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Koush Releases Open Source ClockworkMod Superuser Beta App


Koushik Dutta, known as the mind behind ROM Manager and other apps such as Carbon Backup and DeskSMS, is at it yet again. Late last night, Koush posted details and a video to his Google+, showing off his newest creation, ClockworkMod Superuser.

The app which will forever be free and open source, is Koush’s definition of how a superuser app should be – secure, open, and work properly (with a pinch of prettiness). It features multiuser support, PIN protection, customizable notifications and a whole lot more.¬†


* Multiuser support
* Open source https://github.com/koush/Superuser
* Free
* Leverages Android’s permission model
* Logging (and per app logging)
* Pretty UI
* PIN Protection
* Request Timeout
* Customize notifications
* x86 and ARM support.
* Handle concurrent su requests properly
* NDK clean

To install the new SU app, you will need a custom recovery installed and of course, root access. To grab the download link, hit up Koush’s Google+ page off the via below.

Let us know what you think of Koush’s new work!

Via: +Koush

Cheers Tim!

  • Other than Koush’s opinion about how a SU app is supposed to function, what are the added benefits to using this over the SU app I’ve run now for several years? I’m asking this as a legitimate question, because I frankly see no use to using Carbon as a rooted user over Titanium Backup (and I’ve bought both apps) — no granular control from within Carbon. If Koush’s new SU app is like the Carbon app — forget it!

    • jab416171

      What does the superuser app have to do with carbon or TI Backup?

  • kane

    Didn’t he get shunned by the community for not opening up CWR or working with other devs?

  • I’m currently using SuperSU. If I want to flash this, do I need to do any special uninstall of SSU to keep my root or simply flashing this one will take over from SSU?

    • Go to the settings of SuperSU, and under Clean Up, select “Clean up for new superuser app” or something like that. Then flash this zip.

      • Thanks; found it. I see SSU also has multi-user support. Not that I need it.

  • Jared

    The same koush that has ignored several attempts via email, forums and finally a 1-star review about the unbelievably poor performance of DeskSMS. Thanks for nothing.

    • Pedro

      I got roughly the same response with Xoom CWM issues.
      TWRP works just as well, without any problems. He got my cash in my OG phase, but I see no reason to stick around based on that.

    • Same guy with Android Overclock I bought back on my Droid2 where the extra options stopped working and he basically blew me off. Yeah no thanks.

    • Been waiting for him to update his Klaxon alarm clock app, too.

    • He always responds to me very quickly. Did you do something to make him angry?

    • SecurityNick

      DeskSMS has worked pretty darn good for me. I enjoy TabletSMS as well, and wish he’d actually work a share function into it.

  • So far, it’s good. We’ll see how the permissions thing plays out, since they (Koush and the CM team) can’t enforce it if app devs don’t play ball.