squashed, such as the &apos in email issue and the “not able to adjust the volume in call when the phone is to your ear” issue. Both are gone which is very nice.
      I do have to admit that the phone seems a little more sluggish, not less, after the update. And yes, I did clear the cache when I ran the update.

      • Joe Stimpert

        Lucky, I have experienced the same sluggishness you mentioned as well as decreased battery life. Input improved, and stability is better. I’m glad I updated the device.

        • Lucky Armpit

          Glad it’s not just me. Yes, the device is definitely more stable and the added features are absolutely worth the minor headaches. I’ve also been trying to “clean” the phone and uninstall any app that I don’t really use and disable everything I can’t uninstall and don’t need.

          • Susan

            I backed up my pics and videos and did a factory reset to start my phone out clean with Jelly Bean. I am adding apps back one by one as I need them. If an old app isn’t right for Jelly Bean, I am sure there is another one that will be. I am happy with the smoother functioning of my phone with JB. It’s been a few days and the only thing I miss so far about ICS is the timer that went with the alarm.

  • So the razr now has a newer version of android than my galaxy nexus?

  • Jeff Frane

    I did a casual check this morning after I woke up — and there it was! D/l and install probably took about one hour all told, and everything seems to be working very well. I may be kidding myself but I believe it is much faster now opening up apps.

  • Capt. Crunch

    Fast boot files would be nice. I replaced my home screen and i’m having issues bringing it back to stock.

  • tharealoc

    I have been using this since the soak test, and it is great. I miss foxfi but google now and project butter are great.

    The first couple days I noticed battery drain….after some research I found that the tilt to scroll in chrome was causing the battery to drain fast even when “sleeping” to fix this, disable tilt to scroll in chrome. I personally disabled chrome all together and have had a huge boost in battery life..I am talking 1-2% drain when screen off per hour.

    Hope this helps anyone with disappointing battery life since the update.

    • BP

      Portable Wi-Fi app does. Works just like FoxFi.

      • I love FoxFi and would hate to lose it

      • rc

        Tried Portable WiFi app on my Droid RAZR Maxx. Did not work. Get a prompt about subscription service. Similar to FoxFi.

    • Capt. Crunch

      I’ve been running on the leaked version and battery drain was higher than normal so i’all definitely try disabling tilt to scroll.

    • Lucky Armpit

      Thanks for the tip! I have disabled the Tilt to Scroll feature in Chrome and restarted it (it said to when I disabled the option) by Force Stopping it then reopening Chrome. I will charge it tonight and see how I do over the next couple of days. I noticed that Google Plane Books and Google Play Magazines were causing the phone to be “awake” immediately after the update and I disabled them both. No loss to me as I didn’t use either one of them. They were using a huge chunk of the battery which I thought was weird. It helped a lot. Hopefully the Chrome trick will help also.

  • chris

    put it on my moms phone about a hour ago looks good so far

  • Hey Motorola how about the bionic?

    • JoshGroff

      While they’re at it, maybe they can pump the clock speed to 1.2 like the RAZR.

      • Diablo81588

        Its been at 1.2 since the ICS update.

        • My Bionic shows at 1.0 Ghz on ICS. No overclocking either.

          • Diablo81588

            It was supposed to overclock during the ICS upgrade if your phone was stable. Looks like you have a phone that failed the test.

        • JoshGroff

          I thought I read that but I guess I thought it was just a rumor.

  • Rtech9

    Well FoxFi, we had a nice run, but we must depart from you now. Google Now, and most importantly Project Butter, are just two good features one must have.

    • BP

      I’ve been on JB for months. Note 2 Verizon…That being said, I had to find something in place of FoxFi, which was my favorite app. Doesn’t work with JB, but the Portable Wi-Fi app does. Works just like FoxFi.

      • huskerhog

        Which Portable Wi-Fi App are you speaking of?

        • BP

          That is what is called.. Portable WiFi.. For free in the app store. Works on my Note 2 running JB. I run everything through it, I don’t pay for cable. Netflix, tablet, Xbox, work laptop, etc. All the same time. Allows you to connect up to 10 devices at once. Loved Foxfire but doesn’t work with JB.


