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Question of the Day: Leaning Towards HTC One or Galaxy S4?

htc one official2

We’re days away from Samsung’s Galaxy S4 unveiling in NYC, but with HTC’s One only a few weeks removed from the spotlight, we’re having difficulties deciding which we’re more excited about. On one hand, we have a device that is fully expected to be universally great because it’s coming from the current Android king. On the other, we have an underdog that attempted to pull out every last stop in what may be a final lifeline. 

We already know what we’re getting from the One. After all, we’ve had our hands all over it once already. With its premium aluminum body, upgraded and innovative feature set, new camera tech, and impressive power, as of now, it is the Android phone to beat.

But with Samsung hovering on the horizon, ready to give us the Galaxy S4, our attention for the time being is only focused on March 14. Rumors peg the Galaxy S4 as having a new PHOLED display tech, rectangular body, and other software enhancements, all of which sound interesting for the most part. But is there any chance that Samsung comes out and completely blows our minds with something revolutionary? Will it completely mask what HTC has done no matter what?

In our question of the day, we’d love to hear which you are most exciting about/leaning towards/planning to pick up?

  • Uriah Romero

    While the HTC One has quite a bit to offer, I think I would still go for the Galaxy S4. It has a faster processor, a better camera, and also sports a 1080p display. During the light rail ride to my job at DISH, I like watching my live and recorded shows on my current phone since it takes a bit of time. I can stream from my DVR wherever I go with the DISH Anywhere app and I think it would look great on a higher resolution display.

  • JazzoRenee

    People act like someone is forcing them to have a phone.

    Let’s all Stay Calm and re-learn how to write letters.

    Who really cares that much about bezel?!?!!?There is a reason for it and if you were a developer you would know what it was, instead of a whining azz overindulged consumer.

    People are so extra, Samsung isn’t asking you to by their phone nor for your approval. They put out what they want to put out and you buy what you want to buy, give the whing geek boy nonsense a rest already.

  • Bryan Ivie

    not in the market, but i’d take the samsung since they manage to land one device on every carrier and they support it well. htc sometimes releases something good and then abandons it for accessories.

  • Benjamin Mackie

    Note 3

  • Kimiko Ramirez

    I was all excited about the S4 but now that I have been taking a look at the HTC I am all ready to buy it instead as soon as Sprint has it. I doubt Samsung will have as beautiful a phone as the HTC looks

  • purenexusdroid

    just got a nexus 4 couple months ago. would love to try the ONE no interest in the G4….but will probably hold off until the note lll or moto X

  • Michael Toland

    HTC One!

  • Eleeflyguy43

    HTC is dead on arrival if Samsung launches its phone at the same time. Too bad it is taking the One more than a month to hit after the announcement.

  • Ain’t No Half Steppin’

    Got a friend that has a HTC Droid DNA and he loses signal constantly (Verizon) and has to reboot everytime that happens. My Samsung S3, 0 problems. Samsung Note 3 for me

  • Marlon Milligan

    I going to get the HTC ONE

  • Anil Reddy

    My next phone will be a nexus for sure..Even though the ultra pixels of htc one and the HDR Exmor sensor of Sony xperia z tempt me, they will be out of the OS update cycle very soon(I can tell this from my own experiences with X10 mini, HTC Rhyme and Xperia J).. Nexus devices with nice and rugged design(similar to Xperia Z), preferably by sony will be my choice.

  • cb2000a

    Waiting for the Note 3…

  • Waiting for the S4 Mini. Or the next sub 4.5″ Nexus/Sony Xperia/etc.

  • saint_stephen

    Currently rocking the Nexus 4 and am beyond happy with it. Previously had the Galaxy Nexus and, while a great phone, the build quality of the Nexus 4 feels like night and day.

    If I had to pick, it would be close given the excellent build quality of the One whereas I expect the GS4 to continue the plastic trend. But the GS4 sounds like it will have a few new innovative features. And everyone I know with a HTC phone has been somewhat disappointed by battery life.

    So I guess I would lean towards the GS4 if I HAD to give up the N4.

  • Moto X

  • mldi

    S4, simply because HTC messed with Android WAY too much.

  • HTC one (unlocked). The appearance is top notch. If the camera really is that good, and Sense really isn’t overpowering. I am worried about HTC’s OS upgrade record though. 4.2 is not going to make me a happy camper after 5.0 is released this spring/summer.

    I’d possibly wait for the 2013 Nexus, but I truly don’t believe Google cares about having the best camera phone. (“next time it’ll be amazing” should’ve been the Nexus 4, not the Nexus 5)

  • without even a shadow of a doubt I will be ignoring HTC after the horrible punchline that was the Thunderbolt.

  • If the S4 has “hover touch” that will be it for me. Also i work at CostCo’s wireless phone kiosk and always have new smartphone owners having problem touching the correct place, so hover touch with the note 2’s crosshairs on hover would help dramatically!

  • Isaac

    I’m still rocking a myTouch 4G; I’m holding out till the X-Phone comes out also.

  • Tony Allen

    I just got the Note 2 in January, so I’ll hold out for the Note 3 if.. but I’ll likely stick with this device til something crazy better comes out.

  • S4 for me and that’s only because I’m sick of HTC not listening to its customers, being a loyal HTC customer I finally gave up on them, they removed SD Cards Removable batteries, they don’t have timely updates, seriously they abandon most devices they set forth. HTC is a shadow of its former self and until they can release devices that can actually match or surpass its competition, they won’t stand a chance. This whole HTC vs Samsung is a major joke, Samsung will destroy HTC in this competition because of their loyalty established with their galaxy S line, and their the fact that they release updates in a timely manner.

  • S4 here.

  • jew


  • derek connolly

    Galaxy S4. I have no interest in the HTC One

  • I would say the HTC One, if it were coming to Verizon. The Droid DNA is not a substitute
    even though it is nice and close to the HTC One. I prefer the look on the HTC one and the build materials.

    So I am not sure what phone I will go with on Verizon yet.

  • zUFC

    Umm, that easy. S4 is on VZ and the ONE isn’t. I havent been here for a while so please tell me people aren’t still doing the “I’m switching from Vz” stuff are they? you have to have Verizon or your super phone is useless. I don’t care if your t-mobile works in the little 2 mile radius you never travel out of(or your AT&T or any other carrier). VZ or go home!!!!!!!!
    And I don’t like them either. But i’m not stupid and I know they are the ONLY one that works.

  • NorCalGuy

    The haters be out here… I honestly can say I have had no issues with my GNex I threw a extended battery in there right when I got it and have had a plethera of roms more than I could ever flash and as for the poor signals and bad reception people complain about I never had so my gnex will be sticking around until the next beast of a phone with out phisical buttons and IS ON Verizon theres no point in me choosing between a smaller note 2 and a phone I can not get on Verizon. I hope the moto x phone brings something be we already know it won’t be the game changer we were hoping from, but who knows with Google at the wheel it seems moto its turning vanillia…

  • Thabet-Abbas Burias

    I’m an S3 user, and I love it, but damn I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t lusting for that HTC One.

