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HTC vs. Samsung: The Battle has Begun.

samsung vs htc2

Are you ready for it? Did you even know that it had started? It has, so get your mind right. The battle between HTC and Samsung for 2013 is already underway and we’re excited about it. Thanks to the announcements of flagships from both companies, March is going to be a wild month for smartphone lovers, particularly those with an addiction to the latest and greatest running Android. HTC is trying to survive and to recapture some of its lost marketshare, while Samsung will only attempt to continue on in their dominant ways, pushing all attackers aside. It may get dirty, there may be insults floated about, battery juice tossed in eyes, and Gorilla Glass sharpened like knives, but that’s the beauty of any competition.

Let’s talk about the next few months from both companies and how their launches won’t go down without a fight. 

Samsung’s first move.

A week after HTC unveiled their new flagship, the One, which they claimed would arrive in March, Samsung decided there would be no better time to announce their own new flagship than days before HTC’s hits store shelves. Only, in typical Samsung fashion, they will make sure the entire world knows about it with a streamed launch through YouTube and in Times Square.

In a way, I feel a bit sorry for HTC. The One looks to be an incredible device, however, I’m just not sure how you can compete with the global takeover that Samsung has managed over the last two years. They have what appears to be an unlimited marketing budget, a brand that people associate themselves with, enough innovation to keep even the techiest of tech nerds coming back for more, and LeBron James.

htc plastic

HTC throws an aluminum counter-punch.

Samsung stepping on the One’s launch toes or not doesn’t seem to have phased HTC much. In fact, through their official Twitter account they sent their own message, telling followers to “Say no to plastic.” As you know thanks to our coverage, the One is made up of a zero-gap aluminium unibody casing, while Samsung has stuck to their plastic ways for years. Yes, this Tweet was a direct shot at the “cheap” stigma that has stuck to Samsung’s products even though they have been remarkably successful.

The only thing missing from this reaction is a classy “Use the hashtag #saynotoplastic!” Thank you, HTC, for not stooping that low.

Can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

HTC admitted that they failed with last year’s One series in part because their marketing was terrible. This year, their plan is to put the One in your face as much as possible, to make the One brand a household name as much as Samsung’s Galaxy or Verizon’s DROID are. In attempting to accomplish this task, they have taken a page directly out of Samsung’s Marketing 101 book and decided to come up with a confusing/silly/wtf catchy name for all of their sub-products within the device.

With BlinkFeed, BoomSound, UltraPixel and Zoe, HTC will certainly have plenty of material to use those marketing dollars on. Much like Samsung’s S Pen, S Voice, and S Beam, HTC is going to try to get you to remember what their new phone is capable of from an experience stand point, not how many pixels are in its display or clock speed of the processor.

Can’t say I blame them for making this move, I just wish the names made more Sense (hah, get it?).

htc blinkfeed

Samsung as Apple.

The problem HTC faces with the One, is the fact that Samsung is already that household name, much like Apple. The guy sitting next to you on the train will probably refer to his Galaxy S3 as “the new Galaxy.” He likely doesn’t know what the processor is, how much storage is on board or what the model number is – he just knows that Samsung makes it and he’s bought into their way of thinking.

I hate to compare Samsung to Apple, but at this point, they are the closest thing to it in more ways than I think many of us care to see. But on that note, Samsung can follow Apple’s lead by releasing a Galaxy S4 that looks similar to the previous model and offers little bump in hardware, but will still sell like none other. Apple took grief over the iPhone 5 being nothing more than a slight increase in selective areas yet they managed to sell the device in record numbers.

Samsung is now in a position to do the exact same thing and get away with it, should they so choose.

Definitive winner?

Picking a winner in this battle is quite difficult. For HTC to succeed, they need to see an adoption rate at which they haven’t in over a year. They need their device on billboards, on TV, in magazines, as a urinal cleaner-puck-thing, and anywhere else that can get you to notice it. But beyond marketing, they need to see numbers come back to their favor. They don’t need to outsell Samsung, because that’s an impossible task, but they do need to convince tech users that their product is once again worth keeping an eye on.

Samsung on the other hand needs to continue on along the same path. It would be pretty tough for them to screw this thing up. In fact, HTC taking jabs at them probably means very little. There is still only one company that Samsung competes with, and that’s the one headquartered in Cupertino.

No matter what, it’ll be entertaining to watch both of these companies try to grab your attention over the next few months.

  • edimistra

    After S4 unveal I think if Samsung hasn’t won the battle it put HTC on check. HTC has to give much more features to Sense and boost its performance. They have also to improve android updates. They have failed to satisfy its customers by taking so long to release android updades. I have the HTC One X and this will be my last HTC.

