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Question of the Day: Leaning Towards HTC One or Galaxy S4?

htc one official2

We’re days away from Samsung’s Galaxy S4 unveiling in NYC, but with HTC’s One only a few weeks removed from the spotlight, we’re having difficulties deciding which we’re more excited about. On one hand, we have a device that is fully expected to be universally great because it’s coming from the current Android king. On the other, we have an underdog that attempted to pull out every last stop in what may be a final lifeline. 

We already know what we’re getting from the One. After all, we’ve had our hands all over it once already. With its premium aluminum body, upgraded and innovative feature set, new camera tech, and impressive power, as of now, it is the Android phone to beat.

But with Samsung hovering on the horizon, ready to give us the Galaxy S4, our attention for the time being is only focused on March 14. Rumors peg the Galaxy S4 as having a new PHOLED display tech, rectangular body, and other software enhancements, all of which sound interesting for the most part. But is there any chance that Samsung comes out and completely blows our minds with something revolutionary? Will it completely mask what HTC has done no matter what?

In our question of the day, we’d love to hear which you are most exciting about/leaning towards/planning to pick up?

  • Uriah Romero

    While the HTC One has quite a bit to offer, I think I would still go for the Galaxy S4. It has a faster processor, a better camera, and also sports a 1080p display. During the light rail ride to my job at DISH, I like watching my live and recorded shows on my current phone since it takes a bit of time. I can stream from my DVR wherever I go with the DISH Anywhere app and I think it would look great on a higher resolution display.

  • JazzoRenee

    People act like someone is forcing them to have a phone.

    Let’s all Stay Calm and re-learn how to write letters.

    Who really cares that much about bezel?!?!!?There is a reason for it and if you were a developer you would know what it was, instead of a whining azz overindulged consumer.

    People are so extra, Samsung isn’t asking you to by their phone nor for your approval. They put out what they want to put out and you buy what you want to buy, give the whing geek boy nonsense a rest already.

  • Bryan Ivie

    not in the market, but i’d take the samsung since they manage to land one device on every carrier and they support it well. htc sometimes releases something good and then abandons it for accessories.

  • Benjamin Mackie

    Note 3

  • Kimiko Ramirez

    I was all excited about the S4 but now that I have been taking a look at the HTC I am all ready to buy it instead as soon as Sprint has it. I doubt Samsung will have as beautiful a phone as the HTC looks

  • purenexusdroid

    just got a nexus 4 couple months ago. would love to try the ONE no interest in the G4….but will probably hold off until the note lll or moto X

  • Michael Toland

    HTC One!

  • Eleeflyguy43

    HTC is dead on arrival if Samsung launches its phone at the same time. Too bad it is taking the One more than a month to hit after the announcement.

  • Ain’t No Half Steppin’

    Got a friend that has a HTC Droid DNA and he loses signal constantly (Verizon) and has to reboot everytime that happens. My Samsung S3, 0 problems. Samsung Note 3 for me

  • Marlon Milligan

    I going to get the HTC ONE

  • Anil Reddy

    My next phone will be a nexus for sure..Even though the ultra pixels of htc one and the HDR Exmor sensor of Sony xperia z tempt me, they will be out of the OS update cycle very soon(I can tell this from my own experiences with X10 mini, HTC Rhyme and Xperia J).. Nexus devices with nice and rugged design(similar to Xperia Z), preferably by sony will be my choice.

  • cb2000a

    Waiting for the Note 3…

  • Waiting for the S4 Mini. Or the next sub 4.5″ Nexus/Sony Xperia/etc.

  • saint_stephen

    Currently rocking the Nexus 4 and am beyond happy with it. Previously had the Galaxy Nexus and, while a great phone, the build quality of the Nexus 4 feels like night and day.

    If I had to pick, it would be close given the excellent build quality of the One whereas I expect the GS4 to continue the plastic trend. But the GS4 sounds like it will have a few new innovative features. And everyone I know with a HTC phone has been somewhat disappointed by battery life.

    So I guess I would lean towards the GS4 if I HAD to give up the N4.

  • Moto X

  • mldi

    S4, simply because HTC messed with Android WAY too much.

  • HTC one (unlocked). The appearance is top notch. If the camera really is that good, and Sense really isn’t overpowering. I am worried about HTC’s OS upgrade record though. 4.2 is not going to make me a happy camper after 5.0 is released this spring/summer.

