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Verizon Audit of Employer Discounts Incoming, Days of Using Your Previous Company’s May Come to an End

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If your current or previous employment included a perk that included a discount on your Verizon Wireless bill, you may be asked by Verizon in the coming weeks to validate your status in order to continue receiving that same discount. According to a report out of PhoneArena, Verizon plans to run an audit of sorts starting April 1, to clear out old discounts from customers who are no longer with eligible companies or who have left companies yet are still receiving slashed plan pricing. 

Starting April 1, customers will have 60 days to validate their status. Through SMS, mail, or email, Verizon will ask that you prove that you are still entitled to a discount on your account. Approval will likely happen through a Verizon-hosted website asking you to provide a related work email address. I’m guessing you’ll also be able to verify in person.

Sad news indeed, as I know there are many in the community who have enjoyed long discounts from previous employers up to 25% off their monthly bill, along with discounts at up to 25% on accessory purchases.

Stay tuned for more news on this as we get closer to April.

Via:  PhoneArena

Cheers Robert!

  • dm33

    I can’t believe people trying to defend Verizon. What sheep.

    Why does Verizon ever offer discounts? Ever think of this? Its not like someone is stealing service. Verizon offered a discount and gained a customer, typically on a contract. Verizon doesn’t need to offer anyone a discount. Its their choice.

    Its simply a way to encourage more people to sign up. Now they’re trying to get rid of the discounts. Its Verizon’s choice. They are announcing that they want to charge everyone more. They don’t need to try and get customers. They already have more than they need. They raise prices, add fees, remove discounts.

    There is no credible competition. This is what an uncompetitive telecommunications market looks like and acts like.

    • Tim242

      The discount is conditional upon your continued employment. Do you get to keep other company benefits when you leave? I can’t stand this attitude that some people have like they are owed so much.

      • dm33

        Its not an employee benefit. Its not like the employer paid for it. Verizon chooses to offer a discount to get more customers. Its like a sale. Verizon can make up whatever they want. They can discourage new customers if they’d like because they have little credible competition.

  • NexusMan

    This is nothing new. They just don’t do it frequently. I’ve had a Verizon discount through my employer for the past 8 years, and they’ve only re-verified twice before.

  • jra716


  • inferno588

    the fact that people are going crazy goes to show the reason why Verizon is doing this audit. Obviously people are taking advantage of a company discount where they no longer work. I think Verizon is in its own right to do this audit. The phone contract and plan are no where linked and discounts are a employeer benefit provided to its employees. If you are planning on leaving Verizon over this, then you were the reason the audit is happening. Taking advantage of the system.

  • The face

    Have any of you actually read your contracts its on you changeing to the price of the phone at za two year discounted price nothing to do with your monthly charges they can change how much ou pay at any time as for the eMployee discount that is a agreement worth the employer that as long as this person remains employed we give them a discount nobody is entitled to them.

  • Hmm, that’s good timing, since I will be with the same job that gives me a discount until the end of April. I guess I will have to verify that soon so I can keep my discount.

  • NemaCystX

    Just another reason for me to leave Verizon, I still have my Circuit City discount, but I already told them, the day they remove that, I’m gone, I can get cheaper service without my discount elsewhere.

    • Tim242

      Because they owe you a discount for once working at a company that is no longer in business. Attitudes like yours are sickening.

      • Ronaldo

        Your continued racist behavior has been noted and reported to the proper authorities. Racist.

  • nightscout13

    Uh-oh. My last employer gave me 23% off. My current employer can give me only 20%. Annually, that’s a $40 difference… More reason to leave Big Red

  • Mike

    I called like 2 years ago and badgered some poor girl into giving me a data discount plan that was only meant for business customers in the midwest…not touching that s**t

  • Chris Hollenbeck

    Verizon once asked me to validate my employment over two years ago. They asked for a copy of a payroll check. I had my ID and business card, wasn’t good enough for them. On my last purchase 5 months ago the subject never came up.

  • Granted

    If it is not this, it would be something else to help them squeeze more money out we proverbial cash cows. While I do not think they are necessarily wrong in this instance, the reason I do not like it, is because it is just a sick trend for Whorerizon to find any bogus way they can to take more money. If this was an isolated incident, fine, it makes sense. But, for me, anything they do to deprive or incur more fees for the customer just makes me that much more angry. With stupid crap like upgrade fees, early upgrade fees, etc. I’d say people doing this actually come out even, when you consider all the heinous ways that Whorerizon tries to nickel and dime the crap out you.