  • Jim Bissette

    I do like the way HTC email works better than email on the S3

  • Maria Tinoco

    I love my SAMSUNG it is hard to let go of it..Samsung does need more promotion for its phones. I never see them on billboards or even on adds in buses or trains. I like the droid love the Nexus 4 looking to up grade to that with 16 gb : )

  • the people

    Honestly, I will never buy an HTC again for these reasons:

    1. Abysmal battery life
    2. Poor build quality (don’t confuse this with the build material. HTC likes to pretend they have good build quality by using metal, but HTC devices tend to break or malfunction often. Don’t be fooled, build quality and build material are different)
    3. Bloated and ugly Sense
    4. Nonexistent or extremely slow updates

    Hey HTC. If I wanted a phone that looks like an iPhone, I would’ve bought an iPhone. If I wanted metro, I would’ve bought a Windows phone. If I wanted Flipboard installed on my phone, I would’ve done it. Thanks for nothing. No wonder nobody likes your products.

  • Jason Brown

    “as a urinal cleaner-puck-thing” im not sure that would be good advertising for htc. andy peeing on apple is what comes to mind: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-aCYM8n8h5FQ/TahTQ5aC1UI/AAAAAAAAAdw/K7WmUIevLpw/s1600/piss-on-apple-black-xdock.jpg

  • sean.yesmunt

    If HTC plans to advertise as much as Samsung, why have I not seen one HTC One ad? I know many of us droid-life users and android enthusiasts know about the HTC One but many basic consumers do not.

  • I sent the HTC PR the following email labeled A Dissatisfied Long time Customer: HTC, you have been one of the best manufacturers as far as the mobile market is concerned, and I wish to thank you for amazing and innovating devices such as the Ozone, Touchpro, Touchpro 2, Eris, Incredible, and the Rezound. Unfortunately the major disappointment I have is your lack of timely software updates that your competitors have nailed perfectly, as well as your lack of understanding what loyal customers want or need in an environment where limited storage in your current and future devices is just that, very limited in an age where storage is becoming increasingly important, and having a lack of expandable storage, is a major flaw. The next thing I wish to address is not having the ability replace or expand batterie life on the go or when i need to do so due to circumstances, and I may as well buy the iPhone if I wanted to keep myself limited. Unfortunately a lot of other customers share this concern. As a result once I aquire the funds I will be leaving HTC behind and I am taking the time to give you some feedback as I hope you improve your methods going forward as I always liked your devices until recently as it shows you have a lot to learn before being able to survive this industry. I hope things get better going forward as I cannot move forward with you, thank you.

  • chris125

    The battle between samsung and htc started last year and samsung ran all over them. Samsung has so much steam and they essentially did with the s3 what verizon did with the droid and made it a more household name. Up until then, no android device really sold even close to the iphone and samsung with the s3 had crazy sales numbers( for an android device) HTC is at the bottom of the hill and has a long road ahead to get back to where they once were and really try to compete with samsung.

  • No VZW, and the fact that HTC is pretty much cutting off the open source community, makes me never want to buy in to their devices again, no matter how sexy it looks (and that little metal blip does look good!!). I had the Thunderbolt, and I still have a sour taste of HTC in my mouth, even almost a year after I sold it.

  • elemeno

    This is what’s crazy about the Apple vs. Samsung lawsuits. Yes, Samsung copied Apple. Samsung had to pay Apple as a result. Truth is, Apple wasn’t hurt by Samsung copying and Samsung wasn’t hurt by needing to pay Apple. The victims of Samsung’s crime are other Android OEMs: HTC, Motorola, LG, etc. They remain uncompensated and in a distant second place at best.

  • Here’s a hint HTC, Removable Batteries and SD Card slots, get it through your thick heads.

  • As long as HTC phones continue to lack removable batteries, I’ll looks elsewhere.

    • hkklife

      If they would just stop being so darn cheap/lazy/arrogant and put in a 3000+ man battery, even fixed, it would go a LONG way to satisfying everyone. And I hate how HTC seems to find room in their lower-end devices for a microSD slot but not in their flagship handsets.

  • Devi8

    HTC has or maybe had a household name…. EVO, sounds a hell of alott better the. The ONE, what’s next years going to be the One 2?

  • Chris King

    I love all this talk about Samsung never going to be “dethroned”. Seems like I’ve heard that before,now if i could only remember where. Guess I’ll sit here and eat an apple while i think about it

    • anon

      When Apple no longer controls 75% of the industry profits, then we can talk about de-throning. At the moment, it is a little early I think.

      • Chris King

        Not really bagging on apple,my brother has an Iphone 5 and it’s really nice. But Android has accomplished feats that many people said they never would. As Consumers we need both OS’s to stay strong.

  • I’m a little concerned with the HTC One’s housing causing radio issues.

  • A large portion of Samsung’s products (TVs, Printers, Laptops, Homesync and cameras) are mobile connected. What else does HTC have?

  • vlad_andrici

    We’ve also explored this seemingly one sided battle, a few weeks back, when the HTC One was still known as HTC M7. We then concluded that if HTC doesn’t change certain aspects of their way of doing business, this will turn into a David vs Goliath battle, much like HTC One X vs Samsung Galaxy S3 was.

    In the meantime, the HTC One was officially unveiled and I’m pleased to say that the company seems to have realized the error of its ways and made the first few steps in the right direction (the most important one being “no carrier personalized models”). But will HTC hit a home run by ticking all the boxes ? I guess only time will tell.

