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Video: How Guys Will Use Google Glass


There are folks out there who have come up with some pretty creative ways to use Google Glass, while others, may not have the most classy of ideas. This video certainly highlights some comical ways that guys could intend to use this new wearable computing technology.

Watch out ladies, Google Glass is coming!

Via: Android Spin

  • Epell

    What the guy says: “So it’s Jennifer…Swanson… Google Jennifer Swanson.”
    What the girl thinks: Creep ALERT! He’s stalking my facebook right in front of me!

  • Dave

    So… It does all of that, but can it make a phone call or play music?

  • Sexist much? {{-_-}}

  • No one is saying it, so I’ll say it. That girl is sooo hot…!

  • ShadrachCA

    Hysterical. This video is worth watching for those who haven’t seen it :

    • Very well made and more realistic as to where this technology is headed. Thought controlled applications. Thanks for the share.

  • Careful there guy’s, sooner or later you’ll get your wires crossed and someone you’re dating, might just take offence to being thought of unkindly? Surely, there must be privacy issues at stake and I’d rethink, where and how I would use #Google_Glasses, especially around women and children!

  • Davros

    Lol. Oh that siri

  • It took siri that long to figure that out? tsk tsk

  • ragnarok180
    • cammykool

      Thats awesome!

  • POV for reals

  • RoadsterHD1

    DUDE that’s Fricken hilarious!!!

  • philnolan3d

    I don’t even have to watch it to know I’ll be insulted.

  • FAL_Fan

    Hahaha! Very creative! Good find Tim!

  • shehippie

    LMAO!!! Good one!

  • The Siri box did not have rounded edges. Quick, get the patents on square edges now before it’s too late.

    • Thomas

      Please tell me you will be on The Droid Life Show tonight….

      • Nope, they don’t like to have me on there too much.

        • Thomas

          *sigh* Damn it !!

  • Tex


  • lol, well done.

  • Ryan

    Find it on Google for $200 and carrier stores for $500

  • Hahhaha. I’m weak.

  • droyd4life

    iPhone on the table?

    HECK NO!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rule #1
    – Don’t date women with iPhones.

    • That is quite the challenge, lol.

    • Then that will limit your choice of women by a lot

      • Quality over quantity!

        • Or you can always turn those women over to the android side

          • droyd4life

            My girlfriend has the Galaxy Nexus. Makes her even more hot.

    • Moeyknight

      There are plenty of women with Android phones. If you can’t find them, you’re looking in the wrong places.

    • FAL_Fan

      Exactly! Because they can’t play Ingress with you!

    • Arlington Albertson

      Got my wife onto Android very early on. 😉

  • shamu11

    this made me laugh really hard haha!