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Google Finally Released a New Nexus With Verizon LTE, Except It’s a Chromebook

chromebook pixel black

Not sure what else to say. Maybe next year it’ll be a phone.

A little late night discussion – take it wherever you please.

  • Can it run Linux like Ubuntu?

  • RaptorOO7

    Nice device, but the price is high and the features are low. Needs more internal storage at that price.

  • nightscout13

    LOL @ Title 😀

  • Lane252

    FAIL we want phones not laptops. A laptop being a nexus will not make netbooks, notebooks, laptops or anything of the sort come from the ashes they lay in. GIVE US PHONE<<<

  • Marisol

    Really Leslie ?

  • Wait, has noone noticed that this is a 3:2 screen? I wonder, why would Google use a 3:2 screen on their flagship Chromebook, when they have been pushing 16:9 for ages?

  • I’d like to believe something bigger is around the corner (which I mean it is, that’s a guaranteed bet) but regardless a product like this for that price needs to stand on its own merit. You can’t just say “oh, it’s potential is worth the price.” The i5 really doesn’t mean anything, yeah other Chromebooks get away with much less but remember Pixel is driving how many million more pixels than those low res Tegra powered devices?

  • teejaycard

    I really hope 1,200 for a laptop doesn’t become the norm…

  • Literally so excited, until I read the part about it being a Chromebook :-

  • Drew Chapman

    I’m just hoping this moto x phone drops on Verizon so I can replace my Gnex. Yea its cool that I can run custom ROMs 24/7 but the support lately has been lacking. I agree that Verizon failed with the updates on the Gnex. They should be providing their nexus users with the stable updates from Google and trust that they are stable.

  • ChristianJohnson

    It’s an interesting device to say the least. Sure, it’s high in price, but this is Google’s baby. We are finally seeing devices that are designed, made and built by Google. The future looks exciting friends.

  • $1,299 for a gimped notebook? Ouch…

  • cole hartman

    Saving my money for the Google Glass

  • Larizard

    So Victor Koch has the last laugh after all…


  • Bionic

    I have the $200 acer. Very happy with it.

  • FACKWORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Adam Emshwiller

    this is an example of the build quality that a Google developed product can be…. can’t wait to see the design on the X Phone….

  • dwm

    It’ll be orphaned and never see another update after 6 months, just like the Galaxy Nexus.

  • MikeCiggy

    Anyone else thinking there may be a HUGE Chrome OS update released at I/O. With features that will turn this thing into a powerhouse? Maybe im dreaming.

    • Greyhame

      Something has gotta be brewing. I mean, didn’t they learn anything from the Q failure?

      • MikeCiggy

        Well they knew to never actually sell the q

        • Greyhame

          Not exactly. They tried selling it. Then realized no one wanted to buy it at that price, so they stopped.

    • Dillon Brown

      To me everything seems to be leaning that way. They get it out right before i/o and show the nice update capabilities of chrome OS, and probably introduce things to take advantage of the touch screen at the least. To me the touch screen is interesting because, if they merge chrome OS and android, the device will be ready to go and the screen will have a lot of stuff to take advantage of immediately. Also, they put an i5, when it doesn’t really need that power as. It could be for a future update in capability.

    • Drew Chapman

      Maybe they’re working on full integration. Like you pick up your phone and do something set it down and bam its on your chromebook. Seamless integration between devices and Google services such as gmail, YouTube and chrome browser. Maybe even shy away from android and be more googleesque.

    • The Chromebook Pixel, for what’s next

      The above headline is from Google’s Chrome blog announcing the Pixel. Since Google rarely does anything without a reason, the post reads like its thinly veiling that there are indeed BIG changes coming for ChromeOS, and soon. This is a very very intriguing and ambitious device, so I’m looking forward to what they are going to do with it. At this price, they know they are going up against the MacBooks, and they will know that if they want anything remotely close to sales, they will need to bring something spectacular.

