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Verizon Audit of Employer Discounts Incoming, Days of Using Your Previous Company’s May Come to an End

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If your current or previous employment included a perk that included a discount on your Verizon Wireless bill, you may be asked by Verizon in the coming weeks to validate your status in order to continue receiving that same discount. According to a report out of PhoneArena, Verizon plans to run an audit of sorts starting April 1, to clear out old discounts from customers who are no longer with eligible companies or who have left companies yet are still receiving slashed plan pricing. 

Starting April 1, customers will have 60 days to validate their status. Through SMS, mail, or email, Verizon will ask that you prove that you are still entitled to a discount on your account. Approval will likely happen through a Verizon-hosted website asking you to provide a related work email address. I’m guessing you’ll also be able to verify in person.

Sad news indeed, as I know there are many in the community who have enjoyed long discounts from previous employers up to 25% off their monthly bill, along with discounts at up to 25% on accessory purchases.

Stay tuned for more news on this as we get closer to April.

Via:  PhoneArena

Cheers Robert!

  • dm33

    I can’t believe people trying to defend Verizon. What sheep.

    Why does Verizon ever offer discounts? Ever think of this? Its not like someone is stealing service. Verizon offered a discount and gained a customer, typically on a contract. Verizon doesn’t need to offer anyone a discount. Its their choice.

    Its simply a way to encourage more people to sign up. Now they’re trying to get rid of the discounts. Its Verizon’s choice. They are announcing that they want to charge everyone more. They don’t need to try and get customers. They already have more than they need. They raise prices, add fees, remove discounts.

    There is no credible competition. This is what an uncompetitive telecommunications market looks like and acts like.

    • Tim242

      The discount is conditional upon your continued employment. Do you get to keep other company benefits when you leave? I can’t stand this attitude that some people have like they are owed so much.

      • dm33

        Its not an employee benefit. Its not like the employer paid for it. Verizon chooses to offer a discount to get more customers. Its like a sale. Verizon can make up whatever they want. They can discourage new customers if they’d like because they have little credible competition.

  • NexusMan

    This is nothing new. They just don’t do it frequently. I’ve had a Verizon discount through my employer for the past 8 years, and they’ve only re-verified twice before.

  • jra716


  • inferno588

    the fact that people are going crazy goes to show the reason why Verizon is doing this audit. Obviously people are taking advantage of a company discount where they no longer work. I think Verizon is in its own right to do this audit. The phone contract and plan are no where linked and discounts are a employeer benefit provided to its employees. If you are planning on leaving Verizon over this, then you were the reason the audit is happening. Taking advantage of the system.

  • The face

    Have any of you actually read your contracts its on you changeing to the price of the phone at za two year discounted price nothing to do with your monthly charges they can change how much ou pay at any time as for the eMployee discount that is a agreement worth the employer that as long as this person remains employed we give them a discount nobody is entitled to them.

  • Hmm, that’s good timing, since I will be with the same job that gives me a discount until the end of April. I guess I will have to verify that soon so I can keep my discount.

  • NemaCystX

    Just another reason for me to leave Verizon, I still have my Circuit City discount, but I already told them, the day they remove that, I’m gone, I can get cheaper service without my discount elsewhere.

    • Tim242

      Because they owe you a discount for once working at a company that is no longer in business. Attitudes like yours are sickening.

      • Ronaldo

        Your continued racist behavior has been noted and reported to the proper authorities. Racist.

  • nightscout13

    Uh-oh. My last employer gave me 23% off. My current employer can give me only 20%. Annually, that’s a $40 difference… More reason to leave Big Red

  • Mike

    I called like 2 years ago and badgered some poor girl into giving me a data discount plan that was only meant for business customers in the midwest…not touching that s**t

  • Chris Hollenbeck

    Verizon once asked me to validate my employment over two years ago. They asked for a copy of a payroll check. I had my ID and business card, wasn’t good enough for them. On my last purchase 5 months ago the subject never came up.

  • Granted

    If it is not this, it would be something else to help them squeeze more money out we proverbial cash cows. While I do not think they are necessarily wrong in this instance, the reason I do not like it, is because it is just a sick trend for Whorerizon to find any bogus way they can to take more money. If this was an isolated incident, fine, it makes sense. But, for me, anything they do to deprive or incur more fees for the customer just makes me that much more angry. With stupid crap like upgrade fees, early upgrade fees, etc. I’d say people doing this actually come out even, when you consider all the heinous ways that Whorerizon tries to nickel and dime the crap out you.

    It may not happen today, tomorrow, this year. But, at some point customers are going to stop looking at great service ad stop being apologists and lickspittles, and start to see how greedy and corrupt, Whorerizon truly is.

  • Adam Cox

    “Hi, I’m calling to inform you that i’m no longer with “company X” and am no longer entitled to my 20% discount. Please remove from my account and charge me the correct price “- said no Vzw customer ever

  • Been getting a 15 percent discount for 2.5 years now.. Haven’t worked there for two years

  • droidify

    That is fine. I will just stop paying for the tether package. I feel like a dumbass for paying for it anyway when there are so many options like foxfi. I will be paying less after removing the hotspot and the discount.

  • Tom

    I would have removed my discount from my previous employer when I changed jobs had there been a way to do so on the site. I cannot find it anywhere. I only hope they understand this and don’t try to back bill me for 4+ months of a 17% discount to my bill.

  • Toby

    I still have my Flextronics discount from when I worked as a tech at a VZW corporate store. I know i dont deserve to have it, but VZW voluntarily got rid of my and hundreds of other tech positions a year and a half ago so I just neglected to change it. had to come to an end some time soon

  • Spider210

    The people complaining about this reminds me of the people that complain that they don’t get a student discount even tho they graduated years ago.

  • Scott H

    I can’t be mad at Verizon about it, but it doesn’t mean I should be “happy” to lose the discount (for purely financial reasons, of course). I’ve never once been asked by Verizon if I still work at that company. (which I just left in October after over 11 years) It is what it is – less money in my pocketbook I guess…

  • That would change your contract plan pricing, correct? So if you are on contract, they guarantee a certain price. Upping the price would invalidate the contract.

    • Spider210

      No basically that means you have been receiving a discount you are not qualified for, If you are eligible for the discount you should nothing to worry about.