    Check out what else HTC needs to change, in our opinion, in order to catch a break and to be able to compete with Samsung: http://www.gforgames.com/gadgets/htc-m7-htc-one-vs-samsung-galaxy-s4-31188/

  • I personally Love HTC’s Design, but their UI is just damn horrible. I mean Samsung is bad, but there is a lot of added functionality to back why its so messy. HTC is just messy and not a lot of functionality that I have seen especially with Sense 4.X

    I love my Nexus 4 with pure Android the way it was meant to be. Not that Nexus 4 is ugly design(I love the back just scare to use it)

  • John

    I see a few people bitching about HTC and the DNA. You forgot that HTC use to be a contract manufacture for other companies. The DNA as well as other “Droid” phones are purely Verizon and they should be branded as such, much like the Dell Axim and all the other PDAs from Compaq, HP and on. HTC mistake was putting their logos on them instead of Verizon. Anything that does not come Verizon’s way is purely on Verizon. Same thing can be said to the software side as well.

  • I will immediately buy the HTC flagship device that is coming with Removable battery (with reasonable juice) and microSD slot… Till then, sorry HTC… Please try to understandHTC, In my place there is power cut for 13 hours a day.. So my only choice is RazrMAXX and Note-II…

  • kane

    How about a no-contract super low price to contend with Nexus 4

  • Nazzi_Muhammad

    Everyone better hope HTC does well or Samsung will end up like Apple. Good for Samsung, not good for us. Unless of course you’re a Sammy fan boy and like to take it up the butt.

  • i like what i like.. so not really an issue for me… but if they can rather sell more reasonable price over stupid ads war.. they should sell cheaper and let ultimate consumers use nice and easy.

  • ulnek

    what battle? who would buy phones that have batteries still in the 2000s mah? htc is still stuck. not sure why or who the genius is in that company that thinks higher end hardware will be ok will paltry battery. samsung, lg, motorola, even zte and some others are already in the 3000s with their batteries. so there’s no battle here.

    • Diablo81588

      The s3 has a 2100mah battery..

  • shooter50

    HTC needs to make a phone that WORKS. After the Thunderbold I swore I’d never buy an HTC product again. From the looks of their recent sales, I wasn’t alone.Selling a crapphone like the Thunderbolt killed their reputation and it’s a long road back.

  • Brent Cooper

    HTC, in my opinion, needs to focus on their One series as the only flagship and target it to all four big carriers. Launch that line only once a year, and leave out phones like the DNA which only came out shortly before the One. I hope multiple flagship device launches close together is an old Moto way of doing things. Also, HTC needs to drastically improve battery life. I know their recent phones are good on the battery, but I think they need to be great. For me, a great battery can do 4 or more hours of screen on time as well as 18 or more hours off the charger and heavy internet browsing, gaming, and downloading. And it needs to be able to do that without WiFi. That’s what it takes to get me through a day comfortably…and I prefer it that way because I’m not always around a charger. I know most people probably don’t need that much battery but I do. That is what stops me from getting a HTC any time soon. All in all, I definitely think HTC is headed in the right direction and think with enough effort they can greatly rival Samsung.

  • Jaron1226

    There is no competition. Samsung will always remain in the lead. HTC will always be number two. There’s no way they can out do Samsung. When the Galaxy sIV is released it shall reign supreme just as well as the SIII did.

  • Dean Milord

    They need to make their phones easier to root. And make the HTC Dev & S-Off crap less of a hassle. There many be a bigger push for their line of devices to be adopted if there is a larger push in the Dev community. My 0.02

  • the problem with HTC is that they never learn bout what most users need (at least when comparing two products before make any purchase) like larger battery capacity, removable battery (not really necessary but still useful), sd card slot, etc..

    yeah people still craving for like nexus 4 even it doesn’t have all those things but that “Nexus”…in terms of htc vs samsung, htc at least need to be at par with sammy products. spec-wise, yes HTC One is gorgeous but you cant beat plastic just because you are made of aluminium. u know what im sayin..

  • Tech Pro

    Nice Article. Very well written.

  • DRaY

    HTC just doesnt get it, Where’s the wireless charging? Why are they still insisting on capacitive buttons? No SD card? No removable battery? This phone looks nice but is ultimately uselss to me. … and dont even get me started asking questions about bootladers and flashing roms … lol … I want HTC to win, but they always manage to screw something up.

    • Bionic

      Correct me if I’m wrong but the S 4 battery won’t be removable.

      • Tim242

        Nobody knows one way or the other…

  • If only Moto can make a comeback my making yet another slider/keyboard revolutionary device. That’d be AMAZING

  • Bionic

    It’d be hard to decide between these two devices. Probably S4

  • Joe


  • EC8CH

    Meh and double meh….

    Bring on the X phone!

    I’m choosing to ignore the last post on this device.

    • Dillon Brown

      same here, no need to jump the gun because of a little spooky statement. I imagine the x phone doesn’t really count as strictly a moto when they talk about the upcoming moto line up

    • Tim242

      Denial is a biotch.

  • Greyhame

    HTC can build a great phone. Too bad for them, software is now the name of the game. From their odd button layout wrecking the UX, to their faux features (zoe thing is nothing but a gimmick), they just don’t do it for me. While Samsung over does it a bit too much, most of their features at least have a use case.

