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Google’s Music Streaming Service to “Have Very Positive Impact on the Business”

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According to music industry officials, Google’s plan of entering the music streaming subscription service is the best thing to happen since sliced bread. With Google’s already large user base with services such as YouTube, Google has a unique way of bringing content to customers. With Mountain View now looking to turn these people into paying subscribers, the industry couldn’t be happier. 

In a recent interview with the UK’s Guardian, Francis Keeling, global head of digital business at Universal Music Group, shed some light on his feelings of Google’s step towards a Spotify-like service.

We talk about for subscription services, the need to have a funnel. Google, with its hundreds of millions of users through search, YouTube with its more than 800 million users, arguably is the biggest funnel we could have. Clearly if we could get consumers into a legal funnel through that route and encourage them to subscription, that would have a very positive impact on the business.

Naturally, there are some not so keen with a search engine company in charge of selling music. With Google’s somewhat slow response to remove pirate sites from search results, Keeling also wants to make sure that Google’s pushing customers toward the right product.

Like all search engines, there is a problem; we’re asking all search engines to prioritize legal services. We know that search engines are a primary route for consumers to be able to find music and hope all search engines will implement those changes.

When we asked you if you would be interested in such a service, our readers made it clear that if Google produced a well thought-out service and the price was right, you would jump right on it.

The service is rumored to launch in Q3 of this year and we could also expect to see a little bit of it at Google I/O possibly.

Via: BGR | The Gaurdian

  • Husayn Khaliq

    All i want is Google Play Music to add a crossfader to there app pls .

  • Dillon Brown

    Yes please. I can finally get of Spotify, which has a great selection and desktop app, but they have no concern for android users, and continue to neglect adding new features to their barely passable app.

  • Jake

    This would be great if it could seamlessly combine the music that I already own & uploaded to Google Music with the subscription service. Some subscription services allow you to do that with locally saved files, but with storage space on Nexus phones being so limited, I’d prefer to stream ALL of my music. I’m sick of having to switch between apps because a particular service doesn’t have a particular artist or song.

  • Jordan Marrie

    The amount of people in the comments that do not understand that this is a streaming “On-Demand” service that Google is INTRODUCING is just blowing my mind right now.

  • It’s gonna be a tough spot for Google, I think. The music industry and Google will likely want to put some sort of bar at the top of Google search that has the Google Music option to listen when you search for a song and we’ve all seen how the FTC and EU don’t seem to like when Google places their products front and center.

    • well, that depends. I’d see it as the same thing as video results from YouTube for a song you search, you can click-through and watch them. But instead of a video, you get an audio-only player. Bing currently gives a “Play” and “Buy” option on a song search on the right side, and XBox Music is the first option there, and no one seems to have an issue with that. So long as Google Music isn’t the ONLY option they display, or the other options aren’t buried on page 3, I don’t see any problems.

  • coolsilver

    I already pay for Pandora and that suits me well enough.

  • I would love this. But I need to be able to add the artists I want to my library and it must have a radio feature for those times I don’t know what I want to listen too. And it has to all be able to be done on mobile I shouldn’t need my computer for anything (looking at you spotify) would pay 10 a month easy for this

  • KleenDroid

    I’m never going to pay for a music streaming service… ever. I have plenty of music, and i also own a radio. And there are plenty of free options.

  • Has to be better than Spotify and no more than the $9.99 a month that I pay for it.

    • Fattie McDoogles

      Knowing Google it’ll probably be dirt cheap. They have the headcount to make it cheap and still make money.

  • Mobius

    Nothing like having to start paying for free services to brighten your day

    • Eric Richardson

      What are you even talking about?

  • If its better than Spotify, count me in!

  • Chris Mullins

    Nothing more appealing that paying for something that has always been free to you.

    • 4n1m4L

      Funnel all these music listeners into a machine that turns them upside down and shakes the money out of their pockets

      • Chris Mullins

        Yeah because artists don’t have enough money as it is. When was the last time you saw a hit artist or band beg for food, instead of posting pictures of their brand new cars in their mansions garage

        • Doan

          Do you think someone’s work becomes free as soon as they accumulate a large sum of money? That’s not how things work. An artists’ financial situation has nothing to do with this.

