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Droid Life Show Episode 18 is Perfect for Your Weekend Entertainment


In case you missed it live, the Droid Life Show episode 18 went down this week and was another amazing time. We ran through a lengthy recap of everything we think we know about the Galaxy S4 that took up a solid portion of the show. But after that, we dove into thoughts on the first VoLTE phones, Verizon’s re-validation of corporate discounts, the battle to make unlocking phones legal again, the Chromebook Pixel in my possession, and more.

The show runs 1:18, so grab a pint of the finest ale you can get your hands on, sit back and enjoy the action. 

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  • I’m very much looking forward to the Galaxy S4 from some of the features I’ve seen so far it looks amazing, my contract for my S2 runs out fairly soon, so It’s likely to be my new upgrade.

    Luke – Soul Sanctuary

  • michael arazan

    Motorola stock is $60 a share right now, if i had the money I’d buy up as much as I could and sit on it for 2-3 years and watch it increase. Because when G starts to put it’s own innovation on their mobile products it will grow.

  • Oh my, you guys have some cuties.

  • Josh A

    I almost lost it at “the people’s weasel” bit haha.

  • DroidFTW

    such an anti-Apple website yet the writers have an iMac, iPhone and MacBook Pro. hahah! whatever brings those pageviews i guess.

    • Justin Kos

      We just don’t like the iphone

      • gollum

        Not true at all. If it was then people wouldn’t say CrApple and rag on Steve Jobs constantly. The writers here know how to gin up page views. This website is a business. In case you didn’t know that take a look at the 7 ads on this page alone. Not to mention the inline ads they put between posts on the home page. By the way, there is nothing wrong with that but don’t try to pretend it’s just the iPhone.