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Friday Poll: How Many Widgets Do You Use?

beautiful widgets 5.0 android

In a post on HTC’s official blog that described the new Sense 5 experience, the company made an interesting claim involving Android and widgets. According to their research, widgets aren’t actually widely used by most. In fact, their study shows that if they are used, that consumers typically place weather, clock and music widgets on a screen, but that’s basically it. After those three, fewer than 10% of Android users take advantage of any other widget.

So as is usual when we hear numbers involving Android, we like to put together our own data via poll. In today’s poll, which should take us through the weekend, we ask that you share with us the number of widgets you use on a regularly basis. Once you vote, feel free to jump into the comments and list them all out.

How Many Widgets Do You Use?

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  • joejoe5709

    I used to use more. Then Dashclock was invented.

  • Greg Geter

    there’s no option for “None”

  • I have the standard music, clock, weather, Google Now widgets, but I use multiple Twitter widgets with different styles and sizes scattered throughout my homescreens so it’s ALWAYS accessible. I’m a hardcore tweeter yo

  • Widget

    Sports Tap used to be my favorite widget but it got so buggy I uninstalled and haven’t found a good replacement, currently I use the Yahoo sports widget. I also use the MLB widget just to get my team’s logo for the icon; I use the doubletwist widget for my music player; and I use three HD widgets for toggle buttons, clock, and weather.

  • with dashclock being so great, it’s the only widget left on my homescreen.


    Oh hey look a giant clock widget, but there is already a clock in the top corner…… WHY AMERICA, WHY?

  • Mazeeka

    What’s the name of the wallpaper on the phone above?

  • irtechneo

    I use Scrollable News, Friendcaster Widget, Falcon Twitter Widget, My Samsung touchwiz clock/weather widget, Tune in Radio Pro widget, Google Sound Search Widget, Google Plus widget (I sometimes find good articles on the What’s Hot section), Youtube widget, and finally Photo Grid/Frame widget. Not to mention all the contextual Touchwiz widgets that pop up when I remove the S Pen or insert the headphones on my Galaxy Note 2. I love widgets!!

  • Andrew Kennedy

    The time is on the lock screen or up with the notification bar so no point in really having a clock widget. Other than that I just use just 3 Widgets:
    Calendar- To see my work schedule and when I have homework due or exams coming up.
    weather- currently using The Weather Channels since they recently revamped the whole app
    And ESPN Score Center- it is like Man-Law to know the jest of all sports and what happened in “the big game” last night

  • C-Law

    Beautiful widgets for clock and weather, Google calendar, Google news and weather genie widget, evernote, Google what song, Google play recommendations for books, and for movies

  • AMPthe13th

    I have 8 on one phone and 6 on the other. Fancy Widgets, BBC News, Pandora, and Play Music widgets on both phones. Amazon MP3 and Calender widget on Droid Charge. Sound Search and Email plus Dash Clock and Calender lock screen widgets on Galaxy Nexus.

    Given the overlap, I’d call that 9 unique widgets total.

  • Do lockscreen widgets count or just homescreen?

  • Tony Morales

    I took the poll to mean “How many widgets do you have on you phone?”. I have 4 on my Nexus 4, but I have ten on my Nexus 7. More screen real estate allows for a richer visual presentation.

    I didn’t include lockscreen widgets, either.

  • BrianCherry

    Keepin it Minimalistic, Google Now Widget and with 4 white icons on a all black background

  • subiedude85

    I would use tons of widgets but the problem i run into is that all of that constant real time information destroys my battery. If i have everything set up like i want it my poor razr dies in 4 hours instead of 6 with everything off. I would love to see my e-mail accounts, weather and twitter without having to open them but that’s not going to happen with this phone.

  • SoWhy

    Currently eight:
    Primary screen:
    – PlayerPro 4×2
    – Extended Controls 4×1

    Left screens:
    – Business Calendar Agenda Widget 5×5
    – JuicePlotter 1×1
    – AirDroid 4×1

    Right screens:
    – WinAmp 4×2
    – ColorNote x2 1×1

  • Dylan Patel

    This poll won’t be accurate though becasue we are all power users that visit your website.

  • Central (Primary) Screen:
    PowerAmp 1×4
    Calendar 4×2
    Assistive Light 1×2
    Battery details 1×1
    Time recording 1×1
    Alarm Clock XTreme 1×1
    Audible 1×4

    Right screen:
    Gmail 3×4
    Google Voice 3×4

    Left Screen:
    Facebook 3×4
    Google+ 3×4

    GoLauncher’s bar contains the shortcuts many people house on their homescreens. My main “dumb” application launchers go there. Everything gets sorted in the app drawer, and is findable via Gesture Search.