    It may not happen today, tomorrow, this year. But, at some point customers are going to stop looking at great service ad stop being apologists and lickspittles, and start to see how greedy and corrupt, Whorerizon truly is.

  • Adam Cox

    “Hi, I’m calling to inform you that i’m no longer with “company X” and am no longer entitled to my 20% discount. Please remove from my account and charge me the correct price “- said no Vzw customer ever

  • Been getting a 15 percent discount for 2.5 years now.. Haven’t worked there for two years

  • droidify

    That is fine. I will just stop paying for the tether package. I feel like a dumbass for paying for it anyway when there are so many options like foxfi. I will be paying less after removing the hotspot and the discount.

  • Tom

    I would have removed my discount from my previous employer when I changed jobs had there been a way to do so on the site. I cannot find it anywhere. I only hope they understand this and don’t try to back bill me for 4+ months of a 17% discount to my bill.

  • Toby

    I still have my Flextronics discount from when I worked as a tech at a VZW corporate store. I know i dont deserve to have it, but VZW voluntarily got rid of my and hundreds of other tech positions a year and a half ago so I just neglected to change it. had to come to an end some time soon

  • Spider210

    The people complaining about this reminds me of the people that complain that they don’t get a student discount even tho they graduated years ago.

  • Scott H

    I can’t be mad at Verizon about it, but it doesn’t mean I should be “happy” to lose the discount (for purely financial reasons, of course). I’ve never once been asked by Verizon if I still work at that company. (which I just left in October after over 11 years) It is what it is – less money in my pocketbook I guess…

  • That would change your contract plan pricing, correct? So if you are on contract, they guarantee a certain price. Upping the price would invalidate the contract.

    • Spider210

      No basically that means you have been receiving a discount you are not qualified for, If you are eligible for the discount you should nothing to worry about.

  • jer85008

    I often wondered about this. I have a family plan with Verizon, five lines total. My company gets a 19% discount so it saves me almost $500 per year. I don’t blame them for checking up on this, that’s a big chunk of change.

  • Stevedub40

    Damn it! There goes my discount. I was wondering when they were going to catch on 🙁

  • Dan

    Oh well, switch from my old employee discount at 20% to my new one at 18%, not a big deal, I’m surprised they hadn’t verified earlier, it’s been almost 5 years.

  • Damn, I knew I couldn’t count on my $28 bill from when I worked at Best Buy to last forever. Time to start saving up for the extra $70 coming each month

  • Luke Grissom

    Well, it looks like my 21% discount is finally coming to an end. Of course I left that job almost 5 years ago. I cant be too sour considering I only worked at that place for 6 months and have enjoyed their discount for this many years! Fortunately my current job also has a discount, just not as much. 17% I think.

  • LTE4G

    I told them years ago, that i didnt work there, and they said oh… just keep it… I’m like whatever verizon… it’s only been 7 years since I worked there now…

    I have another employer that I can get a discount via… so

  • Tom Z

    Sounds fair to me…

  • La2da

    Wow. I still get my discount through Circuit City!

    • KG

      Same! At least we got a bonus 4 years out of it…

      • La2da

        They’ve gutted my old location and made it a Jo-Ann fabric store. Most here in Denver were used as Halloween stores, then sat empty the rest of the year. It’s eerie to shop in a dead version of your old, dead company. When they take my discount, they will end up taking a part of me that is very dear. At least I still have a shirt.

  • Jarred Sutherland

    Glad I am out of the grasp of Verizon at the end of this month.

  • benjamin Kilar

    What about the armed forces? They receive 15% off a month, now they don’t?

  • Jame Evans

    well i just went to my employee website and it says “This offer is valid only for current xxxxxxx employees. Your contract may
    be subject to a 2 year renewal when a corporate discount is applied. The
    discount may take up to 1-2 billing cycles to appear on your account,
    and Verizon has the right to change rates and conditions at any time. If
    your employment status at xxxxxx changes during the 2 year contract, the
    discount lasts until the end of contract but cannot be renewed. Please
    see merchant site for full terms and conditions.” so maybe it wont be so bad for some until the end of the contract.

