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AWESOME Land is a Great Throwback to An Age of Games Long Gone


Games these days are getting bigger and bigger and while that’s not necessarily a bad thing, they had humble beginnings. AWESOME Land is a new game that just landed in Google Play that wants you to relive those humble 16-bit days. Packing a unique art style and some pretty snappy controls, this game is certainly one to check out. 

You play as Manley, a biker man with a plan to get his motorcycle back. Aliens stole it and now it’s up to Manley to go on a head stomping rampage to make things right. Upon first look, the graphics look to only be 16-bit, but HD “photorealistic pixels” actually make the game pretty interesting to look at. And what’s a good platformer without responsive controls? AWESOME Land has some of the most responsive movement that I’ve ever seen from a mobile game.

AWESOME Land is $2.50 in Google Play and for the amount of nostalgia and fun that it provides it is definitely worth it. If you are looking to relive the 16-bit glory days give this game a download.

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  • way too expensive

  • michael arazan

    8 bit rules

  • easy peasy

    Or….go real og and just get a nes or snes emaulator for free

    • JoshGroff

      Having played little aside from super Mario brothers on the SNES, I don’t really think I’m worthy enough to download such an emulator. I have however spent countless hours with the psx. Not quite as awesome, but I guess that’s what I get for being a child of the 90’s.

  • therealwaynebrady

    Onscreen controls are pretty fluid on my One X+. Fun game!

  • KleenDroid


    • EvanTheGamer

      Nay, AWESOME!