    • Since they built a huge chrome android my best guess would be that it will run android apps. The screen is touch so the interface wouldnt be an issue.

  • DanWazz

    Man, I just bought a new laptop. Probably wouldn’t have bought this anyways. Maybe next time Google.

  • First of all, it sucks that it’s a Chromebook. Secondly, if it runs Android, even if it’s still sold at $1,300, with such high end spec, Google will still sell a lot more of it. Thirdly, this thing probably will be updated by Google directly, w/o Verizon approving ANYTHING. If Google can make Verizon to allow that, why couldn’t they make Verizon do the same thing to the Galaxy Nexus — it’s another proof that Google can do it, they just don’t have the will to do so.

    • Of course it will update automatically, it’s just a chrome browser w/ a few apps.

  • Steve

    Verizon Nexus is a new oxymoron…

    • Greyhame

      I wanna like this way more than once, haha.

  • E46droid

    Its on Best Buys Website all ready and no store will have it, I checked the system.

  • I got my G-Nex last February, what should I do come next year when my contract ends?

  • Too much monies for a device operating on Chrome OS.

  • Austin Warren

    But… It’s so beautiful

  • trumpet444

    Its on Verizon? Watch them eff that thing up. Oh they’ll find a way

    • Google already did. 100MB a month free. That is enough to get you to download 5 songs.

  • I hate macs to a degree you would not believe, but the fact that a Macbook Pro with Retina display costs only $200 more just tells me that Google did not do such a good job in this case. Yes I know 1TB of online storage is huge, but think about it. Do you really think you are going to be able to operate out of that when Verizon will charge you an arm and leg for bandwidth use after 100MB? We are talking about 1000 times more data here.

    • 1 TB is 10,000x more data than 100MB, not 1000x.

      On-topic, its dead obvious that your are supposed to use this on WiFi almsot exclusively, and the LTE is mainly for quick check of email or a map while you are out and about.

  • only a 32gb hard drive, no real software support AND it costs over $1,000. Anyone who thinks that’s a good deal doesn’t know what they are doing. That price range you can get any other good windows ultrabook.

    • wait, what? ChromeOS is well-updated and supported. the 32GB drive is an SSD for the base OS and some local storage, with an integrated 1TB cloud drive for the vast majority of your stuff. That amount of storage on GDrive is $50/month, so if you figure you would normally purchase that for 3 years, you are actually getting the machine for free. Or a great discount on the service, depending on how you look at it.

      • eventually you have to start paying for the storage, the 1TB is only free for a year. By no real software i meant “real” software. Chrome plug ins don’t count.

        For anyone who wanted to get serious work done with a laptop the chromebook just doesn’t cut it. Now for $250 that’s not a big deal as it’s a casual device, but once you hit that $1K price point you HAVE to be able to offer more than cloud storage and web apps.

  • I hope i catch the fire sale in time.

  • Kurt

    On the google play store page for the Pixle, it’s subtitle is”For what’s next”

    Maybe google has some exciting software coming for chrome

    Probably thinking too much into it

    • They never have marketing that isn’t on purpose or exactly what they mean to say, in my experience.

  • Wait, don’t you complain about Verizon Nexus devices CONSTANTLY? I guess eventually everyone’s Galaxy Nexus will die and they’ll need something to complain about.

    • trumpet444

      device(s)??… There was only “”1″” Verizon Nexus device. And yes Verizon did ruin it, BUT Google allowed them to ruin it

      • Part of me kind of counts the original Droid as a quasi-Nexus device. Still sad.

  • Mikey Styles

    As much as I enjoy my “coverage” & customer support this is just a absolute silly price point even for VZW not to mention who’s gonna “Really” handle the updates? Food for thought lol

  • whoa

    Doesn’t Verizon have to allow any device on there 700mhz spectrum just not there CDMA bands

    • You may be right, we just haven’t seen this happen yet. So essentially, we need a VoLTE device that can run on Verizon’s network, but doesn’t have a CDMA chip.

