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Swapps! Brings Another Hidden App Drawer to Your Homescreen


Everyone knows the DL staff has an extreme fascination for multitasking. Last week, we reviewed the Glovebox app which brings a hidden app drawer to your device for easy multitasking no matter where you are in your phone.  Over the weekend, a reader submitted yet another application that fits this description, but according to the reader, this app does it a bit better. The app is called Swapps! and is currently free on Google Play. 

Setting it up is easy. Once installed, make sure the app is enabled, then simply swipe open the box and choose a number of apps that you want pinned to the bar. The app defaults to just three apps, but you can adjust that up to 15 if you’d like. Below your starred apps is a list of recently used apps, followed by a list of all apps. Much like Glovebox, you can choose which side you want the hidden drawer to be placed on and can also change the height, width, etc. of the bar. Beyond that, it is pretty limited. In the future, it would be nice to see some of the other customizable options that we have seen with Glovebox, like theme settings, actions, or shorcuts.

Plus this app has ads as you can see in the bottom of the drawer. For $2.50, you can remove them. If you are interested, pick it up and let us know what you think of the two.

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Cheers Bgill55!

  • I think my favorite multitasking app is still SayIt Voice Launcher.

  • Franz

    I’m more of a fan of Sidebar: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=mohammad.adib.sidebar.lite

    The Lite version doesn’t have any ads, the pro version just has extra features. He’s polishing and adding more features each week, and has an XDA thread where people can participate.

  • rodney11ride

    Can we name some of the other side launchers? i am wanting to try them to eliminate the DOCK! this would be perfect

  • Sherri Felix

    Smart Taskbar is still my favorite. Since it came out.

  • I will forever use Swipepad.

  • kselby

    I like these apps and would use them a lot, but with a case on my phone its difficult to swipe from the side of the phone.

  • ETPhoneHomeT

    I like SwipePad!

  • Christian Tait

    I like to use an app called “swipepad” It has a very nice interface and goes along with the holo theme of stock android. It is also very customizable for which side of the screen you want to swipe from to get access to it and its free with no ads which is great.

  • Joshua and Bristol Kantor

    i still can’t find an app to take me away from swipe pad!

    • Definitely, SwipePad has been a staple for me

  • Justin Barrett

    This is much more stable than GloveBox (Verizon GNex).


    Anyone have that random intermittent freezing issue with this like Glovebox has?

    • rodney11ride

      yes i tried it over the weekend and it froze….

  • DoGood

    I think these launchers are cool but I don’t like the side loading effect b/c it gets in the way of when I actually want to side slide something other than the launcher. This is especially true problem when in Chrome and slide swiping between tabs. It’s impossible to use the slide gesture for tabbing without opening up the side loader (this is true for the pie loaders too). I know you can adjust the touch position but I’ve yet to find a location that doesn’t impact other apps.

    • John

      Ya, I can see how it would not work for many. You could try an app like: GMD GestureControl

    • rodney11ride

      you can adjust it to only recognize top half of phone so then you can swipe bottom half for chrome 🙂

  • John

    This one seems to have more positive reviews/ratings than Glovebox. Worth a try

  • Dane Carpenter

    I’m using ReLauncher on the left and Glove box on the right. I like ReLauncher since it has all your apps categorized. I find myself rarely even going into my app menu now. I also use Glove box for Shortcuts and Widgets.

  • These still to this day are not as good as Wave Launcher to me. Droid Life was the reason I used Wave Launcher back in the OG Droid days and now my Bionic. Custom apps, recent apps, folders, and even widgets.

  • Meh, I like action launcher with glovebox and lmt better.

  • Hep

    Brilliant! Keep these side loaders coming. I’m looking for the right combination of two of them. It would be nice if one offered the option of having one on each side of the screen. I use too many apps.