  • jmasterj

    I’d be interested in the One if it didn’t have stupider buttons than Samsung’s phones. Sticking with my Thunderbolt until either the x-phone or the next nexus.

  • fanboy1974

    Being a Verizon customer we will be forced into the S4. Who is going to pick the watered down Verizon HTC One (aka DNA) over a true flagship device. HTC began the year wrong with Verizon customers.

    • LionStone

      Whose going to get the One? Anyone that wants it that’s not on VZW, duh 🙂 And anyone that wants a premium build without the plastic look and feel, pretty simple.

  • Nexus 6

    Neither. The Xphone Then the New Nexus.

  • Neither. I want a Nexus.
    You can keep your Android skins to yourself.

  • I am going to likely go with the phone with the best of the development community. I really dont like Sense or TW, and Blur is more a winner by default. The specs are going to be close enough that I would much prefer a wide array of choices in terms of ROMs/Kernels/etc than the phone that is the best.

  • Kizaru Hiruko

    Personally, I’m leaning more towards the Galaxy S IV, mainly because Verizon will not be receiving the One and my DNA will probably get all of the Sense 5 features from the One. However, in all fairness, I’m waiting for Motorola to release a true flagship device and reclaim their title as King of Android.

  • Mike Rodriguez

    If there were a VZ HTC One I’d be on board. Pretty happy with my GS3 for now.

  • ObsidianGT

    Not too worried about whether the S4 is plastic or not. Don’t we all put our phones in some sort of plastic case anyway? I’m more concerned about the physical home button. I’d greatly prefer the on-screen buttons that Google intended for the OS to have.

  • Chriss

    For me it’s the #HTCOne. I can’t get over that cheap Samsung plastic. Feels like a kids toy in my hand. It’s a good phone, but not good enough for me.

  • Inquizitor

    I hate the One, but I seriously doubt I’ll ever be excited for a non-Nexus Samsung phone.

  • RaptorOO7

    Well let’s see Verizon crapped on HTC with the new phone and won’t carry it so that is out, and the Galaxy S IV while tempting is well not going to show until what July at the earliest so that’s like 5 or 6 new Android phones between now and then.

  • none waiting for the XPhone

  • Brandon S.

    Neither. But since HTC refuses to update any of their Android phones in a timely manner, I would probably go with an S4, grudgingly. Fortunately I have a phone that is is uptoday, and always will be.

  • jew

    I preordered the HTC One and it will be my first non-iOS smartphone. I”M F*CKING PUMPED

  • Anon

    As much as I’d like to love the HTC, the concept of Blinkfeed kills it for me.

    Or at least, the concept that I can’t get rid of it. Fine, you think it’s cool, bundle it with the phone, but let me disable/uninstall it.

    As a result, the Samsung looks like a better option, even though we haven’t seen it yet.

    • Tim242

      You can disable blinkfeed….

      • Anon

        From DL:

        “Did I mention you can’t remove it? No sir. The BlinkFeed home panel is
        there for good and cannot be removed. If you hate social networks,
        sorry. If you wanted to change the weirdly minimal looking clock thats
        stuck to the top, you can’t. Thankfully, you can at least create other
        home pages that can be set as the default so that you don’t have to look
        at the Flipboard knock-off every time you unlock your phone or press
        home. Or there are always 3rd party launchers.”

        That sounds pretty pain-in-the-rear to me. No thanks.

        • Tim242

          That’s funny. Every single blogger that got a hands on said that it can be disabled.

  • Tech Pro

    Galaxy S4 is not announced yet but seeing so many people eager to jump in and speak whatever.This proofs 1 thing. Buying a new phone is a matter of feeling with very little hard truth. People on this site are supposed to be experts or nerds and yet so emotional.

    • Its the new breed. We had those absolutely ridiculous iPhone drones and now there’s a whole army of Samsung drones.. people are getting more and more detached from sanity everyday.

    • Tim242

      My sentiments exactly!

  • 1ofdakoolkidz

    Waiting to see what the S4 has to offer, but the HTC one looks good and feels even better in hand!

  • allday314

    I’m going with the HTC One.

  • Dean Milord

    I’m just going to wait until Verizon “makes” me give up my Unlimited data, then I’m gone – just not sure where, yet. Solavei looks good, T-mobile maybe, who else is there? I have no idea. I like my signal/service with Verizon. Who is there out there that is equivilent?

    If I had the choice though, I’d go with the S4. Too much hassle to root HTC phones withall the HTC Dev and S-off crap. The Rezound was a mother with the copper wire at the right time or fry your phone thing. Sorry HTC I’m done with you. Oh and add capacitive buttons to the One?? Yuck.

  • Tyler Rynberg

    I love how the same people that rip on Motoblur (which is almost invisible in its current form) praise Samsung with Touchwiz or gaudy roms on their GNex. Bleh.

  • yungqb7

    Galaxy s4, regardless if the HTC One was coming on Verizon or not

  • Sam

    I would definitely get the HTC One, but being on Verizon, I’m out of luck. My contract is expiring next Thursday and I’m seriously considering leaving Verizon. The unlimited data that I have is making my decision tough, though.

  • paul_cus

    Leaning towards Sony.

  • Skittleoid

    Definitely Galaxy S4

  • HTC Fan

    Galaxy S4 All the wayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rodeojones000

    Android devices with OEM skins and you ask which were excited about? This is a trick question, right? The obvious answer is none of the above.

    • jzwerlz43

      if your really going with the oem skin argument a this stage in the game as your complaint then id reconsider priorities. the majority of the population doesnt care about oem skins or even know what they are and even for the population of us on this site half of us root and rom anyway so the oem skin arguement is a bit invalid at this point.

      • kg215

        There is no need for him to reconsider priorities, there are phones for both sides. Though you are right, the majority of people don’t care about oem skins at all, in fact I would guess a large number of people might even prefer it. For those of us that do care we have the Nexus devices and custom roms. Some mainstream phones have custom roms as well.

        • jzwerlz43

          true, you are right about that my apologies on the phrasing of my comment lol. Your priorities are valid. it would be nice to have more stock android phones like the nexus line and the OG droid, but for now thats why we have developers willing to make stock android roms possible to us willing to root and flash them. so for now we just have to work with our options.

          • I’m okay with OEM skins. All I want is an option to have fully functional stock Android straight from the OEM.

          • jzwerlz43

            that would be pretty awesome lol

  • Neither. Thanks to VZW’s policies I’ll be replacing my phones at full cost, so I’m hanging on to my GNex as long as Google keeps updating it. I’d get the GS4 if I had the choice, however.

  • Knlegend1

    Simply Yes.

