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More Details on Verizon’s Re-validation of Employee Discounts and the Three Ways to Keep Them

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Yesterday, a report surfaced suggesting that Verizon was about to run an audit on their employee discount program. We have some additional details to add to that report, today, including the three ways that you can re-validate your status and continue to receive a discount. As you can probably imagine, the number of discounts that are in use by former employees of companies in the Verizon discount program is likely significant. This is a smart way by Big Red to get the program back under control.

Below, you’ll find information on who is impacted, how Verizon plans to contact you, how long you have to respond, and the 3 ways to make sure you don’t lose your discount.

We should point out that this info is going out as training material to Verizon employees now, so don’t get too excited and start trying to re-validate your discount just yet. This program goes live on April 1 – calling Verizon any time before that is only going to cause headaches for everyone. Be patient, you will have plenty of time to work on keeping your corporate discount in check.

Consumer Employee Discount Re-Validation

Starting on 04-01-2013, Verizon Wireless will begin contacting existing subscribers who are currently receiving a discount on their personal accounts through their employers’ relationship with VZW. In order to verify that these subscribers still qualify to receive these discounts, we will be asking them via email, SMS, and/or direct mail to provide proof of their continued employment. Subscribers that fail to re-validate their discounts within 60 days of their initial notice will have their discount removed.

Who’s Impacted:

  • Subscribers currently receiving an employee discount

What’s Changing:

  • Beginning on 04-01-2013, Verizon Wireless will begin asking customers to re-validate that they qualify for the employee discount they are receiving
  • Subscribers will be provided 60 days to re-validate their employment

Subscribers can re-validate their employment in one of 3 easy ways:

  • Visit re-validation website www.verizonwireless.com/renewdiscount (Preferred) [not live yet]
  • Contact VZW support number 1-800-890-8007
  • Print-on-demand mail-in form which can be obtained via MyVerizon

If no action is taken:

  • The employee discount will be removed
  • Subscribers can visit www.verizonwireless.com/discount to re-apply for their employee discount [not live yet]

And there you have it. Again, the program starts April 1, so if you are receiving a discount, you’ll want to pay attention around that day.

  • Mark Mann

    if they take away employee discounts, will that result in a contract change and them having to let us out of our contracts?

  • PhillipCun

    ah crap….. im going to lose my discount FUHHH

  • Many of these may not be an issue. Sure I’m no longer with the company that gave me a 20% discount… but now I’m with a company that gives me a 17% discount. eh… no worries. Advice… before you freak out, double check to see if your new employer has some deal with them.

    • Dan

      I have similar to you, still on old company at 20%, new job has 18% discount, so it will cost me a couple bucks a month, meh.

  • Christopher Riner

    Ahhhhhh, sh¡t. There goes my discount.

  • Chris Hollenbeck

    “The page you are trying to reach is temporarily unavailable or the page may no longer exist.”

    • Probably be live when the audit actually starts on April 1st.

  • Pokea

    I asked my VZW rep from a corporate VZW store and he took it to his manager who in turn called corporate and NO one knew anything about this.

  • JohnPA2006

    Do I hear the words, “Breach of contract” in my future with Verizon?
    A way to option out of a contract due to changes made on Verizon’s side.

    I think these changes will be applied on the next “re-upping” of contracts.
    To much legal baggage if they try to broadly enforce it against existing contracts.

    • Christopher Riner

      You may have a good point here. Unless Verizon states in the initial contract that the prices will be subject to change upon re examination of your employment status, then they might not have any legal ground to stand on with this one. I’m sure they’ve had their attorneys look it over, but it could be argued.

    • S Bosworth

      No. Your discount is applied to the rate plans your signed a contract on. Your contract has nothing to do with your discount

  • echz

    Will I be able to reverify in store as well? There’s a VZW store right across the street from my job, going there and doing it in person seems like it would be insanely easier than having to deal with it over the phone/online.

  • hushdrops

    If you lose an employee discount, your rate will increase greatly in most cases , as a result would one be able to then without an ETF end the current contract ?

    • Christopher Riner

      I’m thinking it would be too modest of Verizon to do something like that. At the end of the day, they make the most money by keeping you as a customer for as long as they can. I have a hard time imagining them letting you leave a contract without paying the early termination fee.

      I do, however, hope that they will at least let retirees keep their discount. Seniors are on a fixed income and they could possibly lose a lot of business by not offering seniors as well as retired workers at least some kind of discount.

