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New Chrome Beta for Android Brings Saved Passwords and Autofill to Mobile

Chrome for Android Beta m26

In the newest build of Chrome Beta for Android that was released this afternoon, we finally get password and autofill syncing on mobile. Both are features that have been carried across desktops for some time, but continued to be highly requested for smartphones and tablets, as they eliminate tedious form filling and a need to use your memory. Today is a great day, especially for those of us that have grown tired of re-typing things on mobile that have become automatic on desktops.

We should point out that in order to test out syncing passwords, you’ll need to run the latest Chrome Beta for desktops as well. The feature will roll out in the coming days, so don’t get frustrated if you aren’t seeing it right away.

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Via:  Google Chrome Blog

  • Jay

    What is the difference between Chrome and Chrome Beta?

  • William Shockley

    Still no home button or home page on startup option? I’ll stick with stock.

  • Why am I not seeing these settings?

  • I hate how I can’t use any of my bookmarks with sync disabled. Why can’t they just be stored offline, and be updated when i do enable sync? I just don’t want to know about all the emails i have when i choose to turn it on to get a hold of my bookmarks…

  • triumphtriple

    Can we get god damn QUICK-CONTROLS already!!??!!

    only thing holding me back….

    • 4n1m4L

      I’ve never wanted chrome because of that

  • Tom Z

    How about support for plug-ins like LastPass. This is the reason I’m using Dolphin and not Chrome… If they supported LastPass, I would probably use Chrome more.

  • Kidd_Funkadelic

    I wouldn’t rush to install it. Fling scrolling is somewhat broken. You’ve been warned!

  • Nice time to take a screenshot…lol

  • Daniel Richardson

    I am still waiting for the one finger tap and slide type zoom… Just like Google incorporated into maps awhile back.. I love that feature and think it only makes sense to add that to chrome..

  • Tim242

    Full screen, or GTFO!

  • cmbeid

    I see all these new features, but the ONE thing I want is missing. Full Screen mode.

    • What for? I use a Droid 4 and a TF101, neither ever feel like they could benefit from fullscreen. I’m not condemning your comment, I’m just legitimately curious as to what you’d want it for, a small phone screen?

      • Tim242

        I like full screen browsing. I don’t want to see the status bar while browsing. Every other browser offers it.

      • MichaelSammler

        I use the stock browser as apposed to chrome because of full screen and the darker interface. Makes a bit less scrolling when reading and I think is just looks nicer without the web address sitting on top. I have a 5.3″ screen tho…

  • elemeno

    Not compatible with Nexus 7?

    • Joshua Hamer

      Not compatible with my TF201 on CM10.1 either. Odd – hopefully they’ll notice this and fix it ASAP.

      • Compatible with my EOS4 (JB 4.2.2) TF101 though!

    • BrianLipp

      the N7 incompatibility is because of the new Camera permission (im assuming). That permission requires a back camera, but theres some way to filter out the N7 in the Play Store or something. Dont know why its not working on other tablets