  • Chris Hollenbeck

    HTC Thunderbolt – never forgive, never forget

    • Ibrick

      Let it go..

      Christ, Samsung has had their share of underwhelming devices too. And yes, I owned a TBolt as well.

      • flosserelli

        Agreed. The TBolt had shortcomings, but so does every phone. I know some people had nothing but problems, and maybe Mr Hollenbeck was one of those unfortunate people. But I never had any real problems with mine. Yes, the battery life sucked like a $20 hooker, but that is why I had 2 spare batteries. In hindsight, the lackluster battery was an acceptable tradeoff for having the first LTE device on Verizon (when the network wasn’t saturated with such devices).

        • Chris Hollenbeck

          I unfortunately was one of those people. I was loving the phone at first, but was getting frustrated over time.
          Fortunately My old phone does make a good clock radio and mp3 player. 😉

          • Ibrick

            Mines currently doing an excellent job as my alarm clock/mp3 player as well. Amazing how long the battery will last with no data..

      • Chris Hollenbeck

        I had the Thunderbolt for a year and 8 months (they said the 4G would be set up a month after purchasing.) before I had 4G. Once the 4G was turned on my phone was slower, completely losing data connection, and the battery life was laughable. Not to mention the delay in any updates, rebooting issues, and the occasional freeze up (a real blast when using the GPS in the middle of a city). I feel that my vague comment warranted your reply, but I do stand by my statement (and will word it better next time). I do appreciate your opinion though. Thanks Ibrick.

      • Moment, Epic, and Charge all horrible phones.

  • Dave

    Samsung will sell more S4 on day 1 pre order than HTC will sell devices all year.

  • James

    Can’t speak for the rest of the globe, but America loves a good underdog!

    • kg215

      Not when it comes to smartphones. Apple still sells like hotcakes and they are arrogant d-bags.

  • If htc could actually figure out how to work with wireless carriers and actually update a product in a timely manner (lookin at you tmo htc one s) then that would be one thing but hell they can’t even release a flagship with the latest. In my book that’s a HUGE win for Samsung and the reason htc Wil get no more money from me til it’s rectified .

  • ImmaDroid

    They need to start putting their good phones on Verizon more often. like the one x, etc. This new one. If they did, they have a better shot

    • Sherman J. Buster

      A lot of that has to do with the carrier, not the OEM. The carrier is the one who decides whether or not they will sell the device. Most likely, Verizon looked at the HTC One and decided that the DNA was close enough spec wise, so why bother? Also, Verizon likes having exclusives, which is still a reaction from AT&T having the iPhone as an exclusive when it was first released.

    • Tim242

      The DNA is a good phone. It’s just not for me.

  • William

    As excited as I was to see the htc one, I was extremely disappointed when it was announced.
    It looks like a poor man’s version of the iPhone 5.

    Yes, it’s made of a “nicer” material, but that doesn’t excuse poor design.
    Not to mention htc ripping off Microsoft metro and live tiles and flipboard.

    I was willing to give htc one last chance after all their disappointing releases, but looks like htc is still disappointing unfortunately.

    • Dave

      Metal phones can break too….it’s 2013, plastic is pretty damn tough.

      • nightscout13

        Metal can withstand greater applied force. Plastic is flexible, but i’m not sure if that’s a good thing. Coming from an S3 owner.

        • Dave

          True, although on a hard surface from any above reasonable height, anything will break. It’s the minor drops that you gotta protect from. I actually punted my iph*ne 3g several times with no damage besides a pixel or two discolored. My Note2 seems to be built well, plastic with metal trim ring and metal battery panel/rear.

          • nicotinic

            Butt have you punted the N2 yet?

        • Brent Cooper

          True. I think minor flexing of the plastic absorbs some of the energy from the drop. This disperses the energy over a greater area lessening the force per unit on everything else. Look at Carbon Fiber race cars. They are built to break apart in a crash. The breaking carbon fiber takes energy away when it breaks apart that would otherwise go to the driver.

      • U’re so right…

    • At this point, the terms “plastic” and “metal” are so broad that they are virtually meaningless. We need to move to using much narrower terms when relating to materials in order to accurately attest to their properties. Polycarbonate is just as different from vinyl as an aluminum alloy is different from steel.

  • Tim242

    I hope Samsung’s metallic invitation is a hint that it will be metal. A boy can only dream. As a user of only naked phones, I appreciate the feel of metal and glass. For everybody that slaps a cheap plastic case on your phone, stop complaining about plastic phones

    • PhillipCun

      let’s do a drop test then.. your naked metal and my plastic case.

      • Tim242

        I don’t drop my phone.

        • C-Law

          That’s what I used to say. It will happen

          • Tim242

            I’d rather take the chance, and enjoy the design and feel of the device. Cases make phones bulky, cheap feeling, and dirty.

          • Trevor

            Completely agree. I’m a little worried, to say the least, about dropping my 97.5% glass Nexus 4, but a case on this phone would absolutely ruin it. I’ll be pissed as ish if I drop it, but it’s a risk I’m willing to take.