  • I would pick the S4 because I don’t like the HTC One hardware

  • Michael Black

    S4, HTC One not available on Verizon..

    • Why wouldn’t the S4 be on verizon? Samsung as way more weight to throw around that HTC does

  • Nexus or GTFO! Maybe for the X phone if its a mostly stock Android non-Nexus.

  • NexusMan

    Premature…S4 hasn’t even been announced yet…once we know exactly what the S4 is, then I can answer.

  • Neither…X Phone…I wanted to type xPhone but it was too close to the other one by that other company.

  • andre smith

    Have a GS3 now. Not buying HTC1 or GS4, or anything else until the carriers put LTE roaming chips in the devices.

  • Sqube

    All things being equal, I’d much prefer the HTC One. I mean, they put stereo speakers on the front! I’m pretty sure that I can deal with the bizarre button placement.

  • Chris

    Been with HTC since day 1. The One isn’t coming to Verizon, and I hate Sense 5. My plan is to check out what Samsung has in store. if I like it, I’ll probably get it. And if I hate TouchWiz I’ll put stock and have my first stock phone (:

  • air_mcnair

    Ill stick with my note 2 and wait for note 3. I had and loved my old htc incredible but its hard to buy htc hardware knowing some of your $ going to those f–s at apple.


    I’m just gonna go BIG with a Note 3

  • Until HTC quits neutering their multitasking, I’m not buying…

  • the guy

    htc one. i dont care about specs that much(cause neither will be slouches) but build quality ill take aluminum over cheap a** plastic anyday. and samsung dont have that great of a track record with TIMELY updates. and to be honest the exynos 5 octa seems a bit overkill i mean did you see what the power consumption peaked on the nexus 10 with an exynos 5 dual? cant imagine quad.

  • yummy

    I will look at the s4, then wait
    for my vzw contract to be up
    and buy a nexus from scroogle

  • Bionic

    X phone

    • Tim242

      Myth Phone


    Note 3.

    • Bionic

      im sure it’ll be a nice phone, but there is such a thing as too big, in my opinion

      • KOBALT

        Its possible they’ll keep the same form factor as the N2 and just go without a bezel.

        • Bionic


  • j973

    If I had to pick one it would be the HTC One . I will never own another Samsung phone after going through 21 galaxy s3 between my wife and I no thank you jacked up WiFi and Bluetooth radios and cell radios ,screens kept going out cheap phones what good is a phone if it can’t stay connected to the network . I think a lot of people except the flaws in cell phones and deal with it screw that I’m not looking for perfection but the basic essentials is necessary and Samsung has failed Me miserably . HTC on the other hand I hope this is there turn around always have good phones with them problems of course just like any phone, but the HTC hardware radios have always been good to me , software doest matter to most true android users because you can throw a ROM on just about anything but if you have crap hardware its a waist of time in my opinion. But won’t be picking up the HTC one hopefully Motorola steps to the game because I’m liking the RAZR HD Maxx haven’t even thrown away ROM on it yet.

  • Ravi Rao

    I’m making the switch over to prepaid Tmobile. Already have a Nexus 4 for either my wife or myself.

    Can’t decide on getting a second Nexus 4 or waiting for the GS4 / HTC One.

    • Bionic

      is the pre paid unlimited data?

      • Ravi Rao

        I was going to first try the $30 Monthly 4G plan, then swap over to an unlimited if I actually needed it. I find I use about 4-5GB per month right now.

        • Bionic

          so how much data does the $30 get you exactly?

          • Ravi Rao

            Sorry, should’ve said that earlier. No hard cap, but there’s a soft cap. The $30 gives you 5GB of “4G” and throttled after that (also get 100 minutes and unlimited texts).


          • Bionic

            thats actually pretty awesome considering i only average about 1GB a month

  • Joe

    Lol at all these Google slappies. Nexus this, nexus that. Yawn, its so over played at this point

  • I want the Samsung prototype device from CES… I’m on contract for a year. None of these phones will matter by then.

  • Chris King

    moto neXt phone

    • Tim242

      Even though Google says it isn’t a good phone…

      • Bionic

        Oh my god. You, among others, can’t read. He said the pipeline at the time of acquisition was lacking wow. Thats’s what it’s been scraped in favor of x phone. Why do you think we haven’t seen any motorola phone this quarter.?

        • Tim242

          Because Moto phones don’t get released in the 1st quarter. They get relesed on at&t in the summer, Verizon in the fall.

          • The Razr Maxx was released 1st quarter last year

          • Tim242

            That was not a new phone. That was the RAZR with a bigger battery. The RAZR was released 11/11/11, 11:11am. That’s the equivalent of releasing a new color months later.

          • Bionic

            its still a release of a phone is it not? get over yourself

          • Tim242

            So maybe they could release a Maxxxxx+ HD to satisfy you until it’s time for an actual new phone?

          • Bionic


      • Bionic

        And since when does a CFO know anything about product development? He’s a damn financial officer.

      • Chris King

        They didn’t say that. No they have to come with something solid throw a lot of advertisement and then after that come out with a wow phone and then throw even more advertisement at it

  • droidrazredge

    I’m waiting for whichever Phone is debut at Google I/O whether that be the Moto X phone or next Nexus Phone.

  • Liderc

    Love people picking the S4 when we know nothing about it. Either way, I don’t think I’ll like the design of the S4 when it is released, so probably neither. I’ll wait for the Nexus 5 next year and finally jump off the Verizon bandwagon.

    • Bionic

      because some people are loyal to certain companies

      • Tim242

        Sounds awfully familiar to fruit followers. I’m glad you’re in that camp.

        • Bionic

          Oh my god you are a fuckinggggg idiot. There are plenty of GOOD reasons to be loyal to a company and not be labeled a sheep.

          – They have served you consistently and well in the past.
          – Some people still like AMERICAN COMPANIES. Motorola is our of the Chicago area.

          – maybe, just maybe, a person might have stock in the company.

          My point is that if a company has served you well in the past, 18 years in my case, there is no reason to use another companies product.

          • Tim242

            An American company? Samsung has a larger presense in the US than Moto. Neither produce their phones here. You call me an idiot? Need I not remind you of the crap you pulled. That was truly idiotic.

          • Bionic

            at least im not bashing people for being loyal to a company who has served them well in the past. Its perfectly reasonable to want motorola products.

            And if you much of anything about “what i pulled” then you of all people should know that the x phone is real.

          • Joe


          • Bionic

            and yes, an American company, employing Americans, also, when the post a profit, that money stays here and not over seas. American company.

          • Tim242

            Since when does Moto post profits? Samsung employs many more people in the US than Moto. That helps our economy a lot more. I’m not bashing anyone. I’m pointing out that making a decision on a product you know nothing about is blind fanboyism.

          • Bionic

            ill admit that i am a motorola fanboy, but like i said earlier i have GOOD REASONS. every phone of theirs i purchase has served me well.