      • whoa

        XPhone? VoLTE game changing? I really hope so

        • compwagon

          The problem is that Verizon has to greenlight VoLTE over its network before this would work. I know there was one phone discussed a while ago that was supposed to have the capability, but I don’t think that ever materialized (did it?), at least in terms of having that capability activated…

          • tyguy829

            pretty sure it was the lg revolution that had the hardware believe it or not

  • Chuck Finley

    Never again… Sadly

    The X phone, now that’s another story.

    • I’m just curious to know how they can do the X Phone, with LTE and make it available on carriers. LTE isn’t like GSM. They would have to create different models that work on all of these different LTE networks, at least that’s how I understand it.

      For example, even the iPhone can’t run on multiple LTE networks. The Verizon version can jump onto AT&T’s HSPA network, but not its LTE.

      • ImmaDroid

        It’ll be just like every other phone manufactures make, and just like the Gnex. they have to adjust them to each carrier. All they have to do is have a few different radios for the different carriers. Im sure we’ll have the option, if not then they’ll stick with how they did with the nexus 4

      • compwagon

        What about the Qualcomm chip that was announced a little bit ago with support for all networks, including all the varieties of LTE? Seems to match the market and timeframe of the X Phone pretty well…


      • Chuck Finley

        I’m also curious as to how the development and marketing will go with the X phone parallel to whatever Nexus phone is released, since, you know, the X phone is not supposed to be a Nexus and there’s a “firewall” between GoogleMoto and Google.
        Who handles the release at “showtime”? Top execs from Google or top execs from GoogleMoto?

        Do we also get X tablets parallel to Nexus 7/10 sequels or shortly thereafter?

        Gotta hope Google delivers, though, they’ve basically set the X phone up to be everything that a Nexus is plus everything else that people want.
        Hope it’s waterproof and can handle EMP blasts from a radius of up to five miles, and projects a holographic touchscreen surface onto any flat area.

      • whoa
  • xRand0mx

    I hate to say this but at that price the Surface Pro looks like a much better device. I really don’t know what Google was thinking.

    • Price is a bit wild and doesn’t seem to be their typical style. Normally they try to undercut the market and make up for it in other ways. Chrome may not have the blocks in place to help them make money, though, at least not like Android does.

      • possomcrast

        If they would have made this 799-899 It may have sold big.

        • bb

          Production cost is bigger than that. This is really high end Chromebook. Best screen on laptop ever!

          • Actually, the 15-inch MacBook Pro’s screen is higher-resolution, and it’s only 100 vertical pixels more than the 13-inch MBP.

          • mjmedstarved

            I’m a true fandroid guy but, what is to say it is any more versatile than an iPad with an insane screen, sexy clamshell styled keyboard/case for half the cost?

          • nightscout13

            But the rest of the hardware and the OS is lacking…. Come on, for $1,300 you need at least dual-boot. Windows, and ChromeOS.

          • Mr ilheis

            All we need to find out is if it is using a typical SATA or MSATA and replace the SSD. Windows 8 & Chrome OS FTW!!

      • Dillon Brown

        I was taken aback a little on the price, but it makes sense. It is of the highest build quality (I think I read it is built by Lenovo) with a phenomenal display, not to mention that it is touch ready. The 1TB drive storage is worth more than the laptop itself. But, Chrome OS isn’t robust enough to justify it quite yet, as the touch screen doesn’t quite make sense for it as of right now, on top of the traditional things. I seriously want to buy it though, because I know that this is for the future and soon its going to get what it needs to become one of the best laptops on the market. I don’t have the money though 🙁

        • Tony Allen

          I don’t know that there is much stopping people from slapping a Linux distro on this, or better yet.. Win8.

          When you put it that way.. the pricetag doesn’t seem as crazy.

          • I was with you until win8 was mentioned. simply awful

          • nightscout13

            Windows 7

        • yeah…your perspective has made more sense of this. Basically if you look at it as you’re paying for 1TB of google drive for 3 years at a discounted rate (regular rate $50×36=$1800), and get a nice chromebook for free…it doesn’t seem that crazy.