          • huskerhog

            I downloaded it and it checked my subscription status and then gave me the numbers to Verizon. Is this the same app from Core Technologies?

          • BP

            Had the same issue at first. I uninstalled and reinstalled it again and the app worked. The thing you have to do is you actually have to you have to give access to your devices using the the SSID code. Open up the application and get that information then it works

          • huskerhog

            I uninstalled and re-installed. It simply will not open.

          • huskerhog

            Where do I obtain the SSID code?

          • BP

            Open app. Nothing will happen. Pull down screen at the top where the 4G, time, etc… Then you will see portable WiFi. Open that. Sync allowed devices using the SSID. Bam!

          • CT

            So you’re saying Portable Wi-Fi app does work on the Razr Maxx with the new JB? I’ve been avoiding JB until I find a replacement for FoxFi….

          • BP

            Did you get it?

          • huskerhog

            No. It tells me that my order could not be processed. No Portable WiFi in the notifications bar.

          • BP

            My wife had my old maxx. I’m trying it now on hers.

          • BP

            Ouch.. Didn’t work on the Maxx. Works fine on the Note 2 though.?

          • huskerhog

            Thanks for trying. It looks like PDAnet will not eiher.

    • Lucky Armpit

      I’m not sure why everyone says FoxFi doesn’t work on JB. Mine updated to the latest version and then installed PDANet after I updated to JB. I tested it with my laptop and I was able to Wifi tether and get on the Internet no problem. Am I missing something?

  • Mikecolorama

    i got the update last night, but it keeps failing. i’m stock rooted.

  • ike

    Just wondering before I download.. Does flash on browser work? and if I pressed later on the download, will it keep prompting me or will it eventually download itself? I may wait until I see haw things playout with flash and foxfi.

    • pubasnacks77

      Don’t think Flash works on any version of JB, but I could be wrong

      • j

        You are wrong. It works just fine. Flash isn’t going to be UPDATED for furutre compatibility, however, current versions still work with JB, and hopefully will continue to for awhile.

        • ike

          This is with the new stock browser, which is Chrome now? I sideloaded it on ics and it worked fine, but that wasnt chrome.

          • JoshGroff

            Chrome doesn’t work with flash, but if it still says browser, you should be fine. If not, Dolphin Browser works just fine.

          • Big_EZ

            I use Dolphin HD on my Note 2 with Jelly Bean and flash works, not sure about chrome but I don’t think it supports flash.

    • Verizon

      Flash is no longer supported with Jelly Bean. There are alternative browsers that do support it though. I don’t use it myself, but I believe Foxfi does not work with Jelly Bean or perhaps just this update. If you delay the update it will continue to prompt you. I have never had one download on its own though, but the notification will drive you nuts.

    • ike

      Thanks for replying. Heavy sigh, I guess I just have to live with the fact that I will eventually lose flash.

      • You can still side load flash and it will work on jb, I have it sure loaded on my Dna

        • JoshGroff

          Same thing with my Note 2. Works like a charm.

  • Rodney Bolden

    If I am rooted will I still be able to recieve the OTA update?

    • sherpajosh

      Try reading the other comments.

    • Verizon

      Yes, but you need to use Voodoo OTA Root Keeper to keep root. Make sure your Super User binaries are up to date and then temp unroot before installing.

  • Josh

    Mine keeps saying check for update is not available at this time. Try again later. How can is be fixed?

    • Rodney Bolden

      If you have wifi, try putting the phone into airplane mode while keeping the wifi on and download it that way.

      • Josh

        That still didnt work. I was rooted before this btw

    • rjbell4

      Josh, did you ever figure this out? I’m having the same trouble.

  • Tim

    Is this the same build as the Soak test or did they make any changes?

    • Verizon

      Exact same thing.