    I’d possibly wait for the 2013 Nexus, but I truly don’t believe Google cares about having the best camera phone. (“next time it’ll be amazing” should’ve been the Nexus 4, not the Nexus 5)

  • without even a shadow of a doubt I will be ignoring HTC after the horrible punchline that was the Thunderbolt.

  • If the S4 has “hover touch” that will be it for me. Also i work at CostCo’s wireless phone kiosk and always have new smartphone owners having problem touching the correct place, so hover touch with the note 2’s crosshairs on hover would help dramatically!

  • Isaac

    I’m still rocking a myTouch 4G; I’m holding out till the X-Phone comes out also.

  • Tony Allen

    I just got the Note 2 in January, so I’ll hold out for the Note 3 if.. but I’ll likely stick with this device til something crazy better comes out.

  • S4 for me and that’s only because I’m sick of HTC not listening to its customers, being a loyal HTC customer I finally gave up on them, they removed SD Cards Removable batteries, they don’t have timely updates, seriously they abandon most devices they set forth. HTC is a shadow of its former self and until they can release devices that can actually match or surpass its competition, they won’t stand a chance. This whole HTC vs Samsung is a major joke, Samsung will destroy HTC in this competition because of their loyalty established with their galaxy S line, and their the fact that they release updates in a timely manner.

  • S4 here.

  • jew


  • derek connolly

    Galaxy S4. I have no interest in the HTC One

  • I would say the HTC One, if it were coming to Verizon. The Droid DNA is not a substitute
    even though it is nice and close to the HTC One. I prefer the look on the HTC one and the build materials.

    So I am not sure what phone I will go with on Verizon yet.

  • zUFC

    Umm, that easy. S4 is on VZ and the ONE isn’t. I havent been here for a while so please tell me people aren’t still doing the “I’m switching from Vz” stuff are they? you have to have Verizon or your super phone is useless. I don’t care if your t-mobile works in the little 2 mile radius you never travel out of(or your AT&T or any other carrier). VZ or go home!!!!!!!!
    And I don’t like them either. But i’m not stupid and I know they are the ONLY one that works.

  • NorCalGuy

    The haters be out here… I honestly can say I have had no issues with my GNex I threw a extended battery in there right when I got it and have had a plethera of roms more than I could ever flash and as for the poor signals and bad reception people complain about I never had so my gnex will be sticking around until the next beast of a phone with out phisical buttons and IS ON Verizon theres no point in me choosing between a smaller note 2 and a phone I can not get on Verizon. I hope the moto x phone brings something be we already know it won’t be the game changer we were hoping from, but who knows with Google at the wheel it seems moto its turning vanillia…

  • Thabet-Abbas Burias

    I’m an S3 user, and I love it, but damn I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t lusting for that HTC One.

  • jmasterj

    I’d be interested in the One if it didn’t have stupider buttons than Samsung’s phones. Sticking with my Thunderbolt until either the x-phone or the next nexus.

  • fanboy1974

    Being a Verizon customer we will be forced into the S4. Who is going to pick the watered down Verizon HTC One (aka DNA) over a true flagship device. HTC began the year wrong with Verizon customers.

    • LionStone

      Whose going to get the One? Anyone that wants it that’s not on VZW, duh 🙂 And anyone that wants a premium build without the plastic look and feel, pretty simple.

  • Nexus 6

    Neither. The Xphone Then the New Nexus.

  • Neither. I want a Nexus.
    You can keep your Android skins to yourself.

  • I am going to likely go with the phone with the best of the development community. I really dont like Sense or TW, and Blur is more a winner by default. The specs are going to be close enough that I would much prefer a wide array of choices in terms of ROMs/Kernels/etc than the phone that is the best.

  • Kizaru Hiruko

    Personally, I’m leaning more towards the Galaxy S IV, mainly because Verizon will not be receiving the One and my DNA will probably get all of the Sense 5 features from the One. However, in all fairness, I’m waiting for Motorola to release a true flagship device and reclaim their title as King of Android.

  • Mike Rodriguez

    If there were a VZ HTC One I’d be on board. Pretty happy with my GS3 for now.

  • ObsidianGT

    Not too worried about whether the S4 is plastic or not. Don’t we all put our phones in some sort of plastic case anyway? I’m more concerned about the physical home button. I’d greatly prefer the on-screen buttons that Google intended for the OS to have.