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Motorola Cutting Another 1,200 Employees as They Work Through “Difficult Transition”

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The staff cuts continue at the now Google-owned Motorola this week, with some 1,200 employees spread across the U.S., Canada and India losing their jobs. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the 10% reduction in headcount is simply a continuation of the 20% cut that Moto announced back in August. A company spokesperson said that obviously it’s “very hard for the employees concerned, and we are committed to helping them through this difficult transition.” 

On a somewhat brighter note, in emails sent out to the remaining workforce, Motorola said that they are “very optimistic” about new products in their pipeline, though they still “face challenges” moving forward. We all know that the rumored X Phone is supposed to be their saving grace, and that it has even been called a “game changer” by some. Unless of course you are talking to Google CFO Patrick Pichette, who said that none of Motorola’s upcoming products are “wow” by Google standards.

It’s going to continue to be a rocky road for Motorola for the foreseeable future. Who would have thought that only three years after claiming the Android crown and jump starting a movement with the original DROID, that we’d be at such a dark place.

Via:  Wall Street Journal

  • Dhbuckley

    Razr Maxx HD perfect example of Moto/Big G lameness. Best phone by far I’ve ever had and they can’t apparently sell their way out of a paper bag! What part of 2 days on a charge do they, who make it, not get????

  • BILL

    motorola has done the poorest job of marketing. google is following suit with the phones. samsung has taken over and going strong. shame shame on motorola for giving up their quality product.

  • Davros

    Did they fire that beotch who said – we’re locking our phones and if you don’t like it go somewhere else?

  • OG Droid First world problems seems like. googarolla to come

  • SA_NYC

    BTW, it wasn’t mentioned in this article but it was in others: what’s with Google talking about being stuck with 18 months’ worth of crappy Moto product pipeline?? Memo to the Googlers: you own the company. You’re not stuck with anything. Take the old pipeline and introduce it to the nearest garbage bin, post haste!

    • SayWHA

      Sounds like an excellent way to pay penalties on cancelled contracts and destroy relations with your supply chain

  • paul_cus

    Sincerely wish Motorola good luck in their comeback attempt.

  • GCurry

    I have a Samsung Nexus phone and Nexus tablet. Good hardware but not well supported by Verizon and Samsung. And now, Samsung’ “co-opetition” with Google is leading me to wait for Motorola for future products. Their manufacturing is tops. I hope Google can get them lined up.

  • Stewie

    “Who would have thought that only three years after claiming the Android crown and jump starting a movement with the original DROID, that we’d be at such a dark place.” WE are not in any dark place, moto is. They also could have avoided all this if they let Jha go long ago without the payout.

  • duke69111

    Cutting 1200 employees should spur Motorolas comeback.

  • Those are all the employees that where supposed to be working on the Bionic JB update. Q1 of 2013 is over. Still waiting. On a Nexus now and not happy.

  • jak_341

    This Motorola purchase has been a disaster for Google. The patents didn’t hold up in court reviews, Motorola was and still is hemorrhaging money, and they upset Samsung (who is 75% or more of the total Android population).

  • Verizon

    Moto needs to take their balls back out of Verizon’s purse and own their phones. Release them on every carrier and give them over the top specs with limited bloat. If they can do that they will own a huge portion of the market share again.

    • Add one more thing: an advertising campaign that rivals Apple’s human connection (Google has fantastic ads already so it shouldn’t be hard) and Samsung’s ubiquity. Having the best isn’t enough anymore, they need Joe Consumer to know WHY they NEED to own their device.

      • Verizon

        I completely agree. To the average American it isn’t the best if it doesn’t say so on the idiot box. The advertising really needs to be there and the tech blogs need to be foaming at the mouth over it like the have with Samsung and Apple.

        • KleenDroid

          We foamed at the mouth over the Droid 1. But Motorola then gave up.

          • michael arazan

            Loved my D1. Are all these cuts from Blur software engineers losing their jobs?

      • Droidzilla

        I disagree. One of my main qualifiers for a phone purchase is how well it helps to robotically augment me against the possibility of a robot-ninja invasion.

    • Warwick

      This. A few of my friends and co workers ask if they can get the Droid phones on any other carrier. Sadly all i can say is no.

