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Xperia ZL Confirmed By Sony for US Launch, Elusive Red Version Coming Soon

Xperia-ZL_US_6-640x428 (1)

Add another good looking Sony device to the list of phones that Verizon will never see according to a new listing on Sony’s web store. The Xperia ZL has been confirmed by Sony to be hitting our shores sometime in the near future, the only problem is that it will be SIM-unlocked. This means that AT&T and T-Mobile customers can pick up this 5″ full-HD device and swap out their SIM cards if they wish. 

Sony didn’t come out and announce a price or a release date for this phone, but Xperia Blog has reason to believe that we could see it going on sale before the end of this month. The phone comes unlocked, but supports LTE bands 1, 2, 4, 5 and 17, not Band 13 which Verizon uses. In addition to black and white, customers will even be able to buy a red version of the device that has been hard to find up until this point. We’ll be keeping an eye out for this device as it makes its way to our shores.


Via: Xperia Blog

  • If Verizon gets this phone, they’ll plaster their logo all over it rendering it ugly.

  • Tech Pro

    Sony has a way to design squares. I would love to have thos one. How is Sony update their Android cell phones?

  • Dain Laguna

    Such a stunning piece of hardware. i actually dont even mind the skin. and onscreen buttons ftw.

    can you even imagine a sony nexus? Good God man….

  • master94

    I want that phone. Beautiful, front facing camera in the bottom will make it easier to skype

  • “Elusive Red Version Coming Soon”
    What Elusive? lol

  • R

    BTW, it only makes sense to put the camera at the bottom. during a video call when the camera is above, it gives the person on the other end the impression that your eyes are closed. I’ve long believed that the camera belongs at the bottom.

  • R

    My next phone!

  • paul_cus

    I’m thinking I might just get this in red, it looks really good. I’m getting tired of waiting for the purple Z that supports LTE here.

  • jer85008

    Man, I’m on my last contract with Verizon for sure. No X-Phone any time soon, Nexus BS, and now this. Done done done.

  • Manthas

    “… the only problem is that it will be SIM-unlocked.”

    Wait a second, why is this a problem? Is it because you won’t be able to get a carrier subsidy for on contract purchasing? Honest question, I am just not sure where this comment is coming from since the next line makes it sound like a good thing to me:

    “This means that AT&T and T-Mobile customers can pick up this 5″ full-HD device and swap out their SIM cards if they wish.”

    • La2da

      I think it implies disappointment in the phone not going to Verizon.

      • Mallahet

        Would also mean that it’d need CDMA radios and the Verizon LTE band. My guess is that phone manufacturers don’t even want to bother. More hassle to include the CDMA, I assume.

  • Dave

    So what happens when the phone has such little bezel and your case starts bumping touch points?

    • Liderc

      Don’t use a case.

      • Dave

        True, but if a phone goes big and mainstream (which this one never will) people are going to want cases. Personally I don’t care.

  • nightscout13

    Thin bezel FTW. Now lets just eliminate bezels all together, and we have a winner.

  • dieringer scott

    I would buy this. Im just scared I would miss Verizon’s coverage.

    • R

      Leave VZW b4 it’s too late! If their customers keep leaving, maybe they will find their head…if you know what I mean?

    • Dave

      I was leery to leave VZW because of their coverage is so great, however straight talk att sim, and I’ve had 0 coverage issues, and I get 6 meg downloads, not bad @ 45 a month on a nexus 4

  • im not a huge sony phone fan but imma lookin and imma likin

    • I absolutely adore Sony’s design choices. They’ve always captured that sense of professional elegant, and cool all in one.

  • Eunice M. Hyslop

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  • El Big CHRIS

    Damn it man I hope the Z actually makes it to VZW. I want to have the option between that and the rumored Xphone. We always get shafted at VZW

    • R

      Got you by the balls. You could always leave VZW!!!

