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Sources Say Google is Worried Over Samsung’s Android Dominance

New Google Logo

This is a topic we have discussed a few times, mainly when we are speedily going back and forth on the Droid Life Show, speculating whether or not Google cares that Samsung’s success could spell trouble for them down the road. Apparently, WSJ has had a chat with some folks close to the matter, and Google is legitimately concerned over Samsung’s pure Android device marketshare domination.

Over the last year, Samsung has basically put on a clinic with how to make a smartphone go viral. In numerical speak, Samsung shipped almost 200 million more Android devices than the next leading Android OEM. Thanks to massive marketing campaigns throughout TV, print, and other forms of advertisements, the Galaxy brand is now a household name. So, what makes this a bad thing for Google? Why would Google be worried that one OEM is making them a ton of ad revenue more so than any other? 

According to sources inside Google, the search giant is worried that if it allows Samsung to grow too big, the Korean manufacturer will be able to demand more online advertising revenue that they are making for Google. As of now, that number sits around 10%, but if Samsung continues to grow that number could rise. Worst case scenario and Google can’t give them a reasonable offer, Samsung could easily pack up shop and start working on their own version of Android, much like what Amazon has with the Kindle tablets. Android makes Google money by using their services (YouTube, Google search, Google Play, etc.) and if Samsung took the Amazon route, Google would be losing a ton of revenue if they halted using those specific applications on their devices.

This is where the purchase of Motorola comes in. Google, according to the same sources, will work extremely close with Motorola to keep Samsung from getting out of hand. By creating a device, in reference to the upcoming X Phone, Google will look to steal a bit of Samsung’s thunder to make the Android OEM field a bit more fair and level for all players.

If Moto and Google can seriously deliver a home run with the new device, that would certainly be a fresh air for the eco-system.

Via: WSJ

  • Arpatruc

    Google has right to be worried about Samsung’s Android domination; but not because of Samsung. The only reasonable motive they have to be worried is … BECAUSE THEY (GOOGLE) SUCKS.

    Google sucks very, very hard at selling their products, and it’s nowhere Samsungs fault.
    Neither is LG responsible. LG just built just as much devices google ordered (70,000 units for the worldwide launch, you speak of a joke).

    Note you can only get their devices via the Play Store, which is only available in three, or four countries.

    Seven months after the official launch the nexsucks devices, none of them are officially available in countries like Germany or Switzerland. Or you get them, overpriced, at the black market.
    In France, which is ”lucky” enough to host a play store, you just can get only one out of three devices, and only the low storage, 8GB model.

    Every time google launched a device, they created fake sold outs just by ordering too few units. This, just to create press buzzes; the famous ”look at how our devices sells so good”

    Now they pay for their ”attention whore” attitude, and they deserve it.

  • Austin Warren

    I question all of you to why are you here if you’re going to bash one of the only companies to create good phones? LG socks, Motorola is laggy, HTC just blows. Put a custom rom on it if you don’t like touchwiz. Put pie on there if you don’t like the home button. Just stop your bittching and complaining.

  • renGek

    innovation comes from a lot of places and/or inspired by things others do. The more parties you have involved the greater the chance of someone coming up with something new and different. You leave it to one hive cluster (*looks towards cupertino*) you end up with a narrowed view of how one party thinks things should be. As great as samsung has been for android there is always the likelihood that they will dominate too much and force a certain style onto the android platform. They could do that if in the extreme case LG, HTC and Motorola are gone then you have no choice but to buy samsung or some far distant 2nd place brand. So I think its good for google to have nexus relationships with other vendors besides samsung.

  • Tech Pro

    Samsung deserves to be successful. Just watch ESPN or any TV program, “The Next Big Thing” Ad runs every 10 minutes. Samsung’s Ad showing frequency is at least 10 times more than Google and Apple combined on ESPN. Heavy marketing dollar makes Samsung a recognizable brand name. People without technical background only know 2 cell phone company, Samsung and Apple. Samsung deserves to get more money from Google, otherwise who will pay all those Ad. Google can either pay up or run their own Ad.