      Knowing Verizon tho, it wouldn’t surprise me to see them lining seniors up canes and walkers and all just to push them down and take their wallets.

  • Wangmuncher3000

    There is another loophole for people that are on,y on single plans. Of course this wouldn’t work unless you have a friend that works for Verizon.

    First do a standard upgrade and lose the unlimited data. While doing the upgrade, make sure they change there plan to something else and future date it. Then the representative has to call into their customer service department and tell them to cancel the price plan change only and boom, you have your unlimited data again.

    • jd

      The unlimited data is removed on the spot with an upgrade, there is no possibility of future dating the new data feature. I am a Verizon CSR, there is no way that would work.

    • Matt

      yeah that’s not going to work at all.

  • Dreamchaser
  • Trevor

    Love when I finally get that employee who doesn’t give a shi and gives me an early upgrade. Those fired heroes should be able to keep their discounts

  • Mike

    lol, my cousin worked for Netflix for like 6 months 5 years ago, still gets free top plan of netflix, like 16 dvds at a time. they don’t even have it anymore. dunno if it was publicly available then but for employees its free.

  • Well, Apparently even t-mobile employees are also eligible for a form of employee discount (only 6% though).

  • Bionic

    Even with my discount my bill issue $174 for my wife and I. Horseshitttt

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      Holy expensive plans batman! I have four lines @ ~$160. unlimited data/text. I got the $20 cred and a former emp discount. now I gotta photoshop some old stubs…

      • Bionic

        What the hell plan you using?

      • Talk & Text Plus Data plan? I’m on that too, but with a 5th line and pay $222/month after fees and taxes and 8% corp discount. So I get 5 lines of unlimited data for less than the cost of 1GB on the new plans.

      • DanSan

        haha time to fire up photoshop!!

    • Mark Mann

      we’re paying ~200 a month, and that is with my walmart employee discount…but that’s 4 lines(2 smartphones and 2 feature phones)…700 minutes and unlimited data…

  • A lot of colleges offer this discount to alums, just have to know your college email and hope they paired with Verizon.

  • This looks like a bad April fools joke. I can’t forsee Verizon doing this.

    • Spider210

      Sadly it is real, just a bad date to implement it

  • Concession account FTW! Way better than any discount.

  • BEwing12

    I was getting a 20% from my old job, now my new job I get a whopping 19%, guess that will do…

    • My old job offered 20. I never switched over because my current job offers 20%. Looks like I have a reason to update my discount profile.

  • Mdburton11

    If you retired will you get to keep it

    • steveliv

      probably not, since the program requires current employment with the company that qualifies you for the discount.

      • Mark Mann

        i don’t know about this discount, but i know that with walmart, any employment related discount you receive by being an employee of walmart(they give tons, believe it or not) you get to keep when you retire

        • steveliv

          Not the case here. You have to show proof that you work there (i.e. paystub, etc). If you no longer work there or are retired you will not have the stub to provide to Verizon.

          • Justin Winker

            Unless your work provides an e-mail address – that’s how I had to register.

          • MrToTo83

            Retired employees will have something that states they retired “pension” that will qualify them. Like it currently does.This is to have them submit the same info they did to get the discount.

    • Mburton11

      Thanks for the information

  • Guest

    Uhm, might want to fix the links from the webmail redirection links that they currently are 🙂 (not that the Verizon pages are live yet)

    • Bewara2009

      Where can I find the working link for it?

  • clackout

    If they remove it does it cancel my contract?

    • Tim242

      No. It is in no way a part of your contract.

  • Eion

    The link for the VZ website probably will not go live until closer to April.

  • Guest

    People the program doesnt start until April 1st. Thats most likely the reason why it doesnt work.

    • They shouldn’t provide a link if that’s the case. I took it as they’ll start officially asking on 4/1 but we can take care of it early if we want.

  • Ivan92116

    I’m still with the employer I originally got the discount however a couple of years ago my company switched from VZW to Sprint as their provider. We were told at the time that existing VZW subscribers would continue to receive the discount but there was no guarantee how long VZW would extend the discount for. I’m guessing my 20% monthly discount is coming to an end….at least I still have unlimited data.

    • MrToTo83

      You can call a store and have them do a business validation to double check.

    • Christopher Riner

      Yeah, who knows, you might be good. If its either them give you a discount or you leave for a sprint tied company phone then they would probably want to keep you. They could be charging us all $50 a month and still be making money.