            There is nothing wrong with liking a company. There is nothing wrong with saying “im getting the next motorola phone”

          • Bionic

            its like liking Mustangs over camaro or vise versa. there is nothing wrong with saying “im getting the next mustang when it comes out” despite not knowing the horsepower

          • paul_cus

            I know I support Motorola in part because they’re based in my hometown of Chicago.

  • RoadsterHD1

    SGS4 wins over HTC1 any day.

    • Tim242

      Really? What do you know about the S4?

      • Bionic

        he’s entitled to his opinion, maybe he just likes Samsung products any day over HTC?

        • RoadsterHD1

          That’s true. Thank you.

        • Tim242

          But…what if…just what if the S4 was a total departure from typical Samsung? Then he might change his mind. You shouldnt judge somethingbefore you see it.

    • Premature arrivals at anything are never good..

  • Matthew Merrick

    S4 beats the One for me. IMHO, the One is only good for early-adopter-specwhores (I guarantee the S4 will beat it when it’s released),social media junkies (blinkfeed, zoes *shudder*), and HTC fanbois who would have bought it even if it was 10x more terrible than it already is.

    Course, as a note 2 owner I need a big screen. So for me it’d be either the Note 3 or the Rumored Sony phablet

    • Have you even tried the Zoe features? I have and its heads & shoulders above anything on the market. Its basically a mini-photoshop+movie maker on a smartphone and it deos all of that in mere seconds. I seriously doubt the S IV camera app/gallery app will even come close.

      • Matthew Merrick

        Considering no one has gotten their hands on a One outside of MWC, no, I haven’t.
        However, I’ve seen how it works in hands-on videos, and it just seems silly to me. In a nutshell its a proprietary GIF with its own social network.

        • Zoe photos are mp4 files. Last I checked, mp4 wasn’t proprietary. And trust me, once people see it in action ir try it themselves, they’re going to be hooked, I thought it was a load of gimmicks when I saw videos of it first, but I tried it 2 days ago and that changed my mind completely.

          • Matthew Merrick

            I wasn’t aware it used standard file types ,and since you actually have had a hands on I’ll trust your judgment a bit more. Still screams gimmick to me though.
            zoes and blink feed (shoving social media down my throat) aren’t my only concerns though.
            The two-button setup tics me off to quite an extent, and I have doubts about the chassis.
            Sure, aluminum feels nice, but my aluminum-bodied a500 tablet is dented all over from drops. Also, metal chassis always seem to seriously impact signal quality. I Heard something that I have yet to verify about HTC using the chassis to be the antenna, but that seems like an antennagate waiting to happen to me, if is true .
            Plus, I’ve never liked sense (appearance or performance) before and this really didn’t seem to change that much about it, at least visually. Honestly it seems like an even further departure from stock Android than ever before.
            Lastly, which is just personal preference, I’d take an AMOLED screen over an LCD any day

  • Dylan Patel

    One if it were on Verizon, and I could trust it for updates, but as it stands, the S4 is my phone that I am gonna buy.

  • Meister_Li

    I was actually about to say Sony, but since the Xperia Z is bootloader locked on every carrier around here and even the (full price) unlockable version removes the Bravia-Engine if you unlock it, it seems like the only Option left is Samsung… Again. I really would like a non-plastic phone some time, but only Samsung seems to be capable of making a phone that has everything I need and want, such as unlocked bootloaders, Micro-SD Slot, good Camera and replaceable battery.

    • Dylan Patel

      They make the perfect phone with the uggliest outside it seems.

  • RoadsterHD1

    It will COME….. just wait and see “grasshopper”

  • RoadsterHD1

    Meantime my Bionic is working great!!!

    Motorola DROID BIONIC

    ICS 4.0.4

    1.2GHz OMAP-4430 Dual Core

    1gig-DDR2 RAM Stock Kernel

    NOVA Launcher

    Quadrant Standard Score 3227

    AnTuTu Benchmark 8249

    Vellamo 1126/355

  • RoadsterHD1

    Neither, waiting for Moto/Google XPhone.

    • Tim242

      Myth phone

      • RoadsterHD1

        Eventually they will come out with a Quad-core 2gig phone its just a matter of time.

      • Bionic

        I’m gonna laugh when x phone is unveiled at Google i/o and you’re proven overly pessimistic

  • Bionic

    Neither. X phone for me.

    • Tim242

      We know absolutely nothing about the S4, or the “X Phone.”. So glad you make such great decisions, without knowing the facts

      • Bionic

        I have made my decision already because I have only used Motorola products my entire life motorola products are the best buIld quality and in radios that’s why I’m loyal to them

        • Tim242

          The build quality of their latest phones feel more cheap than any Samsung phone. The radios are not as great as people claim. I’ve compared them side by side. The Moto phones show more bars, but have the same dBm.

          • Bionic

            Seriously? My friend has the maxx HD and it’s solid as hell with great signal. I’d say it’s only downfall is that it’s dual core and not quad.

          • Tim242

            The Maxxxxxx HD feels very cheap and plastic. The OG Razr felt great. Everything since then has gone downhill. Don’t be fooled by inflated signal bars on Moto phones.

          • Bionic

            and yet, if i scroll down, you were defending plastic by saying something about cases.

            I guarantee in a drop test the Razr phones will trump any Samsung

          • Tim242

            All plastic is not created equal. That being said, I would prefer aluminum. I wear my phones naked. I hate cases. My point is, Moto phones aren’t the great build you claim. Even kevlar is a form of plastic.

          • the guy

            i agree with you on aluminum. and yes the htc one has better build quality from what i can tell (never handled one) but the build of motorola phones havent been bad. they got bad with the droid line til the droid 4 but razr line is pretty solid. had one and dropped it in a pool and it worked after.

          • Bionic

            im saying they are the best build quality out there NOW, i never said they are what they used to be

          • Bionic

            I am not an idiot, i know how to measure a radio signal without looking at bars

          • Tim242

            Really? Because in my store, I have compared dBm of many moto phones, against all others. Have also tested some at home, and in fringe areas. Always the same dBm.

          • Bionic

            not in my experience, when my brother comes over with his iphone and we go camping, guess who has signal? me, not him.

            Guess who has better signal and speed test at my work versus my friends S3? Me

          • the guy

            sorry to burst your bubble but razr phones have plastic, glass and KEVLAR. thats not cheep no other phone has it. galaxy phones since the s1 have been plastic. but here recently on the note 2 brushed look on wait for it PLASTIC

          • Bionic


          • Tim242

            Kevlar is plastic. Oh, and the Note II has a metal frame under the plastic.

          • Bionic

            drop test them, i guarantee the moto wins. my friend at work dropped his note 2 and boom, broken.

          • Tim242

            That’s a lie. May I point you to drop tests on YouTube? The Note II is a tank.