  • Mark Mann

    i’ve seen precisely 1 gs3 in the wild, and have seen one note II in the wild…3 gs2s in the wild…the vast majority around here are moto, htc, or iphones

  • William_Morris

    Does anyone else consider the fact that there’s uniformity in Samsung’s line?

    I mean if you really break it down, they have only 2 current phones out on virtually every carrier, including the big 4 here in the states.

    Moto is only on 3 of the 4 carriers and has a different phone for each carrier (Razr HD, Razr M, Razr HD MAXX for VZW, Photon for Sprint, Atrix for ATT).

    HTC has the same situation. (One series for Tmo and ATT, Evo for Sprint, whatever flavor of the day for VZW.)

    Samsung has taken a particularly successful note (ha! pun) from Apple’s marketing strategy. Their major difference is introducing 2 phones instead of one and making the only difference the antennas and some color schemes. This is why they have success. You don’t have to jump a carrier to get the latest and greatest from Samsung. You can get it from your carrier. VZW customers are stuck with the Droid brand, they can’t get the One but they can get a Note 2 or an SIII.

    Google/Moto may be coming up with a similar idea in the X-Phone. (I will have to believe it when I see it.)

  • Devi8

    apparently Samsung is already back another linux distro for phones called Tizen, they built the reference unit the OS is running


  • A lot of good points here. But there is a further explanation for Samsung’s dominance of the Android market share, and that has to do with their hardware deployment. As a whole, we like consistency in our lives, that is why a Big Mac is the same the most of the world over. And that is what Samsung has brought to the Android market.

    Samsung makes one phone for all carriers, and the only thing that changes is the bloatware added by said carriers. What this means for us consumers is that AT&T subscribers, Verizon subscribers, Rogers subscribers, Orange subscribers all get the same phone and the same experience. If your friend has a GSIII on Sprint, and you are on T-Mobile and want the same phone, you can have it.

    This is where manufacturers like Motorola, LG, Sony, Kyocera, Sanyo, et cetera, who make different handsets for different carriers cannot gain any major foothold. Because your buddy may have the new Droid RAZR Maxx HD, but since you are on T-Mobile you cannot get it, and you are not going to change carriers. HTC has started to embrace this philosophy with the new HTC One phone they just unveiled, despite Verizon passing on the device, anyone in the world can have that phone on any carrier.

    If Google is truly concerned about Samsung dominance, then the new Motorola X Phone should be the beginning of this same ‘one handset for every carrier’ model. If they can bring their new flagship phone to market, offer it for every carrier, and offer that ‘Nexus’ style software experience, they may be able to reclaim a large portion of that market share.

  • justbefair

    Let say mr tim o tato get paid to write for droid life. His articles beome very popular with readers and people read droid life because of him. Should mr o tato ask for a better compensation from droid life? Or should droid life try to promote other writers so they don’t have to worry about mr o tato asking for a raise? How’s that apply to anyone’s work situation? One can’t ask for more for doing a much better job than anyone else? Why shouldn’t samsung ask for 15% from google when most of its mobile revenue come from galaxy devices. We thank our company for our job but that doesn’t mean we are not going to ask for better compensation.

  • cphilano

    Look no further than the last year when Android users were frustrated over seeing commercials about iPhone features which were already apart of Android. Android users knew it, but the rest of the world didn’t. How about Samsung marketing S Beam and a bigger screen as advantages over the iPhone? Every top tier Android phone released with Jelly Bean had the Beam feature stock and bigger screens. It’s ridiculous that other manufacturers besides Apple (Samsung woke up and saw the marketing giant through its envy of Apple) hadn’t realized that carriers weren’t selling their products well. Great marketing and advertising actually works especially if you have a good product! Who knew?

  • MikeKorby

    if we are talking about ridiculous moves by Samsung growing upset with Google, there is always a chance that they could jump ship from the Android Aircraft carrier and hop onto the Windows Phone dinghy..
    They already have existing experience with WinMo, and it would not be overly difficult for them to change operating systems, seeing as there is similar hardware for both of their derivatives..