  • Nick


    • NemaCystX

      I know right? Best damn company to work for, I have yet to find another job I like as much as I did with Circuit City. The pay may have been lower than what I’m getting now but I sure as hell loved that job alot more.

    • Datboijon

      hi fello cc employees i concur about working there. thats gonna screw me over also

  • trd105

    probably cant revalidate because the program doesnt start until april 1

  • Bad idea to start contacting people on April Fool’s Day — they may think it’s a joke and not respond.

    • I think that’s the whole idea. They want people to not respond and lose the discount. Mo money for Verizon…..

      • michael arazan

        So why has Verizon not sent out a Mass E-Mail to customers about this?
        We have 6 lines on a VZW account and still have not yet been informed about this. So I guess Verizon plans on booting a lot of people because they aren’t going to inform them about this audit, until the day after they boot people when everyone sees a bigger bill.

        • Reading comprehension fail or you don’t know what day it is. The article clearly says Verizon will BEGIN ASKING CUSTOMERS on April 1st, 2013.

          • LiterofCola

            I lol’d

  • Chiaroscuro7

    Pl. check your hyperlinks in the quote – are they your source? 😉

  • Ryan

    photo shop old stubs. boom done

    • Tim242

      Great ethics.

      • nightscout13

        Let’s ask Verizon executives about “ethics”

        here’s an example: http://youtu.be/wRT62J80iyI?t=12s

        • Tim242

          If you don’t agree with how a company operates, you choose another one.

          • nightscout13

            But they give me the unlimited GeeBees 😀

          • Tim242

            Me too…for now. We’ll see how long it lasts.

          • nightscout13

            Ya seems they are tightening the noose. They are carefully changing policy that will affect us, without voiding the contract. They are waiting for us to either switch to tiered data, or pay the early termination fees.

          • Tim242

            I wouldn’t even mind going to a tierd plan, if they were more reasonably priced. $130 for two lines to share 1 GB is far from reason. If/when they force me over to that, I will switch. At least at&t doesn’t force you on shared plans. They also give you 3 GB for $30. So, I could get 6 GB for $60 with them, $50 for 1 GB on Verizon. While at&it’s isn’t great, it is at least reasonable.

          • verizonchris

            Verizon isn’t forcing you to go to a shared plan either. You can stay on your old family share plan as long as you want. The only thing they are forcing you to change is your unlimited data plan. If you don’t want the share everything plan, simply switch to the 2gb for $30 per month plan and stay on your old family share plan. That being said, there are a few loop holes in the system that allow you to upgrade and keep your precious unlimited data plan 😉

          • Tim242

            I know of the “loopholes.”. However, I just buy at full price to avoid extending contracts or adding lines. But, I’m sure they will eventually nix it all together and force current customers to the shared plans that new customers have to choose. at&t still has the better deal.

          • BigFonz

            What are some of these “loopholes” you speak of??????????

          • Tim242

            You can upgrade another line, then put your sim in that new phone. Then drop the data plan on that line you upgraded. The other way is to add a line, put your sim in that new phone, drop the data plan on that added line.

          • BigFonz

            But I would still be paying for a line that I´m not using right?

          • Jarred Sutherland

            There are no loopholes. The buy your own phone policy is not a loophole, it is by design. Verizon will force everyone out of unlimited plans, that’s the way it is. If you can’t take losing your plan, I suggest you prepare.

          • Carl

            what are you, the mascot for Verizon ethics? gimme a break.

          • Tim242

            For Verizon ethics, no. For ethics, yes.

          • Carl

            will you ethics pay the extra $30 a month on my bill?

          • Tim242

            If you can’t afford to pay for the service, you find a service that you can afford. The discount is conditional. If you no longer meet those conditions, you don’t deserve the discount.

          • Carl

            i can afford it, I just think it’s ridiculous how Verizon has treated it’s customers over the recent years. but I’m not worried, I’ll find a way to keep that discount.

          • Tim242

            If you don’t like how they treat you/us, then why do business with them? Your logic sounds like that of someone that would steal from your employer, if you didn’t like how they treat you.

          • Carl

            well seeing as how Verizon does not employee me. also i can leave my employer without an repercussions, unlike with Verizon who made me sign a contract. i would gladly leave them if a termination fee wasn’t given out as a part of it.

          • Jarred Sutherland

            Made you sign a contract? Did they have a gun to your head? I would pay to see the video of you signing that contract, because I am pretty sure you did it willingly.