    • TheDrunkenClam

      “Limited Bloat”.
      How about NO BLOAT whatsoever?
      Have we forgotten that the device that literally saved them from bankruptcy before was the original Droid? That very device that introduced many of us here to Android.
      It was a bone stock Google experience. They made that one Google Experience device, but completely abandoned that winning formula with every device after that. And now look where they stand.
      Are we forgetting that they’re owned by Google now? Sanjay Jha is gone now, we don’t have to SETTLE for locked bootloaders and bloated software (blur), and act like they’re doing us a favor when they keep it to a minimal.
      Give us choice. Give us a Nexus like experience. If you want to continue with Blur elements/addons, make them optional apps that one can install. But don’t force it down my throat.

      • A quote from Malcolm X goes well here:
        “How can you thank a man for giving you what’s already yours? How then
        can you thank him for giving you only part of what’s already yours?” {{-_-}}

      • Verizon

        Just about every non-Nexus Android phone on the market has some bloat added to it. Carrier apps and such get incorporated into the software these days. Fortunately these apps can be disabled/frozen with ICS or Jelly Bean and I would assume KLP so I don’t worry too much about it anymore. As far as Blur being bloated, have you seen it lately? It is as close to stock as you can get without actually being stock. HTC and Samsung have become the bloat kings these days.

  • I blame the Droid Bionic, that thing just tanked their company ROFL

    • jak_341

      I say the Droid X. Locked bootloader and buggy updates turned a LOT of people off. The X2 and Bionic certainly didn’t do Motorola or Google any favors.

      • JMonkeYJ

        what you describe is exactly what happened to me. haven’t owned a moto since the Droid X.

      • Liderc

        Regular people couldn’t care less about locked bootloaders or updates. They care about their phone working all the time, good battery life, app support, solid reception, and a nice looking design. It’s not one phone that destroyed Motorola, it’s their business model and failure to make phones that people like and release them on all carriers.

        The Razr Maxx was a great phone, but it looks like something a 12 year old would want with its kevlar backplate and odd design and motoblur and less than stellar screen. Motorola makes incredible hardware, their radios are simply the best, but they are literal failures at making a nice looking phone without destroying stock android and properly advertising their devices. If they can get their sh*t together with Google, they’d be a mega-success.

        • Droidzilla

          I actually liked the look of the RAZR. Then again, I do drive a WRX so I’m probably in that “12 year old” category when it comes to what I think is cool.

          • Warwick

            Ha we have the same taste. i too did like the Razr and also own a WRX lol

        • I honestly have no the slightest clue what a “locked” bootloader means and I consider myself an advanced, power user! Everyone says that with a locked bootloader you can’t use ROMs and other hacks but yet I’m running a custom ROM on the Droid Razr and it was probably the EASIEST hackery i have ever done thanks to the Droid Razr Utility!

          As for looks I personally love the look of the Droid Razr! It gives off a tough, rugged look but at the same time it doesn’t seem bulky or heavy!

          • Diablo81588

            A locked bootloader simply means you can’t run custom kernels or radios. Period. Even then, there are ways to load custom kernels with kexec. It really makes very little difference in the grand scheme of things.

  • hkklife

    A few months ago we heard some verrrry sketchy rumors concerning a Droid 5 (yes, a real keyboard device) for VZW which would basically have specs that were a mixture of the RAZR HD the Photon Q. I have a feeling that the lackluster Droid 4 is the final QWERTY device we will ever see from Moto (or least Droid-branded).

    I also recall a rumor about a RAZR M2 with a 4.5″ screen. That would seemingly make the most sense as a quick/cheap effort to keep Moto in the spotlight until the X Phone arrives. Otherwise, I have a bad feeling that it’s gonna be a long summer for Moto fans.

    Another rumor I read about elsewhere is that VZW has decided to do away with all grandfathered unlimited users no matter what by the end of 2014. I cannot say I am surprised but that’s honestly a year longer than I expected it to last.

    • Verizon is likely to eliminate all unlimited plans by May of 2014, when the contracts extended by the Galaxy SIII pre-orders are terminated. Yes, a few have been able to upgrade and slide grandfathered data back in since then, but the number of accounts able to do that is much smaller than the number that extended in the GS3 pre-order, so their overall loses will be minimal from loss of ETF’s.

      • That was June 27th, I believe. The 28th is when the GS3 came out.

        I honestly don’t think they’ll force people off so much as introduce a new type of phone technology (most likely VoLTE) that requires the move to a new plan that isn’t compatible with the old unlimited plans.

        However, its fair game if the contracts are up, and I can’t wait to see the churn if and when it happens.

    • Verizon

      They will have to force people off of unlimited plans if they plan to roll out full VOLTE. No way to bleed your wallet dry if you pay a low flat rate for unlimited everything.

