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Upcoming Tizen OS Previewed at MWC, Samsung is a Huge Backer


Attendees of MWC are getting another close look at Tizen, a new mobile operating system that Samsung has taken an extreme liking to. So much in fact that the reference device for Tizen was made by Samsung, sporting their iconic home button while looking much like last year’s flagship, the Galaxy S3

The interface is extremely straight forward so far. With no app drawer, each installed app sits on your homescreen, much like you would see on Apple’s iOS devices. This is a preview of the OS, so no confirmation whether it will continue to look like this once further development takes place. The OS is designed to run both native and HTML5 applications, which is good news for developers that would look to jump onboard upon release.

On a side note, you might recall yesterday our story on Google’s thoughts towards Samsung and their increasing marketshare. With Samsung helping Tizen get off its feet, folks had better keep an eye on this relationship. And in regards to this OS, boy does it look boring. Circular icons are neat, but nothing here stands out as anything that would make me do the switch-a-roo.


Tizen 3Tizen 4Tizen 2Tizen


Via: CNET | Engadget

  • i could try it out. why not.

  • s3ba5t1an

    People, Stop freaking out. This move will not hurt Google but Microsoft.Samsung will sell in 2013 about 500 million smartphones. Let’s say that in the best scenario they sell around 100 million Tizen devices which puts Tizen firmly in the 3rd spot among mobile OS players, a place where Microsoft wants to be 🙂

  • looks crap

  • raddacle

    Anybody else notice that its just a GS3 in square looking case….

    • Much like those “leaked” GS3’s from shortly before announcement last year.

  • C-Law

    Well the camera app looks identical to their android version, so does their internet icon, and settings is close other than being white

  • Luxferro

    Samsung has been involved with TIzen for a while now. It’s basically a spawn of their Bada OS.

  • bananatroll

    As far as I’m concerned, Samsung should put all the money and marketing it can into this ios copy cat. After all they’ve always wanted to emulate iOS in every way they possibly can. I don’t see why they can’t buy apple and be done with it. After all, its only a matter of time before they become so large they’re literally eating the competition alive. The further they get from Android, the better. Remove the temptation of cheap poorly built NEXUS handsets from Googles pool of OEMS, and they will be forced to go with a manufacturer that produces a better more expensive, and higher quality handset from somebody like Motorola or HTC/LG/SONY instead.

    Yes, Samsung please keep digging this hike of yours, I’m liking where it is leading you.

  • Bionic

    Make no mistake. The day will come when Samsung says screw Android because they want too much control. SAMSUNG will throw in bunch of money into Tizen and be the exclusive OEM. This is a major reason Google got Motorola, in my opinion anyway.

  • MicroNix

    Could it be? A mobile OS that is more boring than iOS?

  • Dave

    Ever ponder what would happen to android if Samsung developed their own OS and mainstream consumers caught on to it? Scary when one OEM essentially represents such a large chunk of our OS..

    • Bionic

      Exactly their plan

  • Rey Velasquez

    Tizen looks lame. Kind of like a rip off of Android OS and iOS. We’ll see how this does but I doubt it will gain more traction than windows mobile OS. Unless they come up with something impressive its not going to make it in such highly competitive market even with Samsung backing it.

    • MicroNix

      If Microsoft and Apple can’t stop the Android train, then this POS doesn’t stand a chance in hell.

      • vitriolix

        Microsoft, apple, palm, hp, rim, Nokia…

  • Austin Warren

    If everyone is saying it’s iOS then why are you here?

  • Task Manager to close apps? What is this Android 2.1? LOL

  • turb0wned


    OK Samsung, please leave Android and go for this! That way it will give way to companies like HTC, Moto and Sony that actually have great built quality, antennas and GPS.

  • Jaron1226

    It looks boring….

  • nightscout13

    Android rip-off

  • Daniel Russell

    Looks terrible.

  • cancerous_it

    People aren’t buying the GS3 because it’s Samsung, they are buying it because of Samsung’s execution of an already very polished Android OS. It will not end well for them if they move completely off of Android.

    • dre

      GS3 is also unlockable + on VZW

  • AlphaNoble

    The phone itself looks a lot like the leaked images of the S3 we were seeing about a year ago

    • artsr2002

      I believe the phone itself is just an S3 with a square plastic case formed around it. You can clearly see the rounded bottom corner of the phone when the light hits it just right. LOL

  • DanWazz

    If they drop android for this, it would be a huge mistake. If no developers care about the OS, then people won’t care about the OS. Look at WM8 and Nokia.

  • RoadsterHD1

    Sammy is a glutton for punishment…. LOL

  • RoadsterHD1

    I’m not digging it. I looks like an ICrap.

