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Take Yourself Into the Weekend With the Droid Life Show Episode 16


The Droid Life Show episode 16 went down this week at its typical Wednesday night time slot. As usual, it was another fun time that included an extended conversation about the HTC One and if it will be HTC’s saving grace, what our initial thoughts were about it, and if Verizon passing on it could be a disaster. After that, we moved on to Google’s latest preview of Google Glass, physical Google retail stores coming later this year, why MWC will be a snoozefest next week, our favorite apps and games of the past week, and even dove into some of your questions from this week’s Q&A session.

Again, another great show that would be well worth your time as we head into the weekend.

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  • strickforce

    you guys need to do this is a normal setting – sorry, dont want to look at a bunch of bedrooms…

    • Futbolrunner

      I personally don’t care. Its just a bunch of chill guys talking about Android news, not CNN.

  • AranelAlasse

    My favorite part of this show was that my new phone (note 2) could watch the whole thing without the battery dying (unlike my previous DROID 4). And this was after having my phone on all day and also watching the rootzwiki show as well (where they talk about the awesome battery life of the note 2, too). Yay!

    • strickforce

      agreed – same here. Although, I just flashed the MR1 rom, it runs SOOO smooth, but the battery life is horrible on it. WIth Beans 8 or 9 – I get an easy 48 hours of normal use…just not as smooth, and not stock jb 4.2

  • BuddyLight

    Yall need to add another guy on the show. Preferably someone to translate what the EFFFF Ron is saying. Brother sounds like a male Siri talking 100 words per second.

    • Sorry! Was there a part in particular that was hard to understand? Maybe I can get a separate mic. I’m listening back to it now and I can hear everything fine, but it’s my own voice so I would probably hear myself better.

    • JorryMagazino

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  • silvawhishaws


  • KleenDroid