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Google Drive App Receives Update, Allows for Pinch to Zoom in Presentation Viewer

Google Drive

This morning, the Drive team over at Google pushed out an updated Android application for the masses. Inside, users can now pinch to zoom inside the presentation viewer, Honeycomb (time to upgrade, folks) users can stream videos, and there are performance and stability improvements throughout the application.

What’s in this version:

  • Performance improvements across the whole app
  • Support for streaming video files on Honeycomb+
  • Pinch to Zoom support in presentation viewer
  • Bug fixes and other improvements

Since its release, the Drive app has become extremely robust and fun to use. Good work there, Google.

I <3 Drive.

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  • StewInAShoe

    I still use Dropbox instead of drive simply because there is still no Linux client yet. Come on Google!

  • Please wake me up when Drive allows files to be exported to SD cards. Until that day.. Drive will always be inferior to Dropbox and SkyDrive. Period.

  • Excel spreadsheets don’t open in my Drive anymore and I have to use a browser. Does anyone else have this problem?

  • Nadora

    Still bugs me that there are no pic thumbnails/previews. Using SkyDrive for pics and dropbox for everything else personally.

  • MikeSaver

    I’ve never been so happy for stability and performance enhancements in my life!

  • redbar0n11

    How about Drive catching up with the feature set of Dropbox?? Auto Photo Upload, anyone?

    • mustbepbs

      Drive’s web based applications are fantastic. Their mobile app? Needs work.

  • jerflash

    i have been using it since it came out. I have 100GBs and i use it to share with all my friends. well worth 5 bucks a month!!

    • michael arazan

      i use $10-200gb, best deal for cloud storage ever. Dropbox wanted $20 for 100gb a month. I just wish Box would let you upload large files, I have 100 gb free, and would like to store HD videos to it.

      • jerflash

        Ya i have 50 free on box which i use to keep my app and android backups…thats it. i have drop box and sky drive also but dont really use them

  • Been dying for them to add folder sync, come on Google,

  • Drive is decent at best for me….Why is it that I cant export a file to a folder on my SD card!!!! this should be the most basic feature offered by this app, nope! they let you exported but saves it as a cached filed only accessible via the Drive app….I’m always changing stuff on my phone via ZIP files so I saved a zip file to my drive folder on the computer but when I went to download the file via the drive app…guess what…I can’t!!! Dropbox will do for now…..

  • sith77

    DRIVE > iCloud ………….. DRIVE FOR THE WIN !!!!!!!!!!!

  • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is

    Awesome…love me some Google Drive!