  • Well maybe more OEMs need to learn how to market, Samsung does that pretty well, so maybe OEMS need to follow that model as its working quite well for Samsung, also making simple but nice looking devices helps as well, beats audio didn’t take off its HTC’s fault for attempting to make that the central selling pointand then not having decent advertising, Sammy does it better so google better learn from both of them in order to make good on this.

  • Android_Forever

    Dear [company name], WOW (software+hardware+design) products is the best SOLUTION for all kinds of dominance.

    Hi-end Motorola Xphone made in USA is going to be one of them.

    Motorola vs SAMSUNG 2013.

  • C-Law

    I hated the droid eris, loved the og droid, loved the gnex, and love my s3. So I’m ok with moto and Samsung being on top. I don’t think Google needs to worry now that they own moto, just get the x phone right!

  • PhillipCun

    I think many are missing the point here. Samsung’s dominance means much more than just market share and profit. The brand recognition of the Galaxy brand is now eclipsing the Android name. People are not asking if you have an Android. They are asking if you have a Galaxy phone. Most people do not recognize that the Samsung Galaxy brand is just a brand and Android is an operating system and that is a huge threat to Google. Google damn sure should be worried.

    With Samsung supporting Bada and using Bada in their entry level phones, they are testing the waters to leave Android completely. What that means is no more Google Apps on Samsung. That’s something I wouldn’t want to leave. The point of having an Android is connecting to all of Google’s products. That’s what makes the Android experience so seamless. Samsung’s market share and advertising power can easily sway people to believing it will be the same experience.

    And the best part about this? Google-Motorola is producing the X-Phone which is supposed to help put Samsung in its place. Will it succeed? Who knows. Why should we all get excited? Competition within Android. This is helping to fuel innovation and the consumers, us, will reap the benefits. Bring it on Motorola. Bring it on Samsung. It’s going to be an epic fight. *popcorn*

    • Android_Forever

      “no more Google Apps on Samsung” but what will replace amazing industry-leading Google Play, Google Maps, Google Now, Google 3D Maps, Google Finance, Google Maps Directions and other INTERNET superservices in Bada/Tizen?

      OS =/= CODE
      Android = OS.

      Google needs SAMSUNG as every other company including Apple does.

      Google does ENORMOUS amount of work on the software innovations side.
      SAMSUNG should focus on design and hardware + differentiation.

      Yes, Google wants their own super-experience.
      Google’s X-perience.
      Designed, engineered and assembled in the USA.

    • cphilano

      I don’t think Google ever wanted the brand of Android to be bigger than the manufacturers or Google itself, so Galaxy brand eclipsing the Android name wouldn’t be an issue. Samsung’s brand is eclipsing other manufacturers by and large, and that’s what is cause for worry. They aren’t succeeding with Android so why stay with it as their OS of choice? The biggest problem for the other manufacturers seems to be that they rely too heavily on the carriers advertising their phones and the phones features.

      If Google and Motorola handle the marketing for the anticipated X-Phone the way they have handled marketing for the Nexus devices, barely anyone will know that the phone even exists or how it is different or better than the next new smart phone.

      The HTC One X was probably the best phone out there at one time, but who really knew about the phone in the general public? These companies need to invest some money in advertising.

  • nightscout13

    Then release some descent phones Motorola! If you’re worried about Sammy

  • Jones

    This is off topic but I wanted some advice from people who actually know what they are talking about.
    Talking about you guys in the comment section specifically.

    I have an LG Optimus G and it is fantastic in everyday except one.
    Some native LG tweaks are nice ( I like their lock screen and qslide).
    It’s just a beauty of a phone but I worry about support.

    I’m not a fan of Sammy so I really don’t want the S3 or note2.
    I’m on Sprint and I want to go to a Galaxy Nexus.

    Would that be too regressive and would I feel a noticeable difference?
    I really want to have the latest or something like it.
    LG aat the moment doesn’t have the best support.
    I would get the Nexus 4 if it was available.

    What do you guys think

    • The Galaxy Nexus (toroplus) is a year old and it looks like it may not get anymore updates. Just something to think about. All CDMA carriers suck at updating their devices.

      • Jones

        You’re right.I will be glad when CDMA slowly goes away.

    • Remember, the Galaxy Nexus is also a Samsung-made device!

