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Legislators Agree With White House on Cell Phone Unlocking, Bills To Be Presented Soon

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It was certainly surprising to hear the White House respond so quickly to the 100k signature petition that was raised on the issue of unlocking phones becoming illegal. But even with the Obama Administration’s support, there was little they could do immediately other than push for changes down the road. We initially had no idea when we might see any actual legislation towards that promise, but Senators and Representatives alike have come forward and announced plans to introduce bills on the subject. 

In addition to the chairman of the FCC advocating overturning the ban on unlocking devices, Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar from Minnesota said that she is introducing a bill soon to “get rid of the ban on unlocking cellphones.” Since then, 6 different Senators and Representatives have said they are going to introduce legislation or would be interested in passing some. It looks as if there will almost be a race to see who can produce the first bill on the floor of the Senate or House.

This is far from any bill being passed, but the fact that legislators are reacting so quickly to the cause is a good sign. They will still have to convince the rest of Congress of their points, but once they get past that we already know how the White House feels. If a good amount of Congress gets behind this bill, it could move pretty quickly into being an actual law.

Via: The Verge

  • Race your hand who is Ateist here….

  • FAL_Fan

    This is all well and good but I think the budget is something they need to spend time working on and actually do something about.

    • Droidzilla

      The longer Congress stays away from a budget, the better (this current crop, at least).

      • FAL_Fan


  • danofiveo

    That is, until the lobbyists for vzw & at&t get their grubby hands on them.

  • DanWazz
  • Guest
  • Danrarbc

    Only one (R) in the total of six so far.

    Guess which letter controls the House?


    • Crockett Kimberlin

      I don’t see any reason that eventually they wouldn’t mostly back it. I think the issue is more that this is a very minor problem with our government and doesn’t need full attention. just because only one (R) has responded so far doesn’t mean they are all against the unlocking of cell phones.

      • JasonIvers

        It’s pretty hard to come out against this one… the only real argument against it is to be against over regulating, but even there, it’s pretty clear that you aren’t causing the company a burden with the regulation.

        Then again, you never know what OTHER crap is going to be stuck in with it… Congress never passes a simple bill, they have to load it up with other junk that otherwise has no real way of making it into law (like funding a bridge to nowhere!).

  • Shaunwin

    Something is very wrong! Our government is actually using logic…

  • I think we need to present one at the White House for making it illegal for carriers to lock bootloaders. Verizon

    • I’m -usually- for the freedom for a company to do what they want and let the market figure things out…


      Since Verizon is providing a service using public resources granted to them for exclusive use (artificial monopoly on the spectrum they got from the FCC), I have absolutely no problem whatsoever imposing rules on them on how to use this resource and limiting what they can do. It’s about time that cell phone companies become classified as utilities (like wireline telephone) and get the same treatment that we gave Ma Bell back in 1984 when they abused their public-granted monopoly.

  • Well, its certainly nice to see our elected officials doing something we ACTUALLY want.

    • Jarred Sutherland

      Very cool news. Glad to see something good being done tech related.

    • MichaelFranz

      yet NY Mayor Bloomberg now wants to ban loud headphones…..

      im serious…

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        How is that soda ban treating ya?

        • MichaelFranz

          lol, lucky for me in not in NYC, but either way its ridiculous. He woudlnt live a lifetime to see results of that. And to be honest a lot of NYC people eat healthy as it is. but whatever blah blah blah…

          so where’s the latest moto X-phone rumors 🙂

        • Reginald Spence II


        • DanKemple

          If anyone drinks a 64oz reg soda they deserve to have the ban. I live in NYC and ppl walk everywhere. It’s the suburbs that are really the problem, driving everywhere.

      • nobyreece

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      • Ian Winchell

        no, your actually not serious, had you been, i’d be your side, all he seems to be doing is putting together a education campaign on hearing loss prevention, probably with some private entity in the music industry, nothing about banning anything, if it comes to that then ok but i never read anything in any info i could find that said anything about a ban. Should it be something they spend a lot of time and money on? No, but not a lot of people are educated as to just how easy it is to damage your hearing.

        • dr wtf

          needs more . and less ,

    • Poon

      No disrespect, but there’s literally a thousand more important items that FedGov should be focusing on than this. This is low hanging fruit for them to attempt to improve their 10% approval rating.

      • I didn’t think I needed to spell out what my post implied. Yes, I agree with you.

        • michael arazan

          Also, how long till the Carrier’s lobbyists pay off the republicans to vote this down?

          • BU

            Because the Democrats do so well for you?

          • BU

            That’s correct they did ban LARGE soda’s in New York….

    • CHURCH!