    • Jame Evans

      oh yeah if they do say you have 60 days to respond you could possibly talk to CS and ride it out til the end of your contract.

    • This sounds more fair.

  • ChrisGnex

    NOOOOOOOOO! I am getting about 20% taken off and I was wondering when the free ride would end. The discount was one of the reasons I was staying with Verizon as nobody else was as competitive. Now however I guess I will need to shop around once my contract is up.

  • Jonathan Rose

    Can anyone remember the last Pro consumer initiative Verizon has implemented? Nope? Ya me neither. Whether right or wrong, they just continue to harrass customers for every last penny while continuing to make record profits.

    • Scott H

      While this has a negative impact on myself, I can hardly fault VZ for taking actions to end discounts to customers that don’t “deserve” them.

  • Dave

    I’m surprised they haven’t done this sooner, actually. Not a big deal and no one should complain, really, since a company discount should only work if you’re still employed with said company.

  • could be worse

    I admit, I receive an 8% discount from a company for which I no longer work. One of the owners left and took his piece of the business (and me) with him. However, as soon as my contract is up I’m going to get a company phone anyway so I’ll pay the 8% for the two or three months then no pay anything after that.

  • Gary

    At this point I will leave them If I am asked to pay even more money. I give them over 200 a month already and thats with some 20% discount.

  • noc007

    Almost thought I was screwed. After checking a few of my new employer’s domains, looks like I won’t be negatively affected. I just need to get VZW the new info.

  • Andrew

    I haven’t been with the company responsible for my discount since fall 2010. When I tried to switch to a BETTER discount with my wife’s company, they would only do it by cancelling my account and opening a new one (thus voiding our unlimited plans). If they cancel my old discount without letting me easily update… I’ll probably just bitch and whine and take it until some other carrier offers LTE speeds in my area.

  • GJV

    I don’t often side with Verizon, but I have to side with them here. A customer is not entitled to an employee discount as a perk of employment with a company when they are no longer employed by that company.

    Those of you complaining about your contract, go back and look at your contract. The prices listed are always pre-discount. Frankly, Verizon might be within its rights under the contract to deny you the discount until the contract has expired or you agree to a new contract. Chances are their contract with your employer is more important to them so they wouldn’t do that to you.

    Frankly, I’m surprised they didn’t do this sooner.

  • George Fayad

    Well i had a good run.

  • Croq

    I’m surprised they haven’t already done this. Fortunately, my 19% discount is still valid, even if they do decide to check…

    Though since they switched to data share, the amount that actually gets the 19% discount is much less as they don’t discount the main line’s $40 access charge.

  • Mudokon83

    I had a discount on a company I had left for a year+ afterwards, they never checked so I just left the 6 percent discount on there until recently.

    It’d be funny to see afterwards how many people were coasting on a discount that they weren’t valid for anymore.

  • Warwick

    BS. My company gets 22% off.

  • Four more months till the T-Mobile switch…!!!!!!

    • Tim242

      Your excitement will die quickly when you find yourself in Edge 99% of the time.

  • Brandon Hadley

    I honestly don’t see what the problem is. It seems people just want to find reasons to complain about Verizon even when the claims aren’t legitimate. You get a discount as part of your benefits for working for a certain employer. If you continue to somehow get it after you leave that employer even though you aren’t supposed to how can you possibly accuse Verizon of being greedy when they are just removing something you shouldn’t have to begin with?

    • Tim242

      Hush! You’re making too much sense!

  • Monthly take home drops by $60 due to HCR, now my cellphone bill will be going up by $20. Great.

  • WCDave

    Its outrageous that I should leave a company, and not be entitled to discounts for the rest of my time with Verizon. Just one more reason to leave.

    …are you serious? Expecting to get a discount for no valid reason is no justification to blame Verizon.

    • NemaCystX

      As far as the discount goes, your entitled to it if you sign a certain agreement per employer, which most have done. Your entitled to that discount so long as your a Verizon Wireless subscriber, So unless you’ve seen such an agreement or know otherwise, stuff it!