          How has music always been free? Legally. Spotify desktop offers free music, but I’m unaware of a free service for Android. Excluding services like Pandora or public radio that don’t offer music on demand.

          • RD

            The radio is free.

            You don’t even have to buy an actual radio, just get an app. That’s free too.

            This is just to pay the music industry more money than they need just so they can keep oppressing people with things such as the Copyright Alert System that just went into effect this week.

          • Doan

            Public radio is not on-demand. You can only listen to what the DJ plays. With a music subscription service you are able to listen to any song, any time, anywhere. These are very different services.

            I don’t see any issues with enforcing copyright laws in relation to music, nor do I see any issues in artists making profit on their work.

        • Kevin Jones

          Most artists don’t make much at all from music sales unless they have impossibly beneficial contracts. They make their money from concerts, which is why so many tour whenever they’re not in the studio.

          Your argument is invalid.

          • Alan Paone

            If you’re seeing an artist at a venue meant for music (and not hockey or football) then they aren’t making money on the gig. They have a certain number of t-shirts and records they have to sell that night to make it to the next gig.
            Musicians make money by selling music, so buy it.

          • michael arazan

            The Grateful Dead allowed fans to record the entire shows at concerts for free, which is why the Grateful Dead has the largest bootleg collection of any group ever, and fans sold those bootlegs without ever giving any proceeds back to the Dead. And they still did pretty well off for themselves selling albums, merchandise, and tickets to shows. Just an example

          • Alan Paone

            Wait, you mean an absurdly popular band was able to sell enough music to make money?

        • Fattie McDoogles

          The issue isn’t the artists. I would be happy to throw money at them. They deserve it. But they make so little money off the purchase of music.

        • zionlion02

          The chart toppers? Yeah you’re right. They have tons. The reality is, just like the majority of say, small business owners, most musicians don’t make any money at all. It’s a grueling business where people end up living out of their cars. Spotify is great for musician exposure. But talk to any actual professional musician. They make peanuts from Spotify. Almost nothing because the shares are SO small. Even ‘somewhat’ popular indie artists aren’t making anything there. They make money in their touring – if they are big enough to tour outside their region. Don’t let the 50Cents and Jay-Z’s and whoever is big in “rock” now fool you. Those are the very few .01%.

        • Chris Mullins

          Wow all these great replies and not a single one can answer my question! “When was the last time you saw a hit artist or band beg for food, instead of posting pictures of their brand new cars in their mansions garage”

          Guess I’ll stick to the same answer I always get to this question; “never”

          • Alan Paone

            Yeah because bands tweet “aww man, I’m starving, someone want to send a dollar my way?” all the time? The last 3 concerts I saw, the band was hitting up fans to sleep on their couch, so they wouldn’t have to sleep in a car or pay for a hotel room. Everytime you see a band post pictures of themselves busking downtown, there’s a good chance its because they’re low on cash and need lunch or gas money. A ton of groups share a cellphone between the 4 or 5 of them, and I’ve seen them ask fans for help when they break it. Aside from those lucky enough to make it into the top 40 and stay there, musicians don’t live like kings, most of them don’t even live like janitors. They’re artists, they do it because they love doing it, not because the money is great. You’re welcome to steal from them, but dont’ pretend like that isn’t what you’re doing.

    • JoshGroff

      Free to stream music files you yourself uploaded? I doubt they’ll change that part of it.

    • ceejw

      When have unlimited streaming services like spotify and rdio ever been free?

  • D Beezy

    $5 a month and i’m all in. If not, I’ll stick with Tiny Shark

  • Chris Mullins

    Heck yeah! I’d love to start paying for services that have always been previously offered to me for free! Kind of how lastfm started charging to stream to their devices, they lose how many customers over that one?

    • Fattie McDoogles

      You aren’t going to have to pay to stream your own music. But if you would like to check out other music and listen to new stuff you would have to pay for that. Which Google doesn’t let you do already. Unlike Last.fm they are adding a service not charging you for a service you already have.

      • Eric Richardson

        I don’t get how people misunderstand what this is. This is new service. Not what is already being offered.

        • Droidzilla

          People love to complain, even without reason. It’s about 90% of the posts on Facebook.