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Video: Hands-on With Chameleon Launcher 2 for Phones

chameleon phones

Chameleon Launcher received quite the significant update this afternoon for Kickstarter backers and pre-orderees. In the update, we finally get phone support, so this app is no longer just a tablet exclusive. No, sir. We also get a brand new name, well, sort of. This is version 2 of the app, so it shall now be know as Chameleon Launcher 2. Clever. 

Phone support is clearly the biggest announcement here, but users across the board will find things like Folders and “Linked Folders,” app launcher widgets, redesigned contextual dashboards, performance improvements, and many updates to Chameleon widgets. There aren’t any new widgets per se, as the team was focusing on “strengthening the core experience.”

I will say that after taking a lengthy break from Chameleon, I can easily see the progress that has been made in this new beta. Transitions and menus are more fluid and beautiful, the feature set has really grown, and the overall product feels like a professionally done home replacement, something I wouldn’t be caught dead saying about it a few months ago.

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  • Josh Oberg

    Reminds me of blink feed sense 5.

  • coolsilver

    I just hate setting things up all over again for a new launcher.. not that I ever use half the features anyway

  • Lucas

    Disappointed that it’s not as good looking as the Tablet version … the header bars are solid colors rather than the nice transparent ones on the Tablet version (for example)

  • Adam White

    Anybody having issues with this? I bought the Tablet beta months ago to try out and now when I try to start it on my phone it says,”That Google account has not been registered.”

  • JulianZHuang

    it just another launcher…..

    • cptkirk242

      not really it is quite unique in its kind

  • sdfsfsdf

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  • fallsgable

    Nova Launcher FTW!

    • Ibrick

      Some pretty decent launchers coming out recently, but Nova and Apex are still the top dogs.

      Until someone re-invents the wheel I don’t see anything that would convince me to switch.

    • EC8CH


      Launcher Pro FTW! Full Rewrite is gonna be epic.

      • picaso86

        2 years in the making… yeah okay….

      • fallsgable

        REWRITE??? FAIL!!
        I have MORE faith in VZW coming through with Nexus OTA Updates!

      • Brandon Gillis

        I see what you did there…. but the other two didn’t get it

        • napes22

          Sarcasm is lost on some people.

  • WAldenIV

    I’m not even going to try it after the disappointment of the tablet version.

    • DJuse2926

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    • Now that’s some dogmatic thinking for you.

      • WAldenIV

        Fool me once…

    • bkosh84

      It’s actually really nice. I was a backer and downloaded it when it first came out back middle of last year but downloaded it today and it’s WAY better than before..

  • If I understand this correctly, I have to have purchased the first app they released, the one for tablets in order to use this on my phone. All I have is this phone. Google Play won’t allow me to purchase the tablet Chameleon so I can’t even buy that to try this on my phone. Am I just missing something here or are these just the cruel facts?

    • buy it from your computer, find chameleon launcher for tablets and purchase it.

      • Tried that too, It won’t allow me to hit the “Continue” button until I choose a “compatible device” for the tablet version. I don’t own a tablet though, just my phone so it won’t allow me to purchase it.

        • There’s two versions. The free Beta one for early adopters and the official one. The current release is an update for that free Beta for early adopters to use and report any hiccups for, before updating and releasing the official Chameleon 2. When that one is released, there will also be a cheaper phone-only (with no tablet UI) purchase that users can buy if they don’t have a tablet…and that one will be cheaper. I’d just hold off until it’s out. Shouldn’t be more than a few weeks.

    • JetBlue

      There will be a phone version they said just it won’t be out until this new update is beta tested and it’ll be only a phone app the current tablet one will be for both which it’ll be priced at 3.39 or something while the phone is 2.39