      Personally, I wouldn’t. It’s pure Android and was great for its day, but the hardware is aging fast — you’d notice the performance difference. If I were in your boat, I’d stay with the Optimus G until the new Nexus device; then you can either get that (if it’s on Sprint) or get something that’s current at the time you’re buying.

      • Jones

        Thanks a lot.
        I’d rather ask you guys than a BB Mobile rep who barely knows anything .

  • I wonder how worried they are about Ubuntu or FireFox OS or even Amazon

  • As long as they have those physical buttons, count my Gnex the LAST Samsung android I’ll buy!

  • Franc012

    Without the standard Google apps, there would be no point in me buying another Samsung phone. Unless Samsung could write software that could compete with Google, I don’t see them leaving anytime soon. Compare S-Voice with Google Search. There is no comparison; S-Voice is a joke. Even Swype isn’t at the same level as the Jellybean 4.2 keyboard. In my experience, Jellybean 4.2 keyboard is just better at predicting the word I intend to type. How would Samsung replace Google Maps, Navigator, Google Music, YouTube, or GMail? It couldn’t, and without official Google support, the end-user would have to side-load apk’s in order to get Google apps on their phones. At this point, Samsung needs Google, because nobody is about to buy a phone with S-Maps, S-Navigate, S-Music, S-Tube, or S-Mail. I suspect that Samsung doesn’t really want to fund so many projects anyway.

    • bananatroll

      exactly. And the real question is this:

      Why does Scamsung think they need all these Google replacement apps?

      Lol do they think they could possibly create their own Samsung ecosystem?

      I would love to see them try – it would make room for other OEM’s who actually make a dependable and reliable well-built product.

  • DanWazz

    The X phone better have some awesome commercials.

    • bananatroll

      just imagine a motorola product without the DROID brand/moniker. Its gonna take some getting used to.

  • nobody72

    For myself; the xphone will be a failure because it will lack sd slot. Google might be concern about samsung; but just maybe samsung is offering folks what they want and not what ‘google’ wants.

    • So, if Samsung is the savior of the consumer’s wants, why do iPhones sell so well without an SD card?
      One feature being there or missing will not greatly affect sales. The simple fact is that they put the most money into their advertising, so they had the highest sales. Should HTC, Motorola and LG focus on making a halo device and advertising the heck out of it, Samsung will lose ground. Such is the fickle mind of the world consumer.

      • nobody72

        The iphone is not a fair comparison after all I don’t think many of who are interested in android phones are buying an iphone 🙂

        If you want an xphone (or nexus tablet) without an sd slot feel free to buy one. I like my sd slot so until google starts adding them to their devices I will look elsewhere.

  • sporttster

    Google really needs to knock it out of the park with the X phone from Moto. It needs to be unlocked, with a killer camera, at least quad core, 2gb ram or better, SD card, preferably with HDMI out support, a removeable battery would be very nice or a batt that is insanely powerful and lasts a day or better, a top notch processor, and a 5″ HD screen and great sound. I mean they need to kill it on darned near every front. Make it happen, Google!

    • bananatroll

      an intel atom series 2 would be faster than a quad. 22nm vs 38nm.. Yeah I’ll take the faster, newer, chip, which is fully optimized to fun two cores in a architecture that is over 50% more efficient than the snapdragons.

      • While the SoC may be more efficient, Intel does not integrate the LTE radio module, which will pretty much off-set the gains. Also, the newest Snapdragon SoC’s are based on a 28 nm process, not 38 nm.
        Also, Android as a whole is much greater optimized for running on the ARM architecture than it is for the x86 architecture used by the Atom chips, so some apps will not be compatible, stable, or run as well.

        • bananatroll

          i wasn’t aware of this. Rumor is the atom will be the shining star of the x phone. I’ve read that KLP on the x phone will be designed natively with the atom processor from day one, thusly making it the “reference” processor for others to follow. Not 100% sure if that’s just rumor though.

  • MrCrusha

    If Googlerola can figure out the camera issues that Motorola phones have I would go back to it. The hardware other than that felt nice in the hand. They also need to stay away from screens like the Bionic had. Listen to the customers and do what is right. Part of the reason why Samsung is doing so well. They listened to what people wanted and delivered. Can’t believe that when they quality tested a Moto phone and said …”Oh yeah… the camera is good!”