      • AverageRandomJoe

        That all depends on the terms of the agreement from a legal standpoint. I am sure that they are smart enough that the terms include language that an employer discount only applies while you are employed with that employer. I am not with Verizon, but don’t you get locked down when you get a new phone. That means you entered into a new contract would be my guess. I would be more inclined to believe that Verizon with its long agreement term, legal speak and tiny print has some legal way out of it. Prove that they didn’t insert that language. Besides, they know they would get sued and have a PR nightmare if that language didn’t exist and they did this. Legally, I doubt they can’t do this. Those that call them jerks for not letting you get an employer discount while you don’t work for that employer seem like entitled little brats.

      • Tim242

        That is not true of any carrier. Sprind revalidates at every upgrade. It is absolutely contingent uponcontinued employment.

      • The general Verizon Wireless subscriber agreement allows Verizon to alter the terms– you’re then free to respond by canceling with no early termination fee.

      • WCDave

        In two of my previous jobs, I didn’t sign anything like an agreement. I stuck my email address in at VZW’s page and got a discount. End of story for me in that regard. I can only assume you are a lawyer, based both on your apparent insider knowledge of VZW ELEU agreements and your thorough arguments, so I won’t disagree. “Employee discounts” as opposed to “former employee” discounts, is all I’m saying. If you are as passionate about the subject and confident in your understanding of the legality of it, you should perhaps address your concerns to VZW’s legal team? I’m sure there would be many soon-to-lose-discount former employees who would support you. Good luck!

  • yankeesusa

    Really? People complaining about losing a discount that your only entitled to if you work for the company? The discount is not for the length of your 2 year agreement. It’s for the time that you work at the company that entitles you to the discount. No wonder Verizon raises prices, to compensate for the liars and cheats.

  • Havoc70

    PHAQ Verizon

  • New_Guy

    Just one more reason, out of many, that this month will be my last with VZW. Hello T-Mo…

    • Tim242

      Really? STFU

      • New_Guy

        Yep, really…one more reason of many, many reason. Control yourself…

  • hippo

    Great… leaving my job this week so I’ll lose my discount. At least my contract is done soon, and this will make the decision to leave verizon easier.

  • Still working at my company that gives me my huge, whopping 8% discount.

    By Graphar’s hammer, what a savings!

  • John

    Shiet. I’m about to leave my employer & was hoping I’d get to keep that discount, too.
    Hell, maybe it’ll be the light under my a ss that I need to switch carriers.

    • Tim242

      Switch to another carrier with no discount either, yep that makes sense.

      • John

        Ya but where I’m moving to won’t force me to stay with VZW. I need them right now for coverage, but I’ll be living in downtown Chicago. I’m sure other carriers with more competitive prices will not be an issue.

  • What if you don’t have a work email?

    • violator702

      You’ll have to show them a copy of your badge, pay stub, etc.

  • ijs

    You don’t work there anymore but you should still receive a discount for working there? I don’t get the outrage sounds like good business to me. it’s not a non profit.

  • chris125

    Well just one less thing verizon has going for them. Pretty soon the only good thing about them is going to be their network. Hopefully you can verify this in person because I am still employed where I get a discount but do not have a work email.

    • yankeesusa

      Every other company verifies it too. Sprint makes you verify it when you renew contract and they also do audits once in a while.

      • I’ve had mine on AT&T for 6 or more years and they’ve not once verified it after signup. (FWIW: I’m still at the company with the discount, so I wouldn’t mind if they did)

  • Nutz

    Frick, they’re going to find out my company was acquired & gutted. Frick on a stick. Bye bye discount, I’ll always treasure our time together…

    • It sounds like if you still have the corporate email account, you may be ok.

  • Nic Hess

    I guess I don’t understand the anger. If you don’t work for that company, why would you assume you get to keep the discount?

    • Because we worked for the company when the contract was signed.

      • Nic Hess

        The discount isn’t a benefit that you get from Verizon, It’s something your company provides as a benefit. So if you no longer work there you shouldn’t keep the benefit.

      • Tim242

        The discount has nothing to do with your contract, and everything to do with a company benefit provided by the company you obviously no longer work for.

    • Devator22

      I agree. I think Verizon is fully within their rights to discontinue a company discount if you don’t work for that company anymore. It’s not like Verizon is looking to try and slip some ridiculous fee under the radar, they are just making sure discounts are legit. I think sometimes people will just look for any reason to be angry. If they stopped and thought about what they are angry about, though, they might realize how silly it sounds.