          • Jim

            How about Google can keep their 1 TB and pay me to use the LTE version. I likely won’t use the storage since I’ll lose it or have to pay a price I don’t like in 3 years.

          • nightscout13

            You can buy a 1TB personal NAS, and host your own cloud god damn it, for only $100.

          • Gerret Walczak

            Your data redundancy policy is astounding…ly lacking.

          • nightscout13

            Setup a RAID-0 then as NAS. Even if it will cost you $300 for a full featured personal cloud NAS, still cheaper than paying some company that will look through your files…..

        • I honestly thought you were kidding, but it seems that you are completely serious.

          • michael arazan

            The most expensive browser ever

        • Mark

          Then Google should allow me to not take the online storage for a discounted price of -$500.

      • G-Nex 22

        I really don’t know what Google is thinking with this release…

        As much as I hate to say this, some days I think Google does not know what it is doing when it comes to their prices and the features they offer on their devices.

        LTE no on the Nexus 4…I can live with that…but a Chromebook that costs over 1K…I don’t see it working out as they expected, especially with other options out there…

        • Daniel Maginnis

          Yeah I don’t know why it has an i5 unless they have huge plans for chrome os. You can barely do anything on them right now

      • cphilano

        I really think that this a Halo device. It’s to show hardware manufacturers that they can create high end devices, not just the cheap Chrome Books that have been on the market. I think Google is thinking about the future with this as opposed to the present. I believe they aren’t even trying to make money off of this, and will probably give away more of these to developers. This will lead to better development for Chrome OS apps and better high end hardware.

      • Jarred Sutherland


        Perfect description of what this Chromebook is for. You guys seriously need to stop looking at the here and now and start looking at the future of products BEYOND just Android (if you’re going to cover stuff and complain about it).

    • TheWhiteLotus

      Except for the whole Windows thing.

      • David Hayden

        Windows on the Pro is just fine. I’m hoping you are referring to that abomination known as Windows RT.

        • zaxwashere

          dat tegra 3 windows RT

        • Cowboydroid

          All Windows is garbage.

      • trumpet444

        I will agree with you with Windows 8 being suckass, windows 7 is still awesome. And I dont even know how they get away with sticking “Windows” beside the number 8, I mean, can you have two apps open at the same time on the Surface? (and I dont mean windows live mail and media player side by side, I’m talking about two 3rd party apps). Someone please tell me I’m wrong

        • delesh

          You are wrong.

        • zerocool79346

          Stop. Spreading ignorance is ignorant. It’s obvious you’ve never used Windows 8, easily the best multitasking experience I’ve ever had.

        • By hating Windows 8 you imply you hate Windows 7. But clearly you like Windows 7, therefore you can’t hate Windows 8. 😉

          Seriously, though. Windows 8 is essentially WIndows 7. People can’t seem to grasp that the Start menu change is a 1-to-1 correlation. The Start button is still there, it’s just not a dedicated icon.in the lower left. Instead it’s a hidden icon accessed by moving your mouse all the way into the corner… it even says “Start” on it… and it’s a button.. Therefore it is the Start button.

          When you click on the Start button in WIndows 7 and earlier, it brings up all your programs in a small list that you scroll through, collapse, and expand, to find the program you want to run. Guess what, in Windows 8 when you click the Start button it also brings up a list of all your programs. just in a full screen.

          ANd no, you don’t need a touch screen. I have Win 8 pro on both my convertibles and non-touch desktops. works perfectly fine.. same as using windows 7… actually, quicker, cause now when I click the Start button it only shows the programs I select to be in the Start menu.

