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Motorola Offers $50 Google Play Gift Cards With Purchase of New Phone

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From now through March 4, Motorola is willing to hand you a $50 Google Play gift card should you decide to purchase one of their smartphones. After buying devices like the RAZR HD or RAZR M, you simply fill out a rebate form, mail it in (old school), and sit back and wait for your $50 to arrive. If you purchase phones directly through Moto’s site, you will be automatically submitted into the $50 deal. 

Here is the list of eligible phones:

  • DROID 4
  • ATRIX 2

Via:  Motorola [Terms]

  • motorolarebatesucks

    You have to have the Model and the exact amount paid for the device on the reciept or they won’t honor the rebate. I sent in the Verizon reciept (the only one I had) and Motorola said it’s not good enough.

  • They can entice me all they want, but after coming from the Bionic, I’m not looking back.

  • Ed

    Bought my Droid Razr HD a day after the promotion started! Bought the HD from Costco for $49, kept my unlimited data, getting free accessories in the mail, and now $50 in Google Play? Best deal ever.

  • kash521

    And on March 19th theyll announce the X phone.

  • What ever happened to that $50 credit they would give the Moto phones that were gonna get upgraded to Jelly Bean?… Yeah I ain’t trustin ish

  • Zebelious

    This is a response to HTC’s $100 Visa Gift Card. Where is Atrix ICS update Motorola? You are willing to give money away but not willing to fix numerous bugs in International Atrix phones. I will not spend another dime on your products.

    • kixofmyg0t

      You know…..not even Google supports devices as old as the Atrix. It’s been over 2 years man. Get a Nexus 4 already.

      I’m a Moto fan but be realistic. Tegra2 devices aren’t even supported in AOSP anymore.

  • valapsp

    I bought my RAZR maxx a week ago. Still eligible? :'(

    • wg

      Me to dammit. Razr Maxx HD on the 13th. 🙁

      • Austin Warren

        You have a 14 day period to return or exchange. Try that.

  • JoshGroff

    Any idea if this counts Republic Wireless’s Defy XT?

  • Stephen Freeman

    Sorry but no thank you moto/goog. Either give me the discount up front or not at all. I will never again do a mail in rebate. It’s just bad business. However, to be fair, I am holding out for the X-phone… 😛

  • KleenDroid

    Not Amazing. I will never purchase another Motorola phone again until it can be fully unlocked. I want to, but their attitude of telling us we can go elsewhere if we want an unlocked phone doesn’t work for me. Google has done nothing yet with this dud.

    I look forward to the X phone to see if they want to make a decent phone since the Droid 1.

    • Verizon

      If I remember correctly, that is a carrier thing and not specific to all Motorola phones.

      • KleenDroid

        Yes the carrier is involved… But. Samsung is developer friendly. They leaked an unlocked bootloader for the GSIII, and of course nothing compares to a Nexus.

        Google stated long ago before they got involved with Motorola that phones should be unlocked. I am now waiting to see if they want to get back in the game or not. I had an OG and loved it. I tried to continue with them and was very disappointed. Now if there were a pile of phones for me to choose from, Moto would be my last choice.

        I hope they will make a decent phone again someday but I will not hold my breath. Google is moving too slow for my liking. So far they don’t seem to have had any positive impact at all. If the X phone is a flop Google should sell the Moto phone business if anyone would want it and just keep the patents. So far it seems its all they wanted.

        Yah I’ve read they are going through old designs that were already in the pipeline. To me that is nonsense and I think that if they were serious they could have achieved something much more quickly.

        • pappy53

          They make a great phone now. The Razr Maxx HD is as good or better than the vaunted S3, in everything phase except camera. Just because a phone doesn’t have an unlocked bootloader doesn’t make it a bad phone, since 99.9% of Android owners couldn’t care less about it.

          • Big_EZ

            And the ram, that’s why I didn’t even consider the RAZR MAXX HD. Loving my Note 2, first Samsung phone in a long time. I had three Motorola smart phones and I enjoyed them but I’m tired of their crap. They have great reception (the most important aspect of a phone) which is why always liked Motorola, and their build quality is the best (although it’s going down hill). I stayed away from Samsung due to reception but finally decided to give them another shot with the Note 2, and the reception is as good or better than my Motorola phones.

          • KleenDroid

            I am sure you are correct. I am only speaking for myself having come from the Droid 1. Luckily I now have the Gnex.

            I had issues with my OG and my Nexus that the development community took care of. A phone with a great development community becomes a great phone.

          • I can’t tell if this is really bad trollin or just really bad information?? it’s got the S3 beat on battery and…….yeah, that’s it

        • Verizon

          Moto has always been carrier friendly. They make phones that people really like though. The OG Droid was praised by everyone, but Apple. The Razr line has received high praise from reviewers and the general public alike. The Atrix and Razr M were at the top in customer satisfaction surveys not too long ago. They have great build quality, battery life and radios and these things make average users happy. They are, unfortunately, not developer friendly at all or at least they haven’t been. What I see is a bunch of phones listed that can have the bootloader unlocked, but Verizon and At&t phones are absent. I see that as being more of a carrier block than a manufacturer one, but I can understand people being mad that Moto let’s the carrier dictate anything.

          As far as Google taking too long, I have no real idea how long it takes to develop a new phone and/or operating system. Most manufacturers make it seem like it takes a full year to design, develop, manufacture, market and introduce a new phone. Maybe it can be done in less time, but wasn’t Moto blasted for putting out too many phones when the Razr Maxx came out?

  • Buy This

    OR….keep your 50 dollar credit, make me a Nexus, ???, profit

  • col3rsc

    Add the X to get my money

  • Nexus_FrEak

    You could have trolled the crap out of us and put the X phone on there LOL

  • Verizon

    I love seeing promotions like this! It usually means that a company (manufacturer or carrier) are clearing stock for something new.

    • michael arazan

      Google’s apology for slow updates and moto blur is what I was thinking, they should give people this deal who have bought a Moto device for the past 2 years starting with the bionic, you can always get a copy of the reciept from whoever you bought it fronm new.

      • Verizon

        I would think fast updates would be the best apology Google could make for slow updates. Then again the test build of Jelly Bean for the Razr and Razr Maxx was out at Christmas. The only group really slowing things down at this point is Verizon.

  • tanknspank

    Now if the’d just go ahead and release the “X phone”, I’d love to take part in this wonderful promotion.