  • yummy

    I really hated leaving motos
    radios and tanklike builds. But now
    I love my plasticy piece of garbage
    that I have to stick batteries in like
    a horsy ride outside of walmart.
    Go plastic!

    • bananatroll

      this makes me laugh

  • For me it’s really gonna come down to the S4 vs. X Phone. That and if I have money, but my Galaxy Nexus is really getting old.

  • Realist

    can some one tell me whats makes android/google phones so much better over iOS??? a jailbroken iphone is the best phone in the world. How great is it REALLY to be going from rom to rom? If it REALLY was that great you wouldn’t be switching all the time right? Can a rooted device download videos/music from YouTube? Could a rooted device download songs from pandora and give you unlimited skips? the ONLY thing they have an advantage on is screen size. im not gonna lie and say i dont wish the iphones screen was bigger but thats it. i had the Galaxy Nexus on verizon for over a year and i liked it(i have unlimited data and love it with free tethering). i rooted it and customized it up the wazzu and whatnot but i was never satisfied with it. it couldnt give me the options a jailbroken iphone gives me. I’m not an apple fanboy either. im just a realist.

    IF someone can give me any reasons why they think a google/android device is better then a jailbroken iphone id like to hear them? customizing isnt all that great. live wallpapers arent really that great cause they drain battery…l.e.d. customization was fun for a while but then i didn’t really care for it?

    • “IF someone can give me any reasons why they think a google/android device is better then a jailbroken iphone id like to hear them?”

      My main reason for preferring Android over iOS is the outlook of the company overall. Apple exercises extreme control over not only their devices but their ecosystem. While JailBreaking your iDevice allows you to get around their app restrictions and allows some minor UI changes, you are still limited by the underlying OS’s restrictions regarding how apps run and share information, which will ultimately keep apps from efficiently working together to provide a cohesive user experience. The best example I have is DashClock for Android 4.2. While it only works for the latest version of Android, it shows what true app communication can do for your user experience.

      Google realized early on that not everyone wants the same thing, so they let device manufacturers go their own way, which created a long list of features and a vast ecosystem in a relatively short period of time. While that approach has its own issues, it still allows me to choose the device that hits the most high points for me. If you don’t want to use widgets, or a custom ROM, or a new launcher, you don’t have to. You can add a grid of icons to your home screens, and that will be that. In fact, the Play store will even auto-add them if you check that under the options.

      TL;DR: Even a Jailbroken iDevice does not give you as much choice as a basic Android device in how you set it up and use it. You can make any Android device run like an iDevice, but you cannot make an iDevice run like any Android device.

  • Joshua Trujillo

    “In numerical speak, Samsung shipped almost 200 million more Android devices than the next leading Android OEM.”

    -This makes them sound like the apple of android, using marketing to make galaxy a household brand as you mentioned. However, they’re still competing against several android manufacturers which should keep them on their toes.

  • I broke my Moto RAZR MAXX (not HD) which I loved except for a few design flaws: speaker, headphone jack, and vibration motor ALL died at once with normal use. Which would have been covered by warranty, if I didn’t shatter the screen dropping it in my haste to the hospital :/

    Shopping for a replacement I said go big or go home and debated the HTC DNA or the Galaxy Note 2. I was tempted by the S3 and similarly the Note 2 but when it came down to it I didn’t like Samsung’s UI or a phablet, so I went HTC. Being so used to Moto’s skin which was near stock and in my opinion in some ways better, I’m iffy about HTC Sense as well, but I like it more than Samsung.

    I hope the HTC One helps put HTC back on the map, they’re far overlooked these days. Would be nice to them steal some of Sammy’s spotlight too. Competition driving innovation is what made Android great and I hope the market gets shaken up again. With Blackberry trying to get on the ball again, Nokia and HTC making some nice Windows phones, the iPhone staying competitive, I think a stagnant Samsung-dominant Android needs a facelift.