          • Bionic

            its probably the best built samsung phone ever, but no way its better in a drop test than a maxx

          • the guy

            kevlar may be plastic but you can bend it til its almost touching and it wont break. try that with your galaxy back. but it snaps. and the metal frame? who cares thats not whats taking the fall. the ouside is. and im pretty sure most phones have a metal frame inside

          • Bionic

            he’s an idiot just trying to get a rise out of everyone who likes motorola stuff. its like motorola killed his dog or something

          • Tim242

            Have you seen Note II drop tests? No? YouTube is your friend. And for the record, you can’t break the backs. Samsung made them that way to be flexible. I would say that a Kevlar back is pointless. Isn’t it the glass that usually takes the fall?

    • Joe

      How many times are you going to post the SAME DAMN THING. For [email protected] sake, STOP IT

      • Bionic

        its not me, its disqus, it seems to be reposting a lot on this subject

  • Neither. The fact that both still use physical buttons is a deal-breaker for me. Nexus or nothing.

  • nightscout13


    • Tim242

      AKA myth phone

  • Neither. I’ve got a Nexus 4. I’m good.

    • Chris King

      All phones break..

      • And? I’ve had mine since launch and have had 0 issues. Even if it did break, I’d just buy another. Better than signing up with a carrier and overpaying. Right now I’m on the T-Mobile S30/mo plan. Normally that plan is 100 min, unlimited text and unlimited talk. I live in a pretty well saturated T-Mobile coverage area, so I’ve been using Groove IP to make calls via Google Voice. BAM! Unlimited talk, text, data… $30 /mo.

        • Chris King

          disques put my reply in wrong spot,but glad you have a plan

          • Gotcha. Hope I didn’t come off in any negative sort of way. Just excited, I guess. I went from Verizon to Straight Talk to AT&T and back to pre-paid on T-Mobile.

  • kg215

    How is the HTC One the android phone to beat? It only has 2 buttons and that imitation of windows 8 tiles is mandatory. Sense is still not very good. HTC build quality is really impressive these days, but the design of this one looks a little too iphone like. Nothing about this phone says it will be the android phone to beat or even provide legitimate competition to the Galaxy S4. The only phone with the chance to do that is the Motorola X Phone, or if that still has too much influence from old Motorola, the next big Motorola phone after that.

  • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is

    Although I may hold out for the next Nexus, I would have to say concerning these two here…I don’t know. When the SGS3 was unveiled, many people including this website, didn’t seem to impressed. But, obviously it did well. So, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Then again. I would love to have a premium built Android device like the One. Also, The One’s UI, with Sense, looks different enough to be intriguing. So again, I don’t know. I honestly would like to get my hands on the One, though. New camera tech sounds cool. But, the biggest BUT of all would be, what’s the next Nexus gonna be like???

  • Shane Redman

    Who get’s KLP first? My money would be on the s4. But I’m not in the market quite yet.

  • Trey Mitchell

    why is this not a poll?

    • Tim242

      The better question is why would there be a poll about a phone we know nothing about.

      • tomn1ce

        and the other phone is not even on vzw….aren’t most of the people that pass through here on vzw!

  • Landshark535

    If the one were to be released on Verizon, has a removable battery, and it gained a microSD slot, I would probably get it. Since, I don’t count on any of those things happening, I am more likely to get a GS-IV

  • Justin Kos

    Galaxy nexus

  • EvanTheGamer

    I skipped the SGS3, but I will not be skipping the SGS4, that’s for sure! Can’t wait!

  • Chris King

    I have a droid razr thatwill last me the summer. I will wait and see what everyone brings in then I’ll make my decision
    the bonus of just now getting jelly bean it’s like having a new phone

  • cyaniris

    I am waiting for Google-Motorola x phone, and cannot care less about crap with touchwiz or sense.

    • huskerhog

      Same here.

    • droidrazredge


    • Bionic


    • Lovell Jackson, Jr.

      I did leave Verizon for that very reason. I had a Gnex and the battery life was beyond awful. I couldn’t use

    • tomn1ce

      I’m on the same boat…I’m waiting to see what the Moto Xphone will bring to the table before I retire my G-Nexus. I’m in no rush either, I’m aiming to the end of the year to replace it. I’m considering the Xphone, GS4 and the G-Note 3, in that same order…

    • michael arazan

      Same here. A Moto phone , stock android, even without all the hyped rumors that is good enough for me. I just want the best thing to replace my Gnex in the next 6 months.


      Google-Motorola x phone =

      IPS [none of this FONYLEDAMOLEDWITHEXTRALED bullsh#t from samsung]
      no bezel
      no chin
      on screen buttons
      no sd slot [google are c*nts]
      128 GB version
      800 series
      4000 MAH
      good updates
      ugly ass design

      really not sure if its going to be good or not.

    • Myron Gunn

      yea I’m looking forward for the Xphone or I’m just keeping my note 2

      • Rex_D

        Not sure why someone would be looking to replace the Note 2 already? Is it screen resolution that is the problem?

    • LiterofCola


    • Elliot Kotis

      Mate, that won’t be out till at the earliest December, they are still releasing the left over Moto phones and they only just started the project in Feb.

  • Terry

    My contract with Verizon ends in July. The S4 sounds promising, but I live close to Missouri, I want to see how good it is (or isn’t) before I make a decision…..

    • By then the Note3 will be right around the corner…

  • Wasnt there a 5 inc dic phone coming out? gotta wait and see how good the s4 is before i can compare

    • Matthew Merrick

      It’s called the DNA (or butterfly, depending on your region)

  • ConCal

    The S4 cause I know the S4 will have more developer which means better ROMs

  • Chris King

    not interested in either 1 I I’m surprised of the lack of phone choices so far this year

  • Diablo81588

    This article is premature. We know very little about the s4, so how can someone be expected to make a decision? Sounds like something Apple drones would do.

    • Tim242

      Yeah, they could have at least waited until Thursday when the phone is announced.

  • I already have a HTC phone the DROID dna, So going either get S4 or wait and see what Motorola as to offer in the coming months, seens I have never owned a Motorola smartphone

  • Tom


  • milanyc


  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    HTC EVO alllll the way. Pretty sure I’m one of the few people on this site that’s consistently backed the device. Though I am VERY interested to see what Sammy puts together. I’m hoping it’s not a warmed up S3. Really looking forward to see what they bring, because Like them or not Samsung is the only Soldier we have againts Apple … and Samsung is winning. Which would have been an insane thought just a year and a half ago.

  • viewthis66

    S4 (drops the mic and walks off stage)

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      *picks up mic, puts back on mic stand*

      • viewthis66


  • jbegs

    I had the S3, gave it to my Dad and got the Note II. I love the phone. I told my wife to wait until the S4 is released so she can get rid of her ancient Droid Pro. I love what Sammy has done so far. Can’t wait to see the bendable screens next.