  • Diablo81588

    iOS ripoff. Apple will sue.

  • Diablo81588

    “Iconic” home button…Lol

  • jack

    Samsung should just go with Ubuntu it looks better and has more features if they leave android I won’t buy another phone from them again. They better stick with android and not mess up I don’t care if they become the only OEM they make great hardware and Google dominates the software they can do away with touch wiz for all I care or make it look more elagent like sense

    • cb2000a

      It would be a huge mistake for Samsung to push this over Android (but it would be great for Motorola and HTC).

      • Unless you don’t want removable battery, micro sd card support, and/or unlocked/unlockable bootloader.

  • MikeCiggy

    Nothing to see here

  • stabone

    So Samsung, after going through that court hell with Apple, they back a device that has the same slide to unlock that Apple has, no app drawer like Apple has, and the home button as the only navigation button like Apple has. Can’t see why Apple doesn’t like them.

    • Austin Warren

      Why does it matter? Apple is a greedy POS. Samsung isn’t.

      • stabone

        It matter’s because they spent the entire court case saying how they’re not copying Apple and then they got and back a company (at least in the alpha/beta stage) that is copying Apple’s look. And all companies are greedy.. that’s how they stay in business.

        • Austin Warren

          I don’t see Samsung throwing out patents for no reason.

      • dre

        That is completely irrelevant. Apples greed does not absolve Samsung from scrutiny – and this seems like a really shady move by them.

    • Skittleoid

      And the keyboard! 😛

    • iFollow

      so, in such a weird resource-distracting way SAMSUNG prepares for the game-changer called Motorola Xphone? To compete with Motorola Xphone?

      somebody in the right mind wants to use something called Tizen to compete with Android-powered WOW Google Motorola Xphone made in the US? it’s BS.

      Can we hear the official spokespersons dismissing this FUD?

      2013. Android. Xphone vs GSIV.


      The only company which is innovative, smart, fast, creative and powerful enough to leave Android and build the NEXT hit OS is… Google. The end of story.


      If Windows Dumbphone and Apple ios struggle to compete with Android (the world’s #1 OS), Tizen/Firefox/Ubuntu/Facebook/Bada/Meego/Maemo/Symbian lines of CODE will not be able to compete with it either.

    • mos0ne

      “Only navigation button…Looks like an s3”? It is an s3…look at it. Same capacitive menu and back button…FFC and proximity sensor. Looks like miui with pushy icons…its OK though…as much as I appreciate Sammy, they could use a failed venture to bring them back to earth.

  • DroidzFX

    So its touchwiz but worse

  • Chris King

    well Samsung always wanted to look like Apple

  • iOS with circle icons cool!….SMH

  • MichaelFranz

    until it gets skinned…..

  • snowblind64

    If Samsung ever decides to switch over to Tizen it would be a huge blow to Android. Lets hope that doesn’t happen.

    • EC8CH

      If Samsung ever decides to switch over to Tizen it would be a huge blow to Samsung.

      There I fixed it.

      • +1, Samsung would be done and google would throw a party.

      • nicotinic

        They may try to globally launch the Bada OS alongside their own Android phones as low priced entry level devices at first. If interest really picks up then maybe they’ll try to make a stand on their own. Which would be a mistake.

        I’ll assume Google is now planning for this and there will not be another Samsung Nexus device. Samsung will be on it’s own and Google will back Motorola, HTC & LG… In that order 😉 . Just speculation.

    • I think they would be inclined to just buy them. Just as google did with android. I dont see brand loyalty keeping many on a samsung tizen device.

      • nicotinic

        People only want Android or an iPhone… That’s it. Samsung may try to grab both and would be smashed by Google and Apple.

        They need to remember that it’s the Android based OS that put them on the smartphone map. It wasn’t all their Gee-wiz customizations although they may think so.

    • Stephen D

      No. EC8CH is correct. If Samsung releases a flagship phone with this OS, and tons of people(average people who don’t pay much attention to OS) buy it, and suddenly they don’t have any of their apps and everything is completely different from their last Samsung phone, don’t you think they’d be pretty angry?

  • Finire

    Wow… it’s like they took every good thing out of Android to make that… Looking amazingly similar to another os that I’ve heard of… something about icraps…

    • chris125

      nope these icons are circular. Apple only has the patent on square objects and icons lol

      • Thomas Fisher

        ROUNDED squares. Because nobody made rounded corners before them. GROUNDBREAKING! INNOVATIVE!

    • Emily Boyd

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  • trwb

    It’s iOS

    • MicroNix

      but more boring (if that’s possible?)