  • The Galaxy S3 is one of the best phones ever made and Samsung deserves credit for that, my S3 is my 5th android phone, and is head over heals better than any of the others. Very good battery life, removable battery (although for the first time i have never purchased a second – not needed), and microSD slot. What more can you ask for.

  • NexusMan

    I think this whole idea of Samsung potentially dumping Android is really stupid (but that doesn’t mean Samsung wouldn’t be dumb enough to do it). Samsung drops Google and forks Android like Amazon or develops their own os and guess what, then Google will block the Play Store and the entire suite of Google apps that only come when you are an official Android partner…then the Galaxy S Whatever looks a whole lot less attractive to consumers. “Where’d my Gmail icon go????” “Where’s Google Now?” “These new maps are worse than Apple’s!!!”

  • cphilano

    Yup, I’d have to say that Google is more worried that Samsung would pack up shop leaving Google with less revenue and partnered up with manufacturers that aren’t willing to put the money behind advertising the way Samsung has.

    Samsung could pack up shop, but so far it still hasn’t shown the capacity to be good on the software side of things. That move ultimately hurts Samsung. Even Apple is having a hard time shaking Google on the software side of things. If Samsung were to leave and develop its own operating system, the biggest problem for Google would be the perception of the market place. Having Android as the dominant OS in the market is a big bargaining chip, and having Samsung take a big chunk of that with it would diminish that.

    Google needs to stop trying to convince these manufacturers with halo devices. Google needs to convince their hardware partners that they are doing pretty well in the hardware specs department but are lacking in the marketing aspect of things, and stop relying on Google and carriers to get the word out about their devices. This may be hard because Google, itself, can’t seem to share with the rest of the world outside of people who are already using Android phones, the many great advantages in features and capabilities Android phones have had over the competition. Motorola had a finger on this on one point. Maybe these companies as well as Google need to take a note from Samsung and hire a real advertising firm that can shape their marketing strategy. Samsung, I believe, hired the company that did huge campaigns for Nike, and they’ve been booming ever since. People took notice when Samsung went after Apple highlighting advantageous features that every new high end Android phone had over the iPhone.

    • HTC has already said they realized that their marketing over the last year was lacking, and likely part of their issue with losing sales and marketshare, and that was the main reason they only released the HTC One, so they have a single device to market effectively.

      I can promise that Google, the kings of online ads, have realized that they have a problem with advertising Motorola products, and will correct that once they have a wide-release device worth spending the money on (aka the X-Phone).

      Samsung has a significant head start, but they are in for some stiff competition this year, in both advertising and devices.

      • cphilano

        Google has been the king of ads via search, but never the king of presenting itself ad wise. There is a very big difference between linking ads to a very good dominant service that people have come to use over the years, and creating a marketing campaign to bring people to a service.

        You have to remember that Google gained dominance more so from word of mouth than advertising itself. It garners a lot of ad revenue because it has a great service not revenue from search because of great ads.

        I’m not sure if the masterminds at Google have realized that they have a problem with advertising. So far we’ve only seen dominant manufacturers when they have had well constructed ad campaigns. Apple has been the king of this with iPhone. Motorola briefly did it with the original Droid. Now Samsung is doing it with their Galaxy line up. Google and its manufacturing partners seem to think that their devices are going to advertise themselves, or wireless carriers will advertise their devices better.

        Look no further than the last year when Android users were frustrated over seeing commercials about iPhone features which were already apart of Android. Android users knew it, but the rest of the world didn’t. How about Samsung marketing S Beam and a bigger screen as advantages over the iPhone? Every top tier Android phone released with Jelly Bean had the Beam feature stock and bigger screens.

  • Then Google/Motorola better advertises the hell out of it through traditional media, instead of, say, on YouTube.

    • NexusMan

      I think that’s the plan.

  • Trey Mitchell

    Im pretty sure samsung wouldnt bother with going amazon on android they would just shift to tizen, while I’d rather they adopt webOS they are the driving force behind tizen at the moment and it would be a more obvious move.

    But I do also think sammy knows what they have with Google and that their phones wouldn’t be as appealing to a number of consumers without them.