          • Dominick_7

            There are more differences than the hideous Windows metro or whatever they’re calling it now. It’s built on top of Windows 7, but your argument also kind of makes Windows 8 then irrelevant and pointless, if they’re essentially the same. Id take it as a screwed up, non intuitive, uglified and demoted version of Windows 7 minus a sensible Start button which makes many things take longer to do than on Windows 7. Look into also how it works with sleep and stand by mode and you will see that it’s not better than Windows 7 in that regard or how it speeds things up.

          • tiptoptommy

            Umm….. Classic Shell…. Google it

          • Dominick_7

            Am well aware that there are many 3rd part solutions out there that fix Windows 8.. But the problem is that if you have to fix it out of the box it implies it’s broken… Even so, just fixing the way it looks doesn’t address everything I brought up.

          • mah

            People apply third party solutions to TouchWiz, whatever the hell LG has, whatever Motorola has, Sense, stock Android and even iOS all the time.

            By your logic, which is horribly flawed and reeks of someone who’s scared of change, Android and iOS are broken.

            I say you’re a Windows Phone troll. Or worse, Blackberry troll.

          • Dominick_7

            Having owned mostly Motorola devices is agree that blur is broken, as Are iOS, Blackberry, LGs ui and Sense as a previous owner of the Thunderbolt. I kind of like Touch wiz on the Note 2 actually, but if you’d ask me I’d say I don’t like any of them for different reasons. Touch wiz though on such a remarkable device as the Note 2 though is something I can deal with though I won’t lie and say I haven’t considered Nova. Not a fan boy or troll, sorry none of the above. Just starting my opinion. Don’t get your feathers in a ruffle.

          • nah

            The problem here is you’re stating your opinion as stone cold fact which is stupid in and of itself.

            This is what fanboys do.

            You’re also clearly trying to “ruffle everyone’s feathers” with every post.

            This is what trolls do.

            Thus, you are both a troll and a fanboy.

          • Dominick_7

            So according to your way of thinking an opinion based in facts is stupid.. Lol ook then. Are you saying that because you believe your opinion is without any factual basis? If I’m not a fan of any company and think they all basically suck I fail to see how that makes me a fan boy. I mentioned several positive things such as saying the Note 2 is a great device which millions would agree based on the facts of user feedback and design of the device itself. Secondly unless you have some informed opinion that does not end up refuting itself, as in the case that you seem to fulfill your very own definition of what a troll and fan boy are, what is the point of posting a reply like the ones you just did?

        • Riz Virani

          Windows 8 is amazing, speaking from a developer’s and consumer’s point of view.

        • Riz Virani

          Windows 8 is amazing, speaking from a developer’s and consumer’s point of view.

          • Cowboydroid

            I guess that’s why it’s selling in droves…oh, wait…

    • Austin Warren

      They are probably seeing how it reacts with consumers. They probably don’t have many made. Price drop is imminent with Google I/O

      • New_Guy

        I have a feeling that they will be doing something special with Chrome OS and that early adopters will be handsomely rewarded. Just a feeling is all. Otherwise, unless there is a significant price drop, this makes no sense…

        • Austin Warren

          Google is smart, they wouldn’t tarnish their reputation by doing something like this without it being something bigger that I think they are hiding.

          That i5 has to mean something. Chrome doesn’t need that at all and it surely doesn’t need 4gb Ram.

          • New_Guy

            Exactly. I also remember them setting up a chromed out Android on their Mountain View lawn which everyone dismissed as just for fun. Nothing about any of this makes sense unless they are about to blow our minds.

          • tiptoptommy


          • Cowboydroid

            It means performance will be amazing, scrolling and panning on a giant resolution screen won’t lag, HD videos won’t lag…the only bottle neck will be your internet connection, which you might come to hate even more, and possibly demand better service from you ISP.

    • New_Guy

      I’d much rather have the Transformer Infinity than either one of them to be honest…

    • Cowboydroid

      The Surface Pro is garbage. If you’re sick of the headaches with Windows, get a Chromebook, and get the best one while you’re at it.

    • Steve

      do you want the answer?

      1) it’s made by Google, Google manufactures its exclusive hardware in the US.

