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NVIDIA Continues C*ck Tease of Project SHIELD With Upcoming Sequel to Riptide GP

Project SHIELD

As we sit in our caves, awaiting further information on some type of release date or pricing for Project SHIELD, NVIDIA seems rather content on dangling this device in front of us, giggling as we become frustrated with their lack of transparency. Oh well. 

Every week, NVIDIA posts a video showing off upcoming features in Project SHIELD and today, they are giving us a new look at the upcoming sequel to Riptide GP, Riptide GP 2. Using the processing power of the unreleased Tegra 4 CPU, the game brings some stunning water-centric graphics to your handheld.



  • Larry Franks

    Why are you pushing this thing so hard? Seems like you’re getting paid to push it or something.

  • batman

    Everyone should move to another country.You damn communists trying to take away our freedom of speech. Slap your children and tell them to shut up.

  • I thought this was a family friendly site…dude, tone it down or I shall tune this site out. Time and place, man. Time and Place.

    • C*ck

      Does the word c*ck frighten you? It’s not even a curse word. Don’t be afraid.

      • Not fright, just disgust. Me, my friends and family look for Droid news here, not allusions to sexual contact. Like I said, time and place. And the Internet presents lots of choices. Why alienate readers with references that have nothing to do with technology? Just silly in my opinion, especially when you have competition.

  • Chris Badalucco

    image says it all

  • MrCrusha

    So let me get this straight…. there are dirty words and swears on the internet!!!.. NOOOOO…. !!! Come-on people let’s not act like prudes. This is what makes the internet great. No censorship!

  • Bionic

    did someone say cawk tease?

  • Bionic

    Ashlynn Brooke gives a good cawk teasing

  • Bionic

    sometimes a good cockk teasing leads to a bigger…….ummmm…..”shot of satisfaction”

  • trololololol

    I don’t care about the specs or what it can do or anything else. That deice looks stupid and anyone caught walking around with that is a huge tool in my eyes

    • Avery Dejuan Herron

      Thank you this is something we should of never seen of know about its fugly as hell

  • Dylan Patel

    Either don’t say it or don’t bleep it. Either way I don’t mind, but the bleeping is annoying.

  • Avery Dejuan Herron

    This is really ugly and I dont wanna be seen with one ever!

  • zurginator

    I don’t see the point of this as a handheld. It’s too big to be pocket able, which is what I really want/need.

    I guess it would work for people who carry backpacks though.

  • Chris King

    still waiting for moga pro

  • What’s a c0ck tease..? ^_^

    • Bionic

      its a crime against man

  • jnt

    C’mon now, you’ve gotta try and be at least a *little* more professional than that – you’re one of the biggest/best sources of Droid news out there!

    • They’re also some down to earth guys and part of why this site is so good

      • Justin Winker

        Couldn’t agree more. I gotta say, I relate more to this group of guys than any other Android-related site out there. Keep up the great work 🙂

      • jnt

        I don’t disagree, and it’s nice to have down to earth guys… but for some reason, to me anyway, seeing “cock tease” seems a bit adolescent, even moreso than dropping some language in there which I don’t have a problem with at all. Just my .02, still love the site obviously…

        • Definitely appreciate the feedback. I think we were just at a tipping point with the Project Shield stuff, since there is no release or price in site. That, and it’s a slow Friday. 😛

          We definitely won’t make titles like this a regular thing.

  • Trevor

    What’s a ceck tease?

  • Finire

    Honestly I just want a good controller for my regular tablets, not a controller with a built in screen, and only useful for gaming.

  • Bauce40

    Tim’s getting a bit edgy and pushing the limits with that headline. Much like the Tegra 4 is pushing the limits of graphics on tablets. (eh, see what I did there)

    • What limits? lol

      • nightscout13

        C*ck Tease.

        • michael arazan

          All I have to say is 1st Amendment, Merica, yeah

          • nightscout13

            There’s a time and place for everything, and this is a website people recommend to their family members.

          • Yeah, I can understand that. I think we have different feelings on how naughty “c*ck” is though 😛

            All of your comments have been taken into consideration! Thanks!

          • nightscout13

            Your discretion is appreciated. This little hiccup in no way changes my opinion of D-L. Keep on keeping on 😀

          • That is not a word. Don’t cheapen our great country.

      • I send a lot of family, friends and co-workers to this site to learn more about Android from a very reliable and trusted source. Do I care if you say cock or balls or anything like that? Not really. But do I want my little sister, or my manager to see that stuff on a site that I recommended to them? No.

        I can understand that sort of language in the comments, but I would love to see the articles remain professional and clean. Otherwise, I’ll have a hard time recommending the site to anyone other than peers. There have been a few other articles in the past that have made me cringe a bit and go “wow…hope mom didn’t read that one”. And this one’s no different.

        If you want the world to continue to take this site seriously, I personally think it would be best to keep it professional in the articles/titles and leave the personal opinions/language for the comments (where everyone should still use at least SOME discretion).

        • batman

          way to tell somebody that they can’t express their freedom of speech.

      • Silver Veloz

        Hmmm! I don’t have an issued with titles or limits either, but I guess the general concensus does?? I guess we’ll save everything else for the TATO show.

  • Interesting title.

  • T4rd

    Nice title.