  • Richard Yarrell

    In practical terms this is entirely silly the entire platform wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the users who purchase android devices. It is the right of the user to decide what device or manufacturer they prefer they are the ones spending not Google. Samsung has earned this right to be the number one OEM manufacturer they have worked hard and have provided industry leading devices. Google has made emense profit these last three years and should be happy not haters which they have become. Android is open source and is that way for a reason Google can’t control purchases and shouldn’t try to influence any purchases. It’s pretty comical that any jealousy should exist but if jealousy does exist maybe they need to look to those weak manufacturers. Htc, Motorola, Lg, Hauwei, Sony, all need to do better focus on those short falls. Bottom line here if it wasn’t for Samsung android wouldn’t exist in my mind. Advice to androidheadlines create articles that focus on why Lg, Htc, Motorola, and Sony have so many problems and focus on those problems and articles. Don’t focus on Samsung they innovate and offer android users opportunity to actually enjoy top of the line smartphones on a daily basis. Samsung has the best software and features solution ever on any smartphone. Again Samsung has earned their position time for everyone to except this and be proud of Samsung instead of hating.

    • Richard Yarrell

      Another thing that’s annoying about Google in general is that their own Nexus line of devices are gravely boring and extremely dull. They decided to buy Motorola now they wanna try to flex on Samsung and act like a problem exist. The real issue is people who buy Samsung devices purchase those device because Samsung caters to it’s customers. I.e external storage and removable battery while Google goes in an entirely different direction trying to force people to use the cloud. Google talks about apple when it’s convenient but they need to seriously remember where they came from. The hallmark of android is choice android was founded on removable batteries and sdcards. Samsung knows that and still allows android users who desire those features to continue to enjoy those features without being forced to something else. Apple force feeds it’s flock apple better start getting wise because Samsung won’t be pushed around by Google either. Samsung is the only OEM who stood up to apple while Htc kisses apple’s ass just like they kiss Google’s ass. Samsung won’t kiss no Google ass they don’t need to yeah that’s why Google fears Samsung.

      • jack

        The nexus line ain’t for everyone especially people like u fanboy I enjoy Samsung phones but don’t act like a kid n keep making immature cocky comments about Samsung like that and also cutting down other OEMs. Android rules and Samsung galaxy devises wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for Google competing with apple in the first place so show some respect and grow up.

    • squiddy20

      “Android is open source and it’s that way for a reason Google can’t control purchases and shouldn’t try to influence any purchases.” It’s pretty clear that you have no clue what you’re talking about from this one sentence alone. 1. Just because something is open source does not mean the company behind the product has no say in the product. 2. Google has never been about “controlling purchases”. Whatever the hell that means.

  • Lester Nash

    They should just merg think bout it samsung with the phones and google with software

    • bananatroll

      if that happened I would go back to BB. Samsung is a horrible OEM. Their phones reek of cheap, low-grade plastics, poor reception, and just feel like a piece of sh** to me every time I try a new one out. The only reason they are as popular as they are is because they have specs, advertising, MASS production, and a big pocket book. Their UI skin is so slow, you couldn’t swim through it with a blender, not to mention it looks like something off a south korean cartoon. Its laggy, unreliable, slow, and is the worst offender on being non-compatible with apps from the Play Store… and yes that includes certain Google apps(go ahead google it) and yet again this is because they screw with the OS way too much to start with.

      If anybody has noticed, Touch Wiz has, over the years eroded down to a mere shadow of what android looks like in its native form. It’s like they are trying to erase Google from every niche and cranny they can find and simply become “galaxy phones” without any Google involved whatsoever.

      Am I the only one that finds this strange?

      In the case of Samsung, the vast majority of folks who’ve decided to repetitively spend their money on this mass produced junk, have taken the blue pill, so they can continue to live in the ‘matrix’ in ignorance.

  • Zebelious

    An excuse to push Motorola into profitability, by directly competing against other Android makers, without being slapped on the wrists. When Google was in the process of acquiring Motorola the following claim was reported;

    “That has led to concerns among some rival Android makers that it will compete directly – which Google has aimed to assuage by insisting that it will effectively run it at arms’ length.” — guardian.co.uk, 21/05/2012