  • Maybe unlocked bootloaders would bring them back to the top

    • KleenDroid

      Until they do this I will never own another Motorola phone.

    • Not everyone cares about unlocked bootloaders, however, the people who do care are the ones the rest of the people ask for suggestions and guidance when buying a new phone… and I know I tell my friends and family to get the phones that are built the best and are open for further community development when the manufacturer abandons them in 6 months…

      • Verizon

        That is one way Moto is fighting back though. They aren’t abandoning phones after 6 months anymore. I think for the non-tech crowd that don’t care about bootloaders, having a phone that will get timely updates and won’t hit EOL in a year is a big deal. Looking at the full Razr line being on Jelly Bean is a pretty big deal for consumers.

        • I’ll give u that they do do a great job at that… but can’t we have both?

          • Verizon

            I’m all for both and they’ve actually started doing both. With the exception of Verizon and At&t they have an option for unlocking a lot of phones. The bootloader thing is from Verizon more than it is from Moto though.

  • azndan4

    Well, that’s what happens when you alienate your most hardcore supporters by locking bootloaders, breaking promises and lying about unlocking them, and having the laggiest, most bloat ridden software on phones with the worst screens and being the slowest to incorporate new technologies into their phones. The galaxy s 3 in the us shipped with a Qualcomm s4 processor with 2gb ram way back in June 2011 whereas Motorola didn’t release a phone with the s4 and 1gb ram until September 2011.

    • Justin Winker

      So, the Galaxy S3 is almost two years old? That’s a new one. Pretty sure that was released in 2012, only a couple months before the RAZR M and RAZR HD.

      • hkklife

        Plus or minus a month: Galaxy S3 was announced globally in April 2012, then the RAZR M was announced in Sept 2012, alongside the RAZR HD & MAXX HD. The M was available for sale a week later but the HD models didnt hit stores until mid-October 2012. The S3 actually hit VZW in mid-July 2013. My preorder actually arrived days after people were buying them in-store.

      • KleenDroid

        Even so, Samsung is head and shoulders better than Motorola. And that makes me sad because I want Motorola to be the best. My unlocked Droid 1 was amazing in its day and I wanted them to continue the success.

        Instead they completely stopped making decent phones. And the told us to go elsewhere if we wanted unlockable phones. I did and will never return until some company buys them and wakes them up.

        I think Google has failed so far.

        • Justin Winker

          I agree with you in that I want Moto to be where Samsung is right now – they have (in my opinion) great hardware, great software, and, as of the past few months, good service after the sale (update-wise). Google may not have been able to turn them around in under a year, but I don’t think there’s a company that would have been able to do that. I truly think we’ll see some amazing things out of Moto come this fall, and can’t wait to hear more about this X phone.

    • 1. Motorola never broke any promises, because they never made any promises. They said they would work on it, and eventually did unlock their bootloaders for new devices where they could. Unfortunately, the OMAP security features they enabled prevents them from unlocking the bootloaders on their back catalog.

      2. The 3 month difference (and those are from 2012, not 2011) is about right considering their yearly release schedules. It was still current tech (nothing faster shipped until the S4 Pro in the Nexus 4 and Optimus G in November). Also, they simply decided that 1 GB of RAM was plenty to run their lightweight stock interface and not impede performance, whereas most of the extra 1 GB of RAM on the Galaxy SIII is taken up by their Touchwiz UI.

  • Oh yeah? And the galaxy nexus was a “wow” by google standards?

    • KleenDroid

      To me it is. I would choose it over anything else on Verizon.

      • John

        Agreed. Best phone I’ve ever had. Given I had to get a bigger battery, I still find it to be perfectly suffice until the end of my pos vzw contract this year.

        • SA_NYC

          Yes, I really like my GNex, minus the battery issues. (Speaking of which, sorry to call out Kellex but is he still carrying on that charade of his that GNex battery life is good on 3G only? I wish.) Other than that, great phone, even with the odd connectivity hiccup. And it was so far ahead of its time for the Android ecosystem, it was amazing, I still remember that first day I got it, wow. And it still holds its own.

    • azndan4

      The galaxy nexus, which came out in Dec 2010, was far ahead of anything Motorola released up until even Sept 2011 and it is arguably still superior to the products that Motorola has out right now. The Droid Razr had a lower resolution, heavily pixellated screen, non removable battery, slower processor, a locked bootloader, a hideous overlay known as blur, and has continually been behind the galaxy nexus in software updates.