  • Clay S.

    not sure why people are saying the moto x blur droid. name a good one since the OG droid? they have all been trash, and google/moto already said the product pipeline is a yawn.

    i will take the S4.

    • Bionic

      The x phone isn’t in the old pipeline. The x phone is the first phone under Google’s rule.

      • Tim242

        Not according to Google.

        • Michael Toland

          X Phone is being downplayed by Google CEO, is not likely to be anything above and beyond what is already out/ or coming out. http://www.gottabemobile.com/2

      • kg215

        Not quite, it is still influenced by the old Motorola. We don’t know how much because the comment by the Google exec wasn’t clear. We also don’t know how good of a device it is, we just have to wait patiently. It could be the only legit challenger to the Galaxy S4 or it could be another worthless Motorola device and we have to wait for the next major Motorola product for one that is 100% by Google.

    • paul_cus

      RAZR M is not trash by any stretch.

      • kg215

        Overall it is closer to trash than it is a good device. Motorola had to be bought out for a reason, and the Razr M is a classic example of why.

        • paul_cus

          Disagree completely.

  • Shaunwin

    Neither right now, waiting to see what happens with the Xphone. If the Xphone disappoints then S4.

  • I haven’t seen the s4 but if it has a physical home button, i’d lean HTC.

    • Tim242

      HTC has a fat logo in the place of the home button. At least the home button does something…

  • strickforce

    Galaxy S4 all the way..

  • Stevedub40

    I might be excited for the One, if it were to land on Verizon. I am leaning towards the S4, but I have until August before I can upgrade. So we shall see…

  • Nick Norman

    One is not on Verizon.

  • chris125

    Whichever comes to Verizon.

  • I’ve been planning on the HTC One, but with no solid US release date and the Samsung announcement coming first I can’t help but question which I’ll get. I’m not a fan of Samsung’s design, the plastic in particular bugs me, but I’m more up in the air now that I have been for weeks!

  • John Ippolito

    Why wait for these two phones when you can get all of those features in the iPhone 7s in 3 years.

  • jnt

    If VZW gave a crap, I might look at the One, but since we’ll likely never see it, possibly the S4. Though I’m not seeing a good enough reason to drop the S3 and pay $600+ for the S4 at this point.

  • Dustin Murphy

    I have an upgrade coming at the end of May. If the mysterious X phone materializes from Googlerola, I’d like to wait for that…BUT, unless the S4 drops that ridiculous, see-iphone-people?-we-have-a-button-too-its-safe-to-come-over home button, I just can’t bring myself to go S4. If the HTC One didn’t have that blink-feed crap, I would really be tempted.

    • Making Blinkfeed non-removable is stupid on HTC’s part but seriously though, just unselect all sources in Blinkfeed, move your default homescreen to another page or just slap another launcher on the phone. How difficult is it?

  • Bubbah

    I think the S4 will be a little too big and a little too plastic for my tastes. Excited for the One.

    • Tim242

      And you’ll slap a plastic case on it immediately for protection…

  • Tommy Thompson

    Most interested in the S4 right now, all depends on what it actually unveiled on Thursday.

  • GSIV all the way! No contest. The only phone that I would consider instead would be the Note 3

  • I’m getting the One the moment it goes on sale. No scrap plastic for me..

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      I’m in the ONE camp too! . . .

      • Tim242

        Unfortunately, HTC is a sinking ship.

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          I won’t deny that. But we can’t see HTC go. They are the only ones really pushing Premium Hardware for Android. It took us a while to get here. HTC hardware and Samsung is trying to pushing Features in their Software…. damn I wish Google bought HTC.

        • So? If they sank tomorrow, everyone who owns a HTC device will sink too? Ever heard of “buy what you want and shut the hell up?” I don’t give a hoot about what company made how much or who’s making losses. I have no shareholding in those companies. All I care about is the product I’m buying and if it suits my needs.

    • Austin Warren

      Crap plastic? Oh you retards amaze me.

      • Tim242

        I know. They spew that nonsense about “scrap plastic” then slap a plastic or silicone case on it to protect it.

      • You rabid arses amaze me. So high five!

    • T4rd

      Function > Form.

      • Not for me. I follow Function + Form. You got a problem with that?

        • T4rd

          If that’s the case then you wouldn’t get the One. No expandable storage, replaceable battery and less/slower (official and unofficial) support.

          • I don’t care about expandable storage when I have 64GB onboard (much faster) memory. I don’t care about juggling batteries all day long. Any phone that lasts from 8 AM till 8 PM with moderate use is good enough for me. You know nothing about what the pace of updates on the One is going to be. Dev support has been more than decent for almost every HTC flagship, this won’t be any different.

          • T4rd

            That’s good for you, but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s less functional. Somehow I doubt that the US Carriers will offer the 64 GB variants of this phone and internal storage isn’t really much faster than a class 10 SD Card, plus 64 GBs is still less than 128 GBs of combined storage. Pretty much any phone now can go 12 hours on a charge, that’s not asking much, but what about a year after you’ve had the phone and the battery has degraded 10-20% from its original capacity or just outright dies right after the warranty expires? You’re screwed. And you should have a pretty good idea of what kind of support you’ll get with this from looking at the One X, which just got 4.1 (officially) a couple weeks ago.. 3-4 months after the GS3 got it. The amount of dev support you get on a phone pretty much directly correlates to how popular the phone is and how much it sales, so given that the One won’t be on Verizon (the largest US carrier), that’s going to hurt it a bit, coupled with the fact that HTC loves to keep their bootloaders locked and S-Off disabled, it took them several months to achieve S-Off on the One X, it doesn’t make it as appealing to develope software on.

          • All of what you said is based on the assumption that I’m in the US and buy carrier variants, which is not true. Unlocked international version, bought outright and you see a different world. 🙂
            International One X got JB in October! That was on par with the GS3 and even earlier than the GS3 in some parts of the world. S-off was achieved through HTCDev about 2 hours after I got my One X home. AOSP ROMs were already available by the time I bought my One X in June, less than 2 months after its retail release. the Tegra 3 One X dev forums are bustling with ROMs and activity, I don’t see what you’re complaining about.
            If the battery went bust after a year, I’d simply take it to the HTC service center and have the battery replaced in half an hour for about $30. No big deal, although modern OEM batteries hardly ever go bust that quick.
            The 12 hours battery life is what I expect as a minimum, most phones I’ve had have lasted longer than that on daily use and I don’t use my phones sparingly at all.
            All in all, I don’t see the One being any less functional by any means.

        • T4rd

          If that was the case then you wouldn’t get the One with no expandable storage, relplacable battery and less (both official and unofficial) software support.

    • Tim242

      Going to use a plastic case for protection?

      • John

        everyone uses a form of plastic for protection

        • nhizzat

          I use latex personally.

          • Pity you didn’t use it while shoving your head up [insert OEM name]’s arse!