          • elago cases are fantastic. I use the blue breathed case on my pebble blue GS3.

  • Rick Lopez

    HTC loses because of one fact – no Verizon, how do you compete if you are not on the best network, you can’t !

    • Tim242

      They have a device on Verizon. HTC loses for many reasons. Being on Verizon is not ONE of them

      • nightscout13

        What he meant, is that this new phone will not be on Verizon, and that is a loss, because there are 200 Million VzW potential customers.

        • Tim242

          I know what he meant. But, there is a flagship HTC device on Verizon to choose from. If it sells well, HTC does well. The ONE is not inherently better than the DNA. I would pick the DNA out of the two. If HTC didn’t have a current device on Verizon at all, that would be a problem. But, this is not the case.

          • Michael Toland

            Your argument is not sound Tim. ATT has the HTC One X+, a better phone than the DNA to some, yet they will sell the HTC One. Verizon released the DNA just 5 days after the One X+ on ATT. It actually defies more logic for ATT with so many similarly named HTC Devices than Verizon. Check the reviews too, the HTC One is very much a superior phone to the DNA…Camera, Storage, display (468ppi), style, etc…

          • Tim242

            The One X + was a rehash of the One X. The DNA is a flagship that was new. The display of the ONE is not better because it has higher DPI. You cannot tell the difference between 440 and 468. Following your logic, a 3.5″ would be better because it would be like 700 PPI. Style is opinion.

          • Michael Toland

            The DNA is not a flagship phone Tim…nor was it ever advertised as such. A flagship phone is released on multpiple carriers, Verizon was the only U.S. carrier for the DNA. The HTC ONE X+ compared favorably overall to the DNA in many reviews. The only aspect the DNA trumps the HTC One at is display size. The One has a bigger battery, newer OS, better camera, storage, processor, and better styling (while a matter of preference I think most would agree). So yes the new One is a much improved phone over the DNA. Oh and no one has ever made a 3.5″ 700ppi display, the Iphone 4 was only 326ppi.

          • Tim242

            Michael, Michael. Stop trying to define flagship phone. While there is no set definition, flagships are released on single carriers sometimes. The EVO line were flagships for sprint (I worked there). The DNA is very comparable to the ONE. Of course the ONE has a few improvements, but that’s the natural order of things.. The One X+ was a one x, period. The DNA was the Butterfly, which was next gen flagship. The One is a variatitoo. Of that for everybody else. You missed my point on PPI. Making a screen smaller to increase PPI is not going to make it look better. You will not be able to see adifference. Anything over 300 is not going to make a difference. Anything over 400 is just bragging rights.

          • hkklife

            “Anything over 400 is just bragging rights.”

            Yup, like Samsung trying to trump LG & HTC by supposedly advertising the GS4 as a 4.99″ 1080P screen.

          • Michael Toland

            Tim, I completely understand that ppi above 400 is not recognizable by the naked eye. I was simply stating the facts of each device. That being said I think many will agree that the HTC One is a significant upgrade over the DNA.

          • Tim242

            In some cases yes. But, it’s a downgrade on the display. They each will have their pros and cons. Bottom line, there will be a great HTC device on all carriers. When the ONE fails, it won’t have anything to do with Verizon. It will be poor marketing, and Samsung dominance.

          • Rick Lopez

            Guys its not about build quality or batteries. Its about who has the most marketing dollars. Look how well the GS3 is doing…You have to spend money to make money.

          • hkklife

            Tim, DNA’s weak battery life and lack of storage are enough to make it a no-go for me. Now, if VZW & HTC quickly brought a “DNA+” with 32Gb of storage and a 2300mAh battery (or better), that’d go a LONG way to alleviate those concerns.
            I know of 4 people personally who bought a DNA. Two of them returned it (one is a power user due to battery & storage concerns, the other is a female & said it was too big to hold comfortbly). The other guy loves it (casual user) and the other guy is keeping it but wishes it just had a little more storage after realizing how good the camera/camcorder is compared to his old Droid2…

          • Ibrick

            I thought storage and battery might be an issue, but moving to the cloud, I don’t think I’ve had less than 5.5GB free space. HSIC wakelock issues are the cause of decent, but not great battery life on the stock unit. With a custom kernel including the HSIC fixes, it cuts the deep sleep battery use to about 1%/hr. I routinely get 5+hrs screen time and 24+hrs total on a combination of wifi and 4G.
            I realize that’s not a realistic solution for some/most people, but it does at least show that battery life can actually be pretty outstanding once HTC patches up the kernel. Hopefully..

          • Marsg

            The average consumer doesn’t care about processor power or ram, the first thing they notice in a device is the aesthetic design and material, the DNA is knowere close to the HTC One in terms of build quality, hell the HTC One is probably the highest quality device on the market and prob even the best looking. Their isn’t much of a incentive for the average consumer to pick upthe DNA over let’s say the galaxy note 2 or the s3 or even the iPhone because they are better known but had they the HTC one i think that could change their mind or at least find some interest and research the device.

          • Tim242

            You start off by trying to tell me what average consumers care about. Then you start going on about aesthetics and materials of the build. If my working in a cell phone store isn’t enough to convince you that you are wrong, then look at Samsung’s dominance. What is the last non plastic phone they released?

