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OUYA Opens Developer Portal for Game Submissions Starting Today


March 28 is the day that OUYA consoles will start shipping to people who originally started backing it on Kickstarter. Seeing as how that’s only a few weeks away, OUYA announced that game developers can submit their games for review starting today. This allows OUYA to test and review the games before launch to build a nice big portfolio for early adopters to play when they fire up their OUYA for the first time. 

OUYA also wants to tell the stories of the developers who worked so hard to make their game for this new console. OUYA is going to log the time played on all games when the console first hits and the top 3 games are going to have special promotions done for their games to tell the story of how they were made.

Are you expecting an OUYA on March 28? Or will you be picking one up at all?


  • To all OUYA fans, make sure you join the OUYA forum. We’ve developed quite an active community so far and it’s a perfect place to engage in discussions and learn about the latest developments. We’ve even got a list of over 500 CONFIRMED games that are in development for the platform. New games are added almost daily.

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  • michael arazan

    Why do Devs have to submit, I thought you could just plug in, turn on and download games straight from Play market. Is this thing not going to access the play store?

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Of course not. Games need to be optimized. And I’m sure They didn’t want to eat the Google licensing fees.

    • sonofskywalker3

      If you can root it (which you can) you can sideload apk’s. It’s not as easy as downloading from the store, but if the game supports a controller, I’m sure it’ll translate well. Other games like Final Fantasy Dimensions would have to have controller support added, but I doubt that’ll happen.

      • Sonofskywalker3

        And for the record I’m not advocating piracy here, I’m talking about copying the Sonic 4 apk I bought on my phone over to my android console instead of buying it again through the “ouya store”.

      • r0lct

        Well i can’t imagine wanting to play most touch based based on Ouya. Obviously there’s some overlap like a Sonic game. But I’m hoping we’ll see some controller centric games you wouldn’t have bought for your phone tablet (or they didn’t bother making because of the controls),

  • komischervogel

    will buy one for sure when it comes to eu

  • r0lct

    Good to see things are on schedule. Looking forward to getting mine.

  • It’s a console that can torrent and do porn. How on earth do you think it will not sell like hot cakes?

    • yeaaaa

      …because that’s not its main purpose…

      • thejdubb02

        For most… lol But to be serious, its at the same price point as Roku or Apple TV, Plex, XBMC are already scheduled and if others like Netflix and Hulu jump in, why would you buy anything else at the same price point? http://www.ouyareport.com

        • r0lct

          Edit: Ooops, responded to wrong post.

  • Eileen T. Balcom

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  • I got a preorder, but I am waiting to see how it turns out.. I may be turning around and selling it depending on the App setup.. I am really hoping it can be a little Google Tv setup.. If It cant run netflix, hulu, then I am out..

    • imns

      Fear not, the dev community can do just about anything these days.