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Video: Hands-on and Overview of the FAVI SmartStick


I was recently sent over a SmartStick from FAVI Entertainment, an interesting device which brings a full blown Android experience to a TV or monitor with an HDMI port. It is powered by an A9 1GHz chip, 1GB of RAM, and comes in two size options; 4GB and 8GB. What makes the SmartStick somewhat desirable is the reasonable price tag of $50 for the 4GB option. On top of that, there is a wireless keyboard that can also be paired for an additional $40, bringing a total working unit with full controls to $90. 

It runs a slightly modified version of Ice Cream Sandwich, but has full Google Play access, allowing users to install any app they would want right to the SmartStick. For example, if you want Netflix or Hulu on your TV, then this is a way to do it, along with the ability to bring games and other apps. On top of that, there is a full web browser, file manager, and task manager built right into the system.

The unit itself is somewhat speedy and the hardware is very durable, made of thick plastic, making it a great stocking stuffer type gift for any Android fan. It’s super easy to set up and there’s no type of subscription service needed. You just plug it in, hook it up to WiFi, and you’re off. If you’re interested, you can pick one up through Amazon or learn more about them here.

View my hands-on video and gallery down below.


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Hands-on video:

  • Ralph Basile

    Will it run Slingbox with decent results?

  • To answer a few of the questions, yes it will work with his camera sitting atop his monitor – we officially support the current batch of Logitech cams (c310, c525, etc) but most usb webcams will work, supporting skype, hangouts, etc. Yes, it will work with any USB/RF keyboard and mouse. Yes, flash is functional in the browser. Yes, the slingplayer tablet app works very well.

  • I pre-ordered this back before the holidays and was on back ordered forever. When I finally got it it sucked. So slow and cumbersome It includes a VERY basic RF remote that is terrible so I ordered the wireless keyboard. Also a piece of crap. Looses connection all the time and has a terrible operating range. Honestly a week later I went out and bought a roku. I really wanted Android powered smart TV but this “Smart” Stick was not smart at all.

  • Can I use it with Dualshock/Sixaxis controller? That would be really nice.

  • I got a MK808 from amazon $55 it works great with Netflix and XBMC comes with the play store and flash pre installed. Has Android 4.1.1 got it with a Mele air remote $ 25 more.

  • raed81

    is flash fuctional on the browser ? it should bcos its running ics …can you check please….thanks

  • Had my eye on this for a while and now I feel confident in getting it. Thanks.

  • Joe

    Try the app “droidmote” as a controller. It works great with your rooted phone / tablet

  • Joshua C. Lee

    Does it handle flash in the browser? Can you sideload flash? This could be nice to run videos from Hulu (for the non-plus subscribers) and network sites

  • brando56894

    @Timotato:disqus did you call it “the Navi smartstick” at the end of the video or am I hearing things? lol

    I was contemplating on which ones of these to get since I mainly want to use it to run XBMC and the Ouya would be sick for emulators also but I don’t want to wait until the summer to get one….

  • Mike

    Hey Tim, see you’re a Plex user. I might suggest you get a PlexPass (paid subscription). Lets you use the Android beta, which is completely ground up rebuilt, and amazingly good.

  • Joe

    These android sticks have been out for a while. I have two of the MK802 II and one of the new MK802 III’s. There’s about 30 brands of these sticks with similar or the same internals

  • $50 to stream netflix kind nice, looking for something cheap to stream with.

  • Winks

    There are about a dozen of these same android-on-a-stick out there. Id love to be able to suggest one to friends who have non-smart TVs but I have no idea which one to suggest. In fact, from my recollection, none of them are actually running Google TV, am I correct? Can you do a comparison between then?

  • you can get a very similar RF keyboard on amazon for between 10$-15$

  • C-Law

    So do you have to buy the remote too? Bc that raises the price a lot. I’m not sure how else you would control it

  • coolsilver

    Magic-Pro keyboard? Those are ok but I have an older one which had issues from time to time and would stop responding and build quality wasn’t as great as I wanted.

  • Guest

    If the remote/keyboard is not included with the stick, how do you use the smartstick?

  • Cody Stamps

    How well does it run XBMC and what does someone think about this solution versus the ODROID line?

  • 3PO

    Will this support Slingplayer app?..

    • ndoren

      If not, hopefully you can install firefox or chrome with flash, and stream your slingbox through their flash enabled site. That’s how I do it with Linux.

  • peeyourownpants

    tim, can you plug in that webcam sitting on top of the monitor to see if it’ll connect? i’ve got an equiso pro and they basically aren’t supporting it at all. i’ll jump ship if they have webcam support for g+ hangouts.

  • peeyourownpants

    webcam? i’ve got the equiso pro, but it sucks and they basically aren’t supporting it or rolling out features that they said it would have.

  • Tony Allen

    It’s missing one thing that’d be vital to me enjoying the crap out of a device like this.. Bluetooth for gamepads to use with emulators.

    Price seems good though.

    • Shadowcell


      • kirk shaw

        psssh, closed source and did you see the game that won their competition? garbage.

        • Shadowcell

          Open source as much as being allowed free software licensing and publishing unlike all home video game consoles currently in the market.

          Plus that competition, non-official, was for developing a game in 10 days. I’d like to see what you can do in less than 2 weeks my fellow pessimistic gamer.

      • Tony Allen

        Can’t say I’m honestly interested in Ouya, Market access is a necessity. It doesn’t have to be the fastest, most powerful thing on the market but Ouya doesn’t get me excited, something like this does. It just needs a bit.. more.

    • Joe

      There is a bluetooth model, the MK802 IIIS. It’s been out since the holidays.

      Also, if you have a rooted phone or tablet you could use the :droid-mote” app, and Use your phone/tablet as the controller