          • Marsg

            Samsung became popular when devices weren’t noticeable in quality, just look at the iPhone 3gs or the fragile iPhone 4, and among all Android OEMS at the time Samsung had the best looking device and the closest thing to an IPhone running Android. on top of that touchwiz was also more intuitive than sense. Samsung is a widely known company now and doesn’t need high quality material to make a sale, they have gained a large fan base. HTC on the other hand has to go above and beyond to persuade everyone their devices are better. But they cant do that if their device doesn’t stand out from the bunch. A consumer isn’t going to buy a device like the Droid DNA they know nothing about over the popular galaxy s3 everyone’s talking about. I believe the HTC’s one is a head turner and can stand out where the DNA cant, mostly because of the material and design.

          • Tim242

            The HTC EVO LTE has great build and design. However, it wasn’t a big seller. HTC phones have lots of issues, due mainly to Sense. Just because the DNA isn’t metal, doesn’t mean it is a bad design. Actually, it’s design and aesthetic have been highly praised.

          • You do realize that plastic doesn’t dent and I’ve never had either Samsung phone I’ve owned even get a scratch on it? Tell me that that would be the same with a “non-plastic” phone with a straight face.

            Keep in mind also that this is a phone which will be immediately placed in a case, just as the htc phone will be. I much prefer TouchWiz over Sense also.

          • Tim242

            Plastic doesn’t dent, but it chips. That isn’t the point though. I do not drop my phones, nor do I use cases. I like the phone as is, and I take care of it

          • Rick Lopez

            The DNA will not compete with this phone because of the marketing dollars that will be used to prop up the ONE & GS4. So, if Verizon doesn’t have the ONE the 200MIllion potential clients will go to – wait for it….Verizon’s GS4. If I have an upgrade available and I am on Verizon. Do i A. Buy the old DNA or B. Buy the new hyper marketed GS4. Regardless how you feel about RED its a big deal and HTC losses.

        • Michael Toland

          Actually Verizon only has 98 million customers 2nd to ATT at 107 million.

          • hkklife

            The DNA is superior in ONE category (screen size). You can argue about the merits of being available “now” (actually 3+ months ago) and the VZW network but on a spec sheet the One is clearly superior in every regard other than screen size. Unfortunatey for many, especially with 1080P, the smaller screen is a biggie.

            And that brings me to HTC’s primary problem: they are essentially a One-trick pony (pun intended). They have no true phablet line and their tablet efforts were absolutely disastrous and aborted prematurely. For all we know, the DNA could be a one-off just to fill a void in the VZW holiday 2012 lineup.
            Like ’em or not, Samsung is firing on all cylinders because they have something for everyone (or at least they are hitting the 4.3″, 4.5″, 4.8″ and 5.5″ screen categories across a variety of carirers. Add to that the halo effect from their varied tablet lineup (again, not the best Android tablets but good enough to muscle their way into being nearly ubiquitous. My local Costco AND Toys R’ Us carry Samsung tablets. Not Acer, not Asus, No Nexii, not Sony, not Toshiba. The Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 is a worse tablet in nearly every regard compared to the N7, yet only OD , Sam’s, & Wal-Mart carry the N7 whereas everyone has a Galaxy Tab variant.

            I think the GS3 momentum will carry over to the GS4 but probably won’t be AS big of a hit. But it’ll definitely be enough to have HTC on the ropes within a year…

          • it aslo has wireless charging

          • Tim242

            You are incorrect sir. Verizon is the largest wireless carrier. At&t reports total connections, Verizon reports only wireless subs. Verizon has 98 million wireless subs, at&t has 90 million.

        • They have not yet announced that Verizon is a carrier partner. That does not mean Verizon will not get the device. Unless you are from the future, in which case…what are next week’s lottery numbers? 😉

          • nightscout13

            I thought I read an article stating they will not be on Verizon with the One.

    • goodbyebb

      I couldn’t agree more. For the One to be successful (not talking about HTC as a whole, but for this new line), they can’t leave Verizon out. That’s an epic fail. Not because I think VZW is the best, but they have by far the largest user base and the largest network in the US (that’s not an opinion…look at the numbers). I’m not a huge fan of the DNA or the even the One (GS3 user now). We have a couple of DNA’s in our company and do all of the setup/problem solving and the users that have them LOVE them. But I have a friend who has one who hates it. He’s had issues with it from day 1. I think the storage and battery really hampered the DNA for a lot of people. Maybe the general consumer doesn’t really look at those too much when buying a new phone but it definitely didn’t help with tech community.

  • I love HTC’s designs but man they need to bring back the use of memory cards. Granted I have most of my songs on Play music but that doesn’t fly most times when you can’t get a signal or in an area that doesn’t have wifi.

  • Erik Cho

    You know, in a lot of ways that Aluminum body could be enough to sway some people. Maybe not a lot of people, but some. I’m personally getting a bit tired of the traditional plastic phones and if I were to switch back to an HTC, the One would definitely at the top of my list if for no other reason than the Aluminum body.
    If the Galaxy Note 2 had a similarly constructed outer shell it would be in my hands already. Instead I’m choosing to wait a while longer to see what else crops up in the market.