    I actually wrote an Android primer a while back that touched on “how to use an Android device”: http://adamskinner.tumblr.com/post/1216902029/android-quick-start-guide

  • talkdj

    Ok, I’ll ask……What is the widget on that phone? Beautiful Widgets? I like it, I love it, I want some more of it…..(Tim McGraw)

    • it’s the beautiful widgets lockscreen and also their 4×4 widget.

  • brucefan42

    My use of widgets is down quite a bit since the new awesome toggle screen in JB 4.2.1. I have 19 toggles so power toggles, torch, brightness, and hotshot widgets are no longer needed.

  • Seth Schorr

    I use: DashClock; a Note widget (varies depending on need); TVshowfavs widget; calendar widget; GTask widget; Google Now widget; Beautiful Widget Clock with Weather. That’s 7 widgets on 3 screens (four if including Lock Screen).

  • javier rodriguez

    I use 4 widgets clock weather combo, simple dialer, weekly and monthly calendars. I used to have toggles but notification toggle replaced those

  • AranelAlasse

    Next poll: how many folders do you use? I love them!

  • Mason Lammers

    Clock, weather and sound search. Is there need for more?

    • blackmagick20

      I use a flashlight widget and the quick contacts widget on top of those…as well as circle launcher

  • Tyler

    I put more than 10 because i have 10 unique but 11 total.
    on my phone i have:
    8 on homescreens, 3 on lockscreen
    on my tablet i have:
    7 on homescreen, and 3 on lockscreen.

  • Daniel

    I had to count, and presently have 9, since that’s mostly what homescreens are for imo. Especially the full-screen Business Calendar month view widget showing text of appointments

  • I use 6 on my home screens… 4 are music time and weather. The others are for volume and calendar. The rest are on my luck screens

  • hoefer

    depends if lockscreen widgets count, 4-6 without, 7-10 with, news, weather, email, sports, calendar, music, Now, and more im sure ive forgotten

  • Real Talk

    What is the point of a clock widget? The time is always on the tip of the screen. Redundant, much?

    • Mathew Colburn

      Some of us like the look of hiding the notification bar. No use in me seeing wifi is on when I know it’s on. Or that my alarm is set as it always is or that any other app is up there. No notification bar means I need a clock widget.

    • LionStone

      For one, it shows the time in a BIGGER format so its easier to see quickly. Second, the clock widget shows the date. Third, it’s interactive so I can hit the hour and it goes to my World Clock, Timer, Stopwatch or Alarm. Hit the Date and it goes to my Calendar. Hit the weather and it goes to a weekly view and more details about the weather. Much more in depth than just a tiny clock.

    • as it’s been said, some of us hide the status bar. with the pie controls in paranoid android, i don’t have the status or navigation bar shown on my phone.

  • Pooyan Ardeshirzadeh

    and I use them all.

  • I use widgets to actually theme and change the look of my GNex. Using UCCW skins to make my device look like Ubuntu or Windows Phone or Flipboard or so many other things. Checkout my screens.

    Flipboard like screens – http://mycolorscreen.com/2013/02/02/flipboard-2/
    Ubuntu – http://mycolorscreen.com/2013/01/27/ubuntu-9/
    Windows 8 – http://mycolorscreen.com/2012/10/28/rainbow-tiles/

  • Its best to keep it real simple! A clock widget here, data widget there, maybe even a flashlight widget somewhere!

  • On my Maxx HD (other than the circle widget) I use a calendar widget, a favorite contact widget, two task lists, and a Play Music widget (although that last one is pretty redundant).

  • htc’s probably basing it’s findings on a bunch of people with those tiny pre-paid wilfire phones, where if you were to add a widget it would be too small to be legible.

  • With Glovebox on my left, Swapps on my right, a hidden toggle dock with every app I have split into 6 categories, and a 5 target NAV ring I’ve just never had the need for me than two widgets and 1 home screen.

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but even with a Gig of memory, I don’t like the idea of sacrificing most of it to widgets. I like the fact my phone runs smooth and I rarely have to actually free up memory.

    • Ok.. I’m a big, fat liar… Just remembered I have 4 widgets in my navigation bar, (4th button on the right), Google Music, Pandora, and two email accounts.

      Don’t hate me.

  • I use the widgets for Galaxy Nexus Flashlight, Google Sound Search, and a HD Widgets weather/clock/date thing.

  • zurginator

    None — I use Google Now as my home screen.

  • ryan f

    I use, beautiful clock/weather in one, music, power control, calendar , what’s that song, and my nike run widget. Widgets for the win!