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Huffington Post Android App Updated, Brings New UI and Offline Reading


The official Huffington Post application for Android received a pretty major face lift today, bringing a whole new look and features to go along with it.  Users can now sign in to Twitter and Facebook for easy sharing, plus the app now gives off this Google+ feel, with blocks of stories going up and down, which is pretty slick. The full feature changelog can be viewed below. 

What’s in this version:

  • New Design
  • Supports articles, blogs, slideshows and videos
  • Sign in with facebook/twitter.
  • Customize your favorite sections with one tap
  • Offline reading
  • Auto-enabled Smartcache to WIFI connection for faster content loading.
  • New comment system and more social features

Play Link

Cheers Terry!

  • Me

    App is broken since update for Samsung Galaxy s, anyone got link to old version?

  • meijin3

    Can’t stand the Huffington Post 😛

  • #Standwithrand 🙂

  • TheDrunkenClam

    The HuffingAndPuffington Post. That liberal, left wing rag that’s shamelessly in the tank for Dictator Hussein Obama.
    Yeah, I’ll pass.

  • Haters, c’mon, look who’s in the bottom left picture of headline .jpg, just in case you haters don’t know, it’s Kate Upton, look her name up, there, now I feel like I’ve got my redemption, haha:)

  • Wow this is getting quite political.

  • KnowYourEnemy462

    Are they praising Rand Paul in the Huffington Post? Hell hath frozen over.

    • Not exactly. And most of the people leaving comments are going with the old standby Bush arguments, or that Paul wouldn’t be doing this if we had a Republican president.

      • Reading those comments can be frustrating. Who knew, back in 2003 when there was a vibrant anti-war movement, that the American Left would turn into authority-loving pseudo-Republicans just 10 years later.

  • harryballs

    Who reads that liberal rag?

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio


  • Haha, maybe I’m the only one who checks out the Huffington Post and thought it was a nice update, oh well:)

    • Droid4LifeDawg

      It’s actually one of my preferred news apps (main homepage with Flipboard, Pocket, and Scope) with Feedly and Guardian UK on the next…

      • Mine too, I like the fact that they cover a wide variety of topics and the main fact is that I always get excited anytime an Android app gets a big update!

  • Ibrick

    What is Huffington Post?
    Seriously, I get tech news coming from them, but then I see celeb news too. It’s such a weird mix of things to cover.

    • Just another cog in the liberal media machine that is propping up the Lightbringer. Think of it as Drudge for liberals: part news aggregator/part commie blog.

      This app will never be installed on my phone.

      • michael arazan

        At least they don’t report false/ fake news like Fox and prey on people using fear mongering tactics. .

        • The entire mainstream media reports false/fake news and preys on people using fear mongering tactics (as does the Democrat party).

  • skinja99

    I just downloaded it and think it is terrible. It is not at all functional.
    I should have waited.

    Does anyone know how to easily switch back to the old format or have the old file handy?


  • Masterminded

    The interface looks nice, but the content… What are they Huffing?

  • Between Pulse, Currents, Talktu, Flipboard and Google Reader I think I can pass on this one.

  • WHO CARES?!?!