  • r0lct

    A bit off topic but anyone with a RAZR HD still not get the update? My co-workers RAZR HD Maxx won’t update to JB and he keep asking me why. Trying to figure out if it is just his phone and I just need to do a reset or if a lot of people are still waiting.

    • glidewells

      I had that problem also, I had to dl the Motorola software on my laptop and upgrade that way. It dl’ed and installed no problem.

      • r0lct

        If you get a chance can you tell me what version you download and where did you get it from?

        On XDA I found VZW_XT926_4.1.1_9.8.1Q_39_VQW_CFC but trying to figure out if it is the latest.

        • glidewells

          It will find and download for you, it brought me to….9.8.1q_39, so yes s the latest.

      • Kevin

        I got the RAZR maxx HD update December 24th. You’ve been missing it for awhile

  • Brian

    Completely screwed up my non-rooted Maxx – ended up getting stuck on the Droid eye boot screen. Ended up having to go into Recovery and do a hard reset (argh), but seems to be working now. What a pain.

  • glidewells

    Wish they would push these blurless updates for the HD models.

  • flyingpuck

    Updating right now as we speak!!

  • wickets


  • Tom Snyder

    the 3g/4gLTE connection has been terrible since the upgrade

    • Verizon

      Really? I haven’t had any issue and I’m in a less than stellar coverage area. Are you losing data or just having trouble with 3g/4g hand-off?

      • Tom Snyder

        im dropping data completely …theres just a blank space where 3g/4g should be…ive always had great 3g/4g coverage. Ive almost never lost data on ICS and it got bad once i received the update

        • Verizon

          I’d contact customer service. They’ll make you reset the phone, but if nothing will fix it you could get a replacement.

    • tharealoc

      I agree, it seems that the signal strength has decreased a bit. However it could be like it was with the gnex and the signal is being calculated more accurately than before.

    • Ben

      I am having 4 g issues as well after update. I had Dec build and it worked fine

      • I too have had trouble with signal and at times I try to make calls or I’ve called myself using landline and call wont go through either way. This happened to me on Sat. & Sun. I Haven’t used phone much since then. This was using the soak test that was posted on Fri. by DL.

    • Diablo81588

      That’s very strange. My girls maxx was having nothing but issues on ICS with signal drops. Updated to JB leak and then the OTA JB, no problems since. Rock solid signal.

      • Question you said you did the manual update and then ended up doing the ota I’m on manual right now how would I go about getting the ota version?

        • Diablo81588

          You should be able to pull the update in settings. Motorola released two different versions, one for upgrading from ICS, and one for upgrading from the December leak.

  • philnolan3d

    Saw this posted on G+ checked for system update before even clicking the link and there it was!

  • Scott H

    98% downloaded as I write this!

  • Sam

    I received the update last night @ 10:00 PM for both my razr phone. They work great with no issues.

  • sherpajosh

    Will I lose root access if I update? Has JB been rooted yet?

    • Verizon

      If you use Voodoo OTA Root Keeper then you should have no problems. It is in the play store.

      • sherpajosh

        Thanks. Should I also temp unroot to install the update?

        • Verizon

          Yes, use temp unroot before you install. Make sure that your Super User binaries are up to date though before you try to do anything.

          • m

            My phone is also rooted. I took your advise and temp. disabled root and it still will not install it. It downloads but will not install. Help please.

          • JoshGroff

            Did you uninstall or freeze any of the bloatware with titanium backup or anything similar?

          • m

            Ill be honest I’m a in a little over my head. I do have Titanium backup and remember doing something with it but not sure. What do do?

          • JoshGroff

            Good thing Verizon posted a link to a factory restore type thing earlier. Just follow the instructions and you should be ready to take the update afterwards.


          • Verizon

            Even knowing that it is my screen name, that just reads weird.

          • JoshGroff

            Felt weird to say as well.

          • Nathan D

            Should we unfreeze everything before updating?

          • JoshGroff

            IIRC you have to in order for it to install, unless that changed.

          • Diablo81588

            What is the error message you’re getting?

  • Verizon

    Thanks for the update on the update about the update.