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Quick Look: DODOcase Hardcover, Classic and Solid for the Nexus 7

DODOcase Nexus 7

Earlier in the week, we took a look at the new Durable Wallet for the Galaxy S3 and Nexus 4 from DODOcase (Nexus 7 too, but it’s not new), two sleeve options from the San Francisco based case maker. Today, we’re looking at more traditional bookcase style cases for the Nexus 7 from DODOcase, both of which are similar to hand-made cases by Portenzo and Treegloo that we have already reviewed. This is the Hardcover, Classic and Solid. 

DODOcase Nexus 7


The DODOcase Hardcover is somewhat of a hybrid bookcase. Rather than having a tray that your Nexus 7 sits firmly inside, it uses an adhesive so your device almost floats freely. The adhesive (which look like strips of stickers) is said to be reusable, industrial grade, and leave your device residue free. The Hardcover still protects your device with a hand-made bookcase style exterior that is held closed by an elastic band. There is a magnet embedded inside to activate sleep/wake upon opening or shutting. Also, since it has no tray, the Hardcover is able to sit with a much lower profile than a traditional bookcase.

Overall, I like the slim fit of the Hardcover, thanks to the lack of a tray. I will say that over time, I would hate to see that adhesive wear out. While it’s “industrial grade” and all, there is nothing like the piece of mind that the protection a traditional tray can bring.

It runs $34.95 and comes in a variety of two-tone color schemes.

DODOcase Nexus 7

Classic and Solid

The Classic and Solid DODOcases are definitely what I would consider to be traditional bookcase style cases. Both are hand-made using traditional bookbinding techniques, contain an eco-friendly bamboo tray to secure the device in, and a variety of outer materials ranging from a black Moroccan cloth (Classic) to some more colorful canvas-style options (Solid). They also have a magnet embedded inside the front cover to activate sleep or wake, an elastic strap to keep it closed, and leather inserts to fully lock your device in place.

If you are looking for the ultimate form of protection for your Nexus 7, but still maintain a level of class, you can’t go wrong with a bookcase style case. The craftsmanship here is as good as others in the industry, it’s a U.S. company, and their overall taste is exactly what I like to see in a case. If I were asked to choose my favorite bookcase of all, I would probably go with Portenzo’s Alano, but it’s also incredibly expensive with a minimum price tag of $100. You can get yourself into a DODOcase starting at $60.

The Solid $69.95, with the Classic dropping in at $59.95.

Find all of the Nexus 7 DODOcase products here.


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  • CivilDroid

    I smell a givaway!!!!

  • dieringer scott

    IF the adhesive does wear out they send a free replacement

  • Tim Schall

    I’ve got the Hardcover and its been in use for about 4 months. I don’t baby it at all and it has stayed in great shape. I agree, the buttons are hard to get at, its not terribly difficult. All in all, I’ve been very happy with it and it looks awesome!

  • Only question for me would be can you use it as a stand in landscape mode? I did not see that in the gallery or the video.

    • Ryan Powell

      They suggest you turn it landscape and prop it up using the flap and the strap. It sounds confusing and the process is complicated enough I never bothered doing it with mine. I wouldn’t recommend the case if that is a function you are looking for.

      • Thanks for the response. If it works and is not like the crappy looking cases I’ve seen in other stores, I will definitely get one. Thanks for the advice though.

    • Tim Schall

      I use the hardcover as a stand in landscape mode. Its got a pretty clever clip with the elastic strap that holds it up. I had to go to their website to figure out how to use it, and I was amazed how simple it was.

      • Thanks for the response. My daughters usually play with my Nexus 7 (well I can basically call it theirs) and of course if they are watching a video, instead of holding the Nexus up with their hands, they can use the case to prop it up in landscape mode.

  • Ryan Powell

    I have the hardcover version. I purchased it mainly to protect my Nexus 7 when I’m not using it (hate putting cases on phones or tablets). I didn’t use the 3M tape because I wanted to be able to take it in and out of the case easily. It’s great for that purpose. If you chose to use the tape to keep it in the case you’ll find that the buttons on the side of the device are hard to press due to the angle they are on. I’ve also purchased a classic (wood tray) version for my wife’s itablet but have to point out that if you drop it the wood corners that hold the device in place WILL break. Within a few weeks my wife dropped it from waist high and it became unusable. Contacted DODOcase support and they sent a new one to me free of charge (Great company!) but since then the same thing has happened. I’ve moved on to something more wife-proof for that tablet.

  • Dain Laguna

    these all look lovely. when its time to invest in a better case than what i’m carrying, i’ll be checking them out. i do wish that they included some sort of port for the rear speaker a la portenzo…but in the meantime i’ll just hope that the next nexus7 has different speaker placement

  • Danrarbc

    I can buy that the Classic and Solid cases are well-crafted and are deserving of a price premium. But how the heck does the hardcover cost $35? It’s a hardcover book with no paper and a pack of sticky tape.

    • Kane Stapler

      I have the hardcover book for my N7. Its so sticky that if I ever try and take my N7 off it pulls the whole back cover off. I don’t use it anymore because of that.