          • Ivo Shandor

            Please explain to me the ethics of monopolizing and price fixing via collusion with the other remaining cellular companies after consuming the smaller companies or driving them out of business as well as non compete contracts for installing cell towers in certain areas. You can shove your business “ethics” right up your pie hole. The cellular companies in Europe and Asia charge a fraction of the price that we’re getting gouged with for crummier service. Ethics indeed. Take your pious, holier-than-thou attitude and sell it to some idiots that will believe it because nobody here is gonna fall for that garbage.

          • Tim242

            If you don’t like the way they do things, you have a lot of other more affordable choices. The sheer number of prepaid and MVNO carriers blows your logic right out of the water. Stop making excuses for your lack of good ethics.

          • Ivo Shandor

            First of all, I didn’t say I was doing anything unethical. My wife gets a discount of 20% through her work which we will continue to get as she still works there. Second of all the prepaid cards are either from the same companies or piggy back on their networks at higher rates than their already over priced contract rates, so it seems your logic is flawed, not mine. Lastly, YOU are the one who quickly defended Verizon against an “unethical” customer implying that the people who are already being taken advantage of by Verizon are somehow supposed to “play by the rules” while Verizon continually changes them on you. Your flippant remark about “a lot of other affordable choices” is just wrong. Some people have no other service where they live, others are locked in contracts they can’t afford to terminate. When they signed these contracts the discount applied. If it no longer does then the “ethical” thing to do would be to let these people out of their contracts, wouldn’t it?

          • Tim242

            Straight Talk piggy backs, but costs much less. T-Mobile has a $30 plan. Virgin is quite cheap. I just covered all the networks for you, by naming just a few much cheaper options. Employer discounts are not part of your contract. As a matter of fact, most people don’t even add them until many months later. The discount is conditional. That condition is that you are employed by that company. You agree to that condition when they apply the discount. I don’t know why you don’t understand simple logic. I know, you are just one of those that like to whine and complain. Verizon, nor any company owes you a discount. They negotiate it with employers. It is a benefit for working there. Just like all company benefits, you lose them when you depart.

          • Ivo Shandor

            You are obviously not buying prepaid because the limits and fees they tack on are not cheaper per minute. And as for the employee discount I’m going to put this as simply as possible for you. When I compared prices with other carriers Verizon factored in our discount BEFORE we signed our contract. BEFORE not after. That was a key factor when signing the contract for a 2 year period. IF our contract were up I have no problem providing the information again. Otherwise it’s a breach of contract, Verizon must allow the person out of the contract with no penalty. This would be akin to buying a new car and getting an employee discount but having that discount dispersed over the span of 60 months equally each month. If that person lost his/her job and the loan increased because the employee discount were retracted. The notion is absurd. Verizon either allows people to opt out of the contract with no penalty or the are violating the terms.

          • Tim242

            Let me put this as simple as I can. Employee discounts are not part of your contract. Price plans are not part of your contract. It’s for that reason you can change your plan at any time without penalty. Your contract is to pay for your subsidized phone, that is all. I think I know a little bit about cell phone contracts, since I work in a corporate cell phone store.

          • Ivo Shandor

            Never said employee discount was part of the contract. I said that it was used to get me to sign the contract. They factored it in to the bottom line monthly price so that their price was the best rate each month. That is the reason i signed the contract. BTW my parents both retired last year and had a discount. They already called Verizon and were told the discount would be honored the remainder of their contract. I can only imagine what “corporate cell phone store” you work for because price plans ARE absolutely a part of the contract. If Verizon decided to start charging $100 a month for 500 minutes of talk my contract doesn’t change. Period. I still pay $39.99 for 500 minutes (or whatever the rate was). And if my wife and I already both had phones then why did we have to sign another 2 year contract if the only reason to sign a contract is to subsidize a phone? Also, and I’m not totally sure on this one, but I believe you can only add service to your contract. If you try to change something I’m pretty sure they make sign another 2 year agreement. I’m not sure how things work there at Simple Jack’s Cell Phone Surplus where you work, but it sounds like they may be on the crooked side if they can change the agreed to rate price at any time.

          • Tim242

            Corporate discounts are not part of your contract, period. It is conditional upon continued employment. You can change plans at any time without extending your contract. Contracts are in place to pay off your subsidized phone….hence the $350 ETF. You can claim all you want that you were enticed by a discount to sign the contract. In the end, that is not in your contract. Did you read it? You sound like the typical ignorant customer that thinks you know it all. This reminds me of when insurance went up. Everybody cried foul and wanted out of their contract. It isn’t part of your contract either and can be dropped by you, or Asurion at any time. Bottom line: It may suck to lose your discount, but you knew the terms of the discount when you agreed to it, and it does not affect your contract.

          • CapnShiner

            Name an MVNO that uses Verizon’s network. I think there might be one. Most of them use Sprint or T-Mobile’s networks.

          • Joshua Jacobs

            Page plus and straight talk

          • Carl

            amen i say to that!!! preach.

          • LegalAmerican

            Ivo has a good point. Someone somewhere has no morals or ethics, so that justifies him breaking the law, screwing people over, and being an overall dirtbag. Because hey, someone else might not be a great person. What a world we live in. Justification for lying and cheating and not feeling slightly remorseful. I had a problem with Verizon, so guess what I did? I left them! Crazy thought eh? I guess I could have robbed homes, broken into cars, and done all sorts of illegal activity because of some life that someone else chose to live. And that isn’t being “holier than thou”, that’s having morals.

          • Jarred Sutherland

            Don’t try to reason with people on the internet, they left their brain in another room.

          • Christopher Riner

            Tim, I agree on your position and admire your standing for it.. but I gotta admit, what Carl said was pretty funny.

          • Christopher Riner

            Ahh haha

          • Jarred Sutherland

            Saddens me how many people think as you do. You seem to think that Verizon owes you something. They do not. I hate Verizon for their business practices as much as the next guy, which is why I have dumped them as of this month and moved to a more affordable pre-paid plan.

            Two wrongs don’t make a right, no matter how you try and justify it.

          • frankandsimple

            Spoken like a typical Shill for Big corporations!. Tell the same when your kid is in the hospital and they bill you 100 dollars for a pill of asprin or 50 dollars for a beanie hat for your infant and god forbid, you don’t have medical insurance. Would love see them tell you to your face. “Why didn’t take your kid to another hospital..” or “why didn’t you just get your wife to deliver at home”.

            You see, your argument makes no sense because we DO NOT live in a free market society. If only you understood how these big corporations are bending us over and screwing us…. so go back to your Verizon Kiosk!

          • Tim242

            A smartphone on a premier carrier is a luxury, just as driving a sports car. Comparing that to healthcare is beyond ridiculous.

          • frankandsimple

            Expecting big corporations to play by the rules and not implement their predatory fixing policies on consumers is NOT a luxury. It is how it should be. You are ridiculous.

      • TheDrunkenClam

        Dude, this isn’t a morality contest.

    • Carl

      that’s exactly what I’ve done already.

  • Link to renew discount doesn’t work. Leads to cellular sales outlook page.

  • blazingwolf

    Link abovve sends you to an Outlook sign in page. If you just type in the address you get a page error from Verizon Wireless.

  • chris125

    how do you validate it via the site? It takes me to an outlook page not sure what the username and password is supposed to be?

  • Sammy Brence

    Website dont work. For, one you gotta copy and paste the address.. else it takes you to someone’s Outlook account.. But the Verizon site for the renew dont work.

    • Because if you had read the the letter you would have seen it doesnt open until 4/1/2013 or April 1st 2013

      • Thomas Wolfe

        Based on his spelling ability, I think he missed that part….

  • cjlee89

    Links go to outlook sign in for cellular sells?

    • LegalAmerican

      WE GOT IT! How many times are you people going to say that the dumb link takes you to an outlook account ? Obviously it isn’t working. Move on with your life and maybe try again in a few days. Effing shiz.

  • CaptainHowdy13

    I guess my military discount I have been enjoying for the last 6 years is about to dry up 🙁

    • joeschmoe

      if you’re not still in the service you don’t deserve that benefit. get over it.

      • Concerned citizen

        People who no longer work for a company shouldn’t continue to get it, but this guys a military veteran. I think he deserves it forever for his service. Have some respect. thank you for your sacrifice CaptanHowdy13

        • Although I appreciate the Military, a company should not have to provide lifelong discounts on services because someone served.

        • Christopher Riner

          Amen, brother

      • Anon

        Get over your rudeness, eh?

    • Lactose_the_Intolerant

      Re-enlist? :p

    • CB

      retired military with a DD214 (I think) are eligible to receive the same discount

    • Eion

      Far as I know you should still be able to keep a military discount. And yes Ryan a company should not have to be forced to provide discounts to those who served in the military. But most every company I know do provide it as respect to those who served.

    • Matt

      If you are a retired military veteran or government employee you will continue to be eligible for the discount. You just have to provide docs,