      • Warwick

        2010? Gnex? no

        • hkklife

          Nexus S was Dec 2010—-a full year before the GNex!!

          • Warwick

            Thats what i had in my head. lol

      • will bartlett

        you have none of your dates right bro. gnex coming out in 2010? s3 coming out in 2011? what the hell are you smoking?

      • Verizon

        Wow! So much wrong in this it is amazing.

      • KleenDroid

        Very correct.

        • Jordan Marrie

          Are you saying that on purpose? Dude is a year behind, no wonder he isn’t pleased.

      • Lucky Armpit

        1. Lower resolution – Haven’t noticed. Netflix and movies look fine.

        2. Heavily pixilated screen – Not even sure what that means. M screen looks fine.

        3. Non-removable battery – I have yet to come across a reason to where I have said, man, I wish my Razr Maxx had a removable battery. Did I mention that the GNex battery barely lasted a day and I get 2+ days from my Raxr Maxx?

        4. Slower processor – For what? I don’t render videos on my Razr Maxx. It plays Angry Birds, Temple Run, etc., with no problem. Heck I’ve even played flight sims on it and they don’t have a hint of slow down.

        5. Locked bootloader – Don’t care as I’m not a modder.

        6. Hideous overlay known as Blur – You apparently haven’t looked at a Moto phone lately, or read much, because it’s widely known that Moto has severely toned down Blur to where the phone doesn’t appear to have a skin. In fact, Blur is so light on my Razr Maxx that I wouldn’t even know it had Blur if it wasn’t for that stupid “Droooooid” on startup.

        7. Continually behind the GNex in updates – Um, the Galaxy Nexus is the laughing stock of Verizon and is still behind in official releases. If it weren’t for the modding community it would probably still be on 4.0.4.

        Sorry, but none of your points are valid.

      • Diablo81588

        Local idiot strikes again.

    • Lucky Armpit

      Totally agree. The Galaxy Nexus was a horrible, horrible device. Pathetic battery life and the worst radios I have ever seen. I went back to Motorola, sorry that I ever left them in the first place. I’m with you Motorola, through thick or thin. My apologies for cheating on you with Samsung and their crappy build quality.

      • KleenDroid

        Motorola hasn’t had a decent phone since the Droid 1.

        Unless of course locked bootloaders is your thing.

        My brother in law has the original RAZR and I was playing with it the other day and it is a clunky mess. I would choose my horrible horrible Nexus any day. If given that thing I would just throw it away.

        • Verizon

          I’ve owned both a Galaxy Nexus and a Razr Maxx. Between the two, I prefer the Razr Maxx even with the locked bootloader. I had horrible problems with all 6 Gnex that I owned, most of the them call/reception issues. The Razr Maxx’s on issue is the screen being lower resolution. Not sure what was wrong with your brother’s Razr, but mine is smooth as silk. If you were comparing his on ICS and yours on Jelly Bean that is kind of unfair too with Project Butter.

          • KleenDroid

            Ouch… 6 replacements. I can certainly understand your disappointment.

        • Lucky Armpit

          Yup, I could care less about the locked bootloaders. And hey, that’s important to some people (unlocked bootloaders) and I’m totally cool with that. My experience with the Galaxy Nexus was horrible… terrible hardware, bad radios, the famous “mute mid-call” issue that no one had a fix for, so I got rid of it. Totally happy with my Razr Maxx.
          The Razr isn’t your thing, and the GNex wasn’t my thing. It’s great that each one works for us in different ways cause if we all had the same phone it would be a boring world. 🙂

        • John Poe

          Interesting… My wife has an original Razr too – and it is MUCH smoother than my POS Droid X2. I realize that’s not saying much… but I think the Razr works very well – and should be even better once the Jellybean upgrade (which stared rolling out yesterday) hits her phone. Her only complaint about it is the relatively weak battery life – but there are ways to deal with that. Of course it’s not an issue at all with the Razr Maxx.

    • Adam Emshwiller

      at the time of the GNEX’s release it really was a game changer…on screen nav buttons, curved display, ICS, LTE… it was legit

      • Kevin Bojarski

        I don’t know what I would do without my curved display. That being said, I love my GN.

    • jak_341

      The GNex was the best phone at the time. It still is a top 5 phone to have. It truly is the successor to the OG DROID.

    • kixofmyg0t

      As a matter of fact yes it was.

      “Wow this thing has absolutely horrible battery life.”

    • TheDrunkenClam

      With you here, imagine how many billygoats are successfully crossing your bridge right now.