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Kill Off the Big Bad Wolves in Color Sheep

Color Sheep

A new game called Color Sheep hit Google Play, pitting a single sheep against a hungry never-ending pack of vicious wolves. As the sheep, you must change your color in order to attack the different colored wolves. It’s easy at first when they are just normal RGB, but once the wolves start coming faster and they take on different shades and color variations, it becomes quite difficult. 

This game scored about a 10 out of 10 on my addictive scale and it’s only $1 in Google Play. Get it.

Play Link ($0.99)

  • Great to see everyone talking about Color Sheep 🙂 We’ll have an update coming soon with a Practice mode to help with the insanity! Thanks for playing!

  • coolsilver

    Not all wolves are bad… That’s what grandma told me anyway.

  • Thanks for pointing out this game it’s a blast!

  • This just makes me want to go color some sheep in Minecraft.

    • zmberven

      All I can think about is farming colored wool.

  • Shane Redman

    That trailer is so colorfully epic

  • RadicalPie

    Uh oh Tim spent 99¢? What kind of Android user are you!!!

    • Nex__


    • I know. I really need to be more frugal :-/