  • Spoken Word™

    This isn’t a battle, it’s a slaughter! I love HTC, I’ve owned several of their devices, but Samsung, I’ve owned several of their devices, executes their plans much better. I guarantee that the HTC One vs. Samsung Galaxy S IV fight is going to end the same way that the One X vs. Galaxy S III fight ended.

    • Dave

      S4 pre orders > HTC One sales for 2013.

      • New_Guy

        HA! That’s a bet I’d actually put money on =D…

  • Tomkins

    I would love to pick up a One as opposed to an S4, but I’m stuck on Verizon. /:
    I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a DNA Refresh.

    • nightscout13

      How can you say that, without knowing anything about the S4? You wanna wait till it’s announced before passing judgement?

      • Tomkins

        Whoa brah, at what point was I judging the S4? I currently own the S3, but I’ve always preferred the build quality of HTC over Samsung.

        • nightscout13

          “I would love to pick up a One as opposed to an S4”
          This is passing judgement, before the device is even announced.

          • um, read the WHOLE post…he said he was on verizon, so the judgement was passed when the One didn’t come to Verizon, as he stated in his original post…

        • Tomkins

          Brosef, I’m just stating my desire. I already own a Samsung phone. I want a HTC phone this time. Both phones will be amazing, I’m just sharing my thoughts here.

          • nightscout13

            But the S4 is not out yet, how can you say you want the One over the S4 if it’s not out yet? I don’t understand that logic.

      • Sherman J. Buster

        You can pass judgement fairly easily. It is a personal opinion. I don’t like the look or feel of any of the Samsung devices that I have messed with, where as I do not mind the look/feel of most HTC devices I have messed with. I also hate the physical button Samsung seems so in love with. So, if Samsung makes a device that looks/feels like any of their previous devices, I wouldn’t be buying it. This isn’t to say I like the look of the HTC One. I don’t like the look of the iPhone, so the HTC One isn’t for me. So far this year, I’m basically screwed with new phones, unless Moto comes out with something I really like.

    • kg215

      Yup the DNA is a good device but it’s not worthy of a flagship, I don’t know if it was Verizon’s decision or HTC’s but they really dropped the ball on that. Though to be honest I am not that excited about the HTC one anyway, odds are the S4 will be the better device and sell a lot more. Personally I am a lot more interested in the galaxy s4 vs motorola x phone vs whoever makes the next nexus. HTC has a lot of ground to make up, and not sure a phone with 2 buttons and annoying sense is the one to save them, even if it looks very nice.

      • Tomkins

        I agree with the bit about the DNA. It came out way too late in the year to be relevant. They could have done much more with it. Of all the phones announced so far, the phone that best fits my needs is the S4. I just feel like I’m there by default though, due to the lack of desirable phones on Verizon, as of now. Verizon won’t see the One, the X Phone is nowhere to be seen, I’m incredibly weary of LG, the Padfone Infinity would be nice if it wouldn’t cost me can arm and a leg (and if it worked on Verizon), and if I get a new phone, I’m not going for last year’s model.

    • MikeCiggy

      Considering they said this will be their only flagship of the year and they will push to get it on as many carriers as possible an LTE version isn’t impossible.

  • Ibrick

    Go HTC!

  • Aaron17Watson17

    Competition! I love it. Samsung actually thrives for competition. One of their basic principles.

  • NotTheTodd

    How about they abandon Nonsense and Cheezwiz and then we’ll talk?

    • nightscout13

      No one is stopping you from using custom launcher, there’s a plethora available.

      • Tim242

        Overlays are deeply entrenched. They are not just launchers.

    • Dave

      True, but you also need to realize the developer community is about a grain of sand in the total Android market share, the vast majority of consumers don’t care about skins or launchers. Thus, OEM see no problem with them. But I hear you loud and clear.

      • kg215

        Yup, in fact i bet some consumers might even prefer touchwiz or sense over aosp. They might like some of the unique features or the different appearance. Those of us who want AOSP only or a rom based on AOSP are the tiny minority.

        • Anon

          Then release the phones with the overlay, but allow it to be uninstalled. Simple. That way you promote your interface, but an enthusiast can remove it if they want.

          • That’s why enthusiasts have ROMs. The OEMs are basically forced to differentiate themselves by exclusive software features now, and many of those features require much much deeper hooks in the OS and kernel than an app that can be uninstalled (I guarantee the MultiView requires more than an app), not to mention the theming done to the SystemUI and framework. Simply put, “turning off” a skin is often very very difficult to do. In fact, I would stop using the term “skin”, as things are changed to the point that the OS is just shy of being a fork of the code.

          • frhoward

            Well said!!