    • normmcgarry

      I would agree with you if we were paying month-to-month, but since we are on a 2-year contract, it stings. Realistically, you should be able to keep your discount until your contract expires. You sign up in these contracts with an assumption of price. If you get laid off a month after signing the contract and your bill goes up 25%, that would naturally anger most people. Do you really lack empathy or are you just trying to be a smart ass?

      • Nic Hess

        That isn’t logical Verizon provides the discount because you worked at a certain company, not because you signed a two year contract.

      • sirphobos

        See the thing is, you sign a contact to make sure Verizon gets its money back for the phone subsidy, not for the plan or any discounts. If you signed a contact for your plan/discounts, don’t you think every time you changed your plan, you’d extend your contact. While I have empathy for you, don’t use the contact as a crutch in this situation.

      • LegalAmerican

        No one is trying to be smart. If you couldn’t afford the agreed upon price without the discount, don’t sign the contract. A discount is not a guarantee. ESPECIALLY with companies that look for every way to suck you dry. No one should be so naive and then just try to pretend it’s justified to get a discount you don’t qualify for. Feel lucky that you were able to cheat your way for this long. Now Verizon is just forcing you to be ethical.

        • sirphobos

          Not to mention, the discounts only apply to BASE price of the plan, so for infanta if you have the share everything 2gb plan and a 20% discount you are saving 12 bucks…. If you can’t afford 12 bucks more, then you need to evaluate some things..

        • Granted

          Makes sense, Verizon has always been real big on ethics.

      • S Bosworth

        How many people know of a discount as soon as they begin working at a company? I had a contract for years before I knew I was eligible for a discount. I went in and they added it with minimal effort. A year 1/2 later, they increased the discount, and I did nothing but still got a text from VZW.

        The whole “I should get to keep my discount…” argument MIGHT hold more water if you could ONLY apply the discount when renewing a contract. That is simply not the case.

        • Nic Hess

          It isn’t Verizon’s responsibility to tell you about your discount, take that up with who you work for.

    • I think it is the same thing where people get pissed off that the government did an audit on what you owe in taxes. I mean technically you do owe that much money, but it just sucks to pay more money out of pocket. Out of all the things Verizon did/will do this is not even a piece of straw.

    • New_Guy

      It’s because the discount is part of the contract. If the contract is over, then sure, get rid of the discount. But, if not, leave it alone.

      • Tim242

        You are wrong. The discount has nothing to do with your contract.

        • NemaCystX

          Some people, like me, signed an agreement that entitles us with the discount as long as we are Verizon Wireless subscribers, not everyone had that option but certain employers do/did.

          • New_Guy


          • The face

            No you get a promotional pricing with that contract and once a new contract has been signed you lose that pricing

  • elemeno

    Looks like Straight Talk is getting my business earlier than expected.

    • Tim242

      Hope you are ready for their very strict data restrictions.

      • damn Tim, you are a dedicated fighter for VZW, (golfclap). I totally back this move by VZW, makes sense, but there ARE other good carriers out there for a lot of us…. Not everything sucks outside of VZW, although, some of us do miss the branding on our home buttons, I’m still trying to buy a VZW branded home button for my note 2….if you find one…

        • Tim242

          StraightTalk uses T-Mobile’s network. They are no longer allowing AT&T SIM’s.They also limit data usage severely. If you think T-Mobile is better, you’d be better off with the $30 plan.

  • StewInAShoe

    I’m still using my 25% discount from Home Depot where I haven’t worked for about a year and a half. But I work at Best Buy now which also offers a 25% discount.

    • Raven

      Geez, 25%? I am only getting a whopping 8% from my company which is a software development and database company. But, we only have 950 or so employees. I wonder what determines how big of a discount they give a company. The overall size? The number of company lines? I have never understood why VP’s who make the most money get free phones, but 24/7 on call technical support people don’t get anything but the measly 8% discount.

      • noc007

        It is determined by either the number of employees or the number of employees that would sign up for service. Last I checked, 8% is the base amount and tops out at 25%.

  • Ravenlore

    Hell, once upon a time I TRIED to get the discount removed, but two months later it was back. I tried once in good faith, I’m not going to FIGHT to get a discount removed.

