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ASUS Teases a “Metallic Miracle” at MWC In This Cloverfield-Style Video

asus metallic miracle mwc

Now that we have HTC’s One event out of the way, the next big event to look forward to is Mobile World Congress. ASUS is taking its turn on the marketing campaign hypewagon for the upcoming show with this latest video. Shot from the perspective of shocked onlookers, Barcelona is taken over by a flying “metallic miracle.” 

The video is devoid of anything as far as specs or names go, but ASUS promises “ultimate craftmanship, today.” This is just a short teaser video in a series of videos to come so we might get more information down the road. Let’s hope that ASUS doesn’t roll out something in full chrome like their aliens in the video.


Via: Engadget

  • Trevor

    My response to a bigass UFO would not be “wait, is that a metallic object flying across the sky?”

  • Dp

    I especially like how the ship slides around after it lands.

  • bigachx
  • So long as it looks nothing like that spaceship, I’m interested.

  • DanWazz

    i like how it just plops down on the church.

  • Tony Allen

    A metal backed transformer tablet that has real WiFi strength and GPS?

    • Ibrick

      Apparently I’m not the only one who purchased a Transformer Prime..

  • NexusMan

    Those voices sound awfully underwhelmed to be witnessing a giant metalic miracle of a spaceship, landing in a busy city, from space.

  • Fred Fredson

    Best Part of the Spot: At the end you see, what the Sagrada Famila will look like when it is finished! In about … 50 years …

  • epps720

    Who cares about this, where’s my 4.2 update for my Transformer Infinity! I’m waiting……

  • Dave

    Nvidia better hope for success, I don’t think anybody else will use their chipset.

  • ToddAwesome

    Just another attack on the Church, how dare they!

  • Austin Warren

    I don’t care. They announce products and never release them.

  • Justin Winker

    Let’s go with… PadFone 3.

  • mogwaipoo

    chromebooks are “metallic”…

  • Kidd_Funkadelic

    “Join us on February 25 when Pad and Phone come together” -From the web site…

    • Shane Redman

      There’s also a big 8 in the water…8 inch pad fone?

      • Raven

        I just hope it is not Windows 8.

        • In the middle of the 8 (or infinity sign??) slightly to the left and down of the intersection there’s a Windows logo…

          I like Windows 8, so I have no issues with it if it is a windows 8 padfone or something win 8 related.Add a pen digitizer and you might have a winning enterprise solution to compete with Galaxy Note.

  • gardobus

    Best voice acting ever.

    • ToddAwesome

      Is this commercial real? honestly.

      • michael arazan

        Verizon Droid marketing lawsuit in 3..2..1

        This is what happens from watching too many Verizon Droid commercials. Making up sensationalism scifi garbage that has absolutely nothing to do with the product.

        Might as well had iron-man or Jarvis do the commercial, would of been a hell of a lot better