      2) Google itself IS NOT interested in becoming a $199 manufacturer.

      3) Google is NOT interested in Motorola bacoming a $199 manufacturer.

      4) Chromebook Pixel is a hi-end laptop made in USA FOR DEVELOPERS AND ENTHUSIASTS THAT WANT TO IMPROVE GOOGLE’s own operating system. It’s a BAR for OS quality, it’s not a mass-market notebook, it’s Google’s own GOAL: the highest quality made in the US.

      5) with Chromebook Pixel Google say: “Develop/improve/work with our future OS using this beautiful hi-end thing, not just an affordable Chromebook. Google shows the IMPORTANCE of CHROME OS for them, for you, for everybody.

      6) CHROME OS will merge with Android.

      7) Chrome OS has a very big FUTURE, it needs confident developers/users in its IMPORTANCE .

      8) there are tens or hundreds manufacturers of PLASTIC genericness, probably our beloved Google and its brand shouldn’t be on everything for the sake of QUANTITY for $199.;)

      9) Chromebook Pixel is a beautiful hi-end NEST for the constantly evolving BIRD (OS).

      10) if you don’t understand Chromebook Pixel you don’t understand Google’s real GOALS.

      Chromebook Pixel is an important design milestone for Google and a MESSAGE, not just an “overpriced” product.

  • timothee

    Really hate you for this title Kellex.

    • Heh, well to me, it’s like the Nexus of Chromebooks, and has Verizon LTE connectivity. That sucks for consumers who want a Nexus phone that has Verizon LTE.

      • timothee

        Yeah absolutely, I was just so excited after reading the first part of the sentence, and soo disappointed after reading the second part lol

  • Bewara2009

    Nothing To See Here……

  • Roberto Taylor

    Nexus devices on VZW are a joke because Verizon won’t let Google push the updates as Nexus devices should be allowed to.

    That’s why I just got rid of my Gnex and bought the Note 2.

    • NotTheTodd

      Because Verizon will let Samsung push updates to your Note 2?

      • Roberto Taylor

        No, but at least I have a much better phone now.

        • So you bought a new phone after 2 years and your only advantage is that you have a better phone now? lol. Not a great argument for your original point concerning the Nexus on Verizon.

          • schoat333

            Better phone, better battery life, better signal, bigger screen, s-pen, dual window…. I’d say there are a lot of upsides to the note 2 over the Gnex. The only upsides that the Gnex has ever had is the Dev support, and stock Android. It’s lacking in every other category.

          • Of course it has better battery life, better hardware, larger screen lol. It’s 2 YEARS OLDER than the Galaxy Nexus. 2 years is like a lifetime in terms of tech.

      • JoshGroff

        Verizon is more likely to push updates to newer phones.

    • greeknasty

      fail. if you were somewhat smart you would have rooted the gnex and not have to worry about updates being pushed

      • NamePicked

        Nah, he would’ve jumped from Verizon to prepaid, no contract, and grabbed a Nexus 4.

        I got 4.2.2 the day Google released it straight from them via OTA, no wait.

      • Roberto Taylor

        I rooted my Gnex the first hour I had it and was running 4.2 ROM’s. That’s not the point I’m trying to make here. My point is that I shouldn’t have to run custom ROM’s on a Nexus device to have the most up to date Android version. That defeats the whole purpose of purchasing a Nexus device.

        You can get almost ANY new device now, root it and then run CM10 or a handful of any other ROMs out there.

  • CGull

    Can we expect a Google Nexus phone this summer?

    • If you consider the Motorola X phone a Nexus, then possibly.

  • chris125

    A chromebook and a phone are two different things. Are they going to sell these in verizon stores? Doubt it, especially with the price tag on it. great looking device but if I am going to spend that much I will get a full blown laptop not one that relies mainly on the cloud.

    • I understand that they are technically different things, but this Pixel is designed by Google just like a Nexus. It may not be called a “Nexus,” but the idea behind it sure seems to me a lot like a Nexus.