    • Same exact thing happened to me. I called to have it removed, and it was gone for a month or two then applied right back. Not my problem

  • Tim Swann

    I live near a corporate store, so as long as I can go there and verify in-person, that’s fine with me since I am still employed with the co. getting me my discount 🙂

  • violator702

    I received a text that my discount would be changing on March 11th. I thought the percentage would be changing, not that I would be dropped until I provided proof.

  • …. and this will probably be the straw that broke my back. Luckily my contract runs out this month (can you believe it’s been two years since the Thunderbolt.) I can sell my Note II on ebay, buy a Nexus 4, make a few hundred and switch to pre-pay.

  • #@%$

  • Ian Winchell

    I think they should only do this when you renew your contract. I agreed to pay a certain amount and they agreed to provide me service for a specific length of time. The discount they agreed to give me was for the duration of that contract. I have no issue with them checking this upon contract renewal (for an upgrade or otherwise but to do during the contract seems, well i’m not sure what the word for it is so i’ll just use douchey.

    I wonder if they will have to put something in this notice about being able to cancel your contract within that time frame since they are technically changing the terms of the contract (or maybe they’re not, i don’t know).

    • completely agree….while i am still with my current company, this is just a extra step for the customer. do it at renewal time.

      my question is, what if our company negotiates a higher discount….do you seriously think verizon would apply that with the kindness of their hearts….not a chance. we would have to bitch and moan to get the extra discount.

      • Mathew Colburn

        Actually my company and Verizon negotiated a discount on my data plan as well as my minutes plan and it just showed up one month. I called them and they told me that the company renewed their contract with Verizon and negotiated a discount on the data plan. It wasn’t retroactive (obviously), but they applied it automatically. They aren’t the best company in the world but they aren’t evil as the devil.

        • anezarati

          the only reason verizon is so quick to add the discount is because they got something from your employer.

          • Mathew Colburn

            My point though, is that they are willing to increase your discount without you bitching and moaning about it.

      • thenew3

        Actually yes, if your company negotiated a higher discount, VZW would automatically apply it to your next bill. This happened to me a few years back when my employer negotiated an increase in discount with VZW. Went from 15% to 25% off the bill. I didn’t have to do anything, it automatically applied to my next bill and continues to this day.

    • Jon Lambert

      But if you were Verizon, would you like it if someone applied for an employer-based discount, then left that employer the day after it was verified?

      • Ian Winchell

        Seriously….I’m not saying what they are doing isn’t fair, or completely within their rights, but come on man…You think someone is getting a job, just to get the verizon discount, then leaving that job?? really?

    • onDroid

      They’re not changing the terms of your contract. You have a contracted price that you agree to pay and then their is the discount that is being applied on top of that every month. Your discount is contingent upon you having the job that is required for the discount. Frankly, I’m surprised they don’t have a way to check this on a monthly basis. While I think it sucks that some people will lose their discount, it is completely fair and reasonable that Verizon discontinues a discount that you no longer qualify for. Don’t get me wrong, I am aware that Verizon has a lot of deceptive practices that screw the customer but this is not one of them.

      • I have to admit, I was surprised when I saw this that they don’t already regular check up on this. Of course, I’m not really sure how they know in the first place (I married into a corporate discount ;))

      • Ian Winchell

        I do not disagree with you at all, i just think this would be better handled on their part if they did it as at renewal time or if you did anything to cause your contract to renew (like a phone upgrade or other change). And for the record, i wasn’t sure whether or not this constituted and contract change which is why i wasn’t all OMG THE VZ SUCKS, This a change that is perfectly within there right to make, I just think they could make this change easier, a way that made it seem like they just wanted it be fair for everyone (customer as well as company), and not that they are just looking for a way to get a quick cash bump. Because they way they are doing this reeks of some MBA deciding if they do this, they can can get a quick cash infusion, and have a better quarter, so he/she gets his bonus and promotion, meanwhile the company takes a pr hit for doing something totally fair, but doing it in a douchey way.

    • normmcgarry

      Yeah, my wife and I are on a plan with my parents. My mother just retired and she was the one with the discount, so this is going to bump up our bill quite a bit. If I lose that discount, I’d want out of the contract and I would move to someone more affordable. That discount is the only reason I’m with Verizon.

      • Tim242

        It will not bump up the bill by much at all. The discount only applies to the monthly access, and the data plan of the primary line.