          • nhizzat

            Found us a butthurt HTC fanboi! You’re not very good with the witty remarks.

          • I’ve only ever had one HTC device and currently on a LG device. Had 3 Samsung devices and one Moto device in the past. Guess that makes me an HTC fanboi.. your logic is cute!

            And you are the judge of wit? lol

          • nhizzat

            You should quit while you’re behind.

          • You should get back on your meds.

          • nhizzat


      • Nope. Never used one, never will, on a phone that is.

    • nhizzat

      Enjoy all the issues with your HTC.

      • I will, thanks!

      • LionStone

        As if HTC is the only one that has any issues?…Every phone has some issues. I remember being excited to check out the Samsung GN, went to check it out and the screen took about a minute to rotate. It doesn’t matter about being “fixable” or upcoming updates…out of the box, that was just unacceptable.

        • nhizzat

          I didn’t say HTC was the only OEM with issues. They just have more issues than others and their sales reflect that. HTC just doesn’t get it and I don’t understand why people continually buy into the hype. What has HTC done to show consumers that they’ve changed their ways? Their VZW phones since the Thunderbolt have been disappointments with hardware and software issues. The HOX on AT&T just received its JB OTA as did the Thunderbolt.

          I had a Galaxy Nexus and had to get rid of it because it’s a subpar phone. A bunch of AOSP roms isn’t enough to overlook its shortcomings. I have yet to have any issues with my S3.

          • Diablo81588

            HTC doesn’t sell because of lack of marketing and availability, not due to lack of quality.

          • nhizzat

            And what of all those Thunderbolt owners? Or Rezound owners? No amount of marketing is going bring them back. Myself and my sister are in a group of many who refuse to purchase another HTC product.

          • LionStone

            And I didn’t say that you did, I posed a question to which you clarified. I disagree their poor sales are due to their ‘issues’, unless of course you can cite proof? I’d say it’s simply due to weak marketing, which is more in line with what HTC has admitted to. A phone will sell despite its issues as long as it has strong marketing. Look at the iphone, perfect example.

            Yes, that’s right the HOX got a major OS upgrade (JB) after 10 mos…TB got it’s 2nd major upgrade to ICS whereas other phones that came out after it will NOT. That’s called software support. I got the Inc, TB, Inc4G (girl has it now) and DNA and no concerning hardware or software issues on any…all are still very smooth and capable smartphones to this day. The dna being one of the top Superphones to be beat this year, which as I said before, what everyone will try to meet or beat this year. The S4 will be on par with the One, and they just barely squirrel past the dna. Any issues you have I’m sure are just personal.

          • nhizzat

            So you owned a Thunderbolt and actually bought another HTC product? You’re a braver soul than most. After 5 Thunderbolts between my sister and I, we vowed to never again buy another HTC product. Using the iPhone as an example is misguided.

            Software support? That’s laughable. You mean the “support” that they promised to arrive by October and didn’t arrive for another 6 months? What are these other phones you mention?

            It won’t be difficult to beat the DNA. The only reason they’re the “benchmark” is because they had to be in order to gain any bit of ground on the top OEMs. Unfortunatley, the only feature it has worth a damn is the screen. The only people buying it are those that like/love HTC, like you. I have no such allegiance to any OEM. 5, nearly 6, Thunderbolts in less than a year and their inability to deliver upon promises made guaranteed that I will never again purchase an HTC phone.

  • youssef jbili


  • Rich Koos

    Too early to tell. But since the GS4 will make it to market faster than the HTC one, I’m leaning towards GS4, burn on htc as well.

  • NYAvsFan

    Once you go Nexus you never go back.

    • Garrett

      True. Nothing will replace my Nexus 4, but I may pick up a HTC One just for fun.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        heyyy we have a BALLER here guys!!! /jk

        • Garrett

          Haha, no way. I’m on prepaid right now and may move back to T-Mo’s contract plans, so I’d get it at on-contract price.

        • Garret makes it rain arab style

    • zurginator

      This. Nexus 4 is the best phone I’ve ever touched, both physically and software wise.

    • For us Verizon people, the Nexus program isn’t doable. Neither is the HTC One. So here’s hoping the the Galaxy S4 on Verizon.

      • PhillipCun

        Yeah but a Nexus on Verizon is still > any android on Verizon. Who has the most roms? Nexus. Who will get the latest roms? Nexus. 4.2.2 roms were available in only a few days. I can’t go back to a non-nexus device even if verizon cripples it

        • prestone1

          Your point is accurate, but vzw may not see another nexus device so s4 is a probable choice.

        • nhizzat

          Please do tell us all what the Galaxy Nexus has over the S3 on VZW.

          • Mike

            Stable ROMs. CM STILL has signal issues. I’d gladly run AOSP if it didn’t have bugs.

          • Tony Allen

            Stable sure, but stable doesn’t mean much when you’re dropping signal left and right because your radios are weak sauce..

          • Dave

            Besides poorer performance across the board….

          • AOSP.

          • nhizzat

            Last I checked, there’s several AOSP roms for the S3.

          • PhillipCun

            I dont like touchwiz, and I don’t think the S3 is the best phone. It’s the most marketed phone, but it’s not the best. What made the S3 successful? $400 million in marketing and other manufacturers flopping left and right. I think in 2013, we’ll have a more leveled playing field.

            The Galaxy Nexus is crippled, understood. But there’s nothing like owning a Nexus device. I get that manufacturers want to differentiate themselves, but what makes Touchwiz better than stock android? it’s uglier in every aspect. The only good thing are the samsung apps, and most of them I don’t care for. The UI looks like a slightly better gingerbread. Google pushed out holo guidelines, a new look, and on-screen navigation. and then samsung continues to reuse this skin t hey haven’t changed to cover up the beauty of jellybean with…. ugly touchwiz. isn’t that counter productive? and don’t talk to me about saving screen space. it’s a tiny bar, what more can you fit? 2 lines of text? big deal. on-screen navigation is much more dynamic than a physical button. you odn’t like it? get PIE.

            s3 is better in hardware, but the developer support is no match for the nexus. hands down. plus we’re on 4.2.2 stock. what are you on?

          • Rex_D

            People who complain about TouchWiz still confuse me. Are you on some really old phone using some really old TouchWiz version? It is barely noticeable on the phone these days.

        • kash521

          I agree with that mostly, but as an owner of the GNex, I can not live with this horrible battery life anymore!! Definitely getting the GS4 and praying that the next nexus is available on VZW.

        • Sam

          If Verizon doesn’t carry the Nexus, you ain’t getting the Nexus on Verizon.

        • fanboy1974

          As a previous Verizon Nexus owner I disagree. With the Verizon Note 2 unlocked bootloader and the work that has been done with Cyanogen mod based Roms it has now surpassed the Nexus. If you can get pass the size it is the best phone on Verizon. I still have my Nexus and I never once wanted to use it over my Note 2.