      • chris125

        I agree, but it seems sticking an lte chip in this won’t really add any extra update steps where as with phones they would have to add that extra testing in for radios etc to make sure “it works”

      • XBIRDIE98

        In a way, the Pixel is more than a Nexus. Every single Chromebook is co-designed with Google and the ODM participating, like the Nexus devices are. (The Chrome OS team has attested to this more than once.) Much like the original Chromebook, the CR-48, this new Pixel has really been more on Google than any ODM. The co-branding of Nexus devices and most Chromebooks doesn’t exist on the Pixel or CR-48. (The CR-48 was so completely devoid of branding that it came with stickers for you to have your own “logo” on the lid.)
        (Slightly rambling side note: Similarly, The Pixel appears to have subtle “chrome” branding and the 4-color lights. The two are also very similar in terms of the overall look, though the CR-48 was made of plastic – see http://goo.gl/gC8q9 and http://goo.gl/4Ltam compared to http://goo.gl/e7Y81 )

  • reyalP

    I think they already botched the Galaxy Nexus. Not sure they need another chance.

    • Well I don’t think Verizon needs a chance, we just need a phone that can run on their network. Unfortunately, that may not be as easy with LTE as it is with HSPA networks.

  • Josh

    Love the design, if only it were cheaper

  • Pixel is the standard for Chrome devices and a developer’s dream for the platform, much like a Nexus is supposed to be for Android devices. It also introduced something semi-new, the touchscreen, just like Nexus devices tend to do with Android (NFC for example).

    Just wish we could have another phone that run on Verizon’s network, only this time don’t let Verizon anywhere near the controls.

    For those confused, the Pixel runs on Verizon’s LTE network.

    • Dillon Brown

      Google: “I know things got a little rough but can we say bygones be bygones and put the pixel on your network, we’ll take care of the updates”

      Verizon: “You know, you’re right things may have gotten a little out of hand. Sure why not”

      Google: “Cool! Brb I’m gonna push out a quick update”

      Verizon: “well….. “Think of the Customers” Let me just review that update real quick. No really it’ll just be a second………..”

      • Hah, yes.

      • Mikey Styles

        Until all Carriers especially VZW are held more accountable with having an actual open yet secure network this will always be an issue going fwd. Its sad too as the largest most powerfully funded network is the most crippled in some ways. And most VZW execs wouldn’t have it any other way. All about those Benjamins lol

      • AJ Myrick

        +100 … Awesome.

    • Chuck Finley

      Right now it looks as if only Apple and now, Sammy, have the clout to release roughly the same phone across multiple carriers, including The Big Red Dog, but does GoogleMoto go up against VZW and win this time or at least give back the controls?

      • trumpet444

        sadly it looks like Apple is the only one with the clout (balls) to tell carriers to “suck it! I push out my own updates, and you cannot touch the OS in any way”…..

        I do think that Google has the clout, but they do not have the balls (see G-Nexus)

      • neh

        Google can’t do that. They need the carriers more than Apple does.

        Not to mention, Apple has so many people brainwashed, they can make a carrier of their own with subsidized plans out the ass with large ETFs and no one would question it because “Apple is quality, so it makes sense” (don’t laugh, I heard this excuse for overpriced Apple earbuds once).

        Of course, Google would but Apple’s got US law wrapped around their greedy, fat fingers too (as seen in the Apple vs. EVERYONE cases). They’d just claim some patent that shouldn’t have been given to them and win by paying off a stupid judge like Koh.

    • The best part about the Pixel is that ChromeOS and Android are fundamentally different when it comes to updates. Take the laptops that Verizon currently offers as an example. I have never heard of them being able to restrict updates from Microsoft just because there is a WAN card in the device. They may review the drivers for the card specifically, because that is the only bit that talks to their network. Beyond that, they can’t really say anything about the rest of the machine.

  • JetBlue

    If only it wasn’t so expensive.