        • Jeff

          My bill is only 26 dollars for my Droid X, unlimited data, 1500 minutes, and 300 texts. I hope it doesn’t go up too much.

      • Fattie McDoogles

        Yea, @tim242:disqus is right. And to be honest, most discounts really only cover the tax anyways. So you are not going to see much of an increase.

      • If you look at the terms of the contract with Verizon, they give themselves pretty free rein to alter the terms of the deal. However, if they do materially change the contract and you object to the changes, you’re allowed to cancel with no early termination fee. What the contract doesn’t let you do is continue on with the old terms until it expires.

        • normmcgarry

          I’ve looked at the contract. It specifically states that losing your employer discount is not considered a material change.

    • PAJ

      I agree completely. Don’t call it a contract if it isn’t. So they can change the terms in their favor mid “contract” bu we can’t?

      In contrast, my wife got a phone on AT&T and I mentioned my Verizon discount I get through work. The AT&T rep asked what it was, then beat that discount.

      One company is pursuing profit by squeezing loyal customers, the other by attracting more customers. I think I know which company will win in the end.

    • hmmm

      What if you don’t renew your contract but continue service?

      • Ian Winchell

        doesn’t matter, the discount isn’t tied to your contract, it can be, or you can change it any time without affecting your contract. Which is better, because i would hate to have to choose between keeping unlimited and changing a discount, this isn’t a huge deal, but they could handle better.

    • The employee discounts are mostly a joke anyway. It’s just a non-haggle way to get the discount they would offer you anyway if you negotiated with retentions.

    • Spider210

      That’d be like telling a previous employer that they still need to give you an employee discount because you worked there prior

    • michael arazan

      I am wondering if this has something to do with the sequester the government is going through, with all the hype of government jobs being laid off, and most government employees and business’ linked to government contracts getting laid off, they all have and receive discounts with major carriers. Even the Post office gets discounts with verizon, and they are about to go through restructuring too. In a time of need it is nice to know you can’t count on giant corporations to through the little guy a bone once in a while. If corporations didn’t have to turn an 8% minimum profit every quarter for share holders it would be a lot different possibly.

  • Illinipoke


  • That’s obnoxious. It took 3 months for Verizon to finally give me my LEGIT discount. Their website validation thing didn’t work, I eventually had to fax them a copy of my employee ID and call them weekly until they applied the credit. The hell if I have to do this again, I hope they do go with email authentication.

    • yankeesusa

      I think verification is not as intrusive as getting it for the first time. They’ll have a website that you will get a link to so you can verify it.

  • Shane Redman

    Those penny pinching money grubbers!

    • yankeesusa

      How are they penny pinching? Stop cheating the system. I understand Verizon takes away features and raises prices but this is actually a plus. People that lie about it just screw it up for everyone who actually is entitled to the discount. If you can’t afford Verizon without a discount then leave. I left them for Sprint even though I had a discount and im glad I did. Except for the slow data which is now speeding up my bill is $20 to $30 cheaper.

      • jcampbell474

        The ethics of VZW are questionable, at best. They will create and use every (unfavorable) opportunity they can to get another penny from their customers. Customers cannot be blamed for doing the same thing. Also, comments like this remind me of just how many honest upstanding citizens are out here who report their charitable deductions to the penny and just live a 100% honest life with nary a white lie.

        • WAldenIV

          Two wrongs don’t make a right.

          • Ian Winchell

            nope, but three lefts do.

          • jcampbell474

            Positive x Negative = Negative.

          • hokie

            Negative x Negative = Positive

          • Ian Winchell

            umm ok, and a negative x negative = positive, so there’s that.

        • Tim242

          It’s your ethics I question.

          • jcampbell474

            I said nothing to imply my ethics. Called out the ethics of those who stand on a soap box while pointing the finger at others and corporations. Nobody’s perfect. When ya live in a glass house……….

  • Thomas

    This article just ruined ( Stewie Griffin voice ) my week 🙁

    • I’d guess there are a ton of us who feel the same way.

      • WAldenIV

        I’d consider it unethical to continue to take advantage of a discount provided by a company that one no longer works for. I don’t have any problem with this audit. I’m sure I’m in the minority.

        • Tim242

          I agree with you. I didn’t know we had so many unethical people here. It explains their questionable typical comments haha