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Day 3 Contest: Win a 16GB Nexus 7 From Droid Life! #5daysofnexus (Updated: Winner Picked)


Here we go, day 3 of the 5 Days of Nexus! All week long, we’ll be handing out brand new Nexus devices to the greatest tech community on the planet. Yes, I’m referring to you, the readers of Droid Life. We have already handed out a Nexus 4 and Nexus 7, but we have more to come. Over the next two days, another couple of lucky readers’ days will walk away with Nexus 7s, followed by one last contest on Friday with a prize still to be determined. So let’s do day 3! 

As we did with yesterday’s contest, we’re using Rafflecopter. It allowed readers to enter in a variety of ways to gain multiple entries, one of which only asks that you leave a comment. The process also made it incredibly easy for us to choose a winner.

nexus 7 official


Prize:  1 (one) Nexus 7 16GB from Google Play.

How to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


A winner will be randomly chosen through Rafflecopter tomorrow morning at 8:45AM Pacific.

  • Just pick me.

  • Rob

    Love it, and want one badly.

  • JMillion

    Id take one. Nexus7 baby!

  • Melissa E

    My heart is full of love for Android!!

  • Garrett

    Really looking forward to finally getting an Android tablet! (hopefully) 🙂

  • Tim

    Have a good day droid life staff!

  • Y’all are awesome!

  • I love Android so much that I often spend more time working on Android than I do on my homework… and I am pretty driven, so thats a big thing 😀

  • would love a nexus 7. I work everyday with them but never got a personal one

  • Want

  • Alix8821

    Nexus nexus NEXUS!!

  • Would like to test out the Nexus 7

  • GreenTeaPT

    Its buttery smooth!

  • James Watson

    Android changed my life forever

  • Soooo good!

  • Droids for life

  • Ashish Raj

    Android is my LIFE!!

  • Chris O’Shea

    Widgets are my lifeline!

  • Brittany M

    I love android cause its better than anything else. ANDROID FTW

  • I just want my first 7″ inch tablet.

  • BJ

    DroidLife please throw me a bone
    My wife doesn’t want me to buy one as my own
    My yearning for a Nexus 7 grows everyday
    Android has always been my choice amidst the fray

  • Brittany M

    Gah! I want one so bad. I’ve been saving up forever. ANDROID FTW

  • Android love has no
    Bounds, regardless of its use
    HP Touchpad. YES.

  • MikeOliveira

    i love android simply because, if you want it to happen, you can make it happen. no restrictions no lockdowns, no bullsh*t. I like to feel like I own my device and can make it what I want of it. Right now, a nexus 7 would be awesome to play Ingress on.!!

  • Andy Racic

    I just won an iPad via a contest at work. I haven’t even used it yet. Let me get an Nexus 7!

    • EvanTheGamer

      If you win, SELL your iPad so you can just use your N7.

  • Sean

    Android is my (current) favorite mobile OS. 🙂

  • Droidzilla

    I love Android like a street hooker loves crack.

  • Zacharypt

    Android is the community that sees life for what it is. We can identify our flaws, and we also know the limitless possibilities of what our devices can evolve into.

  • traumadog

    Still on?

  • John

    Nexi are great

  • Skey

    Pick Me!

  • BenBerstler

    just before I saw the paycheck for $4781, I have faith that…my… father in law was like they say trully erning money in their spare time at there computar.. there neighbor has done this 4 less than sixteen months and by now cleard the mortgage on there house and bourt McLaren F1. read more atadf… http://www.youtube.com.qr.net/kaE2

  • mercutio

    Nexus for me plizzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • soultoasty

    IO conference seems so far way. cant wait to see the new tablets from google.

  • chris

    best 7″ tablet out there.

  • moew

    Badger badger badger ANDROID!

    • Droidzilla

      SNAAAAKE! Oh no, it’s a snaaake!

  • Guys… I sleep on an Android PILLOW. I don’t have to pronounce my love any further.

  • I need it please and thank you

  • Wes

    Need a new nexus to replace my shattered screen!

  • iamerics

    fingers crossed!

  • drewblann

    about to start traveling for work and this would be a great travel companion

  • John Cornias

    awesome devices would love to have one

  • Reuben Jacobs

    The N7 is too nice. When you take everything into account (price, features, and design) it seems to be the best choice for 7” tablets at the moment.

  • Tony Burr

    Roofie coolatas for everyone if i win the nexus 7

  • After having an iPhone for over four years, I switched to android and I love it and I will never go back!

  • Rami

    It ain’t life.com without Droid Life.

  • Casey Saunders

    Hope I win todays giveaway

  • Rogue_Rebel

    I would love to have my own Nexus 7, so I no longer need to steal my roommate’s… Double win ^_^

  • zmberven

    Versatility, compatibility, another -ility word

  • I love android not just for the adrenaline rush of amazing new tech toys but also the community that goes along with it.