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Tuesday Poll: Is the HTC One Your Next Smartphone?

HTC One header

Time for our obligatory poll, asking which of you will be picking up the new HTC One. It’s a sharp looking device and with specs such as a quad-core Snapdragon 600, 2GB of RAM, and a ton of new proprietary software from HTC, it’s probably going to be a real killer of a device.

From what we know, it’s headed to AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile supposedly sometime in March. As for Verizon, it’s not looking so good. So, let’s hear it!

Will the HTC One be your next phone?

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  • John Doe

    for anyone considering buying this phone – just consider the way at&t is treating the customers who bought the 1X (in my case, just a few months ago)… NO updates, NO word on when or even IF the 1X will see Jelly Bean and now even rudeness for asking a rep what our options are. PLEASE – if you want to know how you’ll be treated tomorrow, look at how others, in a VERY similar position, are being treated today.

  • Brian Kariuki

    Ok, Lets compare HTC to its next biggest android competitor. Based on the flagship devices

    1. Samsung has lately been very faithful to providing updates to their phones. The s2 was upgraded from gingerbread to ICS to Jellybean. This upgrades include all features of touchwiz available on their flagship, the s3. Atleast you are guaranteed two major OS update on Samsung.

    HTC on the other hand have limited OS updates to their flagships, with very few models actually getting jellybean. The rezound,and all other pre-one-X devices got short changed. They got sense 3.6 instead of sense 4. Other devices were skipped entirely in the update. and the aT&T One X has no jellybean to date!!

    2. Modding: Samsung has been very keen to help the dev community, releasing kernel sources even before the device hits the market, and never locking their bootloaders (Except the verizon s3, which still got its bootloder unlocked). HTC phones come with the bootloader locked, regardless of whether on contract or carrier free. Plus the kernel sources are almost never published by HTC

    So, there is very little incentive to pick up a HTC, atleast for me.

  • Sporttster

    Moto X phone, please….this is the device I’m waiting for.

  • This phone is too bad.

  • moe6

    The capacitive buttons are a huge turn off and automatically disqualified from my considerations :(. It looks interesting and from first glance and specs would actually make me consider going non-Nexus one more time but then I noticed the problem 🙁

  • Kheir Francis

    I guess since verizon has the DNA, theres no point to release it, but the follow up after the Rezound, the One would be a nice choice other that the much bigger 5 inch screen DNA

  • awt

    Didn’t they just have a phone where you needed a paper clip and some macguyvering to root? They encrypt every one of thier phones bootloaders making it damn near impossible to s-off the devices..Why does anyone in the mod’ing community even pay attention to HTC anymore?

  • UncagedChipmunk

    Was hoping for a decent size battery but was disappointed yet again. Hope it sells well overseas or on other carriers. Don’t want to see HTC disappear.

  • gargan

    wow! it’s mine 😉

  • I’m so torn because this phone actually seems worth my time, but I really prefer a Nexus 4. So torn…

  • Shaggy723

    Aside from the internal specs and screen quality, there isn’t really anything that is appealing about this phone that makes me want it over my GNEX (which is the GSM version purchased from Google, has exceptional battery life, and and isn’t plagued by the battery-sucking radio problems that Verizon GNEX’s have to put up with), much less the Nexus 4.
    Yeah… so this phone will be stuck on 4.1 for the next year while all of my nexus devices get updated every few months, and, gets stuck with ancient hardware nav keys? No thanks, HTC.

  • Tech Pro

    Is this a shot of the real phone? The screen looks like paper picture in stead of a LCD screen. There is no reflection from screen.

  • CaptainHowdy13

    No because my contract isn’t up till November and I’m hoping on a Note 3 by then 😀

  • DanSan

    once again, nobody cares about an HTC phone…

  • C-Law

    Went from gnex to s3 since I dropped my gnex. I can’t see myself leaving the galaxy line now as long as Samsung keeps improving. HTC looks like they are getting further from android and more complicated. Yuck

  • brando56894

    Moto X Phone or nothing.

  • wtsamatta

    No, I have a DNA. Even though I can’t (verizon) There’s really no compelling reason to go to this phone. Still has no SD slot and a smaller screen. DNA has all the power that I need, so the better processor is no big deal. I liked the S3 better than the DNA to be honest, but I cracked the screen on 2 S3’s, that’s why I got the DNA. Hopefully that wont be a problem for the S4!!

  • Alan Burnstine

    Needs to be on Verizon, and with that camera, needs Micro SD. But otherwise, yes.

  • Jackbeback

    So, does anybody think that no HTC One on Verizon is more of a trend now for Android manufacturers? I mean, Samsung did it with their GSII, made it one of their best selling phones, to the point where Verizon had to swallow it to get the GSIII. Google did it with the Nexus 4, after it saw the disaster that the Galaxy Nexus became on Verizon. Now HTC bypasses Verizon altogether with what appears to be their likely best seller in quite sometime. I hope this trend continues, and people begin abandoning Verizon for other carriers to get the best phones Android has to offer. At least until Verizon begins to give Android equal parity with the iPhone, i.e. No bloat, faster updates, and allowing phone manufacturers their own branding.

    This of course, will likely spell the end of the Droid as a brand.

    • billybob

      Speak for yourself! I hate this trend! I get the cheapest and best rates from Verizon, and very good coverage in my area. I can’t afford to just switch for a phone. I hate how Verizon treats the phones they offer, but I’d much rather see that fixed than just have allmanufacturers abandon them.

  • punkroyale

    Once you go Thunderbolt you never go HTC.

    • Chris

      Too bad I went Thunderbolt then Rezound and I also have an EVO 4G LTE as my media player.