      • El_Big_CHRIS

        Honestly I would but I have a 4 line family plan with unlimited data/text for $160/month. If i went somewhere else I’d loose the discounts. I will leave when they do away with my unlimited data tho

        • sirmeili

          Buy a new phone and you lose it..that simple. So next phone you upgrade, you lose your unlimited data. No reason to stay if you’re going to get a new phone.

          At least that is my understanding and why I will be leaving when my contract is up.

          • El_Big_CHRIS

            You’re right. Luckily my mom and sisters upgraded before the deadline last year with the SGS3, so theyre OK. I on the other hand will buy full price, which is OK, as long as its the right phone

          • sirmeili

            If you’re paying full price, then why not move to something like StraightTalk where you can still get unlimited data, voice and texting at less than 1/2 the cost? No LTE, but at least for me, It would be worth the savings. Maybe your family plan works out cheaper though, and if so, I understand.

  • chris125

    Wish they would put this on Verizon.

  • Q’s

    I actually like the look of this phone. I’m on Verizon so I won’t be able to aquire this device just yet, but I do like the bezel quite alot.

  • CharlesJorgenson

    Happier every day that i left Verizon, i loved their speed and coverage, but they were going to dick me out of unlimited data AND charge me more money per month merely for buying a new phone from THEM and staying with their service. Punish your loyal customers, quick way to lose them.

    • Jarred Sutherland

      I’m so close to being a full time T-Mobile customer .. March 26th can’t get here fast enough.

    • Want to switch to AT&T, I loved being on T-Moblie but their network is weaksauce.

    • Plus, they take a well designed phone and actively make it uglier with their hideous color scheme.

    • Verizon is pathetic. I mean, what other carrier puts their logo on the home button of the Galaxy series other than them? It is a total eye sore, but Verizon gives a crap about ruining your phone you paid for.

  • Love It

  • DJyoSNOW

    For all the on screen key lovers?!?!?

  • dannyWHITE

    Not that I plan on purchasing this device but i’m glad I switched to AT&T from Verizon. More options when it comes to smartphones is a plus!

  • NexusMan

    Fake Droid DNA

    • Austin Warren

      Looks nothing like a DNA

      • NexusMan

        Red accents look something like a DNA

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          No it doesn’t. Design wise the DNA isn’t even as good looking as this.

          • Ron_Swanson

            I don’t know about that.

          • LionStone

            Agreed. This Sony looks nice but not quite as nice as the DNA.

          • Besides the red along the sides the DNA looks like any other HTC phone. Not that they look bad, but this phone stands out design wise to me

          • LionStone

            The DNAs cascading screen, thin sides and curved back are different from their other phones. Which is why I think it looks better than this Sony. The flat back isn’t that great and their big buttons look clunky to me, not as refined.

        • Austin Warren

          So every red phone is a DNA now?

  • Tim242

    Blah, on screen buttons wasting space.

    • Austin Warren


    • It’s a 5″ screen… I think it will be fine 🙂

      • Tim242

        That’s the problem. I want all 5 inches, not just 4.7″.

        • Austin Warren

          That’s what she said

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          You want all 5 inches of the homescreen?… If you go into ANY app the buttons disappear.

          • Just stop humoring him. he obviously doesn’t understand that the removed the space the buttons would had gone to make the screen bigger…so he could “use all that screen” in games and video.

          • I disagree.

          • Tim242

            No they do not. Have you used the Nexus?

          • Jimneezy

            Have you ever used “Pie controls”?

          • Jared Carter

            …No they don’t. Actually very little apps minimize the nav bar… How would you Nav away from the app?

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      WHAT? Have you ever us…….. you know what I give up.

      • Tim242

        I used a Galaxy Nexus for a year. My main reason for using a custom ROM was to shrink the buttons.

    • nightscout13

      They hide during video use

      • Tim242

        I spend most of my time in the browser and other apps. They take up precious browsing space.

        • and if they were hardware buttons they’d be using that SAME space where the software buttons are except then you wouldn’t get that extra space when watching videos or in a game

    • JetBlue

      Just install PA and use PIE

  • EC8CH

    Wow… great phone for all the bezel haters out there.