          • frhoward

            If it was as easy as flipping a switch to turn on and off the pure android experience from an OEM skin don’t you think there would be an app for that already. It is alot harder than it seems. You have alot of technicalities involved when “switching” home screens aka Roms from an OEM skin to Vanilla Android (I.e. Kernels, system frameworks, radio “RIL” issues to just name a few).Plus the OEM will have to update both systems when it is time to update the system which will take a lot of resources to pull off in a timely manner. Maybe this is something Google is working on in their next Motorola “WOW” phone. But I am saying this to say thats the beauty of Android, if you dont like the OEM skins get a Nexus. You have choices. But would I love to see that happen, of course. But do not count out Sense 5 just yet. I have Sense 5 running on my HTC DNA coming from a Nexus 4 and honestly they have done really well revamping the SenseUI. IMO 🙂

      • JakeS41

        The dev community may be small in actual numbers, but I am willing to bet their influence is rather large. Word of mouth is huge when it comes to sales and if you get people geeked out about a phone and talking about it, their friends and family will listen more often than not. And switching from AOSP to Sense/Suckwiz/Whatever should be as easy as switching a launcher. All phones should have the option IMO.

  • Winning Formula

    HTC so just take a page from Google’s book. Price it at $400 off contract and throw in Verizon LTE and you have yourself a winner!

  • What about LG? The Optimus G Pro is a beast along with the new Optimus layout. 4.1 allows you to play netflix and hulu in the background while still texting, web browsing and other things.

    • Tim242

      Be sure to wash your hands after touching the charging cord of any LG device. They are coated with lead and other carcinogens.

      • MR.LG

        if you have sprint look around middle of march for JB

    • Tojen1981

      thinking the same myself. Lg could be a sleeper this year and surprise a lot of people if they play their cards right. Some tv advertising would go a long way for them. Lg seems like the company that makes some of the best phones that nobody has ever heard of. I have an lg optimus g and have no regrets so far. Its a beast. Just needs some jb/ key lime pie.

  • CaptainHowdy13

    Always have loved their build quality. They just need better software for me. More marketing for others.

  • HTC one is the best phone out there, buying it day one. Its samsungs turn now. Lets see what they come up with and then we’ll talk who’s better 🙂

  • Great read!

  • Nate

    I wish HTC made the next Nexus. My god. That would be beautiful.

    • Ken Bosse

      I have a thought in my head, and its just a thought. I could see HTC making the next Nexus. If they prove that they can make a solid device and show signs of life, google may throw them a bone and give them a nexus to help boost them back up.
      But that is just my opinion. Good guy Google lol

      • zurginator

        Google doesn’t go based on hardware — they go based on which OEM gives them the lowest bid. LG won because they probably bid nil. The N4 quite literally uses the same mainboard as the OG. This means their development costs were next to nothing.

        • yulelissy81db

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      • HTC One looks pretty damn solid to me. If the new Motorola rumors are true, then the HTC One or Nexus 4 2nd gen will be my next phone.

        • Ken Bosse

          I have never owned a nexus, and I have always said my next phone will be a nexus, but got distracted by the S3. I have made a stand in my head my NEXT phone will be a Nexus, prepaid. With that being said, I wouldn’t mind that being an HTC.

        • nightscout13

          I’m pretty sure it will be called a Nexus 5.
          HTC Nexus One
          Samsung Nexus 2
          Samsung Galaxy Nexus
          LG Nexus 4
          _______ Nexus 5

          • Jon Lambert

            Samsung Nexus S*

          • Rodeojones000

            There was never a Nexus 2. The second Nexus, made by Samsung, was the Nexus S.

          • nightscout13

            It was the second Nexus…..

          • Nope. The “second” nexus was called the “Nexus S”

          • nightscout13

            I know what it was called……
            It was the second Nexus…..So Nexus 2.

          • What about the nexus 7 and nexus 10? What happened to 5, 6, 8, and 9?

          • nightscout13

            Yes they used 2 different approaches to this. For the phones, they used a sequential count. For the tablets, they used screen size. I dunno why they are using 2 different approaches, it can cause confusion in a few years.

          • If you’re deliberately calling the phone the wrong name to make your point, why didn’t you call the G-Nex the “Samsung Galaxy Nexus 3”?

          • nightscout13

            What difference does it make? The point was made, why are you attacking every aspect of my post? Go troll somewhere else…..The G-Nex was the Nexus 3, deal with it.

          • tomn1ce

            Samsung Nexus S2… o_0

          • nightscout13

            The Nexus S was the second Nexus, so what’s the issue here

          • tomn1ce

            I know, I was just messing with you….and the rest that keep arguing about the Nexus S….(actually the “S” inverted is a “2”)…..Not to mention that Samsung had started using the “S” for their Android devices…The Galaxy S was announced in March 210 and the Nexus S was released in Dec 2010..

        • Jonathan Wow

          Nope, it was actually the Samsung Nexus S, not the Nexus 2.

          • michael arazan

            If you are dyslexic the Nexus S is the Nexus 2

      • Larizard

        but what are they gonna call it? the “Nexus One”?

        oh wait lol.

    • nightscout13

      HTC had their chance with Nexus already, the Nexus 1. Did you seriously not know that?

    • Rodeojones000

      They already did. The original Nexus was made by HTC.

    • Alexander Garcia

      THIS!!! With a RAZR Maxx battery juicin’ it up. =)

    • Probably would have stuck with Android if HTC had made a Nexus. I tried the Rezound as my last effort with Android and it failed me.