          • Tony Allen

            There’s nothing to even get past though.. now that I’ve had the Note 2 for a while.. all other devices feel so tiny.

          • hyperbolee

            Completely agree. Thinking about how atrocious the battery and radios were on the Galaxy Nexus leaves me with bad memories, but on the upside the Note 2 is fantastic.

        • Alexander Garcia

          False. False. And False.

        • Hardware matters in a lot of ways also. And the Galaxy Nexus with the pentile display and horrible battery life just doesn’t cut it. Love my Note II.

        • LiterofCola

          Not everyone cares about roms. Some people just want a nice new phone with cutting edge tech.

      • Bionic

        given the history, there will never be a new nexus on verizon, ever

        • Chris

          I hope there will be when Google sells more and more ):

        • trwb

          I think Google is trying to move away from the Nexus brand and towards an x phone style of things, whatever that is.

    • T4rd

      Unless you’re on Verizon and refuse to leave them with unlimited data. Nexus 4 wasn’t available and I needed something with better reception and battery life than my Gnex, so I got a Note 2 and am much more happy with it than I was the Gnex even with less dev support/ROMs (thought there’s still plenty of great ROMs available for the Note 2).

      • NYAvsFan

        I did leave Verizon for that very reason. I had a Gnex and the battery life was beyond awful. I couldn’t use 3G and 4G was completely out of the picture. Now I’m using a beautiful super fast N4 and running great roms, I’m tied to no carrier and couldn’t be happier.

        • nhizzat

          Great roms that are 99% all the same. Yay!

          • So you have a Nexus 4 and tried 99% of the ROMs available for it? Man, you must be so jobless then!

          • nhizzat

            Lol I make one comment making fun of HTC and you resort to personal attacks. So weak, so pathetic.

            BTW, it doesn’t take much time to flash a rom. Or maybe it does with an HTC phone. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that an AOSP rom is an AOSP rom is an AOSP rom. I’ve tried enough to come to the conclusion that they’re all alike.

          • Oh really? Well, you must go and bless some of those poor devs with your ingenuity over at XDA then. There’s AOSP, AOKP, CM, PA etc etc etc. An AOSP ROM is an AOSP ROM but two AOSP ROMs can be very different. But of course, you knew that.

            And re: personal attacks, you invited it, don’t you think? Its not about HTC, I’ve had phones from 5 different OEMs in the last 5 years, so its more about you poking your nose into my choice and making unwelcome remarks.

          • nhizzat

            Very different? How so? A toggle here and a toggle there? Slight change here and slight change there? The only one that has one feature that is different from all the rest is PA with PIE controls…which of course you can flash/install on any other AOSP rom. Oh wait, I forgot about AOKP and its swag toggle. The differences in AOSP roms isn’t enough to differentiate them. A feature you find in one will be found in another and so on.

            I made one harmless (but true) comment about HTC phones and you decided to reply to each and every comment I posted, most of which had absolutely nothing to do with you. Maybe you should look in the mirror.

          • When you replied to my comment, it had nothing to do with you either! Look in the mirror ever? And you should just shut up already if you think “A toggle here and a toggle there? Slight change here and slight change there?” is all that’s different between AOSP or AOSP-based ROMs. Its not worth my time trying to educate you.

          • nhizzat

            You posted on a public forum. Were you hoping nobody would notice? Were you hoping more people would back your decision to buy the One?

            You’re right, it isn’t worth your time because there aren’t differences to be found.

          • Erm.. sure!

        • T4rd

          Wish I had that option where I’m at. Verizon has the best coverage here (as with most places) and I’m not willing to give that up just to say “I’m tied to no carrier.” If you have unlimited data on Verizon, I think you get what you pay for. The new shared data plans, not so much.

        • You may not be tied to a carrier but there are carriers you are excluded from (Verizon).

    • Tim242

      Not true at all. Myself, along with many others here left the Gnex for the Note II. Not sure what my next phone will be, but probably not a Nexus.

    • Unless you go with the G-Nex on Verizon, because then you get shafted like me!!!

    • EvanTheGamer

      Agreed! Who gives two sh*ts about that so-called “supposed” X-Phone! The X probably stands for “I’m a myth and like playing mind games!”

      And SGS4 IS a real phone and will be available soon. We’ve seen NOTHING of the X-Phone. The damn thing is a myth!

      • J Davis

        Just so that we are all clear can you please tell us how you really feel about the XPhone.. lol

      • Tim242

        The S4 may be real, but you KNOW absolutely nothing about it. A little early to profess your love for it, don’t ya think?

      • Bionic

        What part of revealed at Google I/O don’t you understand? The phone is real.

        • Matthew Morrison

          too bad its not wow by google’s standards

      • KOBALT

        Just the 17th RAZR variant in the past year. Nothing crazy.

    • nhizzat

      I went from Galaxy Nexus to S3 and never looked back.

      • NYAvsFan

        I went from GNex to N4 and did the same.

    • nightscout13

      I’ve went back. I like stable hardware, not just stable software

    • For real, there really is no sense in getting anything but a Nexus

    • s44

      I’m going back.

    • chris125

      Eh nexus usually isn’t super high end specs, plus other than quicker updates there isn’t really anything special about a nexus. Plus with how easy other devices are to unlock, root and rom, the nexus argument is losing steam.

  • htowngtr

    S4, easily.

  • A nexus if one will be avail for VZW in the summer if not the S4

  • Bewara2009

    S4 enough said…

  • John Ippolito

    Wait, there’s new phone coming out? Shoot. I’m still over clocking my Motorola Droid with Peter Alphonso ROM’s.

    • You have got to be kidding me. Really? I’ll plus 1 you cause it takes some guts to run on that for more than a year and a half. I couldn’t take it anymore and bought a Galaxy Nexus.

      • John Ippolito

        ^^^^^^ lmao at this guy. Yeah man it’s totally my phone when I’m not using my Motorola i930.

      • cizzlen


      • wooosh

  • jb

    S4. I’m a Thunderbolt owner and HTC will never get my business again.

    • John Ippolito

      Samesies. Just now got the Jellybean update… 2 years after the phone came out.

  • Bill Slowey

    Waiting for the Moto X here.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      From what the CFO is saying …you may be waiting for a while there.

  • Havoc70

    Neither I will stick with my Note II

  • Neither. I’ll get the Nexus 4 2nd-Gen.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      lol Nexus 5?

      • Could be named anything. Nexus (Insert Screen Size”), if it remains to be a 4″ device then it will be called the Nexus 4 again probably.

  • I’ll take Moto X Phone for $200, Alex.

    • Bubbah

      don’t know if I’ll have the patience to wait for that one… 🙁

    • Austin Warren

      I’ll take imaginary products for $800,alex.

      • nhizzat

        I’d take an imaginary product over any HTC product