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Google Takes Aim at Amazon Prime, Building a Same Day Express Shopping Service

Google Checkout Express

According to an inside source, Google is preparing a new online shopping service called “Google Shopping Express.” The service is said to be a direct competitor to Amazon’s Prime and eBay Now, delivering same-day packages from major retailers such as Target and Walmart. The source stated that the service will be cheaper than Prime, costing $10-$15 less than the $80 Amazon asks for their service. 

Apparently, the service is already in testing with some Google employees, but there is no word on when a full scale launch could take place.

The question is, would this get Kellex to drop his Prime subscription? We shall see!

Via: TechCrunch

  • Who cares? I get really fast shipping with Amazon’s Super Saver option anyway.

  • joejoe5709

    One more step toward Google’s dominance of every aspect in our lives.

  • Guillermo Robles

    My cousin works for Google doing this! No BS. Feels good to sorta have an inside scoop 🙂

  • I will never get rid of my Amazon Prime, there is way too much built in value.


    Soooo shoprunner but same day shipping? I figure it’ll be more like 2nd day because same day is expensive as hell. Still, it’ll be nice if they support a lot of stores.

  • Adam Neighbors

    Comments are so negative. I for one am super excited for a Google shopping service.

  • TSY87

    considering the headache I encountered when I purchased my nexus 7, I am EXTREMELY hesitant to purchase anything from/through google ever again. Good luck with their customer service if a package is lost in transit.

  • Rodney Romenesko

    Yeah, but do I get Prime like video included?

    • Futbolrunner

      Thats what I was thinking.

    • New_Guy

      Not to mention that no one really pays $80 for Prime. It always goes on sale for $40. I don’t know anyone who’s bought it for the full price yet.

      • athom07

        Students get the first year at 50% (which can be done at a MAX of 2x per student account) but Amazon does not offer the $39 dollar plan (that only lasts for a MAX of 2 years and usually only 1 year) to every average Amazon user. They do offer the first 30 days free however.

        • New_Guy

          Don’t forget about Amazon Mom as well. Parents can get the same benefits as students if your search Amazon Mom in the search bar.

        • Chris

          I have Prime with Amazon student. i got 1 month free and I am now paying $39 a year for 4 years for Prime!

      • VoiceofSky

        i payed the full price TWICE ..so now you can say you know someone that does lol.. I don’t regret paying full price and have saved hundreds on Shipping as i buy basically everything off amazon ..Definitely worth it either way ,and i don’t even use Instant Video (netlfix is better imo) 🙂

        • New_Guy

          Haha! Indeed :). By any chance, do you have children? If so, you can take advantage of Amazon Mom (you can be a dad too). It’s practically the same as Amazon Student.

      • I paid full price. I think mine is up soon. If you see it again for $40, let me know! Thanks!!

  • user311

    Rumor has it that they will be using unmanned cars/drones to take care of the shipping. Which would of course be pretty badass.


  • JoshGroff

    Are they also going to be offering unlimited streaming/free 2 day shipping and what not?

    • tbone

      what not is extra.

  • Google can’t even sell a phone or tablet efficiently. Don’t try to beat Amazon at their own game..

    • Jon Lambert

      Google doesn’t sell the things. They only facilitate the shipping.

  • Charles Hobbs

    Wait, let google handle fulfillment again? But I don’t want to wait 3 months for my Nexus …errr I mean my sneakers

    • Austin Warren

      That wasn’t their fault you fool.

      • tomn1ce

        how was that not google’s fault….LG wasn’t going to make more devices then what the client asked for…Google messed up with N4….

        • michael arazan

          Next time Google releases the New Nexus, Google should give away E-tickets to preorder the nexus just to see how many people are going to be buying the day of its release, just to gauge how popular and how much they’ll need. Since they are afraid of being stuck with thousands of devices its seems.
          I wanted a Nexus 4, but I’ll never use t-mo again, and Att sucks in St.Louis.

    • user311

      Lol, just don’t buy LG crap. I learned that years ago.

  • Warwick

    The service price. Is that monthly?



  • etg9

    I really have no desire for Google to do this. I really think Amazon does a great job in the buying stuff market and I wish Google would figure out how to make technology better for me not use all my advertising information to sell me crap.

    • nexusplay

      Why is everyone so averse to competition? Amazon advertises crap to you right now with your information, don’t be naive, every company keeps track of everything you do. Anyways, this is for other retailers to plug into, such as walmart, target, etc.

      • user311

        Indeed, this will greatly help a lot of Brick and Mortars to stay open. What retailer doesn’t want to get in on this and help stick it to Amazon who’ve been raping their sales numbers unhindered and opposed for years now. Hopefully my prime membership price will go down too!


      This isn’t Google being a store, it’s Google adding an incentive to use retailers that use Google Checkout. Have you heard of shoprunner? It sounds a lot like that.