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Google Voice Extension Now Available for DashClock

google voice dashclock

Fellow Google Voice addicts, your DashClock extension dreams have finally been answered. Released this morning, we have an app called “Google Voice for DashClock” that does nothing more than display your last received message and number of unread new messages. You can also tap on items in DashClock to open the app. It’s incredibly simple, but is exactly what we have been waiting for – “we” as in those of us attached at the hip to Google Voice.

One thing to keep in mind, is that it requires you to enable it in Accessibility (Settings>Accessibility>DashClock Google Voice Extension). Also keep in mind that the app requires no special permissions, meaning it shouldn’t be able to capture any of your data. It should simply be relaying information from Google Voice to DashClock.

Play Link

Cheers Miguel!

  • gk08

    It would be a cool app if it actually showed on the phone like it is displayed here. Instead the default view is three mini icons next to the clock which have to be swiped down to view information. After reporting it to the developer, it seems like there is no remedy at least for stock android as this is a system limitation. Too bad.

    • mgamerz

      That’s how the system works, it’s to make space for the passcode/pin/face/swipey thing unlock, or the standard unlock if you don’t have it secured.

      • gk08

        Well, from what I hear, there is a way to make it full size by default if you use AOKP or some other custom ROMs. So I am guessing there is a work around available that just needs to be put in place.

        • mgamerz

          When I say system I mean stock. Obviously you can do whatever you want with custom roms.

  • Tom Z

    This looks like a cool app. I wish my phone had the 4.2 update. Maybe soon.

  • I remember voice mail! Ahh… yesteryear.

  • dsass600

    The Google Voice app still sucks…

    • Trevor

      Yeah, it could definitely use an update. Maybe if Google releases an all-in-one messaging app…

  • jcorf

    I didn’t understand the point of lock screen widgets till Dashclock came around.

  • Fred

    impossible to download in France 🙁

  • Kisuk3

    Love the updates, this app rocks.

  • Bob G

    Still don’t need to use it.

  • KleenDroid


    • Justin Winker

      Ahaha, I figured you’d find something new to say 🙂

      • KleenDroid

        🙂 I find things just as incredible as I did amazing.