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Samsung’s Upcoming Galaxy Note 3 to Come With 5.9″ OLED Display?

samsung galaxy note 2

In a recent talk with the Korea Times, a Samsung official may have slipped up, giving us some pretty good details as to what we can expect to see from an upcoming Galaxy Note 3. The unnamed official stated that they, “are working to introduce a 5.9″ device, using an OLED (organic light-emitting diode) display.” 

5.9″ does seem rather large in the grand scheme of things, almost becoming tablet size. In my eyes, what made the Galaxy Note 2’s design such a success, was that Samsung was able to curve the body in such a way where in the hand, 5.5-inches didn’t feel all that large and the bezel is also rather small. Another way you can hope to fit more display in a smaller body, is get rid of the home button. Wink wink, nudge nudge.

The official stated that the device is being set for a second-half of 2013 release, which we have already assumed given their history.

Thoughts on 5.9″?

Via: PhoneArena | Korea Times

  • IndigoMX9

    I don’t know how iPhone user’s can look at that tiny screen? My Galaxy Nexus already seems small. I hope that it has gorilla glass so I won’t have to worry about scratches.

  • ajm

    more ram i hope it would be nice

  • bigillz

    Leave my home button alone, thanks. It is wonderful on the Note 2, as are the fixed back and menu buttons. Not everyone wants on-screen buttons. Get over it.

    • bigillz

      My touch-screen Kenwood DNX9990HD head unit in my car has all sorts of variable display buttons on screen. It also has a fixed row of hardware buttons on the bottom. They’re indispensable. They’re always in the same place, always there when I need them. Fixed hardware buttons have their place, even on phones.

  • Sounds wonderful. With 5.9 I think they could keep it with the same form factor. If they up the pressure points with the Wacom sPen that would be even better. My guess is it’ll be 1.8 or 1.9ghz quad core, 5.9 in OLED, 32GB internal, Snapdragon unless they can get the Nvidia Tegra 4s to work, Micro SD slot, Wacom sPen with more pressure points, more perfected Multiview with more app support, a few additional cool features and larger battery, say 3500 mAh or more. 5.5-6.3 sounds great. I know the vocal people on here seem to like on screen buttons but I’d prefer that they keep the home button and capacitive.

    • ajensen

      it will actually probably run the new core the octa core

      • Do you have any evidence of that? Would be cool but what I read and heard is they were having bad overheating issues with it.

  • whynotofcourse

    remember when everyone wanted a small phone!!! zoolander had the smallest~!

  • lye

    Just 1.1″ away from tablet phone singularity.

  • mike h

    I think Zach Morris had the note 3 in class on SBTB!

  • Zebelious

    I’m disappointed, 6.3″ would have been the perfect size for reading and writing for long period of time.

    Haters note; Either 5.9″ or 6.3” device will be the most powerful portable device with both wifi and cellular radios that can be carried any where, period.

  • Bionic

    Phones that are bigger than some men’s coks. Not good. LOL

  • shehippie

    My cleavage cant handle anything bigger then the N2.

    • Bionic

      Depends. How big of a cleavage we talking?

      • shehippie


        • Bionic

          Not gonna enlighten us huh?

    • CasperTFG

      With RF proximity aren’t you worried about funbags cancer?

  • John S.

    I wouldn’t mind the phone being slightly larger at all. KEEP the home button, I love it and use it all the time. Get rid of the useless side